Ok, so this is a little bit silly, but we had a lot of fun doing it. While we’re here in the Tokyo YouTube Studio, we have some collaboration projects we’re working on with other YouTubers. One of them is with a bunch of hilarious guise known as SQUASHfilms. Basically, they created a “Choose Your Own Adventure” kinda thing, in which they start off with one video, and then you can choose where the Stalking Vampire will go next. Here’s the first video you might have seen us post in the blog before.


So, click on us at the end, and then you’ll see us in the Tokyo Space making a fake FAPFAP! Woohoo! Or, if you’re really fascinated by the story, we embedded SQUASHfilms’ full Stalking Vampire playlist here, so you can check it out in its entirety.

We plan on doing a real kind of Japanese Convenience Store Snack raid soon, hopefully. Till then, here’s a fake one!

Side note, we had so much fun filming this. We were laughing most of the time. We really liked the idea of Martina’s scream being deep and my scream being ridiculously loud. Ha! It was good that we filmed that scene last, because I lost my voice from screaming so awesomely. Yeah, I’m dedicated to my acting artcraft. They also found it funny that I was stuck in a cutie aegyo position. DEATH BY AEGYO! Well, more like Death by Vampire. Still fun, though.

Anyhow, we’re collaborating with a bunch of cool people while we’re here, and we’d like to show them off a bit. So you can check out their videos individually here and how they collaborated in this project. Hopefully you find a channel or two that you like!

Lastly, we had a bit of behind the scenes footage, so you can see how the creation process worked in the video here. Yeah!


  1. Uh. Wow. Seeing the name I was like “huh.. Vampire? Pattinson cameo’d? Okay glitter is fun.” But when that guy in the uber tighty whities showed up I honestly had a horror movie out of chair experience (being easily startled and all). But I loved the Super Martina Bear moment. You guys always seem to have so much fun! :)

  2. That poprock cotton candy thingamajig is called “Wata Pachi” and Wata is just gum in japanese and Pachi is like the sound that pop rocks make once you eat it!

  3. Hi Simon and Martina! ^ ^ Heywong is HAYWONG! :) Spotted a spelling mistake ! ^ ^ OOHHH… NASTY ~ :)

  4. WARNING: Watching this video before reading the blog will result in almost choking on beer and laughing until you’re actually cry. Enjoy at your own risk. (You so naaaaastay!)

  5. Well, I thought it was another cutesy video of them eating food … then the vampire zombie showed up. I don’t think I can go to sleep tonight, although the makeup was undeniably awesome.

  6. OMG Simon’s scream killed me! I practicly fell out my chair lol

  7. I…love…this….From Simon’s squeaky reaction to the juxtaposition of Martina’s aegyo bear attack and the vampires uber creepiness. You guys rock so hard.

  8. I watched the entire series!!! Episode 4 was FRIGHTENING but thanks for showing me the way to SQUASHfilms vampire series! That chocolate fish wafer candy looks delicious, even if it’s super messy!

  9. That was amazing! I didn’t read the title so I was so surprised! Ah, I love it.

  10. Aww! You guys are working with Runny? I love him! What an awesome combination of two of my favorite Youtube channels that could be :D

  11. Oh my gosh I thought I would have a heart attack from the vampire thingy

  12. Next time Simon and Martina give us a warning that this might be a scary video otherwise you will scare us to death!

  13. I was hoping you guys would do a video all about ramen, but you know what, vampires are fine too.

  14. That was….FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!! At first I was like “What the heck?!!” then I was laughing so hard. Great job you two!!!

  15. Omg this Stalking Vampire is so interesting !!! I laughed so hard when Simon “died” in the aegyo pose and when Martina tried to rescue Simon XD

  16. wtf just happened?

  17. DAYUUUM. When I saw the vampire guy, I thought he was gonna do the Harlem Shake for a sec, LOL xD

  18. Now I know why Martina was scared when people tell her there is something behind her in the last livechat * 0 *

  19. And OMG. Do you guys know of any more Cantonese-speaking youtubers now?

  20. “It was good that we filmed that scene last, because I lost my voice from screaming so awesomely.” that line cracks me up!! XD You guys really are amazing ^__^

  21. Christina Trierweiler

    I think you should kidnap the vampire and make him a regular on EYK – He really fits the team.

  22. I think the Stalking Vampire was all like “Hey, is that T.O.P. over there?” and Martina was distracted by T.O.P. (or the lack thereof)

  23. OH MY GOD!!! I ALMOST FREAKED OUT HERE!! THIS GUY IS SO FREAKING SCARY I AALMOST HAD AN HEART ATTACK >.< this is mean! is 1am in the morning and I was suppost to be watching cool and relaxing fapfaps not scary freakish vampire videos! you guys got me -.- .. PS: This is one of the only vampires that I was ever afraid of o—-o this guy is so scary i0i I'm gonna have nightmares i^i

  24. kawaii_candie

    “take care of me ducky!” lol… omg you guys are seriously the cutest couple ever…

    and lol at Martina’s transformation! though she really should’ve transformed into sailor moon… come on Martina!!!

  25. i know mosogourmet, i watched their vids before and a LONG LONG time ago you guys got a fanmail paackage from a person who sent you japanese stuff. there was a purple package in the mail that martina could only read “wahta” and i knew what it was, it was wahtapachi candy. the candy was grape flavored cotton candy with pop rocks

  26. best aegyo ever

  27. I read the title and yet I still jumped when I saw that random vampire. Thank you for officially scaring me for the night.

  28. Martina when you started describing the candy and couldn’t find the words for it I busted out laughing so hard XD thanks for the new vocabulary. I now going to go around calling things hoobdeehoohoos.

  29. KATHyphenTUN

    Haha you guys got me too! and I had watched the other video before hand and read the title of the video! I figure you would mention a little more about what it was about and why you were doing. I did not expect the vampire to just walk up behind simon and start the scene then!! fightened the pants off me! great work!! :D

  30. I love the crumb that flies out of Simon’s mouth at his terrified mini-scream/squeak! XD

  31. The vampire actually creeps me out ;A;
    I can’t

  32. Isabel Ruby

    what path must we choose to save u guise?

  33. kpopfan123

    Oh my gosh.O_O I totally did not see the vampire coming > . . < *I couldn't take my eyes off your hands*

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  34. Okay, I’ve been meaning to ask this for awhile. You guys, frequently use the word ‘guise’ instead of ‘guys’, like: “One of them is with a bunch of hilarious guise known as SQUASHfilms,” is there a joke or something I’m missing. Because I’ve been seeing other people do it as well, and I just keep wondering why people are either misspelling ‘guys’ or misusing ‘guise’. Guise is like a disguise, basically something to change the appearance or conceal the nature of; whereas ‘guys’ is the plural of ‘guy’. Off topic, but’s been bugging me for awhile.

    • kpopfan123

      well if you say “guys” you automatically think of males right? but if you say “guise” you can include females as well… that’s my theory… not to mention “guise” sounds more cuter and a bit more familiarly close? than “guys” ^^

      • Except ‘guise’ already has a meaning, which makes it just read wrong. It sounds fine, since verbally, its not all that distinct from ‘guys’ and because of context, most people won’t know your trying to be cute or gender neutral. But written, it’s just the wrong word, urban dictionary, aside. At least with quotes, ‘guise’ or capitalized, ‘Guise’ or use of a ‘z’ instead, ‘guize’ implies, I’m using the word differently than it’s meant to be used.

        In fact, use of the term ‘guize’ rarely causes me to pause, in my reading. Use of ‘Guise’ provides less of a pause, because only tourist and academics refer to that meaning. But, every use of ‘guise’ instead of ‘guys’ just leaves me stuck on the sentence for way to long, and makes my fingers twitch for a colored ‘Pilot G2′ to start marking up the screen. Especially, in fan fiction. Here, it’s more just a pause, wondering if I missed a video, that would make the use contextually funny for the site.

        • I actually remember S&M talking about why they used ‘guise’ a long time ago. I think the reason was pretty simple ‘cos we’re so hipster’ or something lame like that ^^;; I can look for it for you if you like? :)

        • kpopfan123

          Idk …maybe it’s because English isn’t my mother tongue… I’m not bothered by it at all.. if you really want for it to make sense think about it as in the short of “disguise”(since we’re anonymous on the internet)

    • It’s internet slang; tis all you need to know

  35. I always read your descriptions after watching the video, so there’s me thinking oh nice you tube snacks yumm, oh Martina you are such a wifey looking after Simon and making sure he is cleaned up, then the scary vampire comes up from behind and it scared the hell out of me, but I love your bear fighting mode, its a shame you were distracted by what he said, you could have kicked is behind. By the way what was he pointing at?

  36. You know you’re waaaay too prepared for a zombie apocalypse when your first reaction to seeing someone bit by another person is, “So now I have two targets and only one bullet left…”


  38. Watched the whole playlist, and I must say…. I will become a Vampire Hunter and RESCUE YOU BOTH WITH BEANS!!!!!

  39. LOL how is it possible for diaper wearing albino vampires to be so terrifying and simultaneously hilarious? Nice acting chops BTW

  40. Martina transforms into pedobear??? :D

  41. At first when I saw this white painted dude behind Simon, I wondered what a Greek statue was doing there… I guess I don’t watch enough Japanese movies.

  42. The cola candy is actually gum.. it’s a cotton candy that turns into gum!! just letting y’all know..

  43. I was freaked out by the way the vampires looked until i saw Mordney asking for U-Kiss and then I started laughing :-).

    Martina you should do a makeup tutorial with Sasaki Asahi (http://www.youtube.com/user/sasakiasahi) and put up on Open the Happy. You showed her picture when you were scanning the photos on the youtube wall. She is very creative and talented.

    I also subscribe to Runnyrunny999. I can’t wait to see what you guys create! I like when my youtube subscription channels do collabos. *cue the song We are the World*

  44. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m so glad I didn’t read the description. I totally love surprises and this one was great. I’m sick at home with a stupid stomach virus and I can’t stop following the Stalking Vampire now!

  45. On martina’s part i have to say lol!

  46. Mordney showing up made this. Just saying.

  47. PunkyPrincess92

    hehehe yes!!!! been waiting for this!!!!!!
    i loved Simon’s manly scream!!!
    hahahaha special appearance my Mordney!!!!

    ahahah it was nice seeing those storyboard drawings after looking at really awesome ones today in class and me crying and being sad that i will never be able to draw for storyboards so well!!!

  48. You should do a FAPFAP on Japanese ramen the next time you have it.

  49. I should have known I was going to be trolled -_-

  50. omg. that vampire is so scary…! Everything would’ve been funny but I was too scared of the vampire to laugh at funny parts.

  51. Even with the title giving it away, I wasn’t expecting that and was like wut. >_<

  52. Haha, it’s really funny! I enjoyed the story and then going through the videos I missed at the end. I’m gonna subscribe to some of these :)

  53. I find myself being frightened but laughing so hard i’m in tears from all of the videos.

  54. I don’t think I’m gonna risk it…

  55. hungry.hungry.catapillar

    Love your reaction to the first candy!

  56. Cyber_3

    This was really convincing as a real FAPFAP at the beginning and even though I knew it was coming (from the title – had watched a few of the vids previously), it was still very creepy. Mordney (LMFAO!) saved it from ending in a creepy way though so it didn’t leave me feeling so creepy at the end.

    Cyber_3 – If you actually run in to U-KISS in Japan, that would be hilarious, then there has to be a U-KISS playlist for all the times they’ve come up LOL! (kudos if this is your plan)

  57. Okay, I just watched all 29 videos in that playlist ^^;;

    - My dad and sister were both so scared with Ep.1 that they closed their eyes and begged me to turn it off. WIMPS D:
    - The plot was actually well thought out. It was very interesting, and I kept wanting to know what happens next.
    - Is The Strangers another YouTube show? That confused me a bit. Btw the girl with the gun is very….tall….
    - The ending was sad!! WHYYYY?! Aren’t Choose Your Own Adventures supposed to be multiple endings?
    - So. Much. Farting. :O
    - omigosh that mummy is so creepy. I thought the stalking vampires were bad, but the stuff in that secret room was just… *shudders* O_O
    - HayHay looks like an Asian Orlando Bloom hahaha xD It actually caught me by surprise when he started speaking Cantonese. Honkys ftw!!! (^o^)/ And his vacuum cleaning technique was great!!
    - I feel like eating sashimi now. I’m definitely checking out that Samurai Cook – COOKING LIKE A MAN!!! :D
    - Does that muscular body enhancer thing really work?
    - I feel like half the vloggers in Japan talk about food…
    - lol Bollywood? Is he based in Japan or India?
    - I saw Yoshi in the BTS video!! YOSHIIII :D :D <3 <3
    - The Youtube Space is so flawless, I almost thought you guys were using green screen.
    - Coca-cola tasting cotton candy sounds strange but interesing :O
    - The last 10 videos were a bit harder to get through….it was basically random vloggers talking/eating in their rooms, and then the vampire is superimposed into the video. Although I thought the girl who was talking about picking your nose and licking your fingers was pretty interesting :D

    Altogether a super cool project, guys!! I'll try to share it as much as I can – so long as they're not put off by the horror component ^^;;

    • Cyber_3

      If you’ve ever read those “choose your own adventure” books, you would know that 9/10 you die at the end of the story, and that one tricky tricky path where you survive is so counter-intuitive that you would never pick it deliberately. They are fun books but you get tired of “dying” all the time after a while.

      Cyber_3 – remembers reading them and thinking, “How will I die this time…..? Hmmm….”

  58. “Everything in Korea looks like Chocolate but it’s Bean Paste” – Very True (unfortunately) :)

  59. OMG I was eating cereal when the vampire appeared … I almost spit everything out!!! I laugh so bad at the way Simon got bitten XD

  60. I love Mosogourmet!! Jealous!!!

  61. I loved you “sour struck” face. Both of yours

  62. It would have been funny if HARAJUKUKAWAiiTV also collaborated with this project

  63. LMAO *coffee spewage*

  64. I don’t know which was best – Simon’s aegyo scream, Martina VS vampire in a bear suit, or Mordney’s dedicated search for U-KISS. I laughed so hard at all three. XD All in all, a great collaboration video. 8D

    But man, that vampire’s gaspy scream is frightening.

    • In keeping with the horror theme, it should have been vampire Simon who bites Martina (like right after the “nobody bites my husband but Me” line).

  65. martina…kai bai bo on camera…WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN xD

    edit: is it very weird that i find the vampire guy sexy?

  66. I laughed so hard at Simon’s scream and awgyo death position xD And Mordney was a nice surprise!

  67. hmmm..I think the first one you try is candy bubble gum…. you are not supposed to swallow that ….

  68. LMAOO!!!! That’s HILARIOUS!!!!

  69. At first i was like.. OMG It’s been long since thay did a FAPFAP! and I was really excited..but then suddenly the vampire came up and I was scared-,- You posted the first vampire video and I watched it yesterday and paused in the middle since I was too scared:’

  70. i was hoping that white powder guy would have a spoon like the movie “White Powder” :P
    but he was freaky though no homo..okay…maybe little…

  71. Hey Martina Hey Simon, i’m looking for a good korean cooking channel and I know you recommended one a while ago but I can’t remember the name…help please? thanks!! :)

  72. Simon is the King of Aegyo Screams~~~!!!!


  74. You got me. I didn’t read the description and so I was wondering where the food porn shots were when bang, creepy vampire guy appeared. I am completely a horror film person and so my thoughs were not ohh scary but ooh, the fact the vampire is smiling is so cute… I am very odd.

    So, then when Mordney showed up I laughed. So many non Nasties are going to be confused.
    Good job guise. Oh btw, is it going to have Japanese subtitles since the filmmakers are Japanese?

    • I’m not sure about the subs question! We can’t sub it ourselves, but if they provide us with subs we’ll gladly put them up :D

      • Oh I just realised I can probably help with this – yea I speak Japanese. When you said you can’t sub it yourselves, did you mean you don’t have the ability to (in which case I can help) or you don’t have the permission to (in which case there’s nothing I can do)?

        Natz and a few other Epik Nasties also know Japanese, we’ve even subbed a Japanese Big Bang show before ^^b

  75. I always read blog posts before watching videos, so I kinda spoiled the surprise, but OMG the Stalking Vampire and Mordney actually met, I feel like a seer now!
    “It was good that we filmed that scene last, because I lost my voice from screaming so awesomely.” In ripito fipito sipo slow motion?

  76. i did not read b4….. it totally shocked me…. == YAY!!!! LOVE IT!! ^o^v

  77. oh look a new EYK food porn video I should watch it before I go to bed. Should I read the description first? naa who does that? it spoils the surprise…ooo food numms…and a white butoh dude that’s cool…WTF?! NOOO SIMON!!! GO Martina, you defend your husband…in a TVXQ manner…and you died…also butoh dude should brush his teeth after eating. I donno what I just watched but I liked it :D

  78. ROFL Mordney???!! xD

    I was so not expecting that HAHAHAHA xD

  79. You guise should do a colab with HayHay! :D But this was soooo funny made my day ^^

  80. I think Simon is right. If I saw a half naked dude painted white at street, I would probably run away screaming just like him. :)

  81. Hey S&M! Are you going to have a Tokyo meet-up sometime this weekend?

  82. So… I didn’t read carefully enough before watching the video. My process was more of a “EYK video right before bed, yay! Japanese candy?! I love both candy AND Japan! Mmm, that candy looks delic- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!”. I have a feeling that dreams tonight are gonna be a little bit scary, but I have nobody to blame but myself.

  83. I am now watching all the stalking vampire videos. this guy is mega creepy!

  84. i skipped the 2nd video on the playlist. i dont want to regret watching it and having nightmares LOL

    • Hahaha. Well, you can see the behind the scenes footage at least, and then maybe check out the rest of the playlist later :D

      • That’s what my family did (wimps >.>) they refused to watch the videos until I showed them the BTS, and then they’re like “Now I KNOW that they’re all normal people, I can watch it without freaking out” – but my dad still jumped everytime the vampire bit someone xD

  85. Mentioning U-Kiss is perfect since they are in Japan ^^

  86. Dude I like, got really into your fapping (lulz) and forgot it was a vampire movie and then the vampire appeared and I was like noooooo and then there was Mordney and man I missed him so that was nice but STILL. TOO MANY EMOTIONS XDD

  87. woah….. this really reminded me of a horror film…… creey dude but still good…. very awesome keep the horror lol

  88. Omg, that’s the stuff of nightmares right there! I didn’t really think about the title before, totally caught me by surprise ahah.

  89. lol this scared the crap out of me. i almost shit my pants

  90. That was scary. Really liked it, but was expecting the vampire to randomly pop in front of the camera.


  92. I don’t know if I’m laughing because of how insane this guy is, after watching all the videos, or because I am actually kind of scared XDDDDDDDDD ahahahaha

  93. Okayyy, this just freaked me out. LOL

  94. The vampire may actually cause me to lose sleep

  95. So…what’s the name of the ‘Youtube’ candy that tastes like coke and pop-rocks? I might go pick that up when I’m next in civilization.

  96. I may never sleep again.

  97. Omg I just watched without reading anything and was so scared when I saw the vampire behind….ahhhh omg omg omg omg.

  98. This is why i love being a nasty

  99. …So I was a little scared…

    Also the fish thingy’s from DAISO and comes in a range of flavours, including Panda :D

  100. WHAT THE ACTUAL……. omg this creeped me out so much.

  101. First?!

  102. runny-san! he’s the best :)

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