So, because Martina is out playing with her friend Jackie since yesterday’s TL;DR, we don’t have a new WANK to show you. But, never fear! We have something that we do want to share. Namely, our Japanese footage, which – luckily for us – was approved to be released at the same time.

Why approved so late, you might ask? Well, it’s because the project we had going at the time fell through a bit, and is now cancelled altogether. Too bad! It was looking out to be quite cool. Fortunately for us, while we were there in Japan we filmed a lot of fun stuff on the side as well, which is what you’re going to see here. Really, when is there not fun stuff to film in Japan? I’ve never gone and been disappointed.

You’d think that we might have been disappointed, considering the fact that, this one weekend that we went to Japan we brought with us THE WORST SNOWSTORM IN DECADES. Seriously, it was insane. It was a big snowstorm, even by Canadian standards. Also, mind you, this was soon after we returned from Canada, in which we brought to Canada the freakish Ice Storm as well as -40 weather the day of our meetup. Just saying. Our luck with the weather and traveling ain’t too great. You need a snowstorm, guise? Let us know. We’ll come by and bring one to you.

We still had great memories of our time in Shibuya. We walked all the way to Meiji Temple, which, at first, seemed like a really far walk, but now that we’ve been to Tokyo a few times we’re actually starting to feel comfortable there, you know? We took a shortcut, followed our Apple Maps all the way there, and different roads started connecting in our minds and making sense. You know when that happens? When you’re new to a city, and you spend some time on one street, and then time on another street which is far away, but when you find how the two of them connect your mind bursts open with a WHOAAAA. Guise? You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, that happened this time in Shibuya.

Can I also say: I really like this video. It doesn’t have a coherent theme to it. We’re just playing around and having fun in Tokyo. It’s not like we’re going to one specific place and goofing around. We’re just enjoying different things in our trip, from the snow to the food to the toys to the face masks. We really enjoyed ourselves here. This video really feels like how it was back when we started vlogging, you know? I hope you liked it as well. It made us laugh a bit. Also, TOTALLY love the slow-mo camera on the iPhone. It’s not pro-level, but damn it looks nice sometimes!

We’ve got some blooper footage as well. Martina made a song, just for you. Get ready to make it your new ringtone. It’s so…good?


And, on that note, this will be the last of our footage from our Japan trip. We’ve literally gone through all of our Japan WTF items and the snacks we bought. Now that we’re done with this footage, we’re done with it all! Back to normal Korea stuff! Well, not that normal. Next week’s WANK is going to be one of the biggest of our lives. Extremely important. Don’t miss it. Seriously: it’s one of the biggest announcements we’ve ever made. Click on this button below so you don’t miss out!

  1. I really want to know the name of the soundtrack played in the background from 3:50 till 4:20. 8-)

  2. If you guys bring a snowstorm to Southern California in the freaking summer, you will forever be Team Frozen in my mind

  3. The music from 3:50 to 4:25 was absolutely beautiful and fit rather well. I never heard it used before in your videos, could you tell me what the name of the piece is? Or where you found it?

  4. Amity Rupe

    Hey Simon and Martina, why haven’t you guys posted this week’s Kpop Monday? I heard that something happened and that’s why you haven’t posted anything, but if that’s the case I want to know WHAT happened. (I hope you two will explain soon) :(

  5. I had Coco Ichiban when I was in Tokyo many moons ago and I thought it was okay. Have you tried Little Spoon in Tokyo? I’m not sure if they’re still around, but their curry has a kick to it. My absolute favorite Japanese curry is from Curry House (the same company that makes tofu). They’re like crack. If you guys ever in LA or anywhere in SoCali, I highly recommend Curry House.

  6. Victor Ha

    Lol I like how you guys are being more free with your antics like flipping the bird on and being a bit explicit. It’s like you guys are truely showing more of you real craziness behind like how Leigh and SooZee said that you are more crazy off-camera.

  7. I do not know where to ask this, but what do you think of a possible merger of Canada and the U.S.? It was the topic of discussion on this week’s political talk show http://youtu.be/mEivznmySHA no way I am learning the metric system!

  8. Surely it’s W.A.N.T. for this one. Just for you Martina for next time you’re in Tokyo, my W.A.N.T.:


  9. Kristal G.

    So wait, did they ever get the special Coco Curry spoon? Every time they started speaking about it the conversation went left.

  10. Cool Cool Cool <3 Japan! Also oh gosh now I'm excited for next weeks W.A.N.K , what could it beeeeee!?

  11. kawaii_candie

    yay! this video makes me super happy cuz you guise are in my home! but also, shame on you for bringing over the worst snow-storm Japan’s seen in 20 years! (fun fact, there was on other big-ass one on Valentine’s Day. the world is coming to an end)

    where was that face-mask shop btw? do you remember?

    also, the thing that you said you don’t know what it is in the ramen, in the bloopers, is bamboo shoots.

    come back to Japan!! (without freak weather plz)

  12. 한국은 지금 침울한데, 너무 즐거우신 당신들을 보니 정말 혐오스럽습니다. 제발 진심으로 한국을 떠나 주세요. 간절히 바랍니다.

    • 죽어, 돼지!!!

      • 당신이 말하는 죽음의 대상이 누구를 지칭하는지는 몰라도, “죽어, 돼지!!!”는 시기상,의미상 적절한 언어구사는 아니신것 같습니다.
        좀 더 정돈된 생각이 가능하실지는 모르겠지만, 만약 가능하시면 그때 적절한 댓글을 남기겠습니다.

  13. My demands were met! All is well! Yay! Hi Martina friend! Oooooh..is a friend your wank coming soon? Cuz that’d be super cool.

    Anywho! These videos were fun and I greatly enjoyed watching you guys play in snowy Japan. :-)

  14. S and M, can you update us about the ferry sinking in Korea?
    The news has info, but what does the Korean news say?
    What’s you guys’ reaction to the incident?

  15. Can’t wait for next week omg -builds time machine-

  16. Simon if you don’t want Eren figurine give it to me… by the way i read the comic book version and it suck… i dont even know who is the good guys and the bad guys. there are also some sub comic book tell the story about corporal levi and a story that set 70 years ago

  17. And now I’m super excited about next week o.O I wonder what’s gonna happen…~~~

  18. You guys should totally come to the Bay Area then. I still have yet to see snow in my life. OTL

    Hehe glad to see you had fun in Japan despite the weather. ^_^

  19. I really loved this WANK!! It’s really fun to just see you guys experience the city in a loose and silly way. I like it a gazillion times better than a cheesy tourist site video I might see somewhere else! Yay to you!! :D

  20. Ducky? Sunshine Sugar Booger? Moving on…Your best friend Jackie is living in New York, where I, too, am from, and this, in turn, gave me an idea. Perhaps some of us Tri-State area fans could organize a NYC meetup, and vlog it to you guys, grinning toothfully into the camera as we cram ourselves full of ramen down on St. Marks or something.


  22. YAY!!!! I see my package in the background. Hope you open it soon! It’s the one with the Meemers drawing on it and says “Hey Guys! Vote for me the Meems!”

  23. Martina! i thought of you when I saw these earrings, well more of spudgy :)

  24. THANK you for this. After a loooong day it hit the spot. Pure fun. But why was Martina wearing what appeared to be a Hello Kitty gas mask? As for the Coco Curry ramen, I was drooling on my stylish yet affordable hoodie.

  25. Did you get a spoon???? What is this spoon??? lol I want to try Coco Curry!

  26. I have to ask whats the difference in taste between Japanese curry and Indian Curry?

  27. Thank you for making me laugh when all I feel like doing is cry.

  28. I don’t like eggs… but for a while now I wonder if I would like those undercooked eggs. Someone knows how to make them? I searched for undercooked boiled eggs on google but I found nothing. Also, I really hope you were joking with -40 degrees weather! o.O

    • Try a poached egg. I’m pretty sure that’s what you were looking for and they’re super easy to make. You can look up directions online but here are some basic directions that I use:
      1. bring water to a boil
      2. add a teaspoon of rice vinegar
      3. crack an egg into a separate bowl and then gently lower the egg into the boiling water
      4. turn heat off and let sit for 4 minutes with a cover
      5. remove egg with slotted spoon and serve
      Hope this helps!
      P.S. I also hate eggs. I’m working on it.

    • Yeah. Look up the time to hardboil and softboil an egg for your area ( the elevation matters a LOT ), then go somewhere in between those. For me, where I live, I have to boil the eggs for a good 18-20 minutes to get them hard boiled. I actually felt sick watching this video, because of that first egg ( the barely cooked one that was basically raw all over ), and the not-quite-hardboiled eggs in the ramen. I can’t stand eggs unless they’re fully, completely cooked, not raw at all… unless it’s in cookie dough.

      Edit: My instructions are for the eggs in Simon’s ramen. The others aren’t even cooked… -barf-

  29. i feel like this video is gonna make me cry bc I miss Japan a lot. I went like 2 years ago and miss it everyday. I might be bc i was a tourist, but I think japan is such a magical and beautiful country i love it there.

  30. neeko

    omg when u were at mask store they were playing the ending song to Kyoukai no Kanata, “Daisy” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION!! xD

  31. Ooooh curry is so yummy <3 I like yellow curry! (is that even a thing? because when I buy the curry paste it says yellow curry and that's what I order at Thai restaurants[unless they have padthai oh ho ho]).

    Also I love the little gumball toy machines <3 we have one in our local Japanese variety store and it generally has Hello Kitty in it but I'm pretty sure gundam was in it last time I went XD

    I want to go to Japan! It is one of my future destinations of travel and Shibuya looks fun to visit. NOW I WANT RAMENS, AND NOT JUST TOP RAMENS MADE BY ME BUT JAPANESE RESTAURANT RAMENS HUNNNNNNNGRHY!

  32. Cosmic Cat

    I lost it at the duck beak masks. That is the best thing ever!! :’)

  33. OMG! GD! Did she just say GD?! She just said GD!!!! I love his songs! Such an awesome opportunity!!!!!!!!!!


    Edit: Wait, what? It didn’t happen? Poo :(

  34. Some of the shots in this video were really… lovely. ^^ Of course I enjoy you’re videos in-studio (the AWESOME EYK STUDIO!) and in-food-places, but seeing some of your footage from the temple reminds me of the skill you guys have for cinematography-ish stuff… (Does that make any sense? It’s a compliment- really! ^^) Any who- great video! I like the one’s with the vlog-vibe, getting to join the Team while you go on adventures. Keep up the splendid work!

  35. LinZi

    I was all G-Dragon!?!?! What? T.O.P.? WoOW— oh. wait. THEY ARE FULL OF TRICKS!!!

  36. I want an Armin Chibi keychain lol Japanese ramen looks so good!

  37. Does anyone else notice that Martina’s using more and more aegyo as time passes on? XD

  38. I live in Wisconsin and I can get authentic homemade ramen any time I want. In my town we have a real Japanese chef who moved back here with her American husband after their restaurant in Japan was destroyed by the tsunami. She does everything homemade and it is glorious! !! She makes her own ramen, udon, and soba noodles. Yum!

  39. Found a Coco Curry recipe video I’ll be trying soon. He cooks a lot like Martina even, haha.



    Btw, not a lot of people can pull of a closeup like the one at 8:50 but you are looking FAB, Martina. Is your skin naturally flawless or is it the magic of BB cream? I think you did a video about it a long, long time ago… *strokes beard pensively*

  41. Martina has something in common with Dara of 2NE1, she loves/is addicted to Coco Curry. She must have it every time she’s in Japan, haha. It’s too bad the plans didn’t work out. :( I have a feeling it was with some Japanese idols or youtubers..

  42. Is a song by Tycho being played with the slow motion video at Meiji Temple?

  43. Is a song by Tycho being played with the slow motion video at Meiji Temple? If not it sure sounds like it.

  44. The 5 seconds when you though the GD thing was true. sad face

  45. GUISE!!!! I’m going to Japan for my honeymoon soon and I wanna know where you got that delicious looking ramen!!
    Please share this super important information! I will not be able to live without it! :D

    Lots of <3 from Israel ^_^

  46. 8D I’m not the only weirdo who says Shibuya like that! *happy dance* But, I’ve seen worse snow then that…. I live in the very northwest of Washington, so when we visit a gas station on a way to a hike, and the gas station is literally covered in snow to the point where it looks like a pile of snow with doors, not a building…. you know the winter is good lol

  47. Nearest CoCo Curry is a 32-hour drive. ROAD TRIP!!

    Also, I’ve only seen the first two episodes of AoTitan so far, but I already dislike Eren. Of course, it could be because I had the ending spoiled for me by the blasted internet. Grar.

    Aaaanywhoo, I really liked this video! It made me want to go to Japan and just wander around and eat ALL the foods!

  48. Last time you two mentioned CoCo Curry, I checked their website and saw they have locations in the Los Angeles area, followed your suggestions and went.

    OMG GUYZ SOOOO GOOOOD! DROOOOOOOL! Now I’m the terror of all my friends and family as I drag everyone there to have curry. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I think he’s more crazy as last time he only got the pizza curry naan bread thing instead of a plate of curry. OMG the cheeese curry droool cry!

  49. You guys, I say that Nasties should band together and present Simon and Martina with a lifetime supply of CoCo Curry and Ramen. I don’t know how we would achieve this, but there must be a way. They would love us forever :<

  50. Ramen and coco ichibanya!!! Awesome!

  51. Stop torturing me! My food has been making me sad all week, I’ve got three sick cats and now all I want is food from the other side of the planet. Boo.
    However, it looks like y’all had a blast despite the weather. I love these videos, I love all your adventures!!

  52. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on Attack on Titan so far, who you like/don’t like…besides Eren lol (though I’m a firm believer that you should read the manga before watching the anime). That, and Once Upon A Time (MAH FAVS SHOW)!

  53. Mariam Watt

    Wait- I want to see the cococurry spoon! Where is it?

  54. Okay, I’m a hugely skeptical person, but even I fell for your joke. It really helped that you made it seem like that pension that you’ve talked about a few times before. Oh my gosh I was so excited but then I realized what was happening. Ugh you got me good. xD

  55. pierrotinlove

    I actually kind of like Eren ;P I guess I have to try coco curry when I go to japan! I have a question tho: is the vegetable coco curry vegetarian? also when you eat ramen do those places have vegetarian ramen? (like broth included)

  56. thisisjustforfunval

    Blarg! You guys had me going about the GD thing! No one fooled my on April fools day but you’re straight lace faces got me this time.

    Glad you guys still go to go and enjoy Japan despite the insane snow storm. Sucks that the project you were there to work on fail through. It’s going to be like that room in the studio, a mystery to us forever! ;)

    BTW, did ya’ll buy a duck bill for Spudgy?

  57. haruchi

    After watching the bloopers. Simon, the things on you ramen are bamboo shoots!

  58. Aaaarhg I hate when people announce they gonna make a big announcement!!! I literally can’t stand the anticipation naaaaawow! What’s it gonna be, what’s it gonna be!? @#$&!%

  59. Attack on Titaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! *__* I agree, Simon! Eren whined gets pampered by Mikasa a lot. He keeps saying he wants to kill titans but until the end, he was still weak ugh D: He should go to Taeman and learn how to be a man -_-” Martina likes potato girl? TuT Who’s Simon’s favourite? Levi heichou ftw :B

  60. PunkyPrincess92

    ATTACK ON TITAN!!!!! ahahah i like potato girl too!!! (i like her so much i have no idea what her name is….)
    haha yeah i kinda don’t like Eren!!

    hehe isn’t that Kumamon that Simon tried on as a facemask?

  61. Geez I’m just surrounded by people telling me how amazing Coco Curry is, but there is none here in Montreal (Q_Q”) *sob* it’s on my bucket list!

    Too bad the project was cancelled, now I’ll never know what it was (and after all that suspense!) Glad you were able to enjoy yourselves though, looks like you had a blast despite the horrible weather!

  62. those slow mo shots looks great! u should use more of it in your future videos. and i should remind myself not to watch your videos in fullscreen mode, esp wanks and fapfaps… those handheld cam shots are actually making me dizzy…

    • Yeah, this was all shot on the iPhone. Walking with it is a bit more difficult, since we don’t have a proper rig for it or anything.

      • yeah i understand the shakiness. if you could in future wanks and fapfaps, try not so turn the camera around too quickly, the shaking is fine but the sudden turning of the camera is what makes people dizzy most of the time.

        i have to say again those slow mo shots are superb. i love looking at them, especially when u shot the pedestrians crossing the road.

  63. Not sure if WANK or FAPFAP

  64. Akira Miyashi

    Coco Curry non-stop fangirling from Martina! Hahaha! They should totally sponsor you guise a life time supply of Coco Curry! XD

  65. Great WANK! I like this vlogging style even though I get a bit sick every time I watch one because the camera shakes too much x) Worth it! I’ll be in Japan in 2 weeks and I’m so gonna try Japanese Coco Curry. And eat lots of Ramen, too.

    And Simon is right, Eren sucks! Such a whiny baby, booh~
    Also, Martina, where is your black shirt from Day 1 from? And your watermelon-socks? I love your style <3

  66. Shelby C.

    Oh man I sat here forEVER trying to figure out what song was playing in that face mask store.
    Ending song to Kyoukai no Kanata/Beyond the Boundary. Damn, I’m good.

  67. You big trolls! ;) Just kidding! I still <3 you!!

  68. mihuru

    Ah, if only the GD thing would actually happen. It would almost be like I would meet him if you guys met him and got it on camera. Almost. :D

  69. hey Guys! my sister and my friends are coming to Korean next weekend ( All the way from Morocco for my sister and friends and alla the way from paris(me)) and we would loooooooooove to meet you!! is that possible ??!!

  70. If that GD thing isn’t the big thing ya’ll are talking about for next week…worse joke ever guise…. (just kidding we love you but comeoneTOPneedtosee) Anywho….ShiBOOYA!!!!!

  71. I was living high up in the Nagano mountains when the snowstorm hit. It was like 4 feet overnight and didn’t stop. Almost everyone in my town is over 50, but they are tough old farmers and worked from before dawn till after dusk for a week to clear the roads. We had a few tractors, but mainly had to clear the roads by hand. I felt like the biggest wuss knowing that my 70 year old neighbors were out in the snow at midnight while I just wanted to snuggle in my house all day and night and wait for the snow to melt. XD

  72. Wait – so the GD thing is a joke right? Or not? So confused @___@

    Also: Spudgy sighting at 1:10!! :D

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