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Japanese Snack Sampling

March 27, 2014


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Remember back when we went to Japan in February? Then the biggest snowstorm in Japan’s lifecycle hit and ruined our plans and film schedule? Yeah, that was odd. Well, when we were in Japan, we did a convenience store raid and bought a whole bunch of stuff that we never tried before, and decided that it’d be ultra fun to try out. So that’s what we’re doing today!

Question: do…any…of…you…like this Mountain Dew stuff? I mean, I understand the drink. It’s tolerable. But in chip form? Good googly goo: it’s so bad! I’m sure some of you like it. But…but…why? You know, we’ve actually kept the Mountain Dew chips, long after we’ve filmed this video (we filmed this, like, a month ago), and whenever we have new people come by the studio we’re like “oh! You should try these” and then we make them eat the Mountain Dew chips AND SUFFER! No one we know likes em, either! Someone actually was kind enough to leave a package by our front gate when we were out of the studio (I’m sorry I can’t remember your name!) and they put in another pack of the Mountain Dew chips. I SHANT BE FOOLED AGAIN!

As for that Japan project we’re working on, umm, we’re still waiting to go back to film the second part. I think it might be a bit weird when our video’s finally published, because it’s all sunny and 20+ degrees here in Korea now, and that footage has lots of snow. Hopefully it won’t be too odd! We’ll keep you up to date and let you know when we go back :D

Apart from our Japan plans, we hope you liked this video. We had a lot of fun with it. Martina had a really odd moment, when she was making different words out of “LOOK.” She made the joke in the video, and current Martina, watching the old Martina make the joke, laughed at the joke. Then the Martina in the video laughed at her own joke. Both of them were laughing at the joke. Then current Martina paused the video and howled with laughter, saying how she finds this girl funny and would like to be friends with her. It was rather…meta, and bizarre.

Anyhow, we’ve got some extra footage that didn’t make the final cut, which, of course, makes it to the bloopers, like Martina’s slobber car!

And, lastly, don’t forget to click on this pretty button below right here. If you don’t, you will be force-fed the Mountain Dew chips. An endless supply of them. Clicking on this button protects you from such penalties



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