Woohoo! Here’s our vlog from Day 3! We didn’t do as much this day as we did in our other days, but we still saw some cool things along the way. Here’s what happened!

1) Pretty much, from 2-6 we were working on a project that we can’t say much about. It’s not Kpop related, no. It’s more YouTube oriented. You’ll see the final product of it next week, I think. It’s really cool, IMO, and we hope you like it as well! Point is, since we couldn’t film those 4 hours (well, since we couldn’t film Vlog stuff at that time), we didn’t get that much good footage during the day. Sorry! What I can say, though, because other people have already noticed this and have asked us about it, is that this is a pretty cool video right here. Not related in any way, mind you. I’m just posting it here, because…it’s cool:


2) Right afterwards, we went to Shibuya and had Ramen. You see the ramen in the video. Right afterwards, though, Martina got sick. Maybe she ate too much ramen :( We had to rush home, and so Martina went to sleep at around 8PM. Poor girl! She had a 24 hour flu of some sorts. We almost called in to cancel for our Harajuku Kawaii TV shooting the day after (re: today), but she REFUSED! She was like *barf* “I won’t cancel” *barf* “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” *barf* “I must go!” Ah! I’m making it sound worse than it is. She was totally fine the next day. Ever have that happen to you? Feel like you’re gonna die one day, and next day you’re totally ok? Yeah, that’s what it was like with Martina. We filmed a lot of the footage from the Harajuku Day today, and we should be uploading that tomorrow, so stay tuned!

3) Because Martina was sick, and then we had the Harajuku filming, and then we met a whole bunch of Nasties, we didn’t get a chance to script and film for Music Monday. In fact, it’s 8:50 PM right now and Martina’s asleep again. We have to edit our video for the secret project thingy and send it in tomorrow for approval, so we have no choice but to skip out on Music Monday this week. Sorry guise! We didn’t think we’d take this long. We really wanted to talk about either B.A.P. or Nu’est this week, but things got in the way :(

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