Guise, we’re really excited about this project here. As some of you know, we’re really passionate about the Korean Indie scene here. They’re good people that make good music, and we try to share that in the Indie segments that we do. We figured this was a great chance for us to do so some more.

And so, drumroll please: It’s Hongdaefest all month long! What does that even mean!!?? A whole buttload of Indie bands are performing all around Hongdae. Hongdae is also the area that the Eatyourkimchi NASSSTY Studio is set up in! Hongdae is the area that is the most crucial to the Korean indie scene: it has the clubs and venues, the street busking, and the free spirited artsy vibes flowing through ever door and wall and just through the fibre of the entire area.

So now’s your chance to see many many of our favourite Indie bands in this big month long event. We read a lot of comments online from foreigners who don’t know where to go for good live music. Okay: we’re telling you now. This is where to go. This is who to see. No more complaints about Korea only making kpop. That’s a filthy lie! If you don’t like kpop, Korea has lots of awesome music to be discovered. Funk! Rock! Metal! Punk! Pop! Electronic! Is it marketed like kpop? No. So when a festival like this comes along, you grab a unicorn by the horn and say, “fly me to magic Indieland unicorn friend, let’s see some awesome live acts in a tiny dark club!” You say those words only, mind you. Any mixing up of the order might land you on Europa’s Icicles. Just a fair warning.

We’re going to be following these Sunday Indie videos up with an awesome WANK video that’ll take you to all our favourite Indie venues with very (hopefully very) detailed explanations of how to get there, so that even if you can’t make it to Hongdaefest this month, you’ll at least know where to go to catch a live show if you’re visiting Korea at another time. We’re even making maps! Poorly drawn maps by Martina!

But but but wait, there’s more! It’s not just us telling you about our favourite videos and introducing our favourite bands. We had lots of the bands playing at this festival come into our studio to introduce themselves to you guys! What’s especially cool about this is that these bands that came in did so to specifically introduce themselves to you guys, the Nasties, the international audience. These bands have their own means of communicating with their Korean fans, their own websites and portals for advertising their gigs. But those means of communication don’t really translate well, from our experiences, so we asked them to swing by the studio to introduce themselves to their international audience, their audience that many not be able to read Korean or browse Korean blogs sites like Daum and Naver for information.

In this playlist, and in the next two Indie Playlists to come in the following weeks, loads of different bands and artists are telling you about when they’re performing and where they’re performing. For those of you not in Korea (97% of the people here are outside of Korea, by the way), we know that this might not be useful info for you, so we had the bands talk about their music videos as well. You’ll hear some of the funny stories about what happened behind the scenes, how different videos were shot, so on and so forth, so you can watch their videos with a little nugget of info that other people don’t have. These videos are also in the playlist, so it’ll all make your viewing experience that much easier!

These bands took the time out of their practice schedules and daily lives to do this and we’re super grateful that they did. Since these bands are not part of the Kpop scene, they are not necessarily professionally media trained, so a lot of them were very nervous to be on camera. But they were all so genuine and excited to hear that they have the chance to speak with you guise here, so give em a chance :D

Anyhow, enough of that. For those of you in Korea, here is the schedule for bands performing this week. There are more bands playing this week that we couldn’t fit into this Indie Update, so check the full poster for all the bands:

Sweden Laundry (스웨덴 세탁소)

March 14th @Soundholic City, 8PM

Kang Ah Sol (강아솔)

March 14th Soundholic City, 8PM

Yes, I know Kang Ah Sol and Sweden Laundry are performing at the same time, but they’re not. That just means when the concert starts. The order of performances is TBD.

Post Panic

March 15th @Soundholic City, 8PM

Common Ground

March 16th @Soundholic City, 9PM

For the full schedule, check out the poster below. Click on the picture and it’ll take you to a bigger, prettier file. It’s a 15MB file, so it’s pretty big, so you might have to be patient :D

Hongdaefest Poster

Also, I know we missed the opening week of Hongdaefest and that’s because the opening bands were rushing to leave Korea to head to the USA for SXSW! AMAZING!!! We’ve talked about almost every one of them in past Indie Playlist. Catch them there if you can: YB, Crying Nut, No Brain, Jang Kiha & The Faces, Nell, Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio, Glen Check, Idiotape, Jambinai, Hollow Jan, Big Phoney, Smacksoft, and Love X Stereo.

Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe for more Korean Indie Playlists with awesome indie bands. Woot!


  1. Really, really love Sweden Laundry. This is ridiculously fantastic. Wish I could go to Hongdae Fest!!!

  2. Leanna Jones

    I can already tell that I’m going to have to burn a Korean Indie CD to listen to soon. :D Thanks so much for this video, and for introducing us to music we might not otherwise find!

  3. Oh my gosh, these groups are so fantastic!!! (not gonna lie, I have now “creepered” AKA listened to all the music for Common Ground and Kang Ah Sol!

    I am so bummed that I won’t get to see them perform!!!

    P.S. I wasn’t sure how you guys do your K-Indie Request stuff anymore now that Youtube is well…. Youtube. So here’s a link to it!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOPONffIHg4&list=UUrYiBY1FyZxXXZ86vCGg7mA

    P.S.S. I’m sorry that I’m slightly awkward, I’ve never done a request for anything before so.. ya!

    P.S.S.S. I love you guys!!!

  4. Common Ground was busting me up! So funny!
    I’ll gladly admit to shaking my shoulders and hips while listening to them!

  5. Perhaps you guise could set up an indie gig guide wiki or something? I’d definitely be interested in going to indie live gigs when visiting Seoul.

    Also maybe a TL;DR on how to attend kpop events like a TV show where acts do performances please?

  6. Wooo, K-Indie time again!
    I really like both Common Ground and Post Panic, both spotted in your previous K-Indie segments I think. Sweden Laundry and Kang Ah Sol both have a great vibe, and Kang Ah Sol has a great voice, but somehow I can’t get quite so animated about acoustic guitar-and-vocal arrangements. I like a bit more energy!
    Unfortunately it seems I came to visit Seoul 4 months too early as I’d love to have seen these guys live :( Maybe if I’m really lucky they’ll do a UK tour…
    I absolutely agree that it’s great to see EYK championing these acts, and introducing such great Korean music talent to the Nasties. Keep up the good work!

  7. irritablevowel

    I’m really feeling that Post Panic song too. It’s excellent for the elliptical. Putting it on a playlist right after Work B***h and before Beyonce. Burn those calories!

  8. THis is so great!! It’s really great to meet the artists like this, they all seem like a fun, creative bunch.

  9. Hongdaefest sounds a whole lot like SXSW.
    Thanks for introducing us to these super rad bands!

  10. Common Ground is hilarious, they must have been really fun to chat with, also why do I feel like the member that did all the talking for Post Panic drew a short straw or lost at kai-bai-bo?

  11. These bands are pretty cool ^_^ but where can I find these albums outside of Korea?

    • irritablevowel

      I found both Post Panic and Common Ground on good old iTunes.

      • thanks, I don’t use itunes though >_<

        • Jane Patterson-McGuire

          Non-itunes is harder (I hate it, but finally gave in to get kpop singles, since I am only willing to shell out for physical releases for ultimate faves like Clazziquai and NELL) — places to check are yesasia.com, gmarket.co.kr, and if you look on http://www.koreanindie.com/ for interviews/reviews sometimes there are other sources (i.e. that’s where I found a link to Neon Bunny’s bandcamp; some artists are on soundcloud as well.)

  12. Look at all of these glorious bands, finally sharing their awesome music with us. I’m so glad you guise made this happen. It’s truly a testament of your great work seeing how all these artists have acknowledged your achievement in gathering so many open minded people together and building up their interest in this hidden treasure that is Korean indie music. Thank you!
    So, I wanted to ask a couple questions. Is ‘Hongdaefest’ an annual festival, and if so, does it have a history, or is it in it’s first edition?
    I was also wondering if by any chance, one of these days you’ll be able to have a band doing a live performance in the Nasty studio. Is something like this on your radar in the foreseeable future? It’s just something that’s been on my mind, since I’ve watched you developing the indie segments more and more over the years. I’m not sure how it would work though. Could a band just come by, plug in their instruments and start jamming, or do an unplugged performance? Will you actually have to pay them to come and play, and if so, could some sort of online concert thingy be arranged, with like an access fee to the live stream? I’m only talking hypothetically here, but I was wondering if something like this is possible, because as awesome as Hongdaefest looks, most of us won’t really be able to attend it.

  13. I am a-loving “Shake it!” It’s so awesome and funky. And the guys are hilarious. I thought the main guy talking was quite handsome actually. I love idols, but It’s nice for a change to see the natural charms of normal Korean people, both in terms of looks and on-cam presence.
    Kang Ah-Sol’s voice is beautiful. “Outer Space” rocks. Grrr I really want to go to this festival!

  14. Glen Check was coming to San Diego but they had to cancel because of visa issues. I WAS SO BUMMED. THEY ARE MY FAVORITE KOREAN BAND AND I HAVE ALL THE ALBUMS OF THEIRS THAT I CAN BUY. I am even taking Korean classes (I’m half-Korean, but never got to learn). I wanted to talk to them in Korean. I wanted… I wanted to do so many things.

  15. post panic!! D:


  16. Common Ground is so amazingly funky and they seemed like such a fun group from their little interview-ish segment.
    Post Panic’s song…was that all English? Whether it was or not, the song was so good. And their video! Wah, love it!

    And in other news, I’d kill to see Nell live. Wish I lived closer to Texas (so weird to not say NYC or LA there haha).

  17. This is perfection. Also, a breakdown of where individual songs and cd’s can be purchased would be amazing.

  18. Starsania

    This is one reason why I love you guys so much. I would never know these guys existed if it weren’t for EYK and what you guys do. Thank you for bringing K-Indie artists more international exposure. I love you guise ; D <3 <3 Hugs all around! *hugs*

  19. Veronica S

    Loved the videos!

  20. It s good see these mini conversations with korean indie bands. in fact, it’s very difficult to foreign fans research some bands. I hope see more “interview” with indie bands;.

  21. Hannah Niebaum

    I am so in love with Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소)! (*u*) I wish I could be in South Korea to see them in Hongdae~

  22. This is awesome! I love Korean Indie music, I found you guys through your MFBTY interview. All the artists come across really well on camera, their personalities really shine through in their interviews. Their realness is refreshing and super special. Maybe lack of media training is a good thing :)

  23. Yay, I missed Indie Playlists! Common Ground were super fun :D

  24. Cecilia Avila

    This is so awesome! All the artists seem like amazing people, its so sweet that you guys are doing this. =D

    Question, in Kang Ah Sol’s video you can hear a little kid in the BG, is that from the song or is that something that was happening during the filming? Because you can also hear an airplane and the cricket she mentioned. XD Anyway, if was intentional or not that you could hear the little kid, I think it adds a little special something to the song.

  25. This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!! Im super happy that you were able to do this :)

  26. I’m curious about the indie scene in Korea. You said most of these people aren’t all media trained like Kpop artists. So how popular is the indie scene in Korea? LIke do they have a solid fan base? I know many people don’t actually listen to Kpop…SooZee! lol

  27. This is so awesome! Though I won’t be able to see any of these bands live (boo) I can’t help but be excited for them! Would love to see some extra footage of the lot of you, and can’t wait for the playlists to come <3

  28. So cool to see indie bands coming in to intro themselves! These songs are gorgeous~
    Will be keeping an eye out for these folks in the future!

  29. Can you guys shed any light on how I can catch a Yukari show? I want to try and coincide my next Seoul visit, but I only have her Facebook to work with and its not the most thorough.


  31. Sascha_Wong

    Ahhh wish I was in Korea for this! That’s so awesome that you guys got to do this! Can’t wait for the next few videos :) Officially have Post Panic and Common Ground on loop now… actually all of these artists! I’m amazed iTunes in Canada has their albums :D

  32. lady_kire

    Yay Indie music!

    S&M, did u guys see the baljunso stage SM ent was hosting to promote the indie scene? It was livestreamed on youtube and my best K-pop friend and I were exposed to so much Heavy Rock style music there (it’s what we like) that we are starting to trend towards the indie scene for the Heavy Rock. So, we are thanking SM for expanding the indie scene to a worldwide audience.

    Can we see some bands or singers that do heavy Rock? The only ones we know of so far are (based on the livestream, though I don’t think all of them are rock but whatever) Play the Siren, Wasted Johnny’s, HLin, and EZEN (which we are super excited for their album to come out)

  33. Wow, this is cool! So many Indie bands! And I actually saw my fanart on the wall!!! *spazz* Thanks guys, makes me feel much better after having tripped and busted my lip up. -_-’

  34. Yay new fantastic indie music to listen to while writing papers! :D

  35. Oh – My – God. First new song by Nell, then new song by Neon Bunny, then new Indie Playlist. The indie music gods have been busy these last two weeks. It’s just… just… *improvises celebration dance in my flat*

    I really appreciate all the hard work you put into making us discover new Korean bands. As you said, Korean indie music is rather hard to find when you don’t live in Korea, so it’s a real pleasure to have these playlists. And it makes Sundays that much better too :D
    Also, it was nice to hear the bands talking about their music videos. It’s not easy to be in front of the camera, but I think they all managed very nicely. I couldn’t name anyone in particular because all have been added to my playlists^^

    Ah I wish I were in Korea to attend these gorgeous shows. I can’t wait for the next two weeks :D

    • Ooh, new song by Neon Bunny – I hadn’t spotted that. Thanks for the heads-up.
      Absolutely agree btw – more K-Indie playlists please! Great to see the folks behind the music too.

  36. Yaaaayy, the K-Indie playlist is back, and with real people! Not that S&M aren’t real people, but… yanno. :P Thanks so much for having these artists in the studio, and to the artists for stopping by!

  37. Royal Pirates and 10cm! Wish I could be in Korea.

  38. Love this SO much.

  39. irritablevowel

    Common Ground is a riot! They seem like fun guys. Loved their music, it did in fact make me shake my shoulders and my hips as advertised.

  40. i wont be there cause well i am in america but do the indie concerts cost a lot of money or are they free?

  41. MAPS! Yes please, that would be perfect!

  42. Aw, they were all so excited and enthusiastic. :D Lots of fun watching them.

  43. I surprisingly teared up while listening to Kang Ah Sol’s song TT_TT

  44. mihuru


    I love Common Ground and especially their song Shake It! It really brings up my mood whenever I play it. It was nice to notice how awesome the guys are, they’re hilarious haha. :D Too bad I’m not in Korea to go to the live shows, but maybe in the future!

  45. You guise know what we Nasties want. Thank you so much.

    Side note: I didn’t find the 40′ video PostPanic talks about, do you have a link pliiiz?

  46. Loved this!

    They are all available on spotify aswell! That’s not even the case with most mainstream kpop artists. Can’t wait for the next video’s!

    (For you fellow spotify users: Kang Ah Sol is listed as Kang Asol)

  47. Poster link doesn’t work :(

    • remove the “i0.wp.com/” from the url it sends you to, then it should work.

      i would put the proper link here, but i think that would make disqus show a 15MB image to everyone…

  48. Akira Miyashi

    I knew about common ground from your previous indie playlist! :D So great that you guys finally get to meet them! :D

  49. 강아솔 ‘s song made me tear up. I was just so beautiful.

    Will you guys also be telling us how to acquire the music featured on the KIP and WANKs?

  50. Cyber_3

    This is so great! I was already a big fan of Common Ground but I am pumped to listen to more Post Panic, I totally dig their sound! Kang Ah Sol’s song and video were so beautiful, I really enjoyed them. Maybe a little sad but still cuddle-down-to-sleep music for me at this late hour.

    I hope that there are more K-Indie segments, they really really REALLY helped to keep me interested in the Korean music scene last year what with kpop being so……meh last year. I also prefer the indie bands because they are more dedicated to their genre and it means more consistently great music for me ^_^v I think all the groups this week were so cute on camera, I’m glad they did it – it really made their videos more enjoyable and mean more to me.

    • We hope to do more indie segments as well. We have enough filmed for the rest of the month for HongdaeFest as well, and we’re hoping that other Indie Bands see this and want to promote their vids in a similar way in the future. We’re totally down for it if they are :D

  51. this is the kind of video that makes me wanna say
    I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet

  52. THIS!
    I think Common Ground guys are hilarious. I laughed way too hard. It’s so amazing to actually SEE the bands that we, as youtube viewers, can’t see through MVs. And what a nice selection of music too. Just wow guys…this is awesome. Looking forward to the rest of the month.
    Is it weird that i feel this sense of pride for you guys? You are getting to do what you always wanted to…*does happy dance*

  53. Does anyone know if we should buy tickets to these events ahead of time?

  54. Went to hongdae last night for the first time… loved it. I also love Korean indie scene (which i discovered via this site whenever the indie playlists started up). So I’m officially pumped.

  55. I saw my (really old) fanart in the background, nearly made me jump and cheer, yay! I don’t know,I am a goof today, should probably calm down a bit and go out and enjoy the unusually suny weather.


  56. OMG loved this! They were awesome! If I lived in Korea I would go listen to them^^ Commond Ground made me laugh=P Now I have the playlist on my computer to make this Sunday even better.

    Simon/Martina if its possible to continue to have the indie bands come to the studio and introduce themself after this Hongdae party month it would be great (I understand if its not practical). Not only do we get to know them better but they get to introduce themself to a wider audience. As always, much love from Norway<3

  57. Hey Simon and Martina!
    You should check out “Angry Bear” sometime. Its an indie Band that plays in Seoul.
    They´re really good in my opinion. Maybe you´ll like them too. :)
    I´ll leave you a link from their latest MV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Olsk976EMHg
    Greetings from Belgium :)

  58. Who the hell am i to say this but I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS for doing this!!! Introducing us to the music of these artists and getting them a certain extent of the exposure they need,IT’S BRILLIANT! “foreigners who don’t know where to go for good live music” certainly hits the nail on the head because KOREA I AM COMIIIIING!!! In April though. haha. but no matter. This is gonna be helpful!!!

  59. Brittaney-Marie Austin

    Thanks so much for the info! I love Royal Pirates and I would have never known they were performing without you guys! I will definetly go and support other groups too^^

  60. miau_koszka

    It’s back! yay! I really missed Indie segment. I think it’s super awesome that you’re showing us those awesome bands. As many of us have found EYK because of kpop, but I personally fell in love with k-indie. Because of you Simon & Martina. Thank you guys. And keep doing this segment. I was utterly sad when you stopped making these.
    When I will someday be in Korea I’m going to spend most of my time on some indie bands concerts. And eating food.
    Yes, food and music. Story of my life:)


  61. Wow, thanks for giving these artists such a good platform to share their music with your fans :). (I would LOVE to see more of these kinds of things!)- Great work guys.

  62. YUSH! Indie! And I LOOOOOOOVE Sweden laundry’s music. THey’re great! And as a swede myself…… where is this Stockholm café located? ouo

  63. aaaaaaaahhhHHHHHHH Thank you!! I missed this so much. Don’t stop the music!

  64. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *breathes* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! /fangirls/ I wish I lived there to go see them all play :OO

  65. hapagirl

    So cool, I feel like this should be something that more people should talk about. And thank you guys and the artists for all doing this and getting the word out. I’m so excited for the rest of the videos, it’s gonna be amazing~ Also I think it’s safe to say that I’ll end up a fan of everyone.

  66. Ugh, even though I am not (yet) a big fan of Korean indie, I am still so excited for this. So many new music to listen!!! And I am so excited for the interviews! I hope you could interview Fromm. I am still obsessed with her album “Arrival” released last year.

  67. Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! This is soooooooooo cool!!!!!!! Thank you guise!!!! So, so much!!!!! And please thank all these lovely artists as well for reaching out to us international fans. I also have a friend in Korea right now who would LOVE this list. I am going to send it to him right away!!!!!!

  68. That looks like so much fun. I really need to go there one of the weekends. Thanks for the info. :)

  69. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    Wow, I signed on at a great time! New Indie playlist to keep me up! Yes! XD

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