YES! Finally! We’ve wanted to do this video for SUCH A LONG TIME! Our studio opened December 31st, and we’ve had Soo Zee and Leigh coming in since then, but we never got the chance to officially introduce them to you guise. You’ve seen them in the background for some of our videos, and you’ve commented as well, but we never actually told you who they are. So, here’s an introduction of Soo Zee and Leigh, two awesome people that are helping out so so SO much with the Eatyourkimchi Studio, two vital parts of the Eatyourkimchi Crew.

So, let’s talk more about who they are and what they do!

Soo Zee: We met SooZee a long time ago through her sister who was interviewing us for a book. At the time SooZee was still busy with school, but after she graduated we were able to hire her! It’s kind of hard to come up with an appropriate title for her. She’s our everything fixer, if that’s a title or job. Personal Assistant? Business manager? I’m not sure. She does it all. Basically, she handles a lot of the stuff that needs to be handled, but we don’t necessarily have the time to do. For example, when we set up interviews, it’s not as simple as TigerJK calling us up and stopping by. Every artist has a manager. So, Soo Zee acts as our manager and speaks with their managers. Arranges times, prepares them for what we’re going to do, and ensures that everything goes through smoothly. Interviews are really hectic, and there’s so much happening that it’s easy to forget to, say, prepare snacks and drinks for everyone before they come, or remind us all to do the shot of them signing CDs, or whatnot.

Apart from interviews, she also deals with conversations with other businesses that contact us for different things, like interviews with us (rather than us interviewing artists), and different collaborations. Basically, we like being creative and making movies. We’re not business-y people, and don’t want to focus on that. Soo Zee handles that for us.

Not that Soo Zee isn’t creative, though. She’s really freaking artsy. When she graduated from University we attended her final graduation art exhibit and it was freaking awesome. She knows video editing, graphic design, and has been able to help out with that as well. She designed the robots that you saw in our Open the Happy glass door room, for example, and she’s in the process of designing some other cool redesign stuff that we can hopefully reveal soon. Soo Zee’s basically a jack of all trades, and makes our lives a lot easier so we can focus on having fun making movies. Ps-> SooZee has no social networks, so you won’t be able to find her on the internets :D

Intern Leigh: Leigh’s awesome. She’s a video editing superstar. She’s been editing videos since she was in high school, and always knew that she wanted to edit videos. She went to the best university in the USA for video editing. She was a full-time video editor back home, so she KNOWS what she’s doing. Currently Leigh is too busy with her Korean school studies to officially work at Eat Your Kimchi, but because she missed video editing terribly and was concerned her skills were getting rusty, she’s helping us take a load off by editing some of our segments. We’re hoping after she finishes her studies and if she’s still interested (and not weirded out by us) we’ll be able to officially hire her and demolish her Intern status! But until then…INTERN LEIGH!

We, on the other hand, have NO CLUE about video editing! We’ve only been editing videos for the past few years with Eat Your Kimchi. We have no experience with it before. No education. No relevant job experience. We didn’t even study editing online. We’re just winging it! So, with Leigh here, we’re learning so much from her, not just about editing videos, but about film theory, the film industry, how things are done, just…everything! We, on the other hand, are able to teach Leigh about the non-traditional approach to videos and editing via our experiences with YouTube. It’s a win-win situation. She’s done some great work at editing our videos. Some of you have noticed a bump in quality and a slight change in style for some of our videos. For example, that MFBTY interview looks great because of Leigh’s work.

So besides SooZee and Leigh being really great fun people, they also have a really good understanding of our videos and our style, and it is really great for bouncing ideas off of, and also contributes a lot of ideas for future videos and segments.

So…yeah! That’s the basic run down on the two of them!

So, the first video we did with them was just showing how awesome fun they are, and the second video here is SooZee and Leigh answering some of the questions you asked on Facebook, so you can get to know them more. Where they’re from, how are we as bosses, so on and so forth.


It’s not as fun as the first video, which we really had fun doing and laughed our assess off filming. Especially wearing our ugly outfits in public and dancing in busy areas. That was great. Especially since a Nasty walked up to us and asked for a picture as we were filming…IN OUR SUPER UGLY OUTFITS! YARGH!

And there is some deleted footage as well from the first video, if you feel like laughing some more. Leigh and Soo Zee had some difficulty guessing one of our EYK characters. AAAAYYYYOOOOOO!!!!


  1. Liegh and Soo Zee are awesome!! (can’t help feeling jelly though – . – )

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

    P.S: look what I have found! http://kondoot.com/videos/28ad3deba1e *________* 8>8>8>

  2. If/when EYK interviews U-KISS again, you guys should try conversing with them in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese(?). That’d be fun to see, especially for us bilingual (or more O.O) people :DD

  3. Texas, represent! :D I’ve lived there my whole life and probably only met a handful of people with Texan accents. Those mostly only occur in rural areas – not so much in, say, the suburbs of Dallas. Same with wearing cowboy boots for any purpose other than fashion. And, as other people noted below, riding horses everywhere (that’d be pretty darn awesome though :3) There is a alpaca/llama farm in my city though! I get so excited every time I pass by hehe.

  4. You can call Soozee your “Executive Assistant”.

  5. Was that the Monkey Island “Drunken Monkey Kombat” between Soo Zee in Leigh when they did the poses faceoff…if so, I will pee my pants from happiness.

    • I figured but held out hope…my sister and I used to do something similar based off of one of our favorite computer games and I know S&M also enjoy video games so I got a little excited that maybe they loved the old LucasArts games from my childhood too. Regardless, this rock-paper-scissors game looks pretty fun to try. I’ve been only following EYK for a year and half now so I must have missed that video. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. ermagawd Leigh is from Texas?! I live in Texas right now but next year I’ll will probably in Korea for the winter to celebrate graduating high school :DD I will find you guys one day >:3

  7. leigh is bbysitter for spudy n meemers last week?

  8. geez you guys are fast. First the Live chat then this as I wake up~? get some sleep guise! <3

  9. INTERN LEIGH AND SOOZEE! Yay! Oh guys, on my iPad, I watched the big video at the top of the article, and it automatically brought me to part 2. So I guess it is playlist mode friendly somewhat.

  10. So happy for them to have a formal introduction. We met Intern Leigh during the studio stream, but now you can direct people to an actual video. I sorta wanna see the two of them also take a part in TL;DRs, this actually could have been one, but that’s really eyk crew’s decision than mine.

    I will say, I can’t wait for U-Kiss to have an interview with you guys in there and Kevin and Eli calling her out on that. I’m MORE than sure, Kevin’s watching this right now.

  11. I wish I had skills that would be useful for EYK, I would absolutely love to move to Korea and help them make videos forevers.

  12. maybe she just doesn’t have any for Nasties yet… that’s what I’m thinking at least heheh

  13. So my lap top was messing up though all of part two and every time it froze SooZee and Intern Leigh looked great supper cute. Simon and Martina on the other hand were all mouths wide open derp faces. I was almost rolling on the floor i was laughing so hard!

  14. Looks like you have some wonderful help! congrats to EYK! ^.^

  15. ^_^ Yeah TEXAS!!! I’m from Conroe (40 min from Houston). Woohoo! Super excited for the EKY-Crew. Much love to Intern Leigh and Soo Zee.
    LOL, not everyone from Texas own guns, rides horses to school/work .

  16. Nooo! U-KISS are men!!! (T^T)

  17. Everyone’s saying about how pretty Soozee is… And yes, I will agree that she’s pretty. But I’m gonna give Intern Leigh some love.
    Intern Leigh, you’re pretty!!!!! :D <3

  18. aaawww so lovely to see the nasty crew!!!!!

  19. Hi Leigh and SooZee! You guys are so awesome!

    SooZee looks like she could be Zhou Mi’s sister

  20. oh whoop! TEXAS!!! <3 I'm from Houston! ^^ ~ ~ thats cool how u introduced the crew! They both seem fun! ^^ Fighting!

  21. I was so worried for intern leigh there but she totally made a come back! :O

  22. wow I’m so jealous, I’ve just finished studying film production and Japanese language and am on my way to Japan this year. What an awesome job!! If only I spoke Korean instead of Japanese….

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