Remember back when we went to Japan in February? Then the biggest snowstorm in Japan’s lifecycle hit and ruined our plans and film schedule? Yeah, that was odd. Well, when we were in Japan, we did a convenience store raid and bought a whole bunch of stuff that we never tried before, and decided that it’d be ultra fun to try out. So that’s what we’re doing today!

Question: do…any…of…you…like this Mountain Dew stuff? I mean, I understand the drink. It’s tolerable. But in chip form? Good googly goo: it’s so bad! I’m sure some of you like it. But…but…why? You know, we’ve actually kept the Mountain Dew chips, long after we’ve filmed this video (we filmed this, like, a month ago), and whenever we have new people come by the studio we’re like “oh! You should try these” and then we make them eat the Mountain Dew chips AND SUFFER! No one we know likes em, either! Someone actually was kind enough to leave a package by our front gate when we were out of the studio (I’m sorry I can’t remember your name!) and they put in another pack of the Mountain Dew chips. I SHANT BE FOOLED AGAIN!

As for that Japan project we’re working on, umm, we’re still waiting to go back to film the second part. I think it might be a bit weird when our video’s finally published, because it’s all sunny and 20+ degrees here in Korea now, and that footage has lots of snow. Hopefully it won’t be too odd! We’ll keep you up to date and let you know when we go back :D

Apart from our Japan plans, we hope you liked this video. We had a lot of fun with it. Martina had a really odd moment, when she was making different words out of “LOOK.” She made the joke in the video, and current Martina, watching the old Martina make the joke, laughed at the joke. Then the Martina in the video laughed at her own joke. Both of them were laughing at the joke. Then current Martina paused the video and howled with laughter, saying how she finds this girl funny and would like to be friends with her. It was rather…meta, and bizarre.

Anyhow, we’ve got some extra footage that didn’t make the final cut, which, of course, makes it to the bloopers, like Martina’s slobber car!


And, lastly, don’t forget to click on this pretty button below right here. If you don’t, you will be force-fed the Mountain Dew chips. An endless supply of them. Clicking on this button protects you from such penalties

  1. The “fruit burning” expired juice story made me laugh because I volunteer at a food bank and the volunteers are allowed to eat the slightly expired stuff. Hilarious situations and bad choices all around.

  2. Hey Guys. Just a heads up, on several of your main videos I click to play and it says “This video does not exist.” I click the watch it on youtube button and it says sorry unavailable. Your blooper videos work and the videos work when I go directly to youtube but I really enjoy watching them on your site and since it has happened several times I thought I should say something! Love you guys!

  3. You guys should learn to read katakana, its really easy and you just have to work out what the words are in English ^^ (and how to pronounce the sounds I guess) Also ONE PIECE!!! Theres One Piece everything in Japan which is one of the reasons I want to visit, its my favourite animanga series. Do you watch it Martina? I highly suggest you guys watch it, I’ve seen many series but its the best (that and Gintama, which I think you’d really enjoy too).

  4. I just realised that the “chicken drumstick” you referred to on the Pringles Can is the worldwide corporate official Pringle image on my Salt and Pepper flavour (ignore the beverage). It’s sort of spooky they go to that much detail.

    Side note on Japan wrapping. Layers of wrapping and sealing are super important in Japan. It goes side-by-side with the “correct” way to open a package. Every layer has a very specific way to open it correct. It’s a thing of beauty I’ve utterly become hooked on over the years (probably from the care packages sent to me of Japanese contraband a-la fapfap).

  5. OMG, Kindereggs! Okay, so I’m not Canadian, but we live in the US really close to Canada & my dad used to bring back Kindereggs from business trips when I was a kid. I LOVED Kindereggs. Now, I can’t take them back :( Kind of like wonderballs. They were deemed too dangerous because some kids who didn’t understand the concept were shoving the whole thing into their mouth without realizing there’s like a plastic egg inside :

  6. I wish chocolate bars had those kind of wrappings in Canada! I always want to save a bit of chocolate bar for later, but when i try it always ends up stale…

  7. tiff_mash

    OMG! One Piece!!!! And your key chain is the ships cook Sanji :)

  8. okay so this is gonna be a random comment..
    i was watching Diaries of a Cheating Heart with speakers on, then i went to the kitchen and got myself cup of coffee and around 9:09 the foodporn shot background music on your FAPFAP videos suddenly played, i ran to the living room thinking,
    “YAYYYY Simon and Martina”…
    then i realized, “oh i was watching a movie and they included that song on some scenes”
    *a bit disappointed* anyhow, you can check it out.. :P
    ~ :3

  9. Cecilia Avila

    One Piece! Seriously one of my all time favorite series! I know people in North America like to make fun of it or pay no mind to it because of the horrible dubbed version put out by 4Kids, and to a lesser extent Funimation, but it is such a great anime.

  10. I LOVE YOUR SHIRT SIMON!!!!! Where’d you get it?!?!?

  11. I have a korean pen pal and for my birthday she send me korean snacks such as choco pies which are yummy. But… also banana flavored chips. They look like cheetos but taste like artificial bananas with a salty ending. Yuck… (But she also send me cup noodles and other delicious snacks!)

  12. Watching you guys eat the Mt. Dew chips, HILARIOUS!!! Sorry but yah it was awful but so funny. Simon, stop trying to be a piggy and eat food you don’t know if you’ll like!!! Martina is smart in sampling a taste before committing to it. I think Asian snacks are unique and sometimes horrifying in what’s in them or what they truly are…

  13. kawaii_candie

    your pringles are Sour Cream and Butter. I actually think it’s pretty funny that you guys can’t read the flavor so you are trying to guess it. you should do it more often! Random fact, there are often a lot of weird flavor pringles that pop-up here, seasonally, kinda like the “famed” kit-kats of Japan.

    As for the Mountain Dew chips, it’s not something that’s commonly sold here. it was a limited edition thing, and lasted about two weeks. i never saw them in stores anywhere and the only reason i even knew about them is cuz some of my friends posted about it on facebook. It’s weird too cuz Mountain Dew isn’t even being sold in Japan so i don’t even know why they would come out with that…

    you know that LOOK chocos usually have 4 flavors in them, and they’re pretty much always yummy. it’s funny that you commented on the re-sealableness of the box cuz yeah, japan is the land of excessive wrapping. like, you’ll buy a box of cookies and inside the box, the whole thing will be wrapped in plastic, and then again, each individual cookie will be wrapped in plastic. AS IF anyone ever just eats one single cookie when they open the box. *sigh*

    your 2nd puccho candie toy is probably from “Attack on Titan”, cuz i’ve seen those in the stores recently :p it’s currently the most popular anime in Japan. it’s very very violent, lol. (on second thought, after seeing the bloopers, i think your toy is just the puccho mascot)

    one day, i swear, i will send you guys a package with lots of japanese goodies! and put nice things in it!!! :p

  14. One Piece fan right here :P

  15. I’m usually cool with any candy (those mountain dew chips looked weird though with the sugar crystals). Years ago I had some Japanese grape flavoured Shigekix. I love sour sweets – I can eat lemon wedges like oranges – but holy crap, this candy is so sour. I recommend you try them, for a reaction if nothing else :P We have a local crisp company here that’s famous for having the best cheese and onion flavour crisps and recently they decided to make cheese and onion flavoured chocolate bars. I’m not sure I can bring myself to try them but I might send you guys some in a care package :3

  16. In my country a dream about a tooth falling out mans that someone is going to die! O_oooo

  17. Sunny? 20+ degrees?
    /stares out of window at snowbank and cries/

  18. Martina, where did you pick up your hoodie? It’s adorable/awesome. :D

  19. My brother worked in the bookstore at his college and the manager there took advantage of the defective supplies thing. Like they would be unpacking boxes of new t-shirts and she would ask him if he liked them, and if he said yes she would rip the sleeve or tear a letter off and then say “oh it’s defective, you can have it”. My family has a lot of free t-shirts.

  20. One of my friends loves Mountain Dew and drinks it ALL THE TIME. I’m curious as to how she’s react to those chips. XD

    Also, we have a lot of random Japanese candies sold in stores here, like Pocky, Strawberry Gummies and this one thing call Choco Shrooms which I FREAKING LOVE THEY’RE SO GOOD omg. I call them Choco Taems. XD Like Taemin. Mushroom hair Taemin. XD

    We also have Yan Yan and Hello Panda which I’m not sure they’re from Japan or not.. they’re marketed here as being from Japan but their packages say they’re made elsewhere. We also have stores that sell “authentic Japanese noodles” which are actually made here in the US, so… LIES.

    What kind of Japanese snacks do you other Nasties have in your own Countries/Areas? :D I wanna try more!

  21. My theory is that Simon actually hates the taste of most foods, that’s why he tries to eat all the pieces at once without savoring the flavor. Seriously though, I don’t understand how eating more at once is more enjoyable. The kimbap episode makes me angry every time I think about it, what a waste! I don’t care how much you end up eating, as long as you eat them one at a time and actually take the time to savor and enjoy it! Blargragg *internet stranger overreacting about another stranger’s eating habits*

  22. Ugh, this video makes me want to go back to Japan.

  23. “Then the Martina in the video laughed at her own joke. Both of them were laughing at the joke. Then current Martina paused the video and howled with laughter, saying how she finds this girl funny and would like to be friends with her.”
    I totally do that in my mind. Thinking about a joke I made earlier and then laughing at it again and congratulate myself for the awesome joke i did. ahahahahahahah, I’m weird !

  24. thisisjustforfunval

    Just because chips and sodas go great together as a snack does not mean one should be flavored as the other. Imagine sour cream and onion flavored soda. *Shudders* I just made my mouth sad at that thought.

  25. can’t wait to see what you guys were up to in Japan. Season continuity isn’t something to be concerned about cause i’m sure it’ll be awesome.
    Also really like the recorded WTFs way in advance cause they’re short and you can write more in the blog post about continued tastings/games. Also i’m sure filming so far in advance helps you guys time wise with other videos and projects.

    PS: Can you tease anything about what the Japanese video is going to be about? Pretty please…

  26. glad i’m watching at lunch time. now i need to drive down to the gas station and get me some snacks…^^

  27. PunkyPrincess92

    Simon you got Sanji!!

  28. Suiyoubii

    I can’t believe Mountain Dew has crisps…. only in Japan I guess? Its a shame you can’t get any Japanese sweets now because its Sakura season! Lots of Japanese sweets, cakes, noodles even burgers in MacDonald’s are pink and Sakura flavoured, its supposed to be really nice but really sweet!

    • Omygod I love those! Well I tasted Sakura flavoured soft ice cream and holy poop it’s amazing. Japan’s soft ice cream is really top notch, they have so many flavours HUEHAJOFHO I want to go back there just for the ice creams YASS. I do not love ice cream AT ALL. :——–D Their sweet potato ice cream was also pretty awesome in my taste, maybe because I love sweet potato.

    • Last year in the US Dunkin Donuts did “Cherry Blossom” donuts. I think it was a promotional for the Washing DC because they have their own Cherry Blossom festival in the spring. Or maybe that was two years ago? Dunno. I just remember it being very meh.

      • Suiyoubii

        See even that sounds cool! Nothing like that happens in the UK, we don’t celebrate things that much and if we do, companies, especially international never really get involved which is a shame.

  29. Suiyoubii

    I was shocked at the Mountain Dew crisps, not surprised that it was nasty (nasty in a bad way, not the good way) Its a shame you can’t get any more sweets, right now Japan has lots of Sakura flavoured things because its Sakura season there! You can get pink burgers, noodles and milkshakes too!

  30. KATHyphenTUN

    OMG! the bubble candies are amazing!!! I always get my friend from Japan to bring them out for me!! I swear I am addicted to those things!! *drools*

  31. I am an enormous One Piece fan! Simon, flaming-foot blonde guy is Sanji (my favourite character!) You should really watch One Piece, it’s fantastic!

  32. The Pringles container said “Sour Cream and Butter.” Doesn’t really sound like the flavor you described, but I guess that’s what it’s supposed to taste like.

  33. I wouldn’t have tried the mountain dew chips…they sounded gross you guys are much braver than I. xD, On the topic of the One Piece candy Martina I think you should try out Fairy Tail if you haven’t already it’s super fantastic. =D (And also by Funimation)

  34. The last one is Puucho (not sure if I spelled that right) and it’s a variation of HI-chew. I buy them all the time from my local asian import market. They’re so good but don’t eat the soda ones. They taste like soap…

    • KATHyphenTUN

      Really? I like the soda ones too! Cause they are all sparkly/bubbly tasting! :P
      Does the HI-chew have a kind with the bubbles in it too (I’ve only had the plain kind)? I like the Puucho ones better just for the bubbles, and it would be awesome if HI-Chew had them too.

      • I like the bubble feeling but the taste is too much like soap for me so I can’t stand it. XD They need one that’s the flavor of hi-chew with the bubble and jelly of puucho. That would be the ultimate candy.

  35. Martina, you are on a streak with Rock Paper Scissors! =D Woooot! Go Martina!

  36. What’s that song at 2:40? It’s driving me crazy! I’ve definitely heard it somewhere. It sounds like ‘BUMP ON da STYLE’ from Baccano……but I’m not sure if many people know Baccano :’D

    • *Frantically waves hand* I know Baccano! Saw it last Autumn and I loved it! I didn’t remember this particular song, but I checked it on youtube and it’s pretty good :D

      • Okay I went back and checked. The song is actually from the Durarara! OST. Made a mistake, sorry :’D

        • Haha no worries, I’m a Durarara! fan too^^ And it gave me the opportunity to check more of the Baccano soundtrack, which I should have done earlier because it’s amazing. And it’s always nice to come across someone who enjoys the same animes^^

  37. I dont like Mountain Dew in drink form… and I apparently I wouldnt like it in chip form either haha! The Look bars looked the best! Last week my friend told me about jelly belly candies where there are good flavours and bad flavours in the bag, so you can either choose a yummy tasting flavour like cherry or a bad tasting flavour like barf (meant to literally taste like barf)!

  38. Martina, if you use paper first when you play most people will use rock because it is a more natural shape for thir hand.

  39. Cyber_3

    Those LOOK bars reminds me of the “4-flavours” chocolate bar, I don’t know if they still make it, but I think it was only in Canada. It’s like a Caramilk bar but 2 squares are filled with vanilla cream, 2 squares are filled with caramel, 2 squares are filled with chocolate cream, and 2 squares are filled with butterrum cream. I used to split the bar down the middle to eat one square of each and then eat the other half later.

    Great video, great framing and editing and so funny! Maybe having Leigh (instead of no one) behind the camera causes Simon to ham it up more, because his local audience is bigger? Other than the giant eating (I understand Simon, you have 3 women instead of just one to fight for food now), I haven’t really noticed him getting louder on camera.

  40. We have ranch flavoured Pringles in Australia!!!

  41. This obviously is pre-recorded because Martina still has her old nails… I should get off the internet…

  42. The chicken and turkey and gravy song is really quite interesting. Does the rest of the song exist? =DD

  43. Isabel Ruby

    lol you guise could always tweet out pics of stuff with things you want translated, and the nasty army would defs come to the rescue.
    i’ve had that LOOK bar myself, and it was one of my favorites. strawberry flavored things in japan are usually a safe bet i find.

  44. Halophila

    I recall when I was a kid and used to go visit my grandparents in Mexico, many markets carried coca cola flavored jello. At the time I thought it was odd and never tried it.

  45. Hey Simon and Martina! I’m planning to go to Korea next year (yeah, I still have 1 year and some months to think about my trip but yeh…) and I’d like to know if I can travel to Jeju being a tourist.. like taking a domestic flight from gimpo or any other airport to Jeju..do I need any documents or not? Because I need a tourist visa to get to Korea, I think, if I get that visa, can I go to Jeju without worrying about not being korean or anything like that? >.<

    • I’m pretty sure you can. When I visited I just had the one tourist visa, and then I just took the train from Incheon to Gimpo (I’m pretty sure it was this… The one where domestic flights go from) and badabingbadaboom I was there :) Thought it was a long trip… However, I’ll just double-check that for you with my mum when she gets home tonight, since she was the one who organised everything ^-^

      • Uuuh! Thank you so much Sofia! ^^ I just reaaallly want to visit Jeju, but I thought I needed to have other docs or any other thing to get there :3 Anywaaay, thank you very muuch *-* haha :P

        • You’re very welcome! :) I double-checked with my mum and yep, it was just the one visa! I hope you can go and that you have a lovely trip! It’s absolutely STUNNING there! If you can, I would highly recommend renting a car and getting one of those maps that show tourist locations. We just planned all the places we wanted to go using the map and then drove all over the island visiting them – it was definitely worth it because the scenery is fantastic and otherwise it’s pretty hard to get around and really see Jeju for what it is :)

        • Wooooow~~ Thank you! I think my trip to Korea will be memorable *-* I mean, now I know for sure that I can go to Jeju (I love Jeju ahahaha). Too bad I don’t have a driver license :( but I think I’ll have so much fun there anyways >.< hahaha

        • Aaaw, you’re welcome! :) I really hope that you have a wonderful time! It’s not a disaster if you don’t have a driver’s license – as far as I remember there were a few buses, as well! It’s just that you’ll need to know a few basic Korean phrases to get yourself around, because (unlike Seoul) not many people seemed to speak English on Jeju…

        • Korean will not be a problem! haha I’m starting to learn korean at university hehe :D So, yeah…I hope I can survive there hahahahah anywaays, thank you much *-*

  46. I’m really curious now as to how those Mountain Dew chips taste. I wonder if they have them in other soda flavors??
    Also, props to Martina on her gawi bawi bo winning streak of late XDD

    • haruchi

      I’ve eaten Pepsi ones in Japan… They tasted like Pepsi just the texture was different. Still wouldn’t eat a whole bag of them. XD

      • Are these literal soda chips like a promo/special thingy or whatever or are they regularly sold?? And does anyone actually like them?? Haha

        • haruchi

          Mountain Dew was a special one, I’m not sure about the Pepsi ones though since I wasn’t the one who bought it. I haven’t seen the chips though at stores so they might be a limited thing or only sold at special places/time. Yeah, I haven’t met anyone who has actually liked them! hah

        • Wut o.O Then why keep selling them? lol I guess it’s just another one of those things I’ll never understand about Japan~

        • haruchi

          Maybe Japanese like them! XD I haven’t asked any Japanese person’s opinion… But yeah sometimes I wonder why do they have these weird flavours but not all the “normal” kinds. Something like sour cream & onion chips which are very normal to me, aren’t normal in Japan. The popular tastes are salt chips and consommé chips.

        • Woah I had to look up what those were. Interesting. Have you tried them? Any good? hehe But I think salty chips are a win anywhere XDD So the sour cream and butter is also something different for Japan? Or is it just sour cream and onion? Do they have cheese or barbecue flavored? Cuz those are the most popular here in the Philippines. lol Sorry so many questions. I’m a curious person heh

        • haruchi

          Nah I don’t mind the questions! haha The sour cream & onion flavour is popular in Finland (where I’m actually from) and it’s one of my favourites (with barbeque ones)! :D The Japanese sour cream and butter chips weren’t that good for me. Too sour! D: Consommé chips are ok, kinda spicy but not like barbeque chips… There is some cheese flavours and I once bought pizza flavoured chips and they had a bit cheese on top of the chips! :o Not much barbeque ones, I’ve seen some bags with chili but I woudn’t call that barbeque. XD They also have like chicken and meat bbq chips… I think they are bbq. haha

        • Ah so they do have some similar flavors to the Philippines. We have some pizza flavored chips as well. Chili and Cheese is also kinda common. We also have chicken flavored crackers which are awesome and my brother craves them when he’s in the US cuz there’s nothing like them over thurr xp I’m really interested to try consomme chips tho. They actually sound delicious and I’ve never heard of anything like it lol Sour cream and onion actually isn’t popular here. I can only think of one local brand that sells them, then there are Lays but those are really expensive here~

        • haruchi

          Yeah consomme is pretty good! I didn’t think they’d be spicy, more like meat tasting, but they are! Maybe not chili spicy but still… I really miss bbq chips while I’m here! And the sour cream & onion chips are more expensive here, we got Lays too.

        • Oh ya’ll don’t have barbecue chips? Those are so popular over here. And I figure just about every country has Lays xp We do have this place that sells flavored fries, cheese, barbecue, and sour cream and onion, so I find it kinda odd that sour cream and onion isn’t popular in the chips section. I don’t even think we have sour cream and onion Pringles, or at least, I don’t recall ever seeing them before…

        • haruchi

          Not that type of barbeque I’m used to… Only meat type of chips. Those fries sound very delicious! :D Pringles isn’t really popular brand here. I don’t think I’ve seen sour cream and onion Pringles here either. I could be wrong since I rarely see Pringles at stores. I think you have to go to a specific one to find some Western chips.

        • Ah I see. We have Pringles in supermarkets, but sometimes they’re in the international section. Huh, well if you ever come to the Philippines, you’d be able to try tons of different varieties of barbecue chips XDD Also, those fries are seriously the best evar. I’ve been eating them since I was 3 years old and they’ve always been my favorite XDDD Cheese is the best, but the barbecue is sweet and spicy, which I sometimes crave. And I prefer their sour cream and onion fries over sour cream and onion chips ^^

  47. One piece fan represent :D

  48. the blonde flaming foot guy is sanji! :D its such a cute keychain.. i want one xD

  49. Martina, that color shirt looks so good on you! It really brings out the color in your eyes :)

  50. Man I love the random things that you can find in Japan. The only things we have here in Greece that are “unusual” are oregano flavoured crisps, feta/oregano crackers, tomato crackers, sweetish (but savoury) sesame covered bread rings (koulouri). That’s about as crazy as we go. Then we have these things called “pasteli” (which I love) which is just sesame seed and honey bars:

    And also apparently other countries don’t have Caprice, but I find it hard to believe:

    And then there’s just some random ice-cream flavours, like pistachio, yoghurt and this DISGUSTING one called “masticha” (mastic) which looks like vanilla, so I’ll take a bite thinking it’s going to be yummy but then I’ve been tricked :(

    • Cyber_3

      I love sesame bars but the ones we get in Canada (made in Poland) are more…cracker sized and they can get super hard if they are old (break your teeth hard). Those in your photo looks softer and awesome. I love pistachio ice cream, but it’s too much by itself so I prefer it in spumoni ice cream – it’s like neapolitan ice cream but with pistachio, strawberry, and chocolate ice creams, mixed with candied fruit and walnuts (sometimes there are no nuts).

      When I was small I really liked getting those mini maple/honey cones at the convenience store. When I think about them now though, they are a little disgusting. That, and those “ice strawberry” gumballs.

      • KATHyphenTUN

        Ohhh! Also from Canada *Waves* and I love the Sesame bars!! I remember going to the corner store when I was little and buying these all the time, or they were even given out at Halloween time!

        • At Halloween? Man, as a small kid, if I had been given sesame bars at Halloween time I probably would’ve been like “TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTHY ISH AND GIMMEH SOME PROPER SWEETS. Silly plebeian fools!” *Swish cape dramatically in front of face*
          Nah, I kid. That’s actually pretty cool :)

        • KATHyphenTUN

          Hahahaha probably most kids felt that way…But I actually loved these things XD I tend to like stuff like that more than chocolate and candies :P I’m a weird child.

      • Oh, the sesame bars here range in both size and texture – some are bite-sized, others are big bars, some are a little chewy, and some are bye-bye teeth hard! There are also variations of ingredients i.e. they use different types of chopped nuts instead of sesame seeds. All taste good :D Spumoni ice cream looks soooo good! I’ve never seen it before. Though, I’m more of a sorbet person myself… Mandarin sorbet and yoghurt ice cream? Yes, please!

        Maple/honey cones? I’ve never heard of those either! I googled them, though. They look… questionable. Ahem. But hey, our tastes change over time, right? :) When I was small I loved sweets but now I can no longer stand really sugary things.

        • Cyber_3

          I would have thought that spumoni was popular in Europe since it is originally Italian but apparently it is much more popular in North America. There are even national “Spumoni Days” in both Canada and the U.S. (thank you Wikipedia). I also like sorbet or gelato, mango and coconut, cherry and lime, it’s all awesome. I really like banana and pinapple flavours of frozen yogurt too. I also really like baklava (it’s Greek, right?), but I’ve been spoiled by my Dad who only “new and improves” desserts and his baklava has 10 layers of 6 kinds of nuts and just tiny layers of phyllo all encased in the honey-butter-rosewater syrup. I also always ask him to make his date squares for me whenever I visit. I don’t eat things that are ultra-sweet like I did as a kid but I will eat homemade maple fudge, it’s just too too addictive! Speaking of which, I think it’s almost maple syrup time! I finally saw the farmers put out the sap buckets this week – can’t wait!

    • Oh my God! I love that kind of bars with sesame and honey! I didn’t know it is called pasteli though. Thanks to you, I am more intelligent now :D

      • Well, I feel it is important to impart my wordly knowledge upon the peasant community every now and then. Oh hohohohoho~
        Haha juust kidding :) Well I know they’re called pasteli in Greek, but I think they have many names, seeing as they seem to be quite popular throughout the Middle East and South Asia as well ^-^ Not that you’d ever catch me admitting that, of course… As far as I’m concerned, we are the great creators of this food… thing… and so our name for it is the correct one ;)

    • Ooh I know Caprice! We have it in Sweden too haha. I even saved that box, even though I can’t eat them anymore I still want to *insert ugly sobbing here*

      • Oh really? :) How come you can’t eat them anymore?

        • I discovered I was a celiac and can’t eat anything like wheat, rye or barley anymore ^^’

        • Ohhh, that sucks. *pats head* it’s ok, Caprice still loves you. On the plus side, though, you should be able to find something similar soon enough, considering how the new fad diet is “gluten-free” dieting ;)

  51. was the sour cream and butter pringles even nice??? the flavour sounds disgusting! especially when sweet and oily is mixed together… uhhh….ehhh…urg…..;;;;;;;;

  52. Small Yeti

    Simon’s old work was apparently inadvertently brewing hooch.

  53. umm.. i understand sour cream and onion flavour but… um… butter….?? uhh ehhh urggg eww butter… oily…. uhhh ehhh god..

  54. Yes, Sour cream & butter flavour, really intriguing… Must try these sometime!
    As for the Look chocolate, they are both different types of strawberries (grown in different regions of Japan) as someone mentioned earlier. The first one is just Amaou strawberry flavour (from my hometown of Fukuoka!) but the second one (the one Martina said were creamier) are strawberry and cream flavour!

  55. there’s so many interesting pringles flavours! my favourite so far was mayo and wasabi! sounds gross but was amaaaaazing! right now is sakura season so there’s a million sakura flavoured products

  56. OMG Simon, you got a Sanji Charm in your gummy candy! It’s so cute and I am so jealous!

  57. ONE PIECE!! It does say Sour Cream and Butter on the pringles, just confirmaiton.

  58. I was intrigued by the two different flavors of the strawberry chocolate so I made some research, and supposedly they are just two different kinds of strawberries grown in Japan. I couldn’t really explain the difference, though, except that they seem to be grown in different prefectures and were created breeding different species of strawberry (I don’t really know much about agriculture :-$).
    And as we don’t have Moutain Dew in France, I can’t really imagine what those chips taste like, but the idea of soda flavoured (savory?) chips doesn’t sound quite appealing. My brain can’t process the information I think (or maybe just refuses to^^). And I was confused for a moment because in France, what we call “chips” are in fact “crisps” in English, so I wondered if in English “chips” always refer to the kind of snack you introduced in the video?

    • Yeah, my mum is English so I’ve learnt to call things with their British names, so “crisps” are what Simon and Martina refer to as “chips” and “chips” to me are what Simon and Martina would refer to as “french fries” :)

      • I didn’t know “French fries” were called “chips”! Well it sounds logical, if you think about the meaning of “Fish and chips”… I never actually stopped to think about that… Thanks for the info :D

        Oh, and I saw your previous comment and we don’t have Caprice in France, but I have a feeling I’ve already had something similar? I just can’t seem to remember the name… And pistachio is a common flavor here too, like in ice cream, custards or pastries… And we also have flower flavored ice-cream or syrup, like violet, rose or poppy (though these are not as common I think).

        • Haha no problem!! ^-^

          I’m sure there MUST be something similar. I mean, they’re just like chocolate wafer sticks, so it’s a simple enough idea for other countries to have come up with. If not, then I feel seriously sorry for you guys xD I wasn’t expecting the pistachio one, though – I thought that only Greeks have an obsession with them (myself included)! Flower flavoured? Whaaat? I mean, I’ve heard of rose water and lavender water, but anything beyond that… Well, I’m also guessing that it’s not common xD

        • Actually, violet flavored products are a specialty of the city I live in right now (though I suspect this is more of a tourist attraction than something locals actually eat on a regular basis)^^ And one of the bakeries of the village I grew up in have some poppy flavored macarons and I looooove those! We also have rose and lavender water, but we use them as cosmetics rather than drinking (I think? I’d be interested to know if other French people have had a similar exposure to flower products!)

    • “Chips” changes meaning depending on where you live. In North America, Pringles are “chips”, and the things you get at McDonalds are “french fries”. In England, Pringles are “crisps”, and the things you get at McDonalds are “chips”. There are a lot of other words that mean different things between England and North America, so it can be confusing :)

      • Oh I didn’t know there was a difference in both countries! The same goes for “cookies” and “biscuits” too, if I remember well? I lived in the UK a couple years ago but it seems I already forgot this kind of every day vocabulary^^

  59. Lol at the Martinas laughing at their own joke xP

  60. The Pringles are “Sour Cream & Butter” flavor.

  61. Those Mountain Dew chips look disgusting. Also, those Pringles look like a Mayo Potato flavour? Here’s the page I deduced it from: http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/top-30-strangest-pringles-flavors-from-around-the-world

  62. lady_kire

    I’ve seen one guy like mountain dew chips online, Brad Jones. I remember him saying that it wasn’t bad. Not as good as Pepsi chips, but still good. Source: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/bj/bjtries/42269-brad-tries-mountain-dew-cheetos

    BTW, the katagana on the pringles container reads: Sour cream and butter. I can only read hiragana and katagana and it says sour cream and butter. (Menu reading ftw!)

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