Woohoo! Here’s our vlog from Day 3! We didn’t do as much this day as we did in our other days, but we still saw some cool things along the way. Here’s what happened!

1) Pretty much, from 2-6 we were working on a project that we can’t say much about. It’s not Kpop related, no. It’s more YouTube oriented. You’ll see the final product of it next week, I think. It’s really cool, IMO, and we hope you like it as well! Point is, since we couldn’t film those 4 hours (well, since we couldn’t film Vlog stuff at that time), we didn’t get that much good footage during the day. Sorry! What I can say, though, because other people have already noticed this and have asked us about it, is that this is a pretty cool video right here. Not related in any way, mind you. I’m just posting it here, because…it’s cool:


2) Right afterwards, we went to Shibuya and had Ramen. You see the ramen in the video. Right afterwards, though, Martina got sick. Maybe she ate too much ramen :( We had to rush home, and so Martina went to sleep at around 8PM. Poor girl! She had a 24 hour flu of some sorts. We almost called in to cancel for our Harajuku Kawaii TV shooting the day after (re: today), but she REFUSED! She was like *barf* “I won’t cancel” *barf* “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” *barf* “I must go!” Ah! I’m making it sound worse than it is. She was totally fine the next day. Ever have that happen to you? Feel like you’re gonna die one day, and next day you’re totally ok? Yeah, that’s what it was like with Martina. We filmed a lot of the footage from the Harajuku Day today, and we should be uploading that tomorrow, so stay tuned!

3) Because Martina was sick, and then we had the Harajuku filming, and then we met a whole bunch of Nasties, we didn’t get a chance to script and film for Music Monday. In fact, it’s 8:50 PM right now and Martina’s asleep again. We have to edit our video for the secret project thingy and send it in tomorrow for approval, so we have no choice but to skip out on Music Monday this week. Sorry guise! We didn’t think we’d take this long. We really wanted to talk about either B.A.P. or Nu’est this week, but things got in the way :(

  1. mmmm… ramen. Is the ramen in Toronto anywhere close to how it is in Japan? Because I’ve had some pretty darn good ramen in Toronto…

  2. Simon, I’m not sure if anyone has posted anything about this, but there are different restaurants depending on if you go with friends or alone. Ramen is something that is something that a lot of people tend to eat out by themselves because it’s fast and business people who don’t really have a lot of time to eat well at home. I would think they’re so skinny is because they have to move all the time and they’re always walking/ commuting. THEY NEVER STOP WORKING. EVER. Japanese also consider themselves to be a shy group of people, so they prefer to eat in seats that aren’t situated next to another person because it’s really awkward for a lot of them to start a conversation with the person sitting in front of them or next to them. But, there are other places that people don’t go alone, such as yakiniku or bigger izakayas (BBQ restaurants) (pubs). That’s usually a recreational activity with friends or colleagues, so people don’t usually go to those places by themselves. I’ve been to smaller izakayas by myself, but those are usually the local folk who already know mostly everybody and they’re more comfortable to talk with everyone.

    And for ramen, I can’t say I can eat it everyday. Some places are too oily and makes my tummy hurt sometimes. (T oT)

    • Right on with the ramen and eating alone. Ramen and soba are something like traditional fast food. It’s fast, filling and terribly easy to repair. If you get out in the boonies (where I am) you’ll find soba stands on the train platforms so that you can get a quick bowl of soba while you wait in the freezing weather for your train. Traditionally food stands for ramen, soba, udon and other noodles as well as sushi and other street food was eaten at stand up stands underneath a noren (which is that split curtain thingy you walk through at some japanese restaurants.) So don’t let Jiro Dreams of Sushi fool you, Sushi’s origins are just as humble as ramen’s.

      I would argue that the Japanese are slender for the same reason the Koreans and Chinese are slender. Yes, they eat a great deal of carbohydrates but they also eat significantly more veggies, tofu and fermented food than their western counterparts. Add to that the huge popularity of mass transit and bicycles and you have a diet that is low in densely caloric meat, high in low calorie veggies and more incidental exercise than their western counterparts. Which is why those who eat the traditional cuisines of China, Korea and Japan stay so slender. Sadly the western diet is creeping in and changing the way people eat and thus obesity and lifestyle diseases are on the rise in Japan. And it’s not really work that keeps them active. Japanese offices are very sedentary to say nothing of the required drinking parties that are full of beer, fried food and cigarette smoke.

      And just FYI, Simon had what looks like Miso Ramen and Martina had what I’m guessing is Shoyu ramen, which is also known to be oily.

  3. Aren’t those robot chicks advertizing for that android robotic maid cafe?

  4. That weird sick thing happened to me like last year! I had a high fever and couldn’t eat anything because it’d come right back up (which ended up happening without me having to eat anything several times anyway >.>) and it was horrible. And then the next day I was completely okay! Well, except for being exhausted… But it reeeeeaaaaally sucked.

  5. I love it when there are other people in your videos, eg your parents, AnsanAnswers, Chris, Brendon, Leigh and Soo Zee, Brad, Yoshi <3 <3 <3 <3, etc….. but I'm not sure how I'd feel if it was JUST them. Without you guys.

    I watch EYK to see you two, y'know?

    Or even Spudgy and Meemers. I don't mind if it was just them hosting the show (as they do sometimes)

    But it's ok to dream. You never know~ :p

    • Well they could always do auditions. Or even better, make part of a long running series “The Search for the Next Cool Married Couple”. I’m sure Youtube would be all over that since they do seem to love Simon and Martina something fierce. Wanna be hosts could film and edit FAP-FAPs or WANKs in their respective countries and then they could be hosted on the Bonus channel where Nasties could vote for them like KMM. Of course, I think it would be better for Simon and Martina if they took on an experienced Vlogger instead of a big fan but newbie to a set schedule.

      You know, we could probably sell this to Bravo and they’d make a reality tv show about it.

    • I was watching the new TalkToMeInKorean …and just thought that it would’ve been nice if Keith and Hyojin would join the EYK crew … but then complications would arise… oh complications > .

  6. I think that potentially it could be really cool to include other people and other countries. It would be like opening in the family and introducing us to more cool people.

  7. I bet there is a DS “Nintendo Zone” or something for “street pass” or “spot pass” there. You can connect to other peoples DS’s and send things or get special promotions/games/videos or other cool stuff!

  8. Simon in Japan reminds me of Naruto…

    Always has Ramen on the brain.

  9. When I think of Ramen, it’s more like this video

  10. Gyoza!!!! I live in a small town in southern Wisconsin and we have an authentic Japanese restuarant!!! The wife is Japanese and they moved here after their restaurant was destroyed in the tsunami. She makes the best gyoza and they even make their own noodles. I love their ramen the best!!!!

  11. I’m ok with it : / I didn’t even notice it at first…until ppl started pointing it out…

  12. I don’t know about other people but I as long as you are in most of the videos… it’s ok… it might feel awkward at first… and a bit hard to accept… but as long as they’ll be people you agree with, trust, and you think/feel they’re right for the job then it’s alright with me as well :)

  13. Hey guise!!

    *yey* I’ve been waiting for your post! :D

    “Right afterwards, we went to Shibuya and had Ramen. You see the ramen in the video. Right afterwards, though, Martina got sick.” > . < and I told you take better care of yourselves… even if the food is tasty when you feel full you should stop ('_') … = . = I've been doing that lately too… and I've had days I felt really bad too….but I'm trying to break out of this habit… yeah eating too much and then throwing up is one of the possible occurances… (well lack of sleep might have added too) 아프지마세요 (;_;)

    "We have to edit our video for the secret project thingy and send it in tomorrow for approval, so we have no choice but to skip out on Music Monday this week. Sorry guise!" don't worry about it!( We wouldn't want to see you coughing and barfing when you come back to Korea :( )We know you'll do the best you can.

    Thank you for your hard work! :)


    P.S: I couldn't watch that "Stalking Vampire" ep …that creepy front picture kind of turned me off = . =

  14. Simon. stop eating ramen, you’re making me wanna eat it and i’m on a diet!!

    japanese people have these crazy metabolisms that make them not fat… and did you know that they have this crazy f-ed up food pyramid? i once went to the doctor for a medical check, and i was given this flyer with a bunch of info for my health on it, and there was this food pyramid that was basically the reverse of everything that we know. at the top, it said you should eat 7-8 portions of carbs a day, and at the bottom, you should eat only 1 dairy… F-ED-UP!!!! (i’m sure if you google it you could come up with a pic…)

    the crazy robot ladies are for a “restaurant” in that opened last summer in kabukicho, and since then these creepy robots trucks have been making loops around shinjuku for advertisements. they are actually chairs, and a girl sits in the robot chair and then makes the robots move… if you go to the restaurant, you can see the robots there, and i’m not sure what else… since it’s in kabukicho, it’s sure to be a little sketchy. the first week that they were doing publicity for this restaurant, the trucks were running around with actual girls sitting in the chairs, dressed up like the robot they were making move. weird, and, creepy.

    also, it was really cool to meet you guys today!!! you guys were so friendly and it was really nice of you to stay and chat with us for such a long time!! (^_^) i really hope it’s possible to organise a more proper fan meet-up this week so we can chat again! :)

    • oh definitely! like i said, i’m pretty sure their metabolism is completely different! (which is totally unfair :p)

      and if you tell a japanese person that eating rice makes you fat, they will look at you like you are insane. lol.

      • lol. yup. it’s funny cuz sometimes i’ll be reading girls’ fashion magazines, and they’ll have “dieting advice” and the diet meals ALWAYS contain rice and a tiny amount of whatever else, and i’m just here thinking “wouldn’t it be better to eat a salad??” lol.

    • you should be happy you got to meet them *pout* :(

      • what makes you think i was not happy?! i was giddy like a little kid! lol.

        • “i really hope it’s possible to organise a more proper fan meet-up this week so we can chat again” happy as in “content” ( to see them at least once ) don’t mind me…. my childish envy is speaking (/ _ ; )

        • I only said that because they mentioned they wanted to organise a “real” fan-meet. this was an impromptu thing cuz people happened to show up to hunt them down! lol. but i understand your feeling. when they came to Japan last year, i was in Canada for exactly the whole time they were here and i was like “WHY?!?!”

        • *huggles*

          I’ve never met them either….the woes of living in the wrong hemisphere….

        • :( (*yey* I’ve got Fuuko-san’s huggles!!! XDDD)

  15. At the end of the video you see the vampire jumping into the computer when k-pop music monday was on the computer aswell, and you also see the “Follow the stalking vampire” at the end of the video, and that tab is over the image of Martina. It’s safe to assume they’re going to make a stalking vampire vid aswell and both get murdered! NOOOOO~~

  16. OMG THAT STALKING VAMPIRE THING IS SO SO SOOOOOOOOOO COOOL like seriously, all my childhood Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novels, but IN VIDEO FORM???!!!!!!! XD

    This is amazing. Revolutionary. And omg the effects are so well done!!! I literally got shocked when they jumped into EYK – hahaha was SO not expecting that!!! I’m really really looking forward to Friday now!!! :D

  17. …..Japan never fails to surprise me. One moment I think I’ve seen everything they have to offer, and then POOF another weird creation :p

  18. Sexy bikini robots? I get the concept… build your own hot girl.

  19. Ah Simon you make me so jealous. If I was in Japan I guess I would eat nothing but Ramen :D
    I just noticed that there’s a robot from Laputa in the thumbnail.. that’s so cool I love that movie :)

  20. The stalking vampire video. Omg!!

    Man, that Ramen made me hungry. :-(

    Edit: I am excited about the secret video. But sad for this weeks’s Music Monday.

  21. lol the whole time i was thinkin the bug was on my screen… xD til i paused the video to get rid of the fly ..then i was like ooh… wonderin when u guys will say something about it

  22. Simon, have you tried ippudo or ichiran yet? I’m not a huge ramen fan (and I live in Tokyo lol fail) but I love the both of those :9 There’s also super good tsukemen somewhere in Akihabara with an old man as the mascot, but the broth is super meaty and delicous. Also, you pour the hot water that you got with your soba into your soba dipping sauce (tsuyu) after you finish eating to dilute it so you can drink it!

    ramen tsukemen simon wa ikemen ♫

    If you guys ever need tissues again (or anything really), go to Daiso! They have lots of 100 yen pocket tissue packs ♡

  23. LOL I kept hearing Simon saying “Robyn” instead of “ramen”, I’ve been wondering since the first video, what in the world Robyn is, I just realised on this video that he meant Ramen hahahah silly me!

  24. hey Simon and Martina , have you guys planning to go visit odaiba in japan :) because there is a 1:1 gundam model , if you guys have times go to check it out

  25. hey Simon and Martina , have you guys planning to go visit odaiba in japan :) because there is a 1:1 gundam model , if you guys have times go to check it out also there is a shopping mall too ..hehehe

  26. you now what?!!!!! i finally got around to watching ‘My girlfriend is a Gumiho’ and then suddenly i heard the food porn music you guys use!!!!!! hahaha!!

    hey i saw those robot ladies from a Tokyo Fashion update on fb!!! it’s for some Tokyo Robot Restaurant or something?? and of course i’m sure that was Japan’s awesome way of advertising!! i’m sure a lot of guy’s would wanna follow those robots and then would suddenly end up at the restaurant!! (which i’m sure it’s for…)

  27. Your black speck moved places! Haha! You guys should try some other Japanese delicacies too! Their sea urchins are really good. You should try their exotic sushis!! >:D

  28. I think there’s a dust or a fly on your camera and it was filmed on the video as well. I started noticing it at the part where you guys were eating ramen and I was like “Wait…a fly on Simon nose? Is that from my computer? *trying to rub it off* Oh wait….it’s in the video. It’s flying into Simon’s nose!” xD

    Oh….nevermind. Just reach the part where you said it’s the black spot. hahahahahah xD

    • I had Ramen 12 times in the 14 days I spend in Japan XD Watching all the ramen makes me sad cause I want some too but buying them in Holland is really expensive :( Also ‘ramen’ is a dutch words for ‘windows’. Last week I got really exited cause i thought i had found a shop that sold ramen… but then it only sold windows :’]

  29. postpone KMM for BAP/NUEST to next week?

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