So, this is the announcement that we were hinting at before for Music Monday. We might not be able to do a Music Monday this week because WE ARE IN JAPAN!!! AHH! We’re not here for vacation. We’re here for a project, and – in fact – we’re not allowed to talk about it until tomorrow, but we’re publishing this video today so you can at least know what’s up, and why we didn’t put up a WANK for today. Sorry guise! Since this isn’t Wonderful Adventure Now Korea, we’re trying to think of a new name. We’ve been invited here, so we’re thinking Japan Invites Simon/Martina. Not sure how that works, though. It doesn’t really flow right…

Anyhow, PEOPLE OF JAPAN! How many of you are out there? I know our Japanese demographic is rather small, compared to other Asian countries, but if you’re there, we’d love to meet up! We’re not sure if we can, though! We’re asking the project coordinators for a day in which we can schedule a meet-up of sorts. Hopefully we’re not working every day! We’ll see. What we are pretty darned sure about, though, is that we will be in Harajuku this Sunday. We’re still working out the details, but we should be filming something there. If you’re in the area, hopefully we can see you there and say hi! Woohoo!

Side note: Nu’est fans!!!!! Is this curse ever going to lift? Last time we were supposed to review you…AND WE WENT TO JAPAN!!! What are the odds, right? I swear, we didn’t plan it this way. This event in Japan was set in motion for a LONG time now, before we had any clue about Nu’est’s comeback. When we heard that Nu’est was making a comeback we were like “yeah, it figures.” Ah! So sorry! Depending on how busy we are on Sunday, we’ll see if we can film a Music Monday if you or B.A.P. or SHINee or whoever wins. We still don’t know the details for Sunday, though. We should be there from 10AM or so, but it could be one hour or it could be ten hours. We’ll keep you posted!

Otherwise, since we’re not going to be putting up any of our regular segments, we plan on posting random vloggy stuff in Japan like we did in this video. It shouldn’t be too long, nor will it be of decent quality. We’ll just point at stuff and talk about it on our iPhones. Sorry if it looks crappier than usual! But this kinda brings us back to our roots of when we first came to Korea and did the same kinda thing. Only, hopefully this time we won’t be as rambling…

Anyhow, we gotta get back to planning for something for tomorrow, which is when we’ll be able to announce the reason why we’re here. We have an important meeting to plan for and we’re nervous. We’re not good at speaking in front of others for important things. We just know how to goof off on camera. Ah! THE PRESSURE!

Ok, that’s it for now. We hope you like these vids we’ll be doing for the next 11 days or so! If you have any places to suggest for us to go in Japan, please let us know! We’re also working on the interviews in the background while we’re here, and you might see them pop up randomly one day in your subscription box while we’re here!

And one last thing: if you like the opening splash screen, you might notice the pictures of us from our About Us page, which were drawn by Deborah over at Tumblr. Check out her page and give her lots of love for her awesome work!

  1. Hi, I Simon and Martina. I was big fan of your channel but I was really surprised to see the Rising Sun symbol on this video’s preview. Did you know that the Rising Sun flag was used during World War II by the Japanese imperial army? It is a symbol of imperial Japan, and is as much offensive to East Asians as the Nazi flag would to Westerners. It might seem cool to some people who do not know, but to East Asians this can be regarded as highly offensive and painful. Please research further, and consider changing the preview screen.

    • Hi there, thanks for the info. They already noticed it and in the subsequent videos in this series ( there are quite a few) they changed it ( as it was a complete slip up on their part) and apologized for it or any offense caused. They could not change it on this video however as that would mean deleting it altogether and uploading an edited version. Again thanks for trying to inform them of this mistake in such a nice manner.


  2. I wanna go to japan too!!! TT TT

  3. AHH!!! I just got back from Japan like yesterday and I had went to the restaurant with the UKISS menus!!! What a coincidence!! (o^o)

  4. I just noticed Simon’s hat…omg..

  5. Just my luck. I’m in Japan for 5 months and I just happen to leave the day you arrive?? That’s just. mean. :(
    I was all over Tokyo one week ago. Fustratiooon
    *goes to a dark corner and pouts*

  6. I used to live in Japan, so watching this video makes me miss it so much!! One of the areas I lived in was a city called mitaka, ( close to downtown tokyo) where the international Christian university is. A cool spot for a lot of the university students to hang out was kichijoji. That place has a lot of fantastic restaurants and cafes, so if you have a chance to go back, I think it would be fun. There is also a rather larger park, with a pond in the middle, and lots of shops to browse through. One of the best curry restaurants I’ve been to is there, and it’s called ‘oh! India’.

    Also, if you ever get the chance to go to other major cities, like Kyoto there a tons fun and interesting things to see there. I know Kyoto like the back of my hand, and love the city to bits!

  7. you guys should just move to Japan for a year to two and start your adventures there for awhile!! Japan is awesome! :D

  8. I was there 2 weeks ago, dang!

  9. so, basically no music monday =

  10. Hey U-Kiss did you watch this because your photo is on the menu

  11. I love those bean-filled pillows! My neck feels so well supported & I’m so rested afterwards :)

  12. 15 hours later, I get the joke in the title.

  13. I like your hat simon!^^ loll n those turning seats on the train were awsomeeeeeee ! We need to have some here in America!!! … if we do have them…..I must ride that train O.O

  14. Martina, is that Hay next to you filming Ramen?

  15. This reminds me of my trip to Japan 2 years ago, and my EXACT reaction to the rotating chairs!! Those are awesome :) If you have some time to travel, Nikko and Kamakura are really beautiful and kind of close to Tokyo.

  16. Visit Otome road in Japan, is awesome
    good luck guys

  17. follow Daesung in Japan too! =)

  18. Did anyone else notice the JR Line that they DIDN’T take? Ah, the irony. *weeps for Nu’est

  19. woh i just realized that the first EYK video i ever saw was the Valentine’s Day WANK where you guys decorated a cake together and created your own vday cards and simon’s oh you’re so nasty card won~ i fell in love with you guys and watched all the older videos you’d done before that….. now it’s 2013…. and there was no Valentine’s day WANK :( but it’s okay because i am SUPER excited for the MFBTY interview XD

    hope you guys have fun and stay safe in Japan <3

  20. the guy with glasses sitting next to yoshi IS SO HANDSOME

  21. OMG I wanna order UKISS! Please meet up with them! I need my UKISS! Lol you guys always make my day. Simon and Martina, you guys awesome and the cutest married couple ever! And you guys are so NAAAAAASSSSTYY!

  22. Where did you have ramen!? Looks really yummy. What kind did you have?

  23. I really hope you’ll review One Shot. It’s a spectacular video and I think that you would enjoy making a kmm for it.

  24. I feel like for all your Japan adventures… you guys should use the EatYourSushi.com domain since it’s already bought and paid for!

  25. Maybe if it’s outside Korea, a WANK could be called a WANG = Wonderful Adventure Now Global!

  26. what does the dashihanbun (SP!?) mean anyways? I got so excited when you told Simon to say it in JPN cause I wanted to know! Sometimes you use Korean that I don’t know -_- I’m a beginner…

  27. I’m kinda obsessed with names and I’ve been wondering if you had a child(ren) what would you name them :O?

  28. HEY GUYS! there is a POLISH RESTAURANT in tokyo!! Actually there are 2! One in Shibuya which is called Chopin Night and a new one in Nihonbashi calle Polska which just opened (oh the power of google). It would be really really cool if you could check them out!

  29. Be sure to stop by 6% Dokodoki if you are in Harajuku — it is across the street from Eggs n Things which will have a huge line of people waiting on Sunday http://www.eggsnthingsjapan.com/shop/harajuku.html. If you are lucky, Yuka and Vani will be at the “Sensational Lovely Shop”: http://www.dokidoki6.com/ The pink unicorn earrings are worth picking up.

  30. Whhhyyyyy do I have to live so far from Tokyo?! If you guys will be around Shizuoka… (TT.TT)

  31. You should go to Tokyo Sky Tree! also the ramen museum in yokohama is pretty awesome!

  32. Please do a meet up!! I would love to meet you guys in person!!

  33. Simon and Martina! omg you’re really in Japan? I thought you’d never come ;A; I am currently living in Japan and I almost had a heart attack when I saw you walking around. I kept thinking “OMG I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!” If only I could have been lucky enough to see you. I live in Ikebukuro though, the opposite side of the Yamanote!

    For places in Japan I DEFINITELY recommend Shin-Okubo! It’s full of Koreans, but watch out it’s kinda close to Kabukicho (red light Shinjuku district) so probably best to go during the day! And there’s a LIVE kpop cafe called Cafe Byol, about 2000 yen admission but it’s prettyyyy cool. They have their own band, SEED (never heard of them until Cafe Byol). I dunno if SEED is legit popular but I’ve been meaning to go. Please run around Shin-Okubo <3 You'll definitely love it or at least find it super funny… or both!

  34. oh wow cool!! Japan my other favourite country along with SK!!!!
    sounds interesting!!! i can’t wait for you guys to officially announce this!!!

    HOLY AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the chairs rotated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    some people feel sick on trains when it’s the opposite way round, like my friend and so this is a cool idea!!! luckily i’m fine sitting any way round!! what if you could keep on slowly rotating around on the chairs while the train was moving??? oohhh~ i’m pretty sure i’d get sick then!!
    Simon i’m with you!!! i love getting lost and confused!!! it’s actually kinda fun!!! as long as i’m with a friend of course!! if i was alone and lost i’d be totally scared and sad!!
    hehe i loved that Ukiss menu thing popping out part!!! so cute!!!

  35. Osu in Nagoya is a great shopping center, I found at least 3 kpop shops there.

  36. You guys missed Ukiss’s live event on the 14th Simon and Martina! It was free! I got to shake their hands :D

  37. omg! i’m in japan!! i wanna meet you!!! please have a meetup!! ^___^

    last time you guys came i was on a trip home to Canada!!

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