So, this is the announcement that we were hinting at before for Music Monday. We might not be able to do a Music Monday this week because WE ARE IN JAPAN!!! AHH! We’re not here for vacation. We’re here for a project, and – in fact – we’re not allowed to talk about it until tomorrow, but we’re publishing this video today so you can at least know what’s up, and why we didn’t put up a WANK for today. Sorry guise! Since this isn’t Wonderful Adventure Now Korea, we’re trying to think of a new name. We’ve been invited here, so we’re thinking Japan Invites Simon/Martina. Not sure how that works, though. It doesn’t really flow right…

Anyhow, PEOPLE OF JAPAN! How many of you are out there? I know our Japanese demographic is rather small, compared to other Asian countries, but if you’re there, we’d love to meet up! We’re not sure if we can, though! We’re asking the project coordinators for a day in which we can schedule a meet-up of sorts. Hopefully we’re not working every day! We’ll see. What we are pretty darned sure about, though, is that we will be in Harajuku this Sunday. We’re still working out the details, but we should be filming something there. If you’re in the area, hopefully we can see you there and say hi! Woohoo!

Side note: Nu’est fans!!!!! Is this curse ever going to lift? Last time we were supposed to review you…AND WE WENT TO JAPAN!!! What are the odds, right? I swear, we didn’t plan it this way. This event in Japan was set in motion for a LONG time now, before we had any clue about Nu’est’s comeback. When we heard that Nu’est was making a comeback we were like “yeah, it figures.” Ah! So sorry! Depending on how busy we are on Sunday, we’ll see if we can film a Music Monday if you or B.A.P. or SHINee or whoever wins. We still don’t know the details for Sunday, though. We should be there from 10AM or so, but it could be one hour or it could be ten hours. We’ll keep you posted!

Otherwise, since we’re not going to be putting up any of our regular segments, we plan on posting random vloggy stuff in Japan like we did in this video. It shouldn’t be too long, nor will it be of decent quality. We’ll just point at stuff and talk about it on our iPhones. Sorry if it looks crappier than usual! But this kinda brings us back to our roots of when we first came to Korea and did the same kinda thing. Only, hopefully this time we won’t be as rambling…

Anyhow, we gotta get back to planning for something for tomorrow, which is when we’ll be able to announce the reason why we’re here. We have an important meeting to plan for and we’re nervous. We’re not good at speaking in front of others for important things. We just know how to goof off on camera. Ah! THE PRESSURE!

Ok, that’s it for now. We hope you like these vids we’ll be doing for the next 11 days or so! If you have any places to suggest for us to go in Japan, please let us know! We’re also working on the interviews in the background while we’re here, and you might see them pop up randomly one day in your subscription box while we’re here!

And one last thing: if you like the opening splash screen, you might notice the pictures of us from our About Us page, which were drawn by Deborah over at Tumblr. Check out her page and give her lots of love for her awesome work!

  1. Hi there, thanks for the info. They already noticed it and in the subsequent videos in this series ( there are quite a few) they changed it ( as it was a complete slip up on their part) and apologized for it or any offense caused. They could not change it on this video however as that would mean deleting it altogether and uploading an edited version. Again thanks for trying to inform them of this mistake in such a nice manner.


  2. 15 hours later, I get the joke in the title.

  3. I really hope you’ll review One Shot. It’s a spectacular video and I think that you would enjoy making a kmm for it.

  4. Maybe if it’s outside Korea, a WANK could be called a WANG = Wonderful Adventure Now Global!

  5. oh wow cool!! Japan my other favourite country along with SK!!!!
    sounds interesting!!! i can’t wait for you guys to officially announce this!!!

    HOLY AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the chairs rotated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    some people feel sick on trains when it’s the opposite way round, like my friend and so this is a cool idea!!! luckily i’m fine sitting any way round!! what if you could keep on slowly rotating around on the chairs while the train was moving??? oohhh~ i’m pretty sure i’d get sick then!!
    Simon i’m with you!!! i love getting lost and confused!!! it’s actually kinda fun!!! as long as i’m with a friend of course!! if i was alone and lost i’d be totally scared and sad!!
    hehe i loved that Ukiss menu thing popping out part!!! so cute!!!

  6. omg! i’m in japan!! i wanna meet you!!! please have a meetup!! ^___^

    last time you guys came i was on a trip home to Canada!!

  7. /crying buckets because I want to be in Japan rn like why do I live in new jersey

  8. I think it’s YouTube. I noticed that all the playlist videos were really dark today, no matter what playlist it was, especially if I saw it in full screen. Like, you can still see a shadow of the image as if through a black filter. Is that what you mean?

  9. Well…hello there Yoshi. How you doin’?

  10. Okay I am so tired and brain dead it took me 6 minutes into the second video to realize that it was last years video. I was asking myself questions like? Is Simon puffy from the ramen from last night? Why are they eating that jelly stuff again didn’t they already do this. …..yeah I am slow nowadays….but hey what a fun flash back!

  11. what happen to spudgy n meemers?? where r they now?

  12. 안녕하세요 EYK- 부모님! ^^

    “WE ARE IN JAPAN!!! AHH! We’re not here for vacation. We’re here for a project, and – in fact – we’re not allowed to talk about it until tomorrow, but we’re publishing this video today so you can at least know what’s up, and why we didn’t put up a WANK for today. Sorry guise!” WOOT!! ^O^ *ah the feeling of going so bad to Japan is coming back。。。なつかしい…8>* Thank you for keeping us posted and don’t worry about guise. this video could also do.^^

    ” It shouldn’t be too long, nor will it be of decent quality.” I think it looks more “adventury” that way :))

    “We have an important meeting to plan for and we’re nervous. We’re not good at speaking in front of others for important things. We just know how to goof off on camera. Ah! THE PRESSURE!” > . < Don't worry! You'll do great!

    Can't wait to hear more news from you! :D


  13. I totally cracked up at the URL of this page. Oh you guise, how you slay me. <3

  14. Wow! I can’t believe you guys are in Tokyo! Please let us Tokyo fans know when we might have an opportunity to see/meet you guyz! :D!

  15. You guys are officially Internet-idols, flying off to Japan for your schedules. Doing interviews and fan meet ups. =P

  16. Japan! I’ve been subscribed and watching your videos for a few months now, and I’m finally commenting on something! I actually got casually into kpop while I was in Japan. (Host mother LOVES TVXQ & Changmin and a girl I went with is an ELF). One thing I really fell in love with in Japan that I think everyone should try is grilled eel in Miyajima/Itsukushima. (Please not boiled eel!) I don’t remember the restaurant, but it was amazingly delicious. In the Tokyo area, I really thought Asakusa was beautiful. Also, if you get a picture of yourselves in front of the Harajuku condomania, my week will be made. Though it’s probably not an appropriate location for your website, I guess…

  17. Ooooh must stalk you in Harajuku then! Do let us know if you’re having a meetup, I’d so so LOVE to go!

  18. Maybe something like ‘Japan Expedition Radiant Kittens Of Fierce Fuzziness!’ or ‘Japan Adventure Crazy Kawaii Overflowing Fantastic Fun!’ Or some other tweak that works for you guys?


    (Okay, I freaked out. Forgive my ignorance. That’s the first time I saw train chairs rotating. I feel so stupid right now. But yeah. ROTATING CHAAAAAAAAAAIRS!)

  20. Laughed so hard at the U-Kiss part!

    JAMS? Japan Also Matina (and) Simon? Japan And Martina Simon. Japan After Martina and Simon? xD Japan Adventures with Martina and Simon?

  21. I hope u have time for KMM cause I really love both Nu’est and BAP’s new videos and I think they’d do a really nice KMM =) But have fun in Japan!

  22. AGAIN!!! You sing Ticket again!!! I’ve had it stuck in my head all day today because you guys sang it the other day and now you start singing it again… >_<

  23. Why does this have downvotes? It’s pretty true – back in the day anwyay. I haven’t sensed much hostility in those Asian countries these days, with the exception of South Korea maybe >.> (not sure cos I haven’t been there, but from how people react to EYK’s comments….)

    If S&M want to stay politically correct, perhaps changing the image in the next video to Mt. Fuji with cherry blossoms might be a good idea? Just to stay on the safe side. :)

    But otherwise, I don’t think it’s a problem – most people won’t notice.

  24. We told him about the response he’s getting. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. Send your applications here :D

  25. Best day ever if EYK were to review my fav j-pop idols :P lol but u-kiss is still awesome!! i’m down with the BFF!! XD

  26. HAHA yay u-kiss! well i’m telling my friend in japan you are there! she’ll be excited if she gets the chance to see you two!!!
    So jealous of you both!!! I wanna visit toooo!<3

  27. They are there for UKISS. I’m sure of it…. And if they aren’t, WHY NOT? Why pass up a chance to hang out with Kevin?… And the rest of them….

    • yep! U-KISS are there promoting at the moment, all 7 of them!
      i think that Martina and Simon are in Japan for another reason (if not, why would it take more than 10 days?), but still… it would be really great if they could meet them.
      don’t deny your r squared pi! ^^

  28. WAAAH! YES! I’ll try to come to Harajuku this Sunday! I think I know a few others who will like to come too. :D

  29. OMG! Randiseru sighting at 5:25!
    I don’t know why I find those bags so damn adorable… -_-

  30. Dude, I went last summer! I stayed out in the Ome area with a friend, though. But I did definitely visit Asakusa! When did you go?

  31. Goodness Simon and Martina, you guys are terrible at keeping secrets. As soon as you mentioned Juju I knew what you were up to :p



  32. i feel like i should send Kevin and Eli a screen shot of Martina holding up the menu. yeah this is going to happen.

  33. ahhh bean pillow, how I have so not missed you since returning from Japan…I know your pain Simon, I know your pain.

  34. Japan Exploration Roaming Knowledge Or Fantastic Food. Do eet…..

  35. Yeah. You don’t see it that often in Japan. Just on those black vans driven by the crazy ultra-nationalists.

  36. OMG, I am so jealous. I LOVE JAPAN! I am actually going there this summer with my friend and I also plan to live there. But yeah, L.O.V.E.s wouldn’t even care if the KMM was just an iphone video of you guys talking about it if NU’EST won/got picked by you guys. We just want YOU to review it. The fancy stuff isn’t as important. :D

  37. This is so not fair! I wish I knew you were coming! I could have fled the frozen confines of the Northern Island and gone to a fan meet up. Or you know, volunteered to show you around and translate, for FREE. T____T Most of the nerdy stuff has already been mentioned but for straight up Japanese culture there’s Asakusa and the awesome rickshaw drivers, Meiji Shrine in Harajuku (Where you will happen to be on Sunday) is pretty (but much better during the summer. Did no one think of this when they planned this mysterious event? February in Japan is uhm…not nearly as pretty as April.) There’s kabuki in Ginza, Shimbashi and Asakusa (really. Just go to Asakusa. It’s gorgeous and the closest you’ll get to that ‘old japan’ feeling in Tokyo). As for niche fashion shopping, Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku are were it’s at.
    I’m seriously bummed I can’t make it down to meet you guys. Ah well! Have a great time and 日本へようこそ!よこそ!

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