Ok, so we taught you how to make Pajeon in our last FAPFAP. It’s SO EASY TO MAKE. You have no excuse to not make it. But what about other kinds of Jeon? What about Kimchijeon, which is better than Pajeon? You neeeeeed to knooowww the truuuuth.

So we’re gonna show you the truth. Here’s us eating a bunch of different Jeon, which – on the menu – is Modum Jeon. Modem Jeon? I don’t know. All we know is this: we’ve been to a lot of different Jeon places. This is our favourite in Hongdae. There are more popular ones, like that giant one by the Hongik Station with the baskets of Jeon spilling outside (you know the one, right?), but that Jeon is greasy as hell, and once gave us food poisoning. This place, though, is our favourite spot. It’s close to our studio, and we go there often.

Funny story time! One time when we were going to this place, we ran into a guy who stopped us. I can’t remember his name because I’m a bad person STOP MAKING ME FEEL GUILTY OK?! Point is, he stopped us and said he watched our video, right when we were about to go inside. What’s interesting about it: he went to University of Toronto, where we went. Even more interesting, he went to Woodsworth College, which I – Simon – went to. Even more interesting: he was the Frosh leader, back when I went to orientation, AND HE FREAKING REMEMBERED ME! Not like “oh, I’ve seen your videos, I remember you,” but “you were at Frosh week, I remember you!” Can I tell you how mind blowing that was? I was such a different person back then: buff as hell, wearing only basketball jerseys, long hair, sullen and eml and depressed, barely contributing anything to any conversation, not anywhere close to as obnoxious as I am now. And I – somehow – stood out in this guy’s mind. Either he’s amazing with people and names, which I clearly am not, or he’s a wizard. I’m impressed. So, point of the story: we met him outside of the restaurant we often go to.

Ok, back to being informative and stuff. Jeon is delicious. Yep.

If you’d like to see some more, we’ve got some more! Check out the bloopers below:


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  1. I would love to go and try this Jeon placee!! I am going to Korea in 2weeks and am looking for good places to eat by watching all your FAPFAP and WTF!! I am definitely trying the Mando place too!! :)

  2. Going to Korea and Japan in May and totally hitting up this place… and also Sushisho Masa in Tokyo! :) I hope I can find it!

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  4. My friend’s mom made this Jeon where there’s like, meat, squash, green onion, crab meat, and kimchi in it…it was so yummy! Best jeon i’ve ever had. (Idk what kind of Jeon it was though…)

  5. I want to see a FAPFAP about lactose free dessert options- you guys are always going out for ice cream and it looks so yummy… But I cannot have. Also, I thought most East Asians were lactose intolerant too?

  6. I don’t know if you take requests for videos, but I know of a place that I went to while studying abroad in Korea that I think you might enjoy. It’s called Empada and it’s a small cafe near Dankook University in the Jukjeon Yogin (I hope I spelled that right) area. It’s located behind the Caffe Bene. They sell really delicious homemade empanadas and they have various kinds. They also make Baby Dutch Pancakes that are to die for!!! I believe that everything they serve is homemade actually. It’s a small place, but really delicious and I think it’s something you might enjoy. The owner speak English very well too so it won’t be hard to communicate if you have any questions for him.

  7. So… im hungry… and I guess I like torturing myself. Anyhow… Is it weird that I want to go home and make … Bacon Jeon?

  8. Have you guys tried Vatos Urban Tacos? A lot of the military spouses talk about it but I’d love to hear your perspective. Thanks!

  9. AHHHHHH my mouth is watering….. Humph and I can’t eat right now >.<

  10. I’m addicted to kimchijeon right now. I ‘ve been making half of Martina’s pajeon recipe, using kimchi instead of onion, and eating it for lunch…nom nom nom

  11. Hi Martina and Simon!..I love your channel, especially FAPFAP program. i
    have request, I’m very happy if you can make an episode about Korean
    halal(kosher) food n Seoul?? love you guys..

  12. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell us the address of the restaurant?

  13. Hi can you talk about Korean ice cream? That you buy in super market and ect. :)))) thank you


  15. We have ONE and I do mean ONE good Korean restaurant here in Richmond, VA and though I haven’t been there yet, I am making plans for a future visit. Especially since Winter is coming and they sell Mandu there

  16. Ahhhhhh watching this made me so excited for my study abroad this summer in Korea I’m literally bouncing in my chair at 2am (insert ballad) thinking about eating jeon in Korea ahhhhh 진짜 가고 싶다ㅏㅏㅏ!!!!

  17. ChocoPandaa

    I remember going to Korea back in 2009 December and I ate some green pancake things at Nami Island and they were DELICIOUS AS FK xD I wanna go back there just to eat those again ;~;
    I just searched for it, they’re called hoddeok. And apparently lots of people say the one at Nami Island is the best for them xD

  18. ugh that jeon makes me drool P:

    also haha at that korean visual effect where simon’s head enlarges xD

  19. kawaii_candie

    yay! i missed these! looks yum!

  20. Am I the only one who would totally dig seeing an entire episode of FAPFAP/WANK/K-Pop Music Monday/TL;DR done entirely in Korean? I think it’d be cool to hear them speak Korean for a full 4+ minutes. We’ve heard and seen snippets and it’s just one of those things. Like knowing a friend can speak another language so you ask them to say all these random words/phrases for you V:

  21. Chocolate jeon sounds really gross ._.

  22. I what to eat Korean food but i am in England so Korean is not well know can anyone help :-(

  23. I had a seafood jeon at a jeon restaurant once… the kind where they fry it fresh for you at the table…
    And it made me sick, I had to leave early… (then I ordered fried chicken when I got back to the dorms. Yaay fried chicken!)
    I have not had jeon again. Bad memory. :(

    • That sounds like it was a Japanese style restaurant to be honest… I’ve never seen Korean jeon “made at your table” it’s way too ugly and messy for that! Hahahah! Maybe you had Okonomiyaki?

      • I have no idea, to be honest. I was just like, “Oh, the group is going out to eat? Oh. Okay. Can I come? Cool. Let’s go!” (group because I was a student in a study abroad group at the time~ lol)
        And then later it was all like blalraksjdlkbjaargggg unhappy stomachhhhh~. Probably because I was at the end of the table with the seafood one…

        i have a picture actually! /remembered!

  24. What was the name and exact location of the place? I wanna go there next time I visit Hongdae!

  25. Dear Simon and Martina,

    You should have Leigh do a weekly (or fortnightly or monthly) segment about student life in Korea from a foreigners perspective. The TLDR you did with Leigh was awesome! And it would be amazing if she had her own video series about it.

    Thank you so much for everything you do!
    Lotsa love, Erin (A.K.A. a dedicated Nasty ^_^)

    • I agree that would be awesome

    • Sounds like a really great idea! She’s in Busan till next year, so it’s hard getting her into the studio, but hopefully she’ll be down for this when she comes back.

      • Oh wow!! You guys actually saw my comment and replied! My fan girl dreams have come true haha. Thank you so much! You guys are like my role models! Agh, okay, fangurilla time is over haha ^_^ Yeah, well if she could that would be great, I would love to come and live and study and work in S. Korea someday soon. Say Hi to Leigh and Soozee for me ^_^

        Thanks again!! Love Erin Dayley ^_^

  26. How do you get there? It seems you have stopped posting directions to places… Some of your followers DO live in Seoul! :)

  27. We actually hv those in Hong Kong as well~ ^^

  28. omg its so funny my sister is watching this on her phone and i am watching it on my computer at the exact same time…my family is hooked on eatyourkimchi! :)

  29. Maashugna

    I love Pepto Bismal, when I was younger I used to chug down bottles until my parents took it. I still love it, guess I’m the only one.

  30. i have watched all your fapfap’s ,cause i love you guys, but i have noticed one really big problem for me… i’m allergic to onions. like i have to go to the hospital allergic. is there anything good with out onions and do most restaurants allow you to take them out? it might sound like a stupid question but in other countries i have been to look at me like im crazy when i say NO onions(whatever the word is there).

  31. When i went to Korea Haemul Pajeon was one of my favorite things! It tastes like beautiful fried love :3

  32. My Jeon brings all the boys to the yard.

  33. hello EYK family i would like to know if from korea you can send makoli to Puerto rico and how much will cost . im just curious ti know…

  34. I make Hobakjeon and dooboojorim whenever I make bulgogi. They are delicious.

  35. $8 for a bottle of alcohol?! man in singapore, $8 can only buy u a shot.

  36. i love Kimchi Jeon as well Simon! haha it’s the best one because it’s sour and spicy…yum! Daegu Jeon and Dubu Jeon are also my top faves too haha I love Jeon but I gotta have it with an ice-cold Cass or Hite because i need something to cut through all that grease! ^__^;;

  37. violetxhill

    That food looks delicious! Oh my gosh me wantttt.
    And Martina, your hair is so long now! Guuuuuuurrlllll it looks fab&flawless!

  38. pierrotinlove

    Are there vegetarian jeons? (I’m sure there are, but are they easily found in regular jeon restaurants?)

  39. are you my mummy? and if you watch dr. who you know where that’s from :)

  40. I forgot I turned the sound down on my laptop, so when the video started playing, I had a panic attack, wondering what happened to the sound. I figured it out, though, and all is good XD

  41. Can you pweeeeeaseeee do a Jjajangmeon (짜장면) or Kimchi Jigae (김치찌개) review :D. Ive been always curious to how it taste.

  42. I must eat Korean Jeon… It looks so delicious, the first time I heard about it was when Eli and AJ from U-Kiss made it on Seri`s Star Kitchen, (of course it must be way better if it`s made by Eli but, anyways…. *fangirling*)… then Martina made it and now FAPFAP, oh God why wasn`t I born in Korea??? what am I doing with my life??

  43. LOL at the end of the bloopers I couldn’t help but picture Martina as a YIP YIP Who needed hot chocolate… <3 I laughed so freaking hard.

  44. Omg. That head enlargement is the best thing ever. I was wishing you guys to do it sometime and was surprised in a good way :D Variety effects are boss. You guys are super cute together! And I got really hungry for new flavors to taste.

  45. OH MY GOSH!!!! I have had those onions before. They are so freaking GOOD! There is this Korean Restaurant here in San Antonio ( I will go no place else.) I was really afraid to eat them because, im kinda iffy about big chuncks of of onion. To my surprise they tasted almost pineapple-ey.. Needless to say I didnt share the rest of the night, (on a side not its nice having a friend who refuses to eat veggies) I just wish the food wasn’t so expensive, but the place is 100% authentic.

  46. I love Pajeon! It’s super addictive. My Halmonie would make it all the time as a side dish.

  47. I suck at names to xD Funny thing is that I’m great at faces, it doesn’t matter if I’ve never talk to the person before. So sometimes I meet someone again and I can’t remember if I forgot the name or we just haven’t been introduced to each other

    And we have something similar to Jeon, we call it “Capeado” but it is kinda greasy if I buy it. If we make it is less greasy ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  48. My friend and I found some makgeolli in an asian supermarket near her house and I really want to try it, but now I’m kind of scared because of the whole Pepto Bismol thing. :s

    • Haha! Don’t take it too seriously. It doesn’t taste like pepto bismol. Simon just has bad juju about makgeolli. Go try it for yourself and decide.

    • Yeah, I like Makgeolli and Pepto Bismol is nowhere near how I would describe it. More like a milky Sake- which it kind-of is. It is simply put a kind of rice beer. I actually prefer Makgeolli over soju. But if you want more Korean booze, try keeping your eyes out of a Raspberry Wine. I love it. The one I tried had a mix of fruit and grains, so it wasn’t too sweet.

  49. I eat and make at home Kimchi jeon. Sometimes I will add pieces of chicken in it. Like my MIL does.

  50. Misa Shim

    Simon I think your college friends is really… a spy =O!!! And he’s follow your aroud the world!! TAN TAN TAAAAAN!! Cool vid like always and that ahjumma was too lool jajaja

  51. ill be kinda cool if you guys gave out an address or the name of the place. im going to seoul during the summer for study abroad and some of the places for fapfap look super bad ass but i have no way of finding out where they are

  52. OMG! its been so long since we’ve been tortured by all the deliciously nasty food your eat :D btw when will the new hats your working on be available in the eyk store? they look amazing!

  53. Omg. I love Jeon so much, it made me pretty happy that you guys posted the recipe video to show the special EYK edition (Even though most recipes are nearly the same lol) <3 BUT NOW IM REALLY JEALOUS. The only time I can eat or get jeon is if I make it for dinner or I bus for 20 minutes TT^TT And the restaurants only have like Pajeon or Kimchijeon. Sigh.

  54. thisisjustforfunval

    Oh Simon, I’m right there with you. I’m terrible, horrible at names. Names of people, song titles, actors, you name it. I feel really bad when someone I went to high school with sees me and remembers my name but I have no clue what their name is. It’s really wonderful that he remembered you even with your shift into the person you are today.

    What baffles me personally is that I can’t remember someones name when I meet them but I managed to remember all the members of Exo pretty much just for the fun of it. 8 of them in one day, I already knew four. I should apply my skills better XD

  55. thisisjustforfunval

    It all looks so yummy! The way you described the gochu jeon reminds me of a chili relleno. You take a long green chili, hollow it out, stuff it with a cheese (usually a white cheese), then batter it and fry to deliciousness. I’ve even seen some stuffed with meat but normally it’s cheese.

    • I thought the same thing… My grandma makes it all the time (chili relleno) , I hate it… but I think it has to do wit the pepper she uses.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        I’ve learned recently that people use different types of peppers to make them. I’m so use to the long green chiles that I’m not sure I would like other variations. Also I’ve found I don’t enjoy chili rellenos when the chili is still kind raw/hard or the fried part is too greasy.

  56. Vic College Represent!:)) lol. sorry when I saw the blog post I was like no!!!! Woodsworth is too far away from the Arts and Science building aka SS but so is Vic should have stuck with New College. (sorry for the random musings) :)) I have a question though the main V-Blog says the video doesn’t exist is that suppose to happen? Oh well I’ll check it out later. I have a class in 10 mins and walking from SS to Con Hall in this weather is a pain. I hope the V-Blog gets fixed asap,

  57. Great FAPFAP as usual! These are probably my favorite segments (although let’s be real, how do you choose?) This one was especially cute and high energy.

  58. Nom nom, Jeon! Why do I have to be on a diet now…NOOOOOO!!!

  59. HAE MUL PAJEON!!! It’s simply the best, EVARRRRR

  60. Could you possibly put up a translated menu? o3o

  61. So, I went to H-mart yesterday and they had modeum jeon variety pack and hodukk. I was so freaken happy. OH MY GOD HODUKK IS AMAziNG I NEED TO GO TO KOREA AND GET FAT ON IT ALL WINTER LONG!

  62. Loved this fapfap! :) I think if I end up going to Korea I’d just stop being Vegetarian (no morals whatsoever) because all that food looks super delicious :D

  63. lol All of these Fapfaps makes me want to either find a Korean Restaurant, or attempt to make it myself… look’s like I’m in the need of an Adventure… Hope I don’t get lost. (I live in Japan >_<).

    BTW, I found a Coco's Restaurant like 10 minutes from my place… So good! XD

  64. Oh, all the different jeon types… They definitely go on my non-existent Must-Try list. And makgeolli looks so innocent in those bowls. Like milk. And if it’s sweet then I’m afraid that if I ever get to try it, I may end up having bad experience with it too.

  65. Since you’ve visited many countries, can you go to Singaporean/Japanese/French/Polish restaurants in Korea? show us how they are done in korea.

  66. ugh I can’t find my way around Hongdae worth spit. I even have to relearn how to GET there every time. (the subway stops that are for ‘Hongdae’ let you out in an area that in no way resembles Hongdae and has no signs for Hongdae. I always have to find a vaguely hipsterish or punkish group of people and follow them.) And I hear they stopped the partying in the park??? boo hiss!

  67. I may or not be studying in Seoul next semester!! and I’m not sure if you guys would know, but do you know if the flour the pajeon is coated with is wheat flour or cornstarch?? I would love to try them but I’m allergic to wheat. T________T just curious if you might now. thanks for the fun fapfap! ^-^

  68. Why must you always make me hungry?!? T_T

  69. Daammmnnnn yoooou for making me miss China and Korea! I ate soo much kimchi jeon when I was living in Beijing and it’s so delicious…!!!!!

  70. Hey… I always wanted you guys to do a mixed rice edition, because there are so many different types of bibbibap (?) in Korea. I personally love the abalone one I get in Jeju Island. What are your favorites? I heard each area of Korea has their specialty of mixed rice…

    • dude there’s a local place that does this dolsot bibimbap that basically just rice, seasonings, pork, and a whoooole lotta cheese. It is UH MAY ZING

      • I was once in MeongDong and there is this dolsot bibimbap old specialty restaurant… It was amazing… I heard that Busan’s also has very good bibimbap… Maybe when I visit Korea, I’ll try that. I never had cheese in bibimbap before…

  71. My favorite pajeon of all time is definitely the ones at Jaejoong’s restaurant. (They serve the 3 basics: green onion, seafood, and kimchi.) And there’s also a sweet potato makgeolli on the menu (Though in limited quantities apparently. The last couple times I went, it wasn’t available. ㅠ.ㅠ) that is sooooo much better than the regular. Seriously. So much. You should try it. ^_~

    • O__O jaejoong has a restaurant?! wha? what’s this madness?! where is this?

      • Yep~~ It’s in the Gangnam area, called Bum’s Story. It’s kind of a Korean/Japanese fusion restaurant and, as it is Jaejoong, mostly stuff that goes well while drinking. A bit on the expensive side so I don’t go very often (I think I’ve been maybe 4-5 times in the 2 years I’ve been in Korea…) but it’s definitely a cool experience. ^_^ (He also has a coffee shop called Coffee Cojjee which is pretty nice. Really good coffee. XD)

  72. Oh no! I’m one of those people – the one’s with freakish facial/name recognition skills! It’s a curse I tell you! You have to be so careful not to freak people out! I usually wait for the other person to say something… Btw loved the addition of the blue penguin to the video, and the overly friendly ajumma! ^_^

  73. Aaron Ho

    Every time I watch FAPFAP there’s always one question pops up:
    How the hell did you guys managed to lose weight in this place?!?!?

  74. What kind of oil do Korean usually used to fry with? Especially at restaurant or street stall. Do they used lard or any animal fats most of the time?

  75. OMG, HE’S A WIZARD, SIMON! btw, what is ‘eml’ I’m so eml, yo. >_>

  76. Can we all stop and just talk about how the ahjumma boss-lady just cooly video-bombed into the recording midway? Lol maybe EYK was a frequent customer over there

    • Cyber_3

      LOL! That was hilarious!

    • Yes! Please tell us more about the boss Ajumma, S&M!

      • Ok, here’s the deal with her: this is the first time she actually paid attention to us! We’ve been there so often, and every time it’s like she’s never seen us before. This time, though, she was a lot friendlier than usual, which really surprised us. I wonder if she’ll act the same next time we go, or if that behaviour only comes out on camera :D

        • ERMAHGERD IT’S SIMON AND MARTINA!?!?!?!? Ahem… I mean hey how’s it going :)

        • jeenisthebestt . ♥

          *walks in with sun glasses*

        • Random Korean

          I can answer that question. There are many food bloggers in Korea, it’s kinda like Yelp. Bloggers rate restaurants after they visit, and they always carry huge cameras. So, if you go to restaurants with one of those camera, they tend to be more kind.

  77. Akira Miyashi

    Thanks a lot guise, it’s midnight here and I’m hungry. :(

  78. Laura Pinto

    Martina, why do you always lose on Rock Scissors Paper? It’s so funny.

  79. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahaha i like how that staff member just shows up!!!
    *drool* looks so delicious~~~~!!!

  80. Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
    Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

    It all seemed really yummy. I tend to do fried things like these a lot at home. Yet, it is hard to find some ingredients here, mostly because people are afraid of trying new stuff!!! Come to Brazil Simon and Martina, I’d be more than happy to show Brazilian food. Each of the 26 states in Brazil, because Brazil is so big, we have an incredible variety of food and it’s so, so different from state to state … I’ll be sending you some post cards from Brazil, to do some serious arm twisting with you guys!!!

    • oh yeah, totally agree… Brazilian food is FREAKING DELICIOUS! I miss it so much :`(…. anyways, Simon and Martina would absolutely love to make FAPFAPs in Brazil…
      #NastyBrazilianPirate :)

  81. Laura Pinto

    Must… not… drool… on the computer…

  82. Damn, I’m about to go to class, and this makes me so hungryyyyyyy.

  83. omg, Simon is a feeder D:

  84. How much did it cost at the end?

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