If you remember our post on Bucheon’s Sala Thai Restaurant, or even Hongdae’s Dos Tacos, then you might come to think that foreign food in Korea isn’t what you’re looking for. Sure, it may taste good, the way it has been modified and all, but – if you’re looking for authenticity – then you might start to worry. We were starting to feel this way, and were a bit worried before we stepped into Itaewon’s Foreign Restaurant. Boy, were we ever wrong. Hands down, Foreign Restaurant has given us the best experience of foreign food in Korea we have had thus far. It serves Indian food, with genuinely delicious naan bread, which we happen to love. 16,000 won will get you into the all you can eat buffet, which is what you really should be going for, after all. The food there is so good that we’d pay double to eat there. Seriously. If you want Indian food in Korea, go to Itaewon’s Foreign Restaurant.

  1. I have not tried, but my wife and her friends did not like nearly as well as Taj Palace, across the street and up the hill a little further. My only issue with Indian restaurants in Korea is they are not spicey… :(

  2. omo its in the same street as what the book :O
    bye a book and eat it at a indian buffee

  3. It's cool there's an Indian restaurant in Korea. :-D It'd be cool if you guys could do a video on foreign food in Korea like this. There's some Indian food not terribly far from where I live (just an area I hardly go to) I so wanna try some.

  4. I have no idea who cooked the food, but, oh yes, they sure do deserve an award. Delicious!

  5. Oh! I have no idea! We just found them on YouTube and put them on. Sorry!

    And Simon's Polish as well. Huzzah!

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