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WTF – Japan Nose Air Filtration Systems

February 22, 2014


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So, as many of you know, we were in Japan a couple of weekends ago on a project that we’re constantly cryptic about. While we were there, we went to Tokyu Hands, which is this really bizarre store that sells a lot of different things. Stationery, stickers, phone stuff, pet stuff, party supplies, bags, travel stuff. It’s like a gourmet Daiso without feeling like a dollar store. It’s great! And so, while we were there, we picked up some lovely things for our WTF videos. Here’s the first of a few.

I’m hoping somebody here has more experience with these things than we do. Has anybody used these with any degree of success? Our nose holes aren’t made for this. Mine in particular can fit three sedans in them, so a tiny plug the size of an iris isn’t going to do much more than waving a flag in the wind. Question, Japanese people: are your nose holesies smaller than our nose holesies? Or are we just freakish?

More interestingly though, is the prevalence of masks in Japan. Lots of people wear breathing masks there. We see them in Korea a bit, but in Tokyo we saw a lot, lot more. In fact, we even went to a shop that sold nothing but face masks. Martina bought one. All of the masks there had a whole bunch of designs, like moustaches or bears or cats or whatnot. They were all cute. What’s smart about them as well is that there was a fitting room for the masks, so you can see how you look with them on. How so, you ask? Wouldn’t that be gross to put on masks, like it would be to try on underwear? Simple: they had a Kinect machine. You picked the mask design, stood in front of the Kinect, and it showed your face on the screen with the mask on, so you could see if it matches your outfit and all. Cool!

But that’s for more overt face masks. For something more subtle and not in (and on) everyone’s faces, you can use these noseplugs. We spoke with a Nasty we met at Tokyu Hands (I hope you’re reading this!) and she said that these were becoming more popular, which brings us back to the question of if anyone has used these before. We’ve tried and failed. What’s your experience like? And what, umm, happens if you breathe through your mouth? Do they have mouthplugs as well? Because I’d imagine that might be a bit gross…

Another thing we’ve noticed about these things: I think they might be like Gremlins or that button from Drag Me to Hell, because these things are showing up everywhere. We only opened one package and used two of them, but we see them in the ground, find them in our pockets, find them in our bags. Who keeps doing this to us? Is it you, Leigh or Soo Zee, trying to creep us out? I don’t understand! Someone save me from this madness!

Question: will 2PM do an ad for these as well? You’re so beautiful, special nose. When I first smell you I fell in love with ya! Yep: it’s happening people.

That’s it for this week. We’ve got another video coming out tomorrow and maybe another one tonight if we have time to write the blog post for it. We need to find a bike today first, though. We just discovered a really nice path close to our home and we want to go biking and on picnics and stuff on our weekends now, and play cute music as Martina wears sweet dresses and we throw frisbees and wave to smiling people and all that other idyllic stuff. Commence rainbow puking! Point is, stay tuned to see when these videos come out by clicking on this pretty button below!



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