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Japan Invites Simon/Martina: Day 2!

February 16, 2013


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Yay! So now we can talk about what we’re going to be doing in Japan for the next little while! So far, everyone’s guesses WERE FLAT OUT WRONG! We’re not doing anything Kpop related. Well, we don’t have anything SCHEDULED Kpop related, but if anything pops up, we’d love to take part in it. But that’s not the reason why we came here and will be here until the 25th.

Here’s what’s up: YouTube Japan just officially opened up their new studio! YouTube has different creator spaces around the world that are super hi-tech camera footage kinda studios, much better than what we’re used to using, to encourage YouTubers to create higher quality material. Which is cool! It’d be great if they opened one up in Seoul, but this is pretty close (well, kinda). Anyhow, we’re here to celebrate the opening of the studio, and to collaborate with some awesome YouTubers from around Asia. Woot! From what I heard, MyChonny was supposed to be here as well, but he had other things to do instead. DAMMIT CHONNY!!! Y U NO COME HERE?! Please harass him on Twitter for not coming.

Anyhow, you’ll be seeing us doing other videos with other YouTube Asia creators as well. You might see Haywong in some of the videos as well, like you saw him a bit in this one :D

So that’s the main reason why we’re here. Turns out that we’re meeting other cool people outside of the scope of this project as well. Tomorrow we’re going to be in Harajuku filming with Asobi System, if you know who they are, and we’re super excited! We’ve spoken with some other people as well and we might be doing other cool projects, too, but we won’t mention them until they’re set in stone, of course.

As for the presentation we did that I almost pooped my pants about, well, it wasn’t as big as I made it out to be. We were speaking in front of traditional Japanese media people about YouTube and how we grew from two people doing videos on their small crappy camera to having our own studio and staff. It was more of a YouTube success story kinda thing. It was weird, because of the UN automatic translation ear pieces. IT FELT SO IMPORTANT! It was easy once we were up there and talking, but beforehand it was exceptionally intimidating. Luckily, we had a good reaction from people, and they liked what we had to say. Sweet! It wasn’t us speaking to them as us pitching our material to them. Nothing like “hay guise! We’re cool! Do something for us!” It was just us telling them about how we use YouTube and why the Nasties are so important. Seriously, we mostly talked about you guise more than we talked about us, and how fortunate we are to have you watching our videos, and how we never want to take that for granted.

Yeah! In some unrelated side note stuff:

1) We’re sorry about the splash screen from our first Japanese Invites Simon/Martina video. We just thought of it as a cool sunburst that looked really pretty, but some people said that it’s reminiscent of imperial Japan, and we, since we make videos about Korea, should know that it might make Korean people feel uncomfortable because of Japan/Korea’s past. We totally didn’t think of that when we first saw it! It was more like “oooh pretty!” So, honestly, sorry if we offended anyone. We changed the first splash screen to something different. The end splash screen we did a cheap color swap, but we’ll have time to make it look nicer for the next video. AH! Sorry :(

2) We’re not sure how to categorize these videos. Are they WANKs? Not really. They’re Japan vlogs, but we don’t have a category for that set up on our page, so we’re gonna lump them under the adventure category. Sorry if there’s any confusion!

3) For you awesome Japanese Nasties, we don’t know when we’ll have a meetup. We definitely want one. We just don’t have things set in stone yet, and we don’t know where we can/should meet. Last time we met up we kinda overran a coffee shop. I think we need a bigger area this time, but we don’t know what would be good. Any ideas/suggestions? We’re gonna be bouncing back and forth between Ropponggi Hills and Akihabara, so if you have any good ideas that won’t get us lost, please let us know!



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