Woohoo! Here’s our vlog from Day 3! We didn’t do as much this day as we did in our other days, but we still saw some cool things along the way. Here’s what happened!

1) Pretty much, from 2-6 we were working on a project that we can’t say much about. It’s not Kpop related, no. It’s more YouTube oriented. You’ll see the final product of it next week, I think. It’s really cool, IMO, and we hope you like it as well! Point is, since we couldn’t film those 4 hours (well, since we couldn’t film Vlog stuff at that time), we didn’t get that much good footage during the day. Sorry! What I can say, though, because other people have already noticed this and have asked us about it, is that this is a pretty cool video right here. Not related in any way, mind you. I’m just posting it here, because…it’s cool:


2) Right afterwards, we went to Shibuya and had Ramen. You see the ramen in the video. Right afterwards, though, Martina got sick. Maybe she ate too much ramen :( We had to rush home, and so Martina went to sleep at around 8PM. Poor girl! She had a 24 hour flu of some sorts. We almost called in to cancel for our Harajuku Kawaii TV shooting the day after (re: today), but she REFUSED! She was like *barf* “I won’t cancel” *barf* “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” *barf* “I must go!” Ah! I’m making it sound worse than it is. She was totally fine the next day. Ever have that happen to you? Feel like you’re gonna die one day, and next day you’re totally ok? Yeah, that’s what it was like with Martina. We filmed a lot of the footage from the Harajuku Day today, and we should be uploading that tomorrow, so stay tuned!

3) Because Martina was sick, and then we had the Harajuku filming, and then we met a whole bunch of Nasties, we didn’t get a chance to script and film for Music Monday. In fact, it’s 8:50 PM right now and Martina’s asleep again. We have to edit our video for the secret project thingy and send it in tomorrow for approval, so we have no choice but to skip out on Music Monday this week. Sorry guise! We didn’t think we’d take this long. We really wanted to talk about either B.A.P. or Nu’est this week, but things got in the way :(

  1. The white stalking vampire has such a cute eye smile. I can’t even. *___* <333

  2. THERE IS THIS ANNOYING ASS FLY IN YOUR CAMERA. XD I can’t wait to go to Japan though.. ;; If you see Hiroktty, hug hin for me! ;O;

  3. The ENTIRE time until you pointed it out that it was your bug that thing was bugging the living shit out of me. I was trying to kill it, I’m just like “WTF?!” The, I’m like… “Oh… It’s yours…” I was seriousley wondering why it wasnt dying xD.

  4. I saw this on imgur today and imediately thought of this video! Apparently, those giant robot ladies are for a raunchy robot restaurant in tokyo…….ofcourse =D.

  5. That stalking vampire video was cool, but…it reminded me WAY too much of Ju-on 2, and I will forever be psychologically scarred by that movie and the others in the series…*hides under the blankets* OH wait….that never works in Ju-on, AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  6. Can I just go to Japan and get some ramen already! This is making me soooo hungry ;;

  7. Just watched this video from Famous Pete and he shows your bikini-bots and what they are for. As soon as I saw it I thought of you. lol. Bikini-bots are about 3/4 thru the vid till the end.


  8. Why does it say Buffalo in the background around 2:27? O.o

  9. 1. your wife says so
    2. your wife cares about you and loves you lots
    3. your wife give you glares if you eat raman all the time. :P

    I am on Martina’s Side. sorry Simon.

  10. Soot ball – GET OUT BEHIND DAT LENs!

  11. Ramen so good it makes you swear!

  12. Simon and Martina I must ask – how much do you usually spend when you go to Japan and which hotel do you stay in (the price per night) since i’m planning on going there this july with my best friend. As much advice as possible will be highly appreciated. By the way HUGE fan u3u

  13. Oh damn that was so mean ! I want ramen so badly right now because of your video !!!
    I didnt take when I was in Sapporo because I was scared to be sick. My friend let me taste it ( Well the cook just bring a plate to my friend and he was seeming to say ”Just make her eat ….she cant eat only gyozas !” ). Anyway the few noodles I ate were SOOOOO tasty ! I regreted only take gyozas ! We have a Japanese ramen shop in Quebec but they werent as good as the one in Sapporo !

  14. I hope Martina gets well :) and keep eating RAMEN one for you and a second one for me because I can’t go there :(

  15. Seriously, in the South (United States) you NEVER eat in a restaurant alone, only with family or friends. Me being an introvert, I like my alone time and would like to go eat in a restaurant alone, with a novel, notebook, or sketchbook (lots of books). I do sometimes break the social norm, but it’s so AWKWARD! Oh, well.

  16. Simon, I’m not sure if anyone has posted anything about this, but there are different restaurants depending on if you go with friends or alone. Ramen is something that is something that a lot of people tend to eat out by themselves because it’s fast and business people who don’t really have a lot of time to eat well at home. I would think they’re so skinny is because they have to move all the time and they’re always walking/ commuting. THEY NEVER STOP WORKING. EVER. Japanese also consider themselves to be a shy group of people, so they prefer to eat in seats that aren’t situated next to another person because it’s really awkward for a lot of them to start a conversation with the person sitting in front of them or next to them. But, there are other places that people don’t go alone, such as yakiniku or bigger izakayas (BBQ restaurants) (pubs). That’s usually a recreational activity with friends or colleagues, so people don’t usually go to those places by themselves. I’ve been to smaller izakayas by myself, but those are usually the local folk who already know mostly everybody and they’re more comfortable to talk with everyone.

    And for ramen, I can’t say I can eat it everyday. Some places are too oily and makes my tummy hurt sometimes. (T oT)

    • Right on with the ramen and eating alone. Ramen and soba are something like traditional fast food. It’s fast, filling and terribly easy to repair. If you get out in the boonies (where I am) you’ll find soba stands on the train platforms so that you can get a quick bowl of soba while you wait in the freezing weather for your train. Traditionally food stands for ramen, soba, udon and other noodles as well as sushi and other street food was eaten at stand up stands underneath a noren (which is that split curtain thingy you walk through at some japanese restaurants.) So don’t let Jiro Dreams of Sushi fool you, Sushi’s origins are just as humble as ramen’s.

      I would argue that the Japanese are slender for the same reason the Koreans and Chinese are slender. Yes, they eat a great deal of carbohydrates but they also eat significantly more veggies, tofu and fermented food than their western counterparts. Add to that the huge popularity of mass transit and bicycles and you have a diet that is low in densely caloric meat, high in low calorie veggies and more incidental exercise than their western counterparts. Which is why those who eat the traditional cuisines of China, Korea and Japan stay so slender. Sadly the western diet is creeping in and changing the way people eat and thus obesity and lifestyle diseases are on the rise in Japan. And it’s not really work that keeps them active. Japanese offices are very sedentary to say nothing of the required drinking parties that are full of beer, fried food and cigarette smoke.

      And just FYI, Simon had what looks like Miso Ramen and Martina had what I’m guessing is Shoyu ramen, which is also known to be oily.

  17. Aren’t those robot chicks advertizing for that android robotic maid cafe?

  18. I think it would be fun to see you guys with other people just goofing around like crazy. Also! I think I saw in the news that Japan made it law that you can’t get fat and you have to be of certain weight. :p Which is crazy

  19. That weird sick thing happened to me like last year! I had a high fever and couldn’t eat anything because it’d come right back up (which ended up happening without me having to eat anything several times anyway >.>) and it was horrible. And then the next day I was completely okay! Well, except for being exhausted… But it reeeeeaaaaally sucked.

  20. Ummm, best food porn ever! I want ramen now! Funny, I didn’t understand or appreciate ramen when I lived in Japan! Hope Martina feels better!

  21. UHHHH! YOU GUYS SHOULD TOTALY GO SEE TAIKO DRUMS WHILE YOU ARE THERE! Taiko is awesome *–* and the best groups are from japan, of course, there is Tao (not from EXOplanet), Kodo, Japan Marvelous and many others !!!

  22. I bet there is a DS “Nintendo Zone” or something for “street pass” or “spot pass” there. You can connect to other peoples DS’s and send things or get special promotions/games/videos or other cool stuff!

  23. I don’t particularly enjoy eating ramen, but after watching this video, I feel like eating it. Curse you Simon!

  24. Guys, you never seize to entertain me! You make me smile so much haha
    As for the robots at the end of the video… I know ¬.¬ They creep me our every time I see them ugh. But that’s a… promotion of Tokyo’s infamous Robot restaurant. Here is more info and photos of the place if you’re curious about what exactly it is…..

  25. Simon in Japan reminds me of Naruto…

    Always has Ramen on the brain.

  26. yes ramen every day sounds good oh wait iam not in japan damm

  27. OMG that raman looks delish!! I am going to have such a hard time eating in Japan because of the MSG :(

  28. When I think of Ramen, it’s more like this video

  29. i’ve been watching speck all week. at first i hated him but we bonded. he’s like your new pet. i’ll miss him when he’s gone.

  30. omg….the food in this is incrediblely, mouthwateringly, disgustingly, enticing! I HATE this video! I have watched it twice already I hate it so much! I live in the middle of nowhere USA…I will never get to have this…so SO depressing. Please do not make any more videos like this for me to watch over and over!!! ;( MY JAWSM (Japan Adventure with Simon & Martina) is turning into torture.

  31. Those robots are from a Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho. It wasn’t open when I was in Japan last year, but I got a picture of what the outside of the restaurant looks like.

  32. Gyoza!!!! I live in a small town in southern Wisconsin and we have an authentic Japanese restuarant!!! The wife is Japanese and they moved here after their restaurant was destroyed in the tsunami. She makes the best gyoza and they even make their own noodles. I love their ramen the best!!!!

  33. Don’t point out the DOT! Gah! Cannot unsee it! now it haunts me from then on!

  34. Hey Simon and Martina! I’ve been to Japan many times before and can recommend you several awesome places to eat at, and some sights to see in Tokyo. If you’re interested feel free to let me know! If you need any translation help I can do that as well; I am fluent in Japanese and English :)

  35. I know I’m a scardy cat when that Stalking Vampire video scared me and made me want to hide in my room with all of my stuffed animals…

  36. Hey guise!!

    *yey* I’ve been waiting for your post! :D

    “Right afterwards, we went to Shibuya and had Ramen. You see the ramen in the video. Right afterwards, though, Martina got sick.” > . < and I told you take better care of yourselves… even if the food is tasty when you feel full you should stop ('_') … = . = I've been doing that lately too… and I've had days I felt really bad too….but I'm trying to break out of this habit… yeah eating too much and then throwing up is one of the possible occurances… (well lack of sleep might have added too) 아프지마세요 (;_;)

    "We have to edit our video for the secret project thingy and send it in tomorrow for approval, so we have no choice but to skip out on Music Monday this week. Sorry guise!" don't worry about it!( We wouldn't want to see you coughing and barfing when you come back to Korea :( )We know you'll do the best you can.

    Thank you for your hard work! :)


    P.S: I couldn't watch that "Stalking Vampire" ep …that creepy front picture kind of turned me off = . =

  37. I’ve had that moment when I’m given food but I don’t know how to eat it.

  38. You guys, I won’t be able to sleep now. T_T It’s like a zombie/vampire freaky!

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