We don’t get to travel Korea as much as we’d like. In fact, we spend most of our time in Bucheon. But, a short while ago Simon went to the Busan International Film Festival for a couple of days and did a lot of traveling around Busan as well. One of the places visited was the Jagalchi Fish Market. Holy lots of fish Batman! Remember a while ago when we did the Sang Dong Market video and were surprised by the never ending seafood? Yeah, that place has nothing on this fish market. Live crabs were wriggling out of their sand boxes, and pretty big squid were slopping their way out of their water baskets. It was absolutely stunning, and so Simon got that Ajosshis artsy fartsy kinda movie itch. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the tripod with him, so the footage is shot freehand, and as such is a bit wobbly at times, but still hopefully watchable.

Supposedly there’s an awesome fish market in Seoul as well, but we haven’t been there yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to check it out soon. By then we hope to have a Glidecam, which will let us take some better shots. Bah!

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  1. This was actually really good. I wondered why there were not a lot of comments on this blog post. By the way, I love the music you guys picked. Kinda melancholic and sad at the same time. It also reminded me of my grandparents and how we should really take care of them instead of the other way around.

  2. go octopus you can do it all drians lead back to the ocean

  3. I know this octopus !

    Having spend only one year in Korea I had to come back lately …. Korea I miss you already !
    Why did you guys choose such a sad music, it almost, almost made me cry …
    Jagalchi ajummas, you will stay in my heart forever <3 <3 <3

  4. Thanks :D The full list of gear we use is listed in the blogging section here: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/korea-faq. Check it out :D

  5. HI! My hometown is Busan. I'm so happy I can see the Jagalchi fish market through your video. The song is also very good that makes me peaceful. By the way, what kind of camera do you guys use? The color is awesome!

  6. Awww. that video kinda made me Korea-sick. We would go to Jagalchi every once in a while, and once an octopus made it to the street before the lady threw him back in. Tons of "why did the octopus cross the street?" jokes after that……

  7. I actually really liked your choice of the music on the clip. It seemed well-fitted. You guys amaze me every time I visit! Thanks again!

  8. Great video, I think the ajummas of Jagalchi would be impressed to see it…

    I like the way you turned an often noisy, fish-smelling hive of activity into a beautiful piece of motion picture.

  9. What I’m wondering is.. do they mind that you tape them? Cause I went to vietnam this summer.. and when I would try to take a picture of old people.. like 60% of them would yell at me to get lost! XD (or at least.. that’s what I think they yelled..) but on your footage.. it’s like you’re not even shooting a movie of them! They are completely natural!

  10. I love your movies! And now I’ve got a craving for Hoi! But – guys! Why that sentimental music? There’s nothing melancholic about busy ajumas selling fish :) Couldn’t you try a more cheerful perspective and do a critical report on health insurance coverage / artificial dentition instead?

  11. Wow, that was kewl, did ya notice the octopus or whatever it was escaping at the 0:20 mark ? :o) This is the kind of video I would like to see more of, from you guys and others. Lets me get a glimpse of what to expect once I get my chance to teach there. Thanx for sharing. I like the music too. O0oo0oh and I can just imagine the smell :ox hah hah

    • That octopus was determined. He'd get out, then the woman would yell at it, pick it up and throw it back in. He'd just go back out right afterwards. Or the other octopus that looked just like him would go back out. I can't really tell octopi apart.

  12. Yeah man. Garageband makes it seem like we kinda know what we're doing :D

  13. garageband rocks. one of the main if not only reason I want a macbook!

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