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Japan Day 4: Filming with Harajuku Kawaii TV

February 19, 2013


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Woot! We finally got to go out in Tokyo and actually do something other than work! Well, it was still work related, but at least we were out and enjoying fresh air! We were lucky enough to have Harajuku Kawaii TV, with some of the models from Asobi System, who are all under the umbrella of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, want to do a video with us! By the way, correct me if I’m wrong in the description above. I think that Asobi System is under KPP’s modelling company, or something along those lines. We know KPP is a part of it, and her stuff is all over the studio, and she’s in the studio sometimes as well. She WOULD have been in this video, too, which would have been AH-MAY-ZING, but she was out touring in Europe at the time. I think she’s back now, though. So…yeah! That’s the story behind the relationship and all!

Anyhow, we had a great time with the whole event. We could tell that they were nervous asking us questions, and it is a bit difficult having things needed to be translated in between, and I’m sure they were also like “who the eft are these freaking hipsters and why are they here in our holy temple?” but we really enjoyed ourselves, at least, and consider ourselves really lucky to be invited to be a part of this. I thought it was really interesting speaking with them and comparing our perspectives with theirs, since we’re involved in Korea and a bit involved in the industry, and they’re the same but for Japan and Harajuku. We kinda consider Hongdae, which is where we have our headquarters, kinda similar to Harajuku, or at least the closest Korean equivalent to it, no? Do you know of another area that would be a better comparison? I’m not sure. We just liked talking about both sides. We know that if we ever get Eatyoursushi.com up and running, it’ll definitely be in the Harajuku area.

Side note: from what we’re told, rent there for a studio space is CHEAPER THAN IT IS IN KOREA!!!!! WHUUUUUUUUTTTTT????!!!??! I was under the impression that Tokyo is the most expensive place in the galaxy. When we were asking different people about real estate costs, everything they mentioned is cheaper than what we pay, and it doesn’t have the absurdly steep key money deposit that Korea has. THAT’S NUTS! Not that we plan on moving to Japan anytime soon. We just kept on thinking to ourselves that we couldn’t do so unless we were insanely rich, but now it seems like we don’t need to be loaded in order to set up shop there. Also, don’t freak out and think we’re gonna abandon Korea for Japan. We just like thinking about the possibility of living in both countries and making videos everywhere. Not even sure how we could do that since we’re already doing 6 videos a week, plus interviews, plus trying to live a normal life on the side.

Otherwise, the video on Harajuku Kawaii TV is going to take a while to be uploaded, since their production value is a lot higher than that of our own. They got multi cam and cool transitions and everything. We were just shooting this on our iPhones, one of which has the evil bug that can’t be removed. Barrgghh!! When the video is up, though, we’ll make sure to share the hell out of it on this site, Facebook and Twitter, so you’ll see it for sure!

Apart from that, we were lucky to meet a bunch of Japan Nasties in Harajuku as well! We didn’t see anyone while we were filming, but afterwards, right by the station, we saw a Nasty swarm of people. We all got to chat and then sat down at the park by Harajuku. I don’t know what that park is called, but it’s really pretty, and we saw some puppies! Afterwards, we took a bunch of cool pictures, which you might have seen on Flickr, but we’ll post it here as well just in case you missed it:


So, yeah! We’re not going to have a vlog up for Day 5, because there was really nothing we could show you. We were in the YouTube studio all day, and we can’t film vlogs in there, so there was literally nothing we could film. But what we can show you is a screenshot that someone took while watching News Zero in Japan yesterday. Woot!

YouTube Studio

We also filmed the entire segment via our iPhone, but we can’t upload that video because of Copyright issues…on YouTube! But I don’t know what Facebook’s policies are. We’ll try uploading that whole thing later on :D Yeah! So that was about it for Sunday. Today we got to rest a bit and we’re just trying to edit some videos and relax a bit, so hopefully Martina can get over her cold.

But, we are going to have a LiveChat tomorrow, though! We’ll be spending the day in the studio working on another project, but afterwards, when we get back to our rooms, we’ll be chatting with you guise at 10PM! Hope to see you there!



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