So, as many of you know, we were in Japan a couple of weekends ago on a project that we’re constantly cryptic about. While we were there, we went to Tokyu Hands, which is this really bizarre store that sells a lot of different things. Stationery, stickers, phone stuff, pet stuff, party supplies, bags, travel stuff. It’s like a gourmet Daiso without feeling like a dollar store. It’s great! And so, while we were there, we picked up some lovely things for our WTF videos. Here’s the first of a few.

I’m hoping somebody here has more experience with these things than we do. Has anybody used these with any degree of success? Our nose holes aren’t made for this. Mine in particular can fit three sedans in them, so a tiny plug the size of an iris isn’t going to do much more than waving a flag in the wind. Question, Japanese people: are your nose holesies smaller than our nose holesies? Or are we just freakish?

More interestingly though, is the prevalence of masks in Japan. Lots of people wear breathing masks there. We see them in Korea a bit, but in Tokyo we saw a lot, lot more. In fact, we even went to a shop that sold nothing but face masks. Martina bought one. All of the masks there had a whole bunch of designs, like moustaches or bears or cats or whatnot. They were all cute. What’s smart about them as well is that there was a fitting room for the masks, so you can see how you look with them on. How so, you ask? Wouldn’t that be gross to put on masks, like it would be to try on underwear? Simple: they had a Kinect machine. You picked the mask design, stood in front of the Kinect, and it showed your face on the screen with the mask on, so you could see if it matches your outfit and all. Cool!

But that’s for more overt face masks. For something more subtle and not in (and on) everyone’s faces, you can use these noseplugs. We spoke with a Nasty we met at Tokyu Hands (I hope you’re reading this!) and she said that these were becoming more popular, which brings us back to the question of if anyone has used these before. We’ve tried and failed. What’s your experience like? And what, umm, happens if you breathe through your mouth? Do they have mouthplugs as well? Because I’d imagine that might be a bit gross…

Another thing we’ve noticed about these things: I think they might be like Gremlins or that button from Drag Me to Hell, because these things are showing up everywhere. We only opened one package and used two of them, but we see them in the ground, find them in our pockets, find them in our bags. Who keeps doing this to us? Is it you, Leigh or Soo Zee, trying to creep us out? I don’t understand! Someone save me from this madness!

Question: will 2PM do an ad for these as well? You’re so beautiful, special nose. When I first smell you I fell in love with ya! Yep: it’s happening people.

That’s it for this week. We’ve got another video coming out tomorrow and maybe another one tonight if we have time to write the blog post for it. We need to find a bike today first, though. We just discovered a really nice path close to our home and we want to go biking and on picnics and stuff on our weekends now, and play cute music as Martina wears sweet dresses and we throw frisbees and wave to smiling people and all that other idyllic stuff. Commence rainbow puking! Point is, stay tuned to see when these videos come out by clicking on this pretty button below!

  1. From the Japan TImes “For the extremely sensitive sufferers who are seeking a complete shutout of pollen, there is the Nose Mask Pit, which is sold for ¥651. The nose plugs are shaped like fingertip-sized swimming goggles with two plate-shaped parts inserted in each nostril.” (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2014/03/22/lifestyle/hay-fever-nothing-to-sneeze-at/#.Uy6JNa2SxCM)

    So basically these are not for sickness or anything, but to reduce (or eliminate) the amount of pollen you come into contact with, since hay fever is pretty bad here in Japan. Basically everyone has the allergy, and suffers every year from hay fever.

  2. The last part Simon said: I died laughing. xD Good job Simon. Good Job.

  3. SO I’m guessing they are the Japanese version of these (also there is a youtube video and it’s on english):

  4. I hate to say this or be rude, but these two make America and Americans look bad through their style of what they consider to be a mature way of presenting themselves. Grow up please and act like adults. Be a bit more conservative in your appearance as well. I spent over four years in Japan and I respect the British/Australians/Canadians more so than most Americans, yet I am an American …

    • We make Americans look bad?
      *tents fingers evilly*

    • I don’t see “Canada” written on their face… I just see two people … having their own personalities…sharing stuff they like sharing… don’t like their personality don’t watch.

    • don’t feed the troll…don’t feed the troll…don’t feed the troll..ARRGGHHH I’m about to feed the troll! And I’m not going to be polite! I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’m taking the bait!

      1. They’re Canadian (you know, that group of people you respect so much more than Americans). That display of idiocy on your part should be the only thing anyone needs to read to disregard your entire comment.

      2. Your genius suggestion is that Simon and Martina should radically change the business model which has brought them a lot of success? Don’t go into business Shawn.

      3. You seem under the impression that your opinion on how they act and dress should be relevant to them. Are you sure you’re American? You seem to have missed out on some fundamental cultural values. If you are actually American, calm yourself Eisenhower. It’s not 1952.

    • But, they don’t want to ( and more importantly they don’t have to).

      Not everyone has to act conservative and mature all the time. If you don’t like watching people with this style of humour then perhaps EYK is not for you.

      Also, Simon and Martina are Canadian.

    • I understand that it’s probably your intention to be helpful in some way, but this sort of criticism is hurtful and also has no bearing on the content of their videos. Simon and Martina’s videos are always hilarious and respectful observations of Korean culture, and their (wonderful) sartorial choices don’t change the nature of their posts. My suggestion to you is that you watch some more of their videos, so you can look beyond the clothes and the acting to better understand and enjoy them. And if, after that, you’re still not convinced that their mannerisms are less important than the love they clearly have for Korea, life, and each other, then no one is forcing you to continue watching them.

    • FYI Simon and Martina are Canadians

  5. you guys should upload a picture of the box [specifically the description side] and i could translate it for you. i’m guessing though it’s probably a snot collector or nose-bleed plug, since people in japan have a thing about not blowing their nose in public. srsly. SO ANNOYING!! people with colds just sitting there for hours sniffing every five minutes. can’t concentrate on jack SHIT. but yeah or could be like you said a smaller mask. those of us with glasses, if we wear the face mask, the glasses fog up instantly in winter. double blind!

  6. from what i understand, in japan alot of people have pollen allergies. that’s why they wear masks so often especially during spring. i’m guess this nose plug is an alternative to masks for pollen allergies.

  7. Ahaha! I watched this whilst reaching for the remaining gooey tapioca pearls from my long gone bubble tea… bad idea (≧Д≦)

  8. Hmm I have sneaky idea of who wrote this blog, Simon…. I think that’s just strange… It’s more of the other meaning of WTF, not a wonderful treasure find. I hope you cannot fit three sedans in your nose, that’d be scary.

  9. The first thing that came to my mind was when your nose is running. And since it’s bad behaviour to blow your nose in public in Japan, these can help you until you reach the toilet. My nose runs a lot when it’s windy, I on the other hand play the “gaijin” card here and blow my nose when I want to. Ugh I hate the noise people make when they instead of blowing their noses they try to keep it in… you know what I mean right… and that happens a lot in Japan.
    Oh and Tokyu Hands is a great shop! Next time you come to Japan go check “Loft” too, they are kinda similar! :D

    • my comrade in feels!! i have the same wind/nose problem, and it’s the only time i’m glad i’m obviously not japanese =w= every time people sitting there sniffling for ages i want to say very rude things very loudly

      • Ah yes! Just this week I tried to study in a quiet library but one girl was sniffling the whole time! >.< I felt like walking up to her and without saying a word give her a tissue! haha

        • haha that’s me on the bus to school! i was so tempted to hand the girl my handkerchief, but i figured that might be too nasty for her to handle

  10. OFF TOPIC: I’ve been meaning to ask this: Martina where did you get your circle lenses??? (I know you’re not wearing them here, but I’ve noticed that you wear them in other videos) thanksssss =^w^=

  11. Just me or Martina is screen-right, but sound-left (and Simon vice versa)?

  12. This is kind of off the topic of this odd product, but Martina, how did you make that hairstyle? It doesn’t look like an ordinary ponytail (but if it is then oops :P); it looks really nice.

  13. I see PM2.5 written on the box, which basically refers to pollution. I think I also recognize the word for pollen… so it is supposed to filter the air after all. The only thing though I guess is that you have to be careful not to breathe with your mouth lol

  14. I wonder if they would fit in Ken’s nose…

  15. Simon and Martina, I love you EYK staff jackets. So cute. I won’t comment much on what looks like a petri dish sample collecting object. Ewwwww.

  16. Jajaja, it´s funny to see how sensitive you seem to be about ear wax and boogers :D

  17. Fit three sedans huh, you and Kiseop should talk. http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l2s1pfRjOj1qa1xc8o1_250.gif

    Also, those plugs really did look like you had a set a blue nostril eyes. ‘Twas pretty freaky!

  18. Your picnics sound amazing! Can I come? :D
    Oh wait, I live in America.

  19. It just seems gross to me :s wouldn’t it come out and be all sticky and what not, just ugh xD and who the hell have such perfect circle nostrils?? they should make a heart-shaped one for Henry Lau xDD

  20. Lol where did you find this ??? Donki hote ? Daiso ??? That is so funny. Im going to JP for two weeks at the end of march and I think I will really try to find the weirdest thing and buy it for my coworkers XD. Japan always got some of the strangest things ever !

  21. My best guess: the plugs are to prevent your nose from leaking while you are wearing a mask. I would assume it’d be hard to blow your nose while you’re wearing a mask, so these would probably come in handy.

  22. It’s like a pore strip…for your nose. Ew. Freaky thing is, the underside of those look like coloured contacts. So when you showed them in your nose it was like….they were looking at me. Whelp I’mma have nightmares tonight! :D

  23. LOLLLLLLL “I think they might be like Gremlins or that button from Drag Me to Hell, because these things are showing up everywhere.” they’re MULTIPLYINGGGGG!!!
    but really, whose nostrils are perfect circles like that? :S I don’t understand…

  24. I know they have sold those in the US as well. I have seen them on the show, “Shark Tank”, when a guy was trying to invest his product with one of four world famous investors. Apparently this worked when the investors tried them.

    • I saw this episode, also. I remember the investors *loving* the nose plugs. I’m not sure if they will sell as well in the USA, but I feel like people who live in large, smoggy cities would love them. My major concern is just how plain icky they look… Eeewwwwwwwwwww mucus-stoppers.

  25. Oh!!!! is it for if you have a runny nose.. and it wont drip down while your studying or looking down?! ’cause.. I would use that when I’m sick or have allergies XD

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