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FAPFAP – Korean Jeon

November 22, 2013


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Ok, so we taught you how to make Pajeon in our last FAPFAP. It’s SO EASY TO MAKE. You have no excuse to not make it. But what about other kinds of Jeon? What about Kimchijeon, which is better than Pajeon? You neeeeeed to knooowww the truuuuth.

So we’re gonna show you the truth. Here’s us eating a bunch of different Jeon, which – on the menu – is Modum Jeon. Modem Jeon? I don’t know. All we know is this: we’ve been to a lot of different Jeon places. This is our favourite in Hongdae. There are more popular ones, like that giant one by the Hongik Station with the baskets of Jeon spilling outside (you know the one, right?), but that Jeon is greasy as hell, and once gave us food poisoning. This place, though, is our favourite spot. It’s close to our studio, and we go there often.

Funny story time! One time when we were going to this place, we ran into a guy who stopped us. I can’t remember his name because I’m a bad person STOP MAKING ME FEEL GUILTY OK?! Point is, he stopped us and said he watched our video, right when we were about to go inside. What’s interesting about it: he went to University of Toronto, where we went. Even more interesting, he went to Woodsworth College, which I – Simon – went to. Even more interesting: he was the Frosh leader, back when I went to orientation, AND HE FREAKING REMEMBERED ME! Not like “oh, I’ve seen your videos, I remember you,” but “you were at Frosh week, I remember you!” Can I tell you how mind blowing that was? I was such a different person back then: buff as hell, wearing only basketball jerseys, long hair, sullen and eml and depressed, barely contributing anything to any conversation, not anywhere close to as obnoxious as I am now. And I – somehow – stood out in this guy’s mind. Either he’s amazing with people and names, which I clearly am not, or he’s a wizard. I’m impressed. So, point of the story: we met him outside of the restaurant we often go to.

Ok, back to being informative and stuff. Jeon is delicious. Yep.

If you’d like to see some more, we’ve got some more! Check out the bloopers below:

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