Ok, so this is a little bit silly, but we had a lot of fun doing it. While we’re here in the Tokyo YouTube Studio, we have some collaboration projects we’re working on with other YouTubers. One of them is with a bunch of hilarious guise known as SQUASHfilms. Basically, they created a “Choose Your Own Adventure” kinda thing, in which they start off with one video, and then you can choose where the Stalking Vampire will go next. Here’s the first video you might have seen us post in the blog before.


So, click on us at the end, and then you’ll see us in the Tokyo Space making a fake FAPFAP! Woohoo! Or, if you’re really fascinated by the story, we embedded SQUASHfilms’ full Stalking Vampire playlist here, so you can check it out in its entirety.

We plan on doing a real kind of Japanese Convenience Store Snack raid soon, hopefully. Till then, here’s a fake one!

Side note, we had so much fun filming this. We were laughing most of the time. We really liked the idea of Martina’s scream being deep and my scream being ridiculously loud. Ha! It was good that we filmed that scene last, because I lost my voice from screaming so awesomely. Yeah, I’m dedicated to my acting artcraft. They also found it funny that I was stuck in a cutie aegyo position. DEATH BY AEGYO! Well, more like Death by Vampire. Still fun, though.

Anyhow, we’re collaborating with a bunch of cool people while we’re here, and we’d like to show them off a bit. So you can check out their videos individually here and how they collaborated in this project. Hopefully you find a channel or two that you like!

Lastly, we had a bit of behind the scenes footage, so you can see how the creation process worked in the video here. Yeah!


  1. Uh. Wow. Seeing the name I was like “huh.. Vampire? Pattinson cameo’d? Okay glitter is fun.” But when that guy in the uber tighty whities showed up I honestly had a horror movie out of chair experience (being easily startled and all). But I loved the Super Martina Bear moment. You guys always seem to have so much fun! :)

  2. That poprock cotton candy thingamajig is called “Wata Pachi” and Wata is just gum in japanese and Pachi is like the sound that pop rocks make once you eat it!

  3. Hi Simon and Martina! ^ ^ Heywong is HAYWONG! :) Spotted a spelling mistake ! ^ ^ OOHHH… NASTY ~ :)

  4. WARNING: Watching this video before reading the blog will result in almost choking on beer and laughing until you’re actually cry. Enjoy at your own risk. (You so naaaaastay!)

  5. Well, I thought it was another cutesy video of them eating food … then the vampire zombie showed up. I don’t think I can go to sleep tonight, although the makeup was undeniably awesome.

  6. OMG Simon’s scream killed me! I practicly fell out my chair lol

  7. I…love…this….From Simon’s squeaky reaction to the juxtaposition of Martina’s aegyo bear attack and the vampires uber creepiness. You guys rock so hard.

  8. I watched the entire series!!! Episode 4 was FRIGHTENING but thanks for showing me the way to SQUASHfilms vampire series! That chocolate fish wafer candy looks delicious, even if it’s super messy!

  9. That was amazing! I didn’t read the title so I was so surprised! Ah, I love it.

  10. Aww! You guys are working with Runny? I love him! What an awesome combination of two of my favorite Youtube channels that could be :D

  11. Oh my gosh I thought I would have a heart attack from the vampire thingy

  12. Next time Simon and Martina give us a warning that this might be a scary video otherwise you will scare us to death!

  13. I was hoping you guys would do a video all about ramen, but you know what, vampires are fine too.

  14. That was….FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!! At first I was like “What the heck?!!” then I was laughing so hard. Great job you two!!!

  15. Omg this Stalking Vampire is so interesting !!! I laughed so hard when Simon “died” in the aegyo pose and when Martina tried to rescue Simon XD

  16. DAYUUUM. When I saw the vampire guy, I thought he was gonna do the Harlem Shake for a sec, LOL xD

  17. Now I know why Martina was scared when people tell her there is something behind her in the last livechat * 0 *

  18. And OMG. Do you guys know of any more Cantonese-speaking youtubers now?

  19. “It was good that we filmed that scene last, because I lost my voice from screaming so awesomely.” that line cracks me up!! XD You guys really are amazing ^__^

  20. I think you should kidnap the vampire and make him a regular on EYK – He really fits the team.

  21. I think the Stalking Vampire was all like “Hey, is that T.O.P. over there?” and Martina was distracted by T.O.P. (or the lack thereof)

  22. OH MY GOD!!! I ALMOST FREAKED OUT HERE!! THIS GUY IS SO FREAKING SCARY I AALMOST HAD AN HEART ATTACK >.< this is mean! is 1am in the morning and I was suppost to be watching cool and relaxing fapfaps not scary freakish vampire videos! you guys got me -.- .. PS: This is one of the only vampires that I was ever afraid of o—-o this guy is so scary i0i I'm gonna have nightmares i^i

  23. “take care of me ducky!” lol… omg you guys are seriously the cutest couple ever…

    and lol at Martina’s transformation! though she really should’ve transformed into sailor moon… come on Martina!!!

  24. i know mosogourmet, i watched their vids before and a LONG LONG time ago you guys got a fanmail paackage from a person who sent you japanese stuff. there was a purple package in the mail that martina could only read “wahta” and i knew what it was, it was wahtapachi candy. the candy was grape flavored cotton candy with pop rocks

  25. I read the title and yet I still jumped when I saw that random vampire. Thank you for officially scaring me for the night.

  26. Martina when you started describing the candy and couldn’t find the words for it I busted out laughing so hard XD thanks for the new vocabulary. I now going to go around calling things hoobdeehoohoos.

  27. Haha you guys got me too! and I had watched the other video before hand and read the title of the video! I figure you would mention a little more about what it was about and why you were doing. I did not expect the vampire to just walk up behind simon and start the scene then!! fightened the pants off me! great work!! :D

  28. I love the crumb that flies out of Simon’s mouth at his terrified mini-scream/squeak! XD

  29. The vampire actually creeps me out ;A;
    I can’t

  30. what path must we choose to save u guise?

  31. Oh my gosh.O_O I totally did not see the vampire coming > . . < *I couldn't take my eyes off your hands*

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  32. Okay, I’ve been meaning to ask this for awhile. You guys, frequently use the word ‘guise’ instead of ‘guys’, like: “One of them is with a bunch of hilarious guise known as SQUASHfilms,” is there a joke or something I’m missing. Because I’ve been seeing other people do it as well, and I just keep wondering why people are either misspelling ‘guys’ or misusing ‘guise’. Guise is like a disguise, basically something to change the appearance or conceal the nature of; whereas ‘guys’ is the plural of ‘guy’. Off topic, but’s been bugging me for awhile.

    • It’s internet slang; tis all you need to know

    • well if you say “guys” you automatically think of males right? but if you say “guise” you can include females as well… that’s my theory… not to mention “guise” sounds more cuter and a bit more familiarly close? than “guys” ^^

      • Except ‘guise’ already has a meaning, which makes it just read wrong. It sounds fine, since verbally, its not all that distinct from ‘guys’ and because of context, most people won’t know your trying to be cute or gender neutral. But written, it’s just the wrong word, urban dictionary, aside. At least with quotes, ‘guise’ or capitalized, ‘Guise’ or use of a ‘z’ instead, ‘guize’ implies, I’m using the word differently than it’s meant to be used.

        In fact, use of the term ‘guize’ rarely causes me to pause, in my reading. Use of ‘Guise’ provides less of a pause, because only tourist and academics refer to that meaning. But, every use of ‘guise’ instead of ‘guys’ just leaves me stuck on the sentence for way to long, and makes my fingers twitch for a colored ‘Pilot G2′ to start marking up the screen. Especially, in fan fiction. Here, it’s more just a pause, wondering if I missed a video, that would make the use contextually funny for the site.

        • Idk …maybe it’s because English isn’t my mother tongue… I’m not bothered by it at all.. if you really want for it to make sense think about it as in the short of “disguise”(since we’re anonymous on the internet)

        • I actually remember S&M talking about why they used ‘guise’ a long time ago. I think the reason was pretty simple ‘cos we’re so hipster’ or something lame like that ^^;; I can look for it for you if you like? :)

  33. I always read your descriptions after watching the video, so there’s me thinking oh nice you tube snacks yumm, oh Martina you are such a wifey looking after Simon and making sure he is cleaned up, then the scary vampire comes up from behind and it scared the hell out of me, but I love your bear fighting mode, its a shame you were distracted by what he said, you could have kicked is behind. By the way what was he pointing at?

  34. You know you’re waaaay too prepared for a zombie apocalypse when your first reaction to seeing someone bit by another person is, “So now I have two targets and only one bullet left…”

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