So, this is the announcement that we were hinting at before for Music Monday. We might not be able to do a Music Monday this week because WE ARE IN JAPAN!!! AHH! We’re not here for vacation. We’re here for a project, and – in fact – we’re not allowed to talk about it until tomorrow, but we’re publishing this video today so you can at least know what’s up, and why we didn’t put up a WANK for today. Sorry guise! Since this isn’t Wonderful Adventure Now Korea, we’re trying to think of a new name. We’ve been invited here, so we’re thinking Japan Invites Simon/Martina. Not sure how that works, though. It doesn’t really flow right…

Anyhow, PEOPLE OF JAPAN! How many of you are out there? I know our Japanese demographic is rather small, compared to other Asian countries, but if you’re there, we’d love to meet up! We’re not sure if we can, though! We’re asking the project coordinators for a day in which we can schedule a meet-up of sorts. Hopefully we’re not working every day! We’ll see. What we are pretty darned sure about, though, is that we will be in Harajuku this Sunday. We’re still working out the details, but we should be filming something there. If you’re in the area, hopefully we can see you there and say hi! Woohoo!

Side note: Nu’est fans!!!!! Is this curse ever going to lift? Last time we were supposed to review you…AND WE WENT TO JAPAN!!! What are the odds, right? I swear, we didn’t plan it this way. This event in Japan was set in motion for a LONG time now, before we had any clue about Nu’est’s comeback. When we heard that Nu’est was making a comeback we were like “yeah, it figures.” Ah! So sorry! Depending on how busy we are on Sunday, we’ll see if we can film a Music Monday if you or B.A.P. or SHINee or whoever wins. We still don’t know the details for Sunday, though. We should be there from 10AM or so, but it could be one hour or it could be ten hours. We’ll keep you posted!

Otherwise, since we’re not going to be putting up any of our regular segments, we plan on posting random vloggy stuff in Japan like we did in this video. It shouldn’t be too long, nor will it be of decent quality. We’ll just point at stuff and talk about it on our iPhones. Sorry if it looks crappier than usual! But this kinda brings us back to our roots of when we first came to Korea and did the same kinda thing. Only, hopefully this time we won’t be as rambling…

Anyhow, we gotta get back to planning for something for tomorrow, which is when we’ll be able to announce the reason why we’re here. We have an important meeting to plan for and we’re nervous. We’re not good at speaking in front of others for important things. We just know how to goof off on camera. Ah! THE PRESSURE!

Ok, that’s it for now. We hope you like these vids we’ll be doing for the next 11 days or so! If you have any places to suggest for us to go in Japan, please let us know! We’re also working on the interviews in the background while we’re here, and you might see them pop up randomly one day in your subscription box while we’re here!

And one last thing: if you like the opening splash screen, you might notice the pictures of us from our About Us page, which were drawn by Deborah over at Tumblr. Check out her page and give her lots of love for her awesome work!

  1. Hi, I Simon and Martina. I was big fan of your channel but I was really surprised to see the Rising Sun symbol on this video’s preview. Did you know that the Rising Sun flag was used during World War II by the Japanese imperial army? It is a symbol of imperial Japan, and is as much offensive to East Asians as the Nazi flag would to Westerners. It might seem cool to some people who do not know, but to East Asians this can be regarded as highly offensive and painful. Please research further, and consider changing the preview screen.

    • Hi there, thanks for the info. They already noticed it and in the subsequent videos in this series ( there are quite a few) they changed it ( as it was a complete slip up on their part) and apologized for it or any offense caused. They could not change it on this video however as that would mean deleting it altogether and uploading an edited version. Again thanks for trying to inform them of this mistake in such a nice manner.


  2. I wanna go to japan too!!! TT TT

  3. AHH!!! I just got back from Japan like yesterday and I had went to the restaurant with the UKISS menus!!! What a coincidence!! (o^o)

  4. I just noticed Simon’s hat…omg..

  5. Just my luck. I’m in Japan for 5 months and I just happen to leave the day you arrive?? That’s just. mean. :(
    I was all over Tokyo one week ago. Fustratiooon
    *goes to a dark corner and pouts*

  6. I used to live in Japan, so watching this video makes me miss it so much!! One of the areas I lived in was a city called mitaka, ( close to downtown tokyo) where the international Christian university is. A cool spot for a lot of the university students to hang out was kichijoji. That place has a lot of fantastic restaurants and cafes, so if you have a chance to go back, I think it would be fun. There is also a rather larger park, with a pond in the middle, and lots of shops to browse through. One of the best curry restaurants I’ve been to is there, and it’s called ‘oh! India’.

    Also, if you ever get the chance to go to other major cities, like Kyoto there a tons fun and interesting things to see there. I know Kyoto like the back of my hand, and love the city to bits!

  7. you guys should just move to Japan for a year to two and start your adventures there for awhile!! Japan is awesome! :D

  8. I was there 2 weeks ago, dang!

  9. so, basically no music monday =

  10. Hey U-Kiss did you watch this because your photo is on the menu

  11. I love those bean-filled pillows! My neck feels so well supported & I’m so rested afterwards :)

  12. irritablevowel

    15 hours later, I get the joke in the title.

  13. I like your hat simon!^^ loll n those turning seats on the train were awsomeeeeeee ! We need to have some here in America!!! … if we do have them…..I must ride that train O.O

  14. Martina, is that Hay next to you filming Ramen?

  15. This reminds me of my trip to Japan 2 years ago, and my EXACT reaction to the rotating chairs!! Those are awesome :) If you have some time to travel, Nikko and Kamakura are really beautiful and kind of close to Tokyo.

  16. Visit Otome road in Japan, is awesome
    good luck guys

  17. follow Daesung in Japan too! =)

  18. Did anyone else notice the JR Line that they DIDN’T take? Ah, the irony. *weeps for Nu’est

  19. woh i just realized that the first EYK video i ever saw was the Valentine’s Day WANK where you guys decorated a cake together and created your own vday cards and simon’s oh you’re so nasty card won~ i fell in love with you guys and watched all the older videos you’d done before that….. now it’s 2013…. and there was no Valentine’s day WANK :( but it’s okay because i am SUPER excited for the MFBTY interview XD

    hope you guys have fun and stay safe in Japan <3

  20. the guy with glasses sitting next to yoshi IS SO HANDSOME

  21. OMG I wanna order UKISS! Please meet up with them! I need my UKISS! Lol you guys always make my day. Simon and Martina, you guys awesome and the cutest married couple ever! And you guys are so NAAAAAASSSSTYY!

  22. Where did you have ramen!? Looks really yummy. What kind did you have?

  23. I really hope you’ll review One Shot. It’s a spectacular video and I think that you would enjoy making a kmm for it.

  24. I feel like for all your Japan adventures… you guys should use the EatYourSushi.com domain since it’s already bought and paid for!

  25. Maybe if it’s outside Korea, a WANK could be called a WANG = Wonderful Adventure Now Global!

  26. what does the dashihanbun (SP!?) mean anyways? I got so excited when you told Simon to say it in JPN cause I wanted to know! Sometimes you use Korean that I don’t know -_- I’m a beginner…

  27. I’m kinda obsessed with names and I’ve been wondering if you had a child(ren) what would you name them :O?

  28. HEY GUYS! there is a POLISH RESTAURANT in tokyo!! Actually there are 2! One in Shibuya which is called Chopin Night and a new one in Nihonbashi calle Polska which just opened (oh the power of google). It would be really really cool if you could check them out!

  29. Be sure to stop by 6% Dokodoki if you are in Harajuku — it is across the street from Eggs n Things which will have a huge line of people waiting on Sunday http://www.eggsnthingsjapan.com/shop/harajuku.html. If you are lucky, Yuka and Vani will be at the “Sensational Lovely Shop”: http://www.dokidoki6.com/ The pink unicorn earrings are worth picking up.

  30. Whhhyyyyy do I have to live so far from Tokyo?! If you guys will be around Shizuoka… (TT.TT)

  31. You should go to Tokyo Sky Tree! also the ramen museum in yokohama is pretty awesome!

  32. Please do a meet up!! I would love to meet you guys in person!!

  33. Simon and Martina! omg you’re really in Japan? I thought you’d never come ;A; I am currently living in Japan and I almost had a heart attack when I saw you walking around. I kept thinking “OMG I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!” If only I could have been lucky enough to see you. I live in Ikebukuro though, the opposite side of the Yamanote!

    For places in Japan I DEFINITELY recommend Shin-Okubo! It’s full of Koreans, but watch out it’s kinda close to Kabukicho (red light Shinjuku district) so probably best to go during the day! And there’s a LIVE kpop cafe called Cafe Byol, about 2000 yen admission but it’s prettyyyy cool. They have their own band, SEED (never heard of them until Cafe Byol). I dunno if SEED is legit popular but I’ve been meaning to go. Please run around Shin-Okubo <3 You'll definitely love it or at least find it super funny… or both!

  34. PunkyPrincess92

    oh wow cool!! Japan my other favourite country along with SK!!!!
    sounds interesting!!! i can’t wait for you guys to officially announce this!!!

    HOLY AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the chairs rotated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    some people feel sick on trains when it’s the opposite way round, like my friend and so this is a cool idea!!! luckily i’m fine sitting any way round!! what if you could keep on slowly rotating around on the chairs while the train was moving??? oohhh~ i’m pretty sure i’d get sick then!!
    Simon i’m with you!!! i love getting lost and confused!!! it’s actually kinda fun!!! as long as i’m with a friend of course!! if i was alone and lost i’d be totally scared and sad!!
    hehe i loved that Ukiss menu thing popping out part!!! so cute!!!

  35. Osu in Nagoya is a great shopping center, I found at least 3 kpop shops there.

  36. You guys missed Ukiss’s live event on the 14th Simon and Martina! It was free! I got to shake their hands :D

  37. kawaii_candie

    omg! i’m in japan!! i wanna meet you!!! please have a meetup!! ^___^

    last time you guys came i was on a trip home to Canada!!

  38. Well……You guys are doing the pick one of the top three…. So…If NU’EST stays in the top three…then you’ll review it? Neh? -pouts-

  39. pierrotinlove

    /crying buckets because I want to be in Japan rn like why do I live in new jersey

  40. That bug in the camera is so distracting !!

  41. The second video that you linked is really dark. Is that me, you, or youtube?

    • I think it’s YouTube. I noticed that all the playlist videos were really dark today, no matter what playlist it was, especially if I saw it in full screen. Like, you can still see a shadow of the image as if through a black filter. Is that what you mean?

  42. Hey Martina, when did you get the time to learn Hiragana ? I didn’t remember you being fluent (in Hiragana) in the last video from japan^^

    Ps : I agree with everyone else, Yoshi was hot
    Ps2 : I so laughed at the U-kiss menu and Simon playing with it :)

  43. I don’t usually wear hoodies, but that bunny eared one is lovely!
    U-KISS + EYK = WIN! Hopefully you’ll get to meet them since they’re in Tokyo now :)
    Ha, I’m the same when it comes to kana. I had no problems learning hiragana, but somehow I keep forgetting katakana characters.
    When Yoshi appeared, I was like “he’s good looking + seems nice, yea I think I already like him”, then I looked at the comments and LOL, so much fangirling :D

  44. irritablevowel

    Well…hello there Yoshi. How you doin’?

  45. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you guys are actually in Japan and I can’t even go see you… Stupid Akita!! Why do you have to be so freaking far away from Tokyo?!!! X(

    • And oh yeah, the Japanese love their bean pillows… I have no idea why, but I’m really thankful I brought my own pillow with me. Sleeping on the little tiny, hard bean pillow that the school gave me for a year (I’m studying abroad here) would be terrible. :/

  46. I’m so happy you got to go to Japan. I really hope you have fun. I love Japan too and I am excited to see all that you show us. My favorite band, Arashi, and is from Japan so I will be looking in the back trying to spot any advertisements from them. I hope you enjoy yourself and here is a song to help you get through your trip. https://soundcloud.com/sina-11/we-wanna-funk-we-need-a-funk

  47. I spot the robot from the movie “Laputa: Castle In The Sky” on the splash screen ! Are you guys going to visit the Ghibli Museum ?

  48. UKISS are going to be in Tokyo tomorrow for their Valentine’s Day event. If you go there, please be sure to share some photos/videos. It will be held on 1:00 and 6:00. :)

  49. Hey Simon and Martina, could you like just do a music day just for Nu’est??????

    • That would be quite funny I think. Or maybe just a unfortunate music monday charts videos day where they talk about all the cool videos who missed getting a review because of things like S&M going to other countrys or because they got kicked of 1. place in the last 15 minutes. All nu’est songs would be in it right x’D?

  50. Simon, your ramen obsession rivals my own, most impressive young man. Most impressive indeed.

  51. When I went to Japan the first time I was like “Can’t sleep my pillow’s so noisy!” =_=

  52. Okay I am so tired and brain dead it took me 6 minutes into the second video to realize that it was last years video. I was asking myself questions like? Is Simon puffy from the ramen from last night? Why are they eating that jelly stuff again didn’t they already do this. …..yeah I am slow nowadays….but hey what a fun flash back!

  53. I love you guys!!!

    1. the bean pillows are FABULOUS. they mold to your head and they keep your neck in line with your spine. Its love.

    2. you are in JAPAN. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I wish I lived in Tokyo right now but I live in Nagoya which is about a 4 hour Shinkansen ride. ^_^ If you guys decide to visit Nagoya, let the Nasties in the area know. I will so try to be there.

    3. Isn’t COCO ICHI the BEST!!! Love it. And the Ramen shops are to die for. Make sure you check out the Izakaya’s. Those are like specialty food bars. I prefer Tori Tori Ten in Chikusa. Its serves CHICKEN only. *nodding*

    Make sure you do some Kaiden Sushi. The conveyor sushi. I know you have it in Korea too but come on. Its’ Japan. Ah, definitely visit Harujuku while you are in Tokyo.

    4. If you would have came about a week or 2 ago, you could have hit up the Hadaka Matsuri. Or in English, the Naked Man Festival. Well, not really naked but they all wear FUNDOSHI’s. heehee. Those are like old school underpants. ^_^

    Anyways, I am finish. I hope you guys come down to Nagoya. ^_^ Cya

  54. I want to meet you guys! I live and go to school in Tokyo! Let’s hang out I’ll show you fun places!

  55. Oh my god Simon’s bulls hat = awesome

  56. MEETUP!!!! Are you guy’s going to Osaka? :3

  57. If this involve Daesung new album in any way and it’s not just my imagination going overload … BTW, Ukiss are as fantastic as always xD

  58. OMG, what a flashback I got when you were lost in Akihabara xD Me and my friend was kinda lost there once xD(we didn’t know what line we were going) and gahh~ I like, so flashback xD don’t even know what to write xD I like walked through Akihabara in my brain in like 2 seconds xD I miss is sooo much~ ><

  59. Dear Simon and Martina.
    Your videos are enjoyable as well as informative. I enjoyed this video too, except few scenes.
    Do you know that the Rising Sun Flag of Japan was used by Imperial Japanese Army during WW2, and it is offensive in many East Asian countries, specifically in Korea and China? It’s kind of Nazi flag in Europe. The flag was banned by Allied when Japan was defeated in 1945. Even Japanese goverment warned Japanese tourists attending the Beijing Olympics not to display the Rising Sun Flag.
    It’d be great if you revise it. Hope you have a wonderful day in Japan.

  60. yanagiba yusuke22

    what happen to spudgy n meemers?? where r they now?

  61. kpopfan123

    안녕하세요 EYK- 부모님! ^^

    “WE ARE IN JAPAN!!! AHH! We’re not here for vacation. We’re here for a project, and – in fact – we’re not allowed to talk about it until tomorrow, but we’re publishing this video today so you can at least know what’s up, and why we didn’t put up a WANK for today. Sorry guise!” WOOT!! ^O^ *ah the feeling of going so bad to Japan is coming back。。。なつかしい…8>* Thank you for keeping us posted and don’t worry about guise. this video could also do.^^

    ” It shouldn’t be too long, nor will it be of decent quality.” I think it looks more “adventury” that way :))

    “We have an important meeting to plan for and we’re nervous. We’re not good at speaking in front of others for important things. We just know how to goof off on camera. Ah! THE PRESSURE!” > . < Don't worry! You'll do great!

    Can't wait to hear more news from you! :D


  62. How exciting! My brother lives in Japan but I’ve only been there once.

  63. I totally cracked up at the URL of this page. Oh you guise, how you slay me. <3

  64. Wow! I can’t believe you guys are in Tokyo! Please let us Tokyo fans know when we might have an opportunity to see/meet you guyz! :D!

  65. You guys are officially Internet-idols, flying off to Japan for your schedules. Doing interviews and fan meet ups. =P

  66. Japan! I’ve been subscribed and watching your videos for a few months now, and I’m finally commenting on something! I actually got casually into kpop while I was in Japan. (Host mother LOVES TVXQ & Changmin and a girl I went with is an ELF). One thing I really fell in love with in Japan that I think everyone should try is grilled eel in Miyajima/Itsukushima. (Please not boiled eel!) I don’t remember the restaurant, but it was amazingly delicious. In the Tokyo area, I really thought Asakusa was beautiful. Also, if you get a picture of yourselves in front of the Harajuku condomania, my week will be made. Though it’s probably not an appropriate location for your website, I guess…

  67. Ooooh must stalk you in Harajuku then! Do let us know if you’re having a meetup, I’d so so LOVE to go!

  68. Maybe something like ‘Japan Expedition Radiant Kittens Of Fierce Fuzziness!’ or ‘Japan Adventure Crazy Kawaii Overflowing Fantastic Fun!’ Or some other tweak that works for you guys?


    (Okay, I freaked out. Forgive my ignorance. That’s the first time I saw train chairs rotating. I feel so stupid right now. But yeah. ROTATING CHAAAAAAAAAAIRS!)

  70. sorry my English is not good enough to explain but the “rising sun flag” is like using the Hakenkreuz..
    please correct them asap. thanks, and i’m your big fan…

  71. Laughed so hard at the U-Kiss part!

    JAMS? Japan Also Matina (and) Simon? Japan And Martina Simon. Japan After Martina and Simon? xD Japan Adventures with Martina and Simon?

  72. Also, OH NOES. I am going to Japan in three weeks to live indefinitely. I wish I was there now so I could come see you at Harajuku :( :(


  74. Blueberries

    I hope u have time for KMM cause I really love both Nu’est and BAP’s new videos and I think they’d do a really nice KMM =) But have fun in Japan!

  75. I’ve been to that place at the station you guys were lost at! I used to live in Akihabara-bashi which is right next to Akihabara. Wish I was in Japan now I could probably have given you directions!

  76. AGAIN!!! You sing Ticket again!!! I’ve had it stuck in my head all day today because you guys sang it the other day and now you start singing it again… >_<

  77. omg. you guys got the same luggage as me!!!! so honoured!! and i will be heading to aussie tonight!!!

  78. RAMEN!!! I WANT SOME TOO!! One of these days, I’m going to fly out there just for a bowl of ramen :D

  79. i am beyond curious to what you guys are doing in japan,i cant take it, i think i’m going to die from curiosity!!!!

  80. I looove ramen! I’m so jealous, you guys! What kind of ramen did you have?!

  81. OMG the pillow. I laughed SO hard. Yea, it’s normal, but from my experience only in households, not hotels. I think its to put support on your neck while you sleep. Good luck with your hiragana reading Martina! I hope you learn some new kanji or remember you’re katakana better while you’re there!

  82. SIMON! MARTINA! Im in Japan! I’ll come see you!

  83. O.O oh how deja vu… I feel like I’ve seen this video before? Is this an archive?

  84. I’M SO CURIOUS YEAH~~~ About what you guys are planning~! I’M SO CURIOUS~ YEAH~~~ YEAH~~~
    I really can’t wait to hear about what you guys are doing in Japan!! :D
    I think the camera quality is still lovely hehe :3

  85. Stephanie Chamberlain

    I think they are in Japan for 2PM… At least I hope hahahhaa

  86. I’m living in Japan on exchange at the moment and would love to go to a meet up if you organise one sometime next week! Unfortunately I can’t make it this Sunday, but keep us updated :) Can’t wait to see what you get up to over here! ようこそ〜!

    • If you want to explore only around the Tokyo area, I suggest Asakusa! Famous for Edo-style tempura and full of random shops selling all sorts of things, it’s a great place to wander around in the afternoon/night. You can see the sky tree just wandering around, and it’s within walking distance of Kappabashi-dori (kitchen goods – where they make all those plastic food displays you can see all over the country). Shops are often closed on Mondays as well, so if you have a specific place to go, check the opening hours :) Asakusa is also really close to Akihabara if that’s where you’re staying. If you have time, get out of Tokyo and catch a train to Nikko or Kamakura!!

  87. KATHyphenTUN

    HAHA yay u-kiss! well i’m telling my friend in japan you are there! she’ll be excited if she gets the chance to see you two!!!
    So jealous of you both!!! I wanna visit toooo!<3

  88. They are there for UKISS. I’m sure of it…. And if they aren’t, WHY NOT? Why pass up a chance to hang out with Kevin?… And the rest of them….

    • yep! U-KISS are there promoting at the moment, all 7 of them!
      i think that Martina and Simon are in Japan for another reason (if not, why would it take more than 10 days?), but still… it would be really great if they could meet them.
      don’t deny your r squared pi! ^^

  89. WAAAH! YES! I’ll try to come to Harajuku this Sunday! I think I know a few others who will like to come too. :D

  90. LOL at the bean pillow comment. I lived in Japan for a year and I don’t know why but a lot of less expensive hotels have those pillows…the other side of the pillow should be normal though? (at least it was in my case) Though I can tell you that I don’t know a single Japanese person that uses pillows like that at home.
    So excited for you guise! I LOVED living in Tokyo, hope your visit is great and can’t wait to hear what the special announcement is/why you got to go!
    Be sure to try some okonomiyaki while you’re there!

  91. OMG! Randiseru sighting at 5:25!
    I don’t know why I find those bags so damn adorable… -_-

  92. Welcome to Tokyo.
    Enjoy your stay for 11 Days, would love to meet up but I guess y’all gonna be busy.
    I know a few Kick Arses Ramen Restaurant around Tokyo… Yummy yummy


  94. Goodness Simon and Martina, you guys are terrible at keeping secrets. As soon as you mentioned Juju I knew what you were up to :p



    • …I don’t get it…


      • Well, you know how YouTube held that MBC Concert in California to celebrate the partnership with Google? I think they might be having a similar event/project to celebrate the opening of this new A-Pop channel (which looks pretty damn cool btw)

        ….but that’s just a guess ^^;

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Nope…. Still lost. Oh well.

          So somethin like streamin live concerts? So why would EYK be there? lol I guess a booth or something. Idk I’m still pretty lost.

  95. i feel like i should send Kevin and Eli a screen shot of Martina holding up the menu. yeah this is going to happen.

  96. ahhh bean pillow, how I have so not missed you since returning from Japan…I know your pain Simon, I know your pain.

  97. japan invites stawski, secretly = jiss …. :)

  98. Japan Exploration Roaming Knowledge Or Fantastic Food. Do eet…..

  99. OMG, I am so jealous. I LOVE JAPAN! I am actually going there this summer with my friend and I also plan to live there. But yeah, L.O.V.E.s wouldn’t even care if the KMM was just an iphone video of you guys talking about it if NU’EST won/got picked by you guys. We just want YOU to review it. The fancy stuff isn’t as important. :D

  100. This is so not fair! I wish I knew you were coming! I could have fled the frozen confines of the Northern Island and gone to a fan meet up. Or you know, volunteered to show you around and translate, for FREE. T____T Most of the nerdy stuff has already been mentioned but for straight up Japanese culture there’s Asakusa and the awesome rickshaw drivers, Meiji Shrine in Harajuku (Where you will happen to be on Sunday) is pretty (but much better during the summer. Did no one think of this when they planned this mysterious event? February in Japan is uhm…not nearly as pretty as April.) There’s kabuki in Ginza, Shimbashi and Asakusa (really. Just go to Asakusa. It’s gorgeous and the closest you’ll get to that ‘old japan’ feeling in Tokyo). As for niche fashion shopping, Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku are were it’s at.
    I’m seriously bummed I can’t make it down to meet you guys. Ah well! Have a great time and 日本へようこそ!よこそ!

  101. Ahh, Japan…Even the trains are Transformers…^_^

  102. Japan! I miss Japan. I was in Japan for three weeks last summer and it was soooooo totally awesome. We stayed in Asakusa when we were in Tokyo and I actually enjoyed walking around there the most out of everywhere we went in Tokyo. The neighborhood’s a little bit older so there are fewer huge skyscrapers but there’s the Sensoji Temple right in the middle of it, which you should go to if you have time. Nakamisadori, the street leading to the temple, is pedestrian only and has a ton of little shops along it.

    Also, definitely thought there was something on my computer screen for a sec there. Then i tried to wipe it off and realized there wasn’t anything for me to wipe off *sigh*

    • Dude, I went last summer! I stayed out in the Ome area with a friend, though. But I did definitely visit Asakusa! When did you go?

      • I was there in late August for a school trip, we were only in Tokyo for a few days though.

        • Aaah, I was there in late July/Early August.
          Hotter than hell then, though @_@ Was it still hot then? OMG I walked outside and was instantly sticky. Since I’m from the desert it was weird for me. LoL

        • Definitely still hotter than hell, and probably more humid too. We would walk outside and it was like you were hit with a wall of heat, very very humid heat. I actually think around late august might be when it gets the hottest during the year, but don’t quote me on that.

        • Entirely possible, since I think it was getting hotter as I was leaving, especially because it was leaving the rainy season then as well. >3<
          Nonetheless, it was a blast. Did you go down to the Fukuoka area? There was a really awesome temple there.

        • We didn’t get to Fukuoka. Got to Hiroshima and Miyajima though, that was really fun. Also Hiroshima has amazing okonomiyaki. ^_^

        • Ah, I didn’t get a chance to go to Hiroshima other than passing briefly through it on my way back to Tokyo on the bullet train >3<


  104. has anyone come to the conclusion that maybe Simon and Martina are going to interview idk maybe 2PM?! Cus they made a Japanese comeback like a day ago and are very much in the Japanese scene. I also know that Simon loves 2PM, not as much as B2st, lol but he is still a big fan of them, and once they did interview Nichkhun. So my strong guess is that they might want to interview the whole band now! HOTTEST’S HERE’S HOPING!!!

  105. I am one of your Japanese demographics! I would love to be able to go to a meet up up with you guys!! I’ll definitely be looking for you guys in Harajuku! I studied the history of Harajuku and it’s fashion in my undergrad, soooo if you guys need at guide or anything ;-)

  106. Simon and Martina!! Come to Nagoya if you have the time! I live in a city right next to Nagoya and I would love to show you guys it!

  107. Simon: ‘We’re lost! This is great!’

    Not without Martina around. Remember the Ice Cream edition WANK, Simon. :P

  108. Isabel Ruby

    if you’re going to Harajuku, you should find the goth/lolita alleyway and Condomania. Condemania will be easy to find, since it’s on the corner of a 5 way intersection. :D

  109. This is so exciting!!! I LOVED the part with U-Kiss. I hope they see this video… ^^~

  110. Are you in Japan for a TV deal?






    he’s so hot dammit and ugggghhhh totally my type and he can speak english and japanese and HE HAS A BEARD and BEARDED GUYS ARE THE BEST K and he’s cool and he’s taking eyk around tokyo so yea DAMN

      • Can’t I fangirl for once. No? Che. :’(

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          For once? Everytime you see somebody w/ a beard you do.

          So my name is NANAandLIZZYfanatic and my pic is of Bora and yet I’m the reserved one… Odd

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Wait wait wait, I have to double reply.
          “fangirl” …. He’s just some random Japanese dude! LOL

        • …and kpop idols are just random Korean dudes. No seriously, me and my dad have always wondered why singers and actors get worshipped as they do, but other occupations (eg nuclear physicists) don’t – when they’re essentially doing the same thing: making a career out of what they love. I’m sure there’s just as many good-looking nuclear physicists out there….. *shifty eyes*

          So if I want be a fan of a interpreter/tour guide/YouTube staff who happens to have a sexy beard, I damn well can :p

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You’ve seen and heard a LOT more from celebs than random bystanders lol.

          Fangirling still doesn’t sound right.

          So do you walk up to random people and ask them for their autograph? “I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!”

        • If by ‘random people’ you mean ‘people I respect who are really good at what they do’, then yes! ;)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          But you don’t even know…

          You do? What kind of reaction do you normally get?

        • lol “wtf are you on about?!”

          I even have photographic proof – you can tell by the expression on his face :p


        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          LOL Did you just do this right now?!

        • unicornsgalaxy

          PFFFT! Don’t know what you are talking about…I stan Einstein so hard! LMAO!!!

        • Omg I know right, Einstein is the bomb xD

        • I’m fangirling with you! He’s really cute! ^_^

    • And,,, we don’t even know who’s that Yoshi in the video.. XD

      • He’s actually a green dinosaur disguised as a hot guy

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yoshi the dinosaur is gay, so sorry. Like seriously, he’s dating Birdo in certain games but Birdo was originally a male that believed he was a female. So either Birdo is still male or is transsexual…

          Sorry for ruining…. everything.

        • Yolanda Djajakesukma

          oh my god.. this is actually a heavy topic.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


          I couldn’t resist, my inner nerd needed to be unleashed.

        • Yolanda Djajakesukma

          lololol, no, that’s actually okay, you’re very informative! I learned something interesting XD and,… deep.

        • Actually Birdo is a girl. It was revealed in the Captain Rainbow game. In the game, Birdo is in prison because she go in the girl bathroom and the robot consider her as a man. The player, who play Captain Rainbow, has to find the proof if she is or not, a girl. We find the proof under a pillow with a “vibrating object” which is censored by the message “the proof that she is a woman”…

          I couldn’t resist too ;)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Maybe he had work done? LOL

          This is one of the most confusing characters in all of gaming…

        • Dude. Just. No. Please T_T

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Hey as if this conversation wasn’t already incredibly weird. I’m just trying to figure out how a male character turned into a female character lol.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Hey! Off-topic but it doesn’t matter here so w/e.
          Can u understand this? A commenter on AKP (that’s reason I’m not taking them 100% for their word) said their Japanese was not understandable.

        • Yea I can understand it….or should I say, I can pick up all the words in the lyrics. But it’s not pronounced very clearly, and they mix in way too much Engrish into it for it to flow well. I actually had to listen to it 3 times before I could get it all :/

          I think they’re trying too hard to sound cute and end up sacrificing clarity.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well I think it’s my least fav OC song w/ a vid and least fav vid but I was just wonderin if the person was a hater or they were right.

          Edit: Nana is a host or something on some Japanese tv show so I’d of thought hers was decent.

        • Yolanda Djajakesukma

          LOL! I hope Simon and Martina will introduce him to us on the next video..



    • hehe I thought he was cute too ^^

  112. The dot on the screen laughed at me xD

  113. *sigh* it’s always Nu’est T__T
    But I’m happy that you guys are gonna be in Japan! Hope you guys enjoy yourselves!

  114. Bakuwoman

    Japan Invites Zimon and Zartina…. nope got nothing. Jealous of the ramen and all the other delicious things you’ll get to eat. Hope you have a fun trip, and have time to catch up on sleep! Oh and also hope you don’t get sick while there xp!!!

  115. I really like this segment :) It’s okay… WANS? (Wonderful Adventure Now Sushi) lol
    Cannot wait for tomorrow. Don’t forget to tried out the video game place in Japan and tell us about it Simon ^^

  116. i know you guys probably don’t know this but the radiating sun rays to many Asian countries that suffered under Japanese imperialism mean something like Nazi swastika.

    • Yeah. You don’t see it that often in Japan. Just on those black vans driven by the crazy ultra-nationalists.

    • Why does this have downvotes? It’s pretty true – back in the day anwyay. I haven’t sensed much hostility in those Asian countries these days, with the exception of South Korea maybe >.> (not sure cos I haven’t been there, but from how people react to EYK’s comments….)

      If S&M want to stay politically correct, perhaps changing the image in the next video to Mt. Fuji with cherry blossoms might be a good idea? Just to stay on the safe side. :)

      But otherwise, I don’t think it’s a problem – most people won’t notice.

  117. I love how these video titles are so very innocent… =__=;

  118. Why couldn’t this have happened last year when I was actually IN Japan?!? Oh well, it looks like you guys have a packed schedule, but I’m sure you’ll have a blast, whatever it is you’re doing.

    And I found bean pillows to be very comfy. They mould almost perfectly to your head and neck.

  119. Awesome! I’m so excited to see your adventures in Japan and to find out why you’re there. Good Luck on your speech/presentation! (if you haven’t done it already) You’ll do awesome!

  120. literally nothing better than ukiss watching you eat… judging you…


  122. I don’t know if this is Asia as a whole or just South Korea and Japan, but man, those peeps know how to make a cake look irresistible!!

  123. what about spudgy and meemers?

  124. OMG that ramen gave me an orgasm it looks SOO GOOD!

  125. I’m excited to see what you guys are up to in Japan xD

    I love bean pillows personally. I used to have one that was shaped like an elephant, but then I adopted a kitten and he really really liked the pillow and would knead it and suckle it and so I just gave it to him and used a normal pillow. He still sleeps on the elephant pillow and kneads it now, 6-7ish years later. :3

  126. Hehe! XD I’m glad your having fun out there!

  127. Oh and also Odaiba is pretty awesome.

  128. Simon! I heard there is an entire ramen museum in Tokyo. You should probably check it out! I’ve never been to Japan so I’ve never been there, but I heard it was cool!

    • I went there! But it was for instant ramen. It was so cool but there is A LOT of weird taste… In fact, the visior can select the broth and ingredients to create their own original instant ramen. I heard there is another one where it’s a replica of an old street of Japan where you can go and taste different “real” ramen in Yokohama

  129. Oh and I recommend a side trip to Kamakura. It is so beautiful!!!

  130. I live in Kansai. Are you guys going to be anywhere near Osaka or Kyoto? I would totally come out to see you guys!!!

  131. 行った is pronounced itta, not ikita. Also isn’t SimonとMartinaは not SimonとMartinaが?

  132. OMG guys this makes me miss Tokyo soooo terribly much. I was only there a month, but it felt like hoooome, and I miss iiiit >3<
    If you guys get the chance, you HAVE to make it to Tokyo Tower just at sunset, it's so amazingly gorgeous! And Asakusa was awesome, too.

  133. Thank you for at least mentioning us Nu’est Fan’s in the blog. I hope this curse lefts soon. I really want you guys to review Nu’est.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I hope L.O.Λ.E’s will keep them in the top 3 for as long as possible and hopefully they will get a review. I know it’s hard with so many bands coming out with new songs and videos but I honestly have faith in the power of L.O.Λ.E’s

  134. I’m starting to wonder if you have a poster on your wall that lists all the synonyms of ‘masturbation’, and you just pick them off one by one as your segment names. You’re all so naaaaasty, you know that?

    Btw, umm, Japan. I have too many feels about Japan, so I won’t even start.
    After all, if I recall correctly, the first time I ever emailed you was when you started talking about moving to Japan, so I offered to help. EATYOURSUSHI.COM FTW <—– I'm still hopeful this'll happen someday

    • Hey! I already mentioned EatYourSushi.com, get your own material!!! (Even though I stole it from you, that’s not the point!) :P

  135. Why are you in Japan?

  136. ….
    Does that hat say Chicago Fucks?

  137. Sexy bearded Japanese tour guide is sexy.

    • YES YES YES >_<

      • Stop droolin and publish my Dasoni video!

        • Are you the one downvoting all the Yoshi posts? D:
          *wait my post has 2 downvotes so there must be someone else

          Why? ;( He’s good-looking and we’re just appreciating that…………. *cough*

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I would never!

          I downvote comments all the time, I’m a hater. I have all this bitterness built up inside of me from never getting upvoted more than five times.

        • MidnightEkaki

          You have been upvoted more than five times on this page :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah I saw that, wasn’t going to edit my comment though. lol

          I’m the person w/ the most comments on here by far but not in the top 5 most upvoted. There we’ll say that’s why I’m bitter. (Actually those charts I saw were before EYKAs I think, I could be on top 5 now, I doubt it though.)

        • MidnightEkaki

          The only way to get on that list is to write what other people want to read. And be the first to write it. On every article.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          iloveminhyun is the leader… (I actually don’t upvote many of her comments anymore because of it lol.)

          I’m one of the 1st before her usually and it doesn’t work with me lol. I’ve even gotten S&M to reply to me a few times but they always end up w/ 10x the likes for their reply than my comment even if they just say “yup” or something lol.

          I’ll say something and people will agree or I’ll make a joke and they lol but yet they don’t upvote me lol.

          But yeah I def make quite a few comments that I don’t expect any upvotes on though too.

          Because this is clearly such a serious matter that I should be concerned with lol…. *sigh*

  138. YAY! JAPAN SURPRISES! But OH NO! NU’EST! T^T WE’LL NEVER GET A REVIEW! That’s ok, I can’t wait for the surprises you have in store for us!

  139. JAPAN GETS NASSSSSTY! <3 i love ramen too!

  140. o/ Even though I won’t be there to see you guys since I live in Brazil… Have a nice trip, enjoy everything and work really hard to get your plans working fine!!! And maybe if you guys have time GO TO 2PM’s CONCERT!! And try to film something about it…But I know you guys are going to be a lot busy… x.x

  141. thisisjustforfunval

    OMG I could not stop laughing at you’re U-KISS menu dinner invasion!

    Also I kept trying to clean the weird buggy thing off the screen, it really seemed to like Martina’s nose! Can’t wait to hear what ya’ll are doing in Japan!

  142. Oh, Harajuku on Sunday? I will be there as well. Maybe I will be lucky to meet you gyus.

  143. Go to Kamakura! A lot of beach scenes from TV shows and movies are filmed there!!! Plus there’s the One Piece museum there! It’s an hour east of Tokyo.

  144. omg maybe you can meet up with Daesung since he is there promoting lol
    If that is a stretch well I hope you guys have fun and enjoy Japan dang seems like fun so Jelly jajaja but excited for these video vlogs =)

  145. I just tweeted you this, but I think you should know there’s a Ramen Museum in Yokohama, and it’s the best thing ever. You can order like small portions of ramen from different regions of Japan, and they’re all delicious!
    When I went, by the time I left the museum, I didn’t even want to see pictures of food without feeling like I was going to implode. It was all worth it though.

  146. Lucky !!! I want to return to Japan too ! I miss Japan sooooo much !!! Drink melon soda, eat melon pans, pudding and korokke from Lawson <3 ( I was totally Combini addicted in Japan xD). Back in 2011 I wasnt able to read Katakana either …cant wait to return to Japan now that I learned them all !!! ( I'm learning kanjis right now …I'm crying over the fact that japanese didnt only use Hiragana and katakana like korean use hangul now ….kanjiiii …whyyyy kanjiiii !! )

  147. would scream if you meet up with Girls’ Generation. I know they are there too. Meet up with Tiffany and tell her that she is the Korean-American valley girl of my heart.

  148. I would scream if you meet up with GIrls’ Generation. I know they are there too. Meet up with Tiffany and tell her that she is the Korean-American valley girl of my heart.

  149. unicornsgalaxy

    Strangely, I can totally see U Kiss just popping up randomly while you are eating going “Whacha ya do~in?” and then not leaving. Maybe sitting at the next table and keep looking over at you…

  150. There’s a lil part when Martina’s talking and there’s a black spec on the screen. I was tryin to clean it off my laptop screen when i realized it was on the video lol oh you tricked me xD

  151. Kimmicci

    LOL i love how Martina counted in Korean instead of English HAHAHAHA Ur minds are in that flippity flop stage of HOW TO SPEAK and u end up speaking Konglish. HAHAHA AHHH I wish I could see U-Kiss on my table while eating ^.^//

  152. Something deep inside tells me that y’all are in Japan for U-Kiss.
    Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.
    Either way, I am excited for your upcoming adventures in Japan

  153. Yoshi’s a cutie.

  154. Oh! Before I forget, Akihabara is practically anime town so you guys will fill at home there…Martina, don’t buy too much OHSHC merchandise ok????~

  155. Arh… I had to stop the video half way because that fruit fly type bug is distracting me!!

  156. UKISS, Eatyourkimchi’s personal stalkers ~ :D

  157. Acaso no eres un Dorito? Well said Simon! Totally loved that part (‘: Love from Mexico!

  158. Ghibli museum is pretty much a given once your in Tokyo but seeing you at the Capcom Bar or the Robot Restaurant would be interesting :3 you guys are so lucky to go I haven’t been back in 17 years. Have fun and make sure to share it all with us!

  159. Martina! Where did you get that bunny ear hoodie? I NEED this in my life. Please tell me. I live in Seoul I can go find it.

    • OMG. How do I describe it to you? It’s in Hongdae on a side alley…um…not the place near the club zone, but the other side near the quieter streets…do you know Molly’s Pops? We did a video on it for the disappointing coffee prince WANK. It’s on those side streets…Ah.. I don’t know how to describe it…just…FIGHTING~

  160. If you guys aren’t filming the pilot for an EYK movie then I will be VERY DISAPPOINT. -_-

  161. JiEYK

    Japan invites EatYourKimchi. To sound like jk.

    Just kidding… O.O

  162. Ah! I took this exact path! the Keisei Skyliner!!! :D

  163. EatYourSushi.com?



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