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Japanese Snowstorm of Destruction and DOOM!

April 17, 2014


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So, because Martina is out playing with her friend Jackie since yesterday’s TL;DR, we don’t have a new WANK to show you. But, never fear! We have something that we do want to share. Namely, our Japanese footage, which – luckily for us – was approved to be released at the same time.

Why approved so late, you might ask? Well, it’s because the project we had going at the time fell through a bit, and is now cancelled altogether. Too bad! It was looking out to be quite cool. Fortunately for us, while we were there in Japan we filmed a lot of fun stuff on the side as well, which is what you’re going to see here. Really, when is there not fun stuff to film in Japan? I’ve never gone and been disappointed.

You’d think that we might have been disappointed, considering the fact that, this one weekend that we went to Japan we brought with us THE WORST SNOWSTORM IN DECADES. Seriously, it was insane. It was a big snowstorm, even by Canadian standards. Also, mind you, this was soon after we returned from Canada, in which we brought to Canada the freakish Ice Storm as well as -40 weather the day of our meetup. Just saying. Our luck with the weather and traveling ain’t too great. You need a snowstorm, guise? Let us know. We’ll come by and bring one to you.

We still had great memories of our time in Shibuya. We walked all the way to Meiji Temple, which, at first, seemed like a really far walk, but now that we’ve been to Tokyo a few times we’re actually starting to feel comfortable there, you know? We took a shortcut, followed our Apple Maps all the way there, and different roads started connecting in our minds and making sense. You know when that happens? When you’re new to a city, and you spend some time on one street, and then time on another street which is far away, but when you find how the two of them connect your mind bursts open with a WHOAAAA. Guise? You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, that happened this time in Shibuya.

Can I also say: I really like this video. It doesn’t have a coherent theme to it. We’re just playing around and having fun in Tokyo. It’s not like we’re going to one specific place and goofing around. We’re just enjoying different things in our trip, from the snow to the food to the toys to the face masks. We really enjoyed ourselves here. This video really feels like how it was back when we started vlogging, you know? I hope you liked it as well. It made us laugh a bit. Also, TOTALLY love the slow-mo camera on the iPhone. It’s not pro-level, but damn it looks nice sometimes!

We’ve got some blooper footage as well. Martina made a song, just for you. Get ready to make it your new ringtone. It’s so…good?

And, on that note, this will be the last of our footage from our Japan trip. We’ve literally gone through all of our Japan WTF items and the snacks we bought. Now that we’re done with this footage, we’re done with it all! Back to normal Korea stuff! Well, not that normal. Next week’s WANK is going to be one of the biggest of our lives. Extremely important. Don’t miss it. Seriously: it’s one of the biggest announcements we’ve ever made. Click on this button below so you don’t miss out!



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