Yay! So now we can talk about what we’re going to be doing in Japan for the next little while! So far, everyone’s guesses WERE FLAT OUT WRONG! We’re not doing anything Kpop related. Well, we don’t have anything SCHEDULED Kpop related, but if anything pops up, we’d love to take part in it. But that’s not the reason why we came here and will be here until the 25th.

Here’s what’s up: YouTube Japan just officially opened up their new studio! YouTube has different creator spaces around the world that are super hi-tech camera footage kinda studios, much better than what we’re used to using, to encourage YouTubers to create higher quality material. Which is cool! It’d be great if they opened one up in Seoul, but this is pretty close (well, kinda). Anyhow, we’re here to celebrate the opening of the studio, and to collaborate with some awesome YouTubers from around Asia. Woot! From what I heard, MyChonny was supposed to be here as well, but he had other things to do instead. DAMMIT CHONNY!!! Y U NO COME HERE?! Please harass him on Twitter for not coming.

Anyhow, you’ll be seeing us doing other videos with other YouTube Asia creators as well. You might see Haywong in some of the videos as well, like you saw him a bit in this one :D

So that’s the main reason why we’re here. Turns out that we’re meeting other cool people outside of the scope of this project as well. Tomorrow we’re going to be in Harajuku filming with Asobi System, if you know who they are, and we’re super excited! We’ve spoken with some other people as well and we might be doing other cool projects, too, but we won’t mention them until they’re set in stone, of course.

As for the presentation we did that I almost pooped my pants about, well, it wasn’t as big as I made it out to be. We were speaking in front of traditional Japanese media people about YouTube and how we grew from two people doing videos on their small crappy camera to having our own studio and staff. It was more of a YouTube success story kinda thing. It was weird, because of the UN automatic translation ear pieces. IT FELT SO IMPORTANT! It was easy once we were up there and talking, but beforehand it was exceptionally intimidating. Luckily, we had a good reaction from people, and they liked what we had to say. Sweet! It wasn’t us speaking to them as us pitching our material to them. Nothing like “hay guise! We’re cool! Do something for us!” It was just us telling them about how we use YouTube and why the Nasties are so important. Seriously, we mostly talked about you guise more than we talked about us, and how fortunate we are to have you watching our videos, and how we never want to take that for granted.

Yeah! In some unrelated side note stuff:

1) We’re sorry about the splash screen from our first Japanese Invites Simon/Martina video. We just thought of it as a cool sunburst that looked really pretty, but some people said that it’s reminiscent of imperial Japan, and we, since we make videos about Korea, should know that it might make Korean people feel uncomfortable because of Japan/Korea’s past. We totally didn’t think of that when we first saw it! It was more like “oooh pretty!” So, honestly, sorry if we offended anyone. We changed the first splash screen to something different. The end splash screen we did a cheap color swap, but we’ll have time to make it look nicer for the next video. AH! Sorry :(

2) We’re not sure how to categorize these videos. Are they WANKs? Not really. They’re Japan vlogs, but we don’t have a category for that set up on our page, so we’re gonna lump them under the adventure category. Sorry if there’s any confusion!

3) For you awesome Japanese Nasties, we don’t know when we’ll have a meetup. We definitely want one. We just don’t have things set in stone yet, and we don’t know where we can/should meet. Last time we met up we kinda overran a coffee shop. I think we need a bigger area this time, but we don’t know what would be good. Any ideas/suggestions? We’re gonna be bouncing back and forth between Ropponggi Hills and Akihabara, so if you have any good ideas that won’t get us lost, please let us know!

  1. yes i love kpop but i started with jrock and visual kei so it would be awesome if you guys did stuff on it

  2. Although I got into your channel and videos from watching TD:LR vids and got more interested in Korean culture and music and stuff through that, I’ve always been a hardcore Japan fan XD (Learned to speak conversationally within a year! yeah I’m proud.) Anyways! It would be so awesome if you guys did Jpop and anime and manga too! *dies of happiness* <3

  3. Why was my post removed?

  4. I’ve noticed that there’s that quite annoying fly/black dot in the middle of the screen, which makes me wanna smack it! It was in the previous video too!

  5. does anyone know what the song at 6:31 is?

  6. Simon, toilet paper seat covers make excellent facial oil papers!!

  7. I didn’t have the volume up loud enough to actually hear S&M but their hand motions cracked me up. I made up their conversations.

  8. Simon you like Square Enix hgaytfghjk

  9. it’s getting harder and harder to understand you guys i.i

  10. will there be kpop music monday for tomorrow?i’m really waiting for it XD

  11. omg, WHAT is that bug speck thing that appears randomly on the screen??????

  12. i would love it if you guys started doing some j-pop and anime stuff i love love love anime and i only know so much abou j-pop that are not vocaloids. maybe in the future you can do asian musik and cultural not juss korean

  13. Yes! You should definitely do something for anime!!!! :D It would be awesome ^-^

  14. I think you should launch a sister site, “eatyoursushi!”

  15. KATHyphenTUN

    YAY! So excited! You guys definitely should review J-POP bands!!! (my dream!)

    By the way the anime you were watching may have been “ikkitousen”
    but like you said…. you described a lot of different animes with those words XD

    Did you guys ever consider going to a park to meet? Then you don’t have to worry about crowding stores!
    Really hope my friend is able to meet up with you!! Good luck in Japan!!

  16. i think you guys should REALLY take on anime and/or manga one day. i dunno about jpop or jrock though i think that’s too big of a commitment to take on unless you someday decide to move to japan and start a new adventure there and you can pour all your energy into it like you’re doing with kpop now.

    i say anime and manga now because it’s a more flexible topic to take on because you don’t have to worry about comebacks or chart updates or current issues in the kpop world etc. you can choose to review an anime after you’ve finished watching, or do a first episode impression and then do another after you’ve finished the anime, and for manga you can do them every few chapters or do volume per volume or whatever. bottom line is you can space out the time between each vid longer and so wouldn’t be as tight as for example if you’re gonna review jpop that has song releases very frequently. at least that’s my opinion anyway.

    hope you guys have fun in japan!!

  17. The clothing-destruction game you guys liked may or may not be Senran Kagura. Glad you guys are enjoying Japan~

  18. (Second attempt from computer) This page isn’t very smart phone friendly. Can you get around to adding one someday? How about calling these WA for Asia, WANA.

  19. Simon, Martina, I love your videos. If you’re asking for our opinion, I recommend you NOT take on Japan / Anime / JPop. The reasoning is simple. You have a great brand that serves a large enough niche market. I’m sure Japan has many topics to cover, but it may be best left to another team that specializes only in all things Japanese. Did you know in the 1980′s McDonald’s experimented with serving pizza? They also tried to break into the fried chicken market. Although McDonald’s pizza and fried chicken were probably pretty tasty, the both flopped because consumers didn’t equate McDonald’s with those types of food. McDonald’s also acknowledged that they lost focus and direction at the time.

    If you do pick up Japan, the why not add Poland next? Why not then add Canada? Why not then add Vietnam? See what I mean?

    Please keep up the great work. You’re on the right path now. Don’t lose focus because a squirrel just ran by.

  20. Asobi System?! That’s awesome, especially since Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is with them, plus they put up Harajuku Kawaii vids every few days. :DDD

  21. Was Micaela Braithwaite there too? She’s a Canadian J-vlogger who lives in Fukuoka. Her channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ciaela

  22. the movie (was it an anime, i couldn’t exactly hear) was probably categorized in the ecchi genre, the pervy, NASTY genre (PERFECT FOR YER NASTINESSES). and Martina, what animes have you watched? (i know you’ve watched Ouran Host Club for obvious reasons) :*
    proud Otaku here.

  23. I cant help it ,,,Im following Yoshi in the vid ;)

  24. That video game sounds a lot like Battle Raper, but you could battle dudes, too. But not enough clothing came off on them. ._. But that game is REALLY old now, so it was probably something a lot newer. ^^

  25. kpopfan123

    “We’re not sure how to categorize these videos… They’re Japan vlogs, but we don’t have a category for that set up on our page, so we’re gonna lump them under the adventure category for that set up on our page, so we’re gonna lump them under the adventure category. Sorry if there’s any confusion!” No confusion there! :) they belong in the “adventure” section :D

    I heard Martina coughing! Is she ok? Take care of yourselves! > . < :(



  26. i feel bad because i left a comment on one of the jp vids and on facebook, and i don’t want to be an annoying fan, BUT I really want to make sure you guys get to see this… Can you guys please go to a cheap kaiten zushi place (the cheap kind, just a chain kind, hyaku yen ish per dish kind…)?!?! yas yas yas??=D!?!!?

  27. I wanna c a section for kdramas!

  28. I think you should do JPOP/anime/manga reviews, but only if it isn’t too much added work and stress because you guys can’t overwork yourselves TT^TT

  29. Christina Trierweiler

    I think it would be awesome to see Anime/Manga/Kdrama reviews!

  30. Lmao did Martina try to flip the virtual table? xD

    edit: I’m all for some kind of Japan video, so long as it doesn’t interfere with any of the Korean culture videos. They’re the reason I found out about EYK in the first place ^^ But I think you guys do so many segments already, wouldn’t adding a new one (especially one that’s not about the country you’re living in, so it’d be harder to find info) be really tiresome? Maybe if it was something you guys did every once in a while ^^

  31. I would be interested in Jpop material as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Kpop MM and TLDR. I think I could live with fewer WANK’s. But I wish you guys would cover Kdramas instead of anime like many ppl are suggesting.

  32. irritablevowel

    Simon and Martina, your being in Japan now reminds me, have you guys ever seen the movie “Littlerock”. Probably not because it is super indie and a bit challenging to find sometimes (it used to stream on Netflix, but isn’t anymore. I’m sure it’s streaming somewhere.) ANYHOO, if you haven’t you should seek it out. You guys have mentioned a few times now how much you enjoyed the movie Lost in Translation, and Littlerock (it has nothing to do with Arkansas) is like Lost in Translation in reverse. It’s about a Japanese girl who doesn’t speak English who finds herself in a very small California town. For most of the movie there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the things she does, but at the very end it all comes together and her motivation becomes clear. The trailer is on YouTube. I think it asks really interesting questions about personal identity and all of the possible paths our lives could take. Okay! Enough with the film nerdiness!

  33. I think it would be really cool if you made videos about anime/manga and jpop !! :)
    I looove manga and anime so it’d be awesome if you guise were talking about it and I think it’s kinda sad that I don’t know any jpop musicians except akb48. I’d really like to get to know some more japanese music !

  34. Please make a mobile page! This loads so slow and jumpy. How about a general Asia WA category
    NA! I mean WANA!

  35. PunkyPrincess92

    oh my god!!! i got excited just seeing the Dragon Quest bench before Simon even started talking about it!!
    i belong on those benches and that area with my 3ds!!! T_T Japan, why are you so cool?????
    hahaha anime girls make me laugh SO much and also makes me facepalm at the same time!!!
    wow that view from the window!! i could never go close to it cos i’m SO afraid of heights and that is freakin’ scary!!
    hahaha the trainers in the traditional room!!! dunno why i found that so funny….but it was FUNNY!!

    oh my gosh anime/manga reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would LOVE those!!!
    i don’t mind if you guys did Jpop, as long as it wasn’t on Mondays!! just any other day!!
    i love Japan and loved them WAY before i even new SK existed (i was really young!!! so yeah….), but their music i never actually got into!! there are of course some songs i like and oh i love Perfume!! i think they’re awesome!!

    • it’s true!! i love perfume SO MUCH!!! but it’s hard for international fans to get too into japanese music scene because nothing is readily available online. i mean if you’re japanese or know how to read and write japanese then you could just search for it on japanese blogs but if you’re not… then you’re screwed basically right? it’s so hard. i used to be so into jrock and anime OSTs but after my favorite site shut down because of domain and finance issues i basically had nowhere else to go. lol.

      • PunkyPrincess92

        it was one of the saddest days ever when a site i loved, that was so helpful as an international fan, shutdown…T_T

        yep so true!! i have no idea where to look!! every time i see a new jpop video out, i’m just too late!! it get’s removed!! and the ones i do see are short versions!!
        i actually have a friend who is jpop obsessed!! i have no idea how she does it….maybe i should ask her how she does!! haha!
        i’d just love to get into Jpop some more!! and then even watch variety shows with idols and stuff in like i do with SK, and know who they actually are!! i know some groups and stuff though!! mostly Johnny’s!! (i like NEWS!)
        but like i think i’d waste so much time just looking for new stuff on them and looking for eng subbed videos!! and i don’t have all that time!!

        • exactly! i don’t even really know any j artists aside from the really famous ones like orange range, akb48, perfume, utada, ayumi, koda and gackt. lol. that’s the extent of my knowledge. and of course w-inds and some of the johnny boys. but even then i only know the really BASIC about them. i can’t even find a FULL discography or the means to purchase them anywhere.

          it’s just sad because it seems japan is content with the way they are now and are making no moves to be more welcoming to their international audiences. sigh~

  36. SimonandMartina, using a risingsunflag of japan in korea would provoke a lot of controversy amonst koreans. that was used for japanese imperialist army during world war II equivalent to Nazi’s flag. i’d recommend you not to use sumnail of rising sun flag.

    • irritablevowel

      Err..they understand that now, that’s why they changed it. It says so right there in the blog people have to scroll through to get to these comments. The first one is a purple swirly thing now, and for now they did a color swap on the last one. They plan to make something else for the last one in their next video.

    • In their blog, posted above they stated

      Yeah! In some unrelated side note stuff:

      1) We’re sorry about the splash screen from our first Japanese Invites Simon/Martina video. We just thought of it as a cool sunburst that looked really pretty, but some people said that it’s reminiscent of imperial Japan, and we, since we make videos about Korea, should know that it might make Korean people feel uncomfortable because of Japan/Korea’s past. We totally didn’t think of that when we first saw it! It was more like “oooh pretty!” So, honestly, sorry if we offended anyone. We changed the first splash screen to something different. The end splash screen we did a cheap color swap, but we’ll have time to make it look nicer for the next video. AH! Sorry :(

    • they already changed it. read their blogpost.

  37. Eat your Ramien not Eat Your Sushi..

  38. Opening up a Jpop section means that kpoppers will most likely upvote all of kpop’s Japanese releases… we might not even see any Japanese artists for a long while. And excluding kpop artists won’t be fair since it’s still technically a Japanese release that’s not allowed on the kpop charts…
    Dilemmas dilemmas.

  39. I’d love it if you guys did something Japan-related, be it JPop or anime/manga but before you do that, I’d love for you guys to do stuff about Kdramas….

  40. I was hoping for a Daesung interview while in Japan. XD

  41. Although I do like some Japanese Artists / Songs.. I’ld prefer if you guys simply continued with K-Pop.. :S

  42. Martina flipped a virtual table. Win.

    All awesome virtual table-flipping aside, I think it would be more than amazing if you guise did introduce a Japanese culture/J-Pop/media segment. I was heavily into Japan before discovering Korea and K-Pop and once I did, I was so surprised to learn many of the J-Pop artists I was already into are actually Korean (namely BoA and TVXQ)! I’ve also been curious as to why Japanese artists are less reluctant to perform in Korea as Korean artists are to perform in Japan. Is that like a thing? I dunno if you guise have an opinion on it, but that’s just me. P: In addition, it’d be really interesting to see your takes on Japanese groups versus Korean groups? I find that Japanese music has a distinct Japanese sound to it, I dunno if that makes any sense probs not but it’d just be all-around cool to hear you guise talk about a neighbouring country that also houses oodles of awesome. XD

    Simon and Martina’s Awesome Party was awesome! (SMAP anyone? XD)

  43. I think that it would be TOTALLY awesome if you guys did do a review on JPOP and Anime/Manga. My first loves!!!! Martina, you should do a review about the new Sailor Moon Anime when it comes out ^^. Love you guys!!

  44. Favorite part: exploring traditional Japanese rooms with ladders everywhere and – holy smokes – PlayStation One!
    “If I farted here you’re trapped.” LOL I don’t know why I like fart jokes so much -_-

  45. You guys should so have your own anime~ It would be epic and would be my ritual morning show!

  46. Please tell those Japanese media CEOs: If they want you to talk about Jpop, they should first convince Japanese labels to make the official PVs available on YouTube.

    Especially Johnny’s – they’re clearly the biggest guy groups in Japan, and yet no material is available online.

    A long time ago, when you mentioned having Jpop Music Fridays, I actually looked into the possibility of linking official PVs on YouTube – and found that YOUTUBE ACTUALLY HAS A LOT OF OFFICIAL JPOP CHANNELS. :O

    Unfortunately most of the PVs on those channels were Short Versions, and often low resolution. Not to mention a lot of labels were missing.

    But I made a list of them anyway – if anyone wants to check it out, all the official Japanese music channels on YouTube:


    • couldnt agree more!! whats up with the japanese music industry bosses, i know japan has always just marched to its own beat in terms of pop culture (alot less integration with other asian countries despite its popularity i mean, unlike chinese/korean stuff) but arent they also super tech forward, i find it so strange that theyre so disconnected to youtube. n terms of media savvyness in using youtube and blunt view counts idv expected korea to have a youtube space by far before japan. its infuriating how difficult it is to find high quality good pvs, and to make matters worse they often lock up the comments section for no explicable reason so even something with millions of views cant be discussed….weird and really annoying

      • I don’t’ know a lot about J-pop but I think the reason they don’t upload more music videos is because artist tend to sell MV with the actual single/album. Instead of a MV just being there to promote a song, its a product of its own. It would be like directors uploading their whole movies online. That’s just my guess.

        • This. I actually think it’s smart of them to turn what is, for most companies, an expensive advertisement into a form of revenue.

        • but even so, it limits their reach to just japan. unless you’re a fan of anime and then moved on to jpop and j music industry from that, how else would you be exposed to it? i guess, japan is already the 2nd largest music industry in the world without following other countries’ formula so why change the format? right? i guess, since times are changing, it would be way more profitable for them if they provided a full MV online since this is the internet era and all. i dunno. i just think that their existing formula is suitable if they want to attract an international fanbase…. unless that’s how they wish to remain.

          aha~ i’m rambling. sorry. i used to be so into j music, mostly j rock and i just download their music, look up some profile info here and there, without knowing where to follow their activities and events. it’s just a little frustrating sometimes to follow the j music scene if you don’t know the right forums to follow because j artists and musicians just basically stick to their japanese blogs and websites and only if there was an international fan forum translating stuff and news for you would you be able to be updated on their activities and such. at least for kpop it’s been getting easier since kpop has brought international attention to the k music scene in general so a lot more people are dedicated to translating stuff but with the j music scene, i’ve been finding it a lil bit difficult. either that or i’m just not looking in the right places for j music. lol.

        • pepperandice

          yeah thats a good guess, i can see where theyre coming from but i still think its stupid, they need to move with the times, its like expecting people to still only watch videos through mtv…, youll just get left behind. sure theres still loads of jmusic fans, like me, but thats different from getting that section of people who fall into love with something purely through youtubes suggested videos awesomeness, thats definitely how i got into kpop, i used to HATE kpop, seriously thought it was a big joke with the huge boybands and weird hairstyles, but through alot of random youtubing i went from hating to loving suju, watched a ton of SM videos, found 2ne1 and big bang and leessang, i think without official hd uploads that are always there i can say i would NEVER have gotten into kpop, the lack of jmusic videos feels very alienating, i barely listen to j music anymore but whenever i pop by youtube for a little refresher, i need more than one song to taste before i can be bothered to check out a bands entire album but its almost impossible to do the random playlist listening thing cos theres just so few, plus it really doesnt help that most uploads are with fully japanese titles, since theyre uploaded by general users. i know english is NOT the defacto youtube language, but seriously i think alot of kpops easily spreadedness to the west/english speaking people on youtube can be attributed to the simple existence of english in the title

    • And especially U-Kiss! :((

    • Thank you so much for the list! I always forget that there are full Japanese pvs on YouTube. If it’s not Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, then I have to actively search for it. :’D

    • KATHyphenTUN

      YES!!! I couldn’t agree with you more!! It gets so frustrating I love my johnny’s boys, but sometimes its just impossible to find their work!! Because I’m a longtime fan I will always put in the work, but when I am trying to show a friend their music (so they can possibly get into the group) they can’t find the songs and give up on them! It’s so sad!! (Glad you feel my pain! XD lol)

  47. Oh wow guise! This is so exciting! You should definitely consider broadening your horizons and getting involved in Jpop! Personally, I don’t really know much about it, simply because I was never properly introduced to it, i guess :S I’m sure there are tons of people just like me who are just waiting for Simon and Martina to get them into Jpop! :D Also the Manga/Anime reviews will skyrocket your popularity among those who don’t listen to Kpop! whoot whoot :3 So happy for you guise!!!!

  48. thisisjustforfunval

    :-/ I know nothing about Japan, anime or Jpop, outside of U-Kiss Japanesse tracks. Oh and that my friend lives their teaching English. It’s really fun to watch your adventures there and to see what doors YouTube helps you to open. Also, Yoshi is still a cutie.

  49. I think it is cool that you guys are in Japan! I am so envious of the Ramen.
    Also, SHINee’s Korean comeback is on the 19th! :[ Does this mean there will be no kpop music monday?

  50. I’ll be in Harajuku tomorrow too! Hope to run into you guys! If you have any spare time you should check out the Square Enix cafe (Artnia) that just opened last year in Shinjuku. I had a Buster Sword parfait there last month and it was pretty awesome :D

  51. :D That’s why Simon should have won the whiney sissy baby edition!! :D I’m sure you did great. This is really a cool opportunity. And you’ll be doing collab stuff for the rest of the days you spend in Japan?

  52. Annie

    Oh my Gosh, why, why, why im i not in Tokyo!!!
    Also an anime/manga reviews would be awesome because i just wanted to start but i have no idea where to start and you guys are such a great source of info on culture. Have fun in Tokyo guise!

  53. Aww, congrats you guys! Your success is such an inspiration, enjoy your time in beautiful Tokyo (*sniff* I miss it)
    Enjoy Harajuku with the Nasties that show up (be aware, Sundays Takeshita Dori is CROWDED) and please do lots of videos on crepes stands. I am obsessed with Japanese crepe stands. LOL.
    I would love you for you guys to videos on anime/manga or Jpop (or Jrock or Visual Kei) but it’s what you can handle producing, I guess. Maybe you could have a sub-unit based on Tokyo, and then you can use the Eat Your Sushi name!
    Speaking of Japanese YouTubers, check out TheJapanChannel.com. He’s a Aussie with a fantastic dry wit living in Japan, and posts random vids about life in Japan; he’s renovating an old Japanese farm house at the mo and its awesome!

  54. I would personally love to see you review anime/manga but I have no idea how you guys can fit that into your schedule. O.o Well anyway, just putting that out there that I would watch it for sure (like everything else, haha).

  55. My inner nasty would love to hear y’all talk about J-Pop (actually, I’d prefer you talk about original Japanese music made by K-Pop artists like SNSD’s album Girls & Peace and SHINee’s Dazzling Girl, but I’ll take anything, really; I’d love to hear what you guys thought about Pon Pon Pon and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu), but you guys are already quite pooped out by K-Pop and Korean stuffs. Us nasties don’t wanna run y’all into the ground :(

  56. This is so AWESOME!!!! Whoohoo!!!! Your comment about Juju and Japan’s copyright law made me wonder if anyone of the Nasties here (or Simon & Martina) if you know why Japanese music is not readily available on USA iTunes? And it also seems really hard to find legit full PVs on Youtube etc. Is this to do with strict copyright laws, or bad blood somewhere? I would really love to buy some of my favourute Japanese groups’, and also Korean groups’ music on iTunes. *sigh*

    • This is just me guessing, so don’t take this word as law (and Japanese nasties, please correct me if I’m wrong), but I think that the bulk of the sales for Japanese music comes from physical CD albums and singles. The record labels also seem quite taken with producing first press and limited edition stuffs like DVDs that have the PVs on them (typically just a more expensive version of the single, but they seem to sell out fast), post cards, key chains, and the like.

      • I know that there is a thriving Japanese iTunes though which has A LOT of Japanese music – which means that they sell digital music a lot. I was just wondering why that wasn’t available in the US iTunes. And my guess is the copyright and licensing law. In today’s modern, globalized world I kind of wish that there was some way to have friendlier copyright law that allows for more cultural exchange. *sigh* I just want my international music. At least there is a lot of K-pop in the US iTunes.

        • I (and just about every movie and music fan that exists in today’s world) long for a that copyright law, as well, but it ain’t the law that’s the issue; it’s the people who own the copyrights. These big media companies keep on with these 20th century practices which isn’t gaining them a thing; in fact, they’re “losing” (as in money they could have secured, but didn’t) because they refuse to listen to their customers. If there was more K-Pop and J-Pop on services like Spotify (because I’m broke :D), I wouldn’t have a reason to pirate; I’d seriously have my Spotify client open all day XD Alas, it was not meant to be Y_Y

        • I agree that there is a serious disconnect between these big companies and the customers. It is like they are failing to recognize that this is a rapidly globalizing and multicultural world that we live in, and that there is a legitimate demand from their customer base. At least things are getting better in the K-pop scene. After Gangnam Style there is A LOT more Korean music for sale in the US.

        • I hope some of that music spills into Spotify, because I really hate having to listen to album tracks on Youtube XD I also don’t like pirating this stuff, because the Korean music scene is smaller :(

    • I wonder…but all I know is that here, in Europe, if there is a new PV from the artists I listen to , I have to be fast and check it out on youtube after it is uploaded since it’s gone so fast -.- some PVs are still alive thou…some you cannot even find unless you use a site which has a youtube link for it ( like when they upload a PV on tokyohive ).
      Sucks…always did >.<

  57. the automatic english captions/subs are hilarious!

  58. Although I would enjoy watching Japan-related videos and reviews as well, that would be so tiring on you guys :< covering Korea already takes up so much of your time, no? Also, MARTINA, WHERE'D YOU GET YOUR TAN JACKET?? I'm so jelly, I really like the neckline, lol.

  59. So awesome for you guys! Simon and Martina I can’t wait to watch more videos! I just hope we won’t loose you two to Japan ^^ there’s definitely a whole new world of possibilities for you guys there! I actually started watching Eat Your Kimchee because of your enthusiasm and very informative videos about Korea (I’ve never been into KPOP much even though I’m part Korean, ^^) . Up till now, I haven’t been able to find fun informational videos on Korea that’s full of content like yours. I’m a hapa (half white, half asian as so they say in Hawaii where I’m from ^_^) Korean American that’s been really curious about how Korea has changed since I last visited in 1999 and all your non KPOP videos has been perfect in answering most all my questions. Please don’t leave Korea! *cry cry* also, did I mention that you guys are like the CUTEST? like EVER? lol. safe travels you two!

  60. Korea = WANK
    Japan = TITs (Travels in Tokyo! loool)

  61. I would love if you started doing reviews on J-pop/rock. Also if you did anime, manga or game reviews. I don’t know how you’d find the time to do them though.


    Ayyy boy~ *rolling down my sexy window*

    Ahem. Sorry about that. m(_ _)m. I’ll NEVER stop.

    Anyway, whenever you go to Japan, I get all these feels. Of wanting you to just stay there. Which goes back to when I first came across EYK….

    Warning: Oncoming rant. Kinda personal. Possibly offensive.

    I saw a comment (which was wisely deleted by the author) that said ‘we all’ only watch EYK for Kpop. I beg to disagree – I watch EYK just for S&M, and in fact, I’ve even secretly hoped many a time that they’d stop talking about kpop altogether.

    See, I used to be a pro-Japan anti-Korea enthusiast. Like, I loved everything Japanese (I had Japanese relatives and stuff), and back in the day, if you liked Japanese things, it was expected that you hated Korean stuff, and vice versa. There’s this….superiority complex on both sides, which probably stemmed from WWII, but made its way into popular culture, and it’s really quite sad (now that I look back on it).

    I was firmly established in my knowledge and experience of all things Japanese, and also firmly rooted in my dislike of kpop and all things Korean (because of…..reasons), when one day, I found out that my high school crush liked kpop. I was shocked, but I liked the guy, so….I checked out Big Bang, which was his favourite group. I thought they were pretty decent for Koreans (especially Taeyang cos he had a beard :p) – and I ended up clicking on an EYK kpop video (How To Dance Kpop or something).

    I fell in love with S&M instantly – they spoke their honest thoughts about kpop trends, and didn’t hold back on the criticisms, all of which I agreed wholeheartedly with. And yet they liked it – kpop, and all things Korean. Here were fans of Korea who didn’t appear to be blinded by good looks or obsessed to the point of annoyance. But I still I couldn’t understand why they liked Korea so much. Why Korea, and not Japan? Isn’t Japan bigger, richer, with a greater abundance of things to do and see and experience? Especially since most of the things they introduced in their videos was also available in Japan. At first I thought it was due to ignorance (I’m so sorry S&M >_<) since that was their first time overseas, so it was all they knew – but turns out they (Martina in particular) also knew about Japan and liked Japanese culture very much. Wait – so they liked both Korea AND Japan?! What?! Impossible!!

    Ever since, I've been watching all of EYK's videos to see what they found so special about Korea. I kept comparing Korea to Japan. Comparing Kpop with Jpop. When they talked about moving to Japan, I started emailing them – offering my help, tips, connections, whatever – because surely making videos about Japan would be much, much more interesting, right? (please forgive me, I was so so very racist biased back then). I really liked them, and found their videos interesting and informative, but I felt it was a waste to stay confined to Korea when other countries *cough*Japan*cough* also had so much richness of culture to offer. Thus, when Simon and Martina announced that they were going to open a studio and stay in Korea for good(?) I was actually quite disappointed ^^;

    Eventually, though, I started liking Korea. And Kpop. I think it was mainly thanks to their archive footage, their WANKs, and their Korean Indie playlists (especially the Indie stuff, like seriously, EVERYBODY MUST WATCH K-CRUNCH INDIE!!). They also were wonderful role models to me in proving that it was possible to like both Jpop and Kpop at the same time (scandalous, right?). I also realised that it was a good thing that they ended up in Korea – they have the best internet in the world, and they have more flexibility to do stuff (admittedly Japanese laws can be pretty strict and strongly enforced – taking photos/videos in public is often not allowed). Plus, y’know, Korea is a lot more open to foreigners and globalisation than Japan is. For example, doing Jpop music mondays would be hard when you can’t even find the MVs online ^^;;

    In conclusion: I like EYK because of S&M as people. And thanks to them, I have become a fan of Korean music and am learning to like a lot of things about Korea. Yet I still love Japan!! So I guess you could say….they’ve broadened my horizons? :)

    Am I alone in that sentiment? :/

    As for what you said about the Japanese media asking for you to do Japanse stuff….Monthly segments for Kdrama, Jdrama, Kpop, Jpop, K-Indie, J-Indie, WANKs, WANTs, anime, manga, manhwa, Japanaese food, Korean food…..oh the possibilities are endless :D

  63. if you guys can do a anime reviews that will be great, but i like to see more WANKS and FAPFAPs but thats just me

  64. LOL sorry guys, us Melbourne peeps are hogging Chonny for now. X)

  65. What about Yoyogi Park? It has some pretty big spaces.

  66. If you’re going to be filming near Takeshita Street 竹下通り in Harajuku, there are several delicious crepe stands along that street. Meiji Jingu and Yoyogi Park are both across the street from there, but they’re better to visit in warmer months. Unfortunately all of the places I can think of that are big enough for a fan meet are outside locations.

    It’s really easy to get to Tokyo Tower from Roppongi. You can walk, but you can also take the subway; it’s about one stop away on the Hibiya Line (the gray line). Martina, you’re a fan of Boys Over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango, right? You might recognize Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills from the drama. Also, the stone pillar from Ebisu Garden, which is also close by and you can reach via the Hibiya subway line.

    For a less modern feel, check out the Asakusa area. There’s a beautiful temple there called Sensoji, as well as a famous gate called Kaminarimon that leads into a pedestrian shopping street that’s a good place to do a little souvenir shopping.

    If you get the chance to go down to Yokohoma, there’s an ice skating rink along the main section of the harbor, near the small amusement park. There’s also the Yokohama Chinatown.

    There are several ubiquitous cheap food chains, one of which is called Matsuya 松屋. They have a great curry rice for only about $3.50. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had them or not, but don’t leave Japan without eating a シュークリーム (cream puff).

  67. wah! so exciting! omedetou!
    if you’re going to roppongi hills a lot then definitely check out the mori arts center. also, if you feel like seeing a movie, the movie theater there gives you a discount for being a foreigner lol (just show them your passport)
    also, i feel like that green screen would be really good for mimes to train with XD

  68. This is so awesome. The possibilities for expanding are growing and growing! Hope you guise are ready for the workload :D

  69. is it just me? or martina tried to flip the table at the green screen?

  70. Anime and manga stuff would make my day. But honestly, I love anything you guys do. I love you both!!

  71. I would love some J-Pop reviews (:


  73. Can I just say I’ll be dancing up and down if I was to see Jpop/rock (Include rock!!!) reviews or Anime reviews :’D
    But I love you guys for your quality of videos, not if you review my bias band~ (omg you guys didn’t review Nell I’m totally unsubscribing….. Yeah definitely not like that :) I want to see your ventures!!! ^o^

    • Hi there ~RE “omg you guys didn’t review Nell….. ”

      Nell is AWESOME…in every way…..but I gave up long ago believing my favorite Emós would get reviewed here or pretty much anywhere else…hahahah! still love ‘em. ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ (thanks for giving them a shout-out)

      • Haha I meant to do it in Martina’s “Omg you guys are so YG biass” voice~ I hope that came out o3o
        But yes! I must admit it was Slip Away which got me into them but I have not turned back! I love them so much <3<3 ^o^

  74. AHHHH ASOBI SYSTEM they’re the company kyary pamyu pamyu (and lots of other awesome japanese models) work under! they’re like totally harajuku focused /o/

    anyway, that’s so exciting! congratulations, i’m so excited to see the videos! as for a possible japan nasty meetup, you could go to yoyogi park or shinjuku kouen if you don’t mind being outside! there aren’t many places in either roppongi or akiba that i know about that are good for huge groups ): you’ll definitely have more luck somewhere in shibuya, harajuku, or shinjuku.

    eating places and cafes in japan aren’t that accomodating for huge groups sadly ): a good place for huge groups to hang out and walk around is definitely shibuya-harajuku though! sweets paradise (or other buffet places that are around 1500yen/90 mins) are the most accomodating for large groups without worrying about age things like at an izakaya. i hope you guys can have one though!!! if it’s after the 22nd I WILL BE THEREEEEEE <3

    if you have time, i recommend checking out jiyuugaoka, daikanyama, shimokitazawa or yanaka ginza near NEEEPOREEE hehe they're super quaint places with yummy food and shimokita has lots of cafes! and i know you guys love cupcakes but i think the equivalent craze in japan are pancakes! definitely stop by rainbow pancake or pancake days or clover summat in daikanyama! for coffee, i hear great things about steamer coffee in harajuku and for donuts, hara donuts is AWESOME! ari muffin in aoyama is also super good~

    anyways have fun in tokyo and good luck!! <3

  75. When you guys went to those japanese traditional rooms studio, it was effin quiet! then you guys got back to the party. it was KJFBHDSOUGN OYCFBGIDUYCGNISUDCFIBKGFK >.<

  76. I think maybe something like what you do for the Korean indie playlist but Japanese Pop playlist/Japanese Music Playlist

  77. Harass Chonny: TICK.

  78. Would the J-pop reviews be separate from the K-pop ones? If so I think it’d work well and I’d be interested to hear some of it.. Also it’s super understandable if you guys can’t get us a review on Monday and if you manage we should all be forever grateful you took the time for us.. Congrats on all the awesome stuff that happened in Tokyo even if you were super nervous! :)

  79. thank you for sharing your japan adventures with us! side note ehrmehgerd that stupid bug that lives in one of the cameras is as irritating as turtlenecks are to martina. ahhhhhhh!!!

  80. MOJO – Mosey Over to Japan Opportunities —- time to get your MOJO on ~ ❤

  81. kawaii_candie

    Martina, the dress you were wearing was really cute!!

    I’m definitely gonna go and try to find you in Harajuku! XD
    but if you wanna do a fan meeting and you’re afraid that there’s gonna be too many people, we could just go to a bing park like shinjuku gyoen or something and have like a picnic! lol. it’s a bit coldish still but it’d be doable…

  82. wuuuuuuut 호호미욜 near 상수 station, with Volkswagen car…? truck? van? anyway a vehicle. that’s their trademark. anyway they used to have quiche. I don’t know if they still have one but they have amazing food ! and also the interior is awesome.

  83. I would love if you guys talk about Japan. Lately I’ve been torn between Korea/Japan because once i got into Korean culture and music i feel like i turned my back on japan. I LOVE anime and if i didn’t listen to anime osts before k-pop i would of thought that listening to another country’s music was weird. Talking about Japanese music would be awesome because honestly i know very little of it except “oh i love this anime opening song/ending song. And i know who AKB48 is since they apparently have about 100 members.” Drama/anime/manga segments would be the best, you should do it. You guys could even talk about K-pop in japan. How well it’s doing, who the leading singer/groups are. Difference between a groups “Korean style” vs “Japanese style”. I know KARA is really popular in japan. They are even going to get their own anime! And if you are gonna do those drama segments you could compare the dramas that were made in Korea and Japan, example To the Beautiful You and Hana kimi. Eatyourkimichi anime club where we nerd/spazz all about anime i would love that!! hehe

  84. Simon and Martina, can you do me a favor and wipe off the camera lens? there is a black speck that at times is distracting cause it’s literally on one of your faces. in the last video i kept thinking it was on my laptop screen, but alas it was not.
    love the videos from Japan! Have loads of fun guys!

  85. Mychonny is doing the Melbourne comedy festival thats why he isnt in Japan

  86. I freakin love martinas shoes!!!

  87. I tried to wipe that black thing off my screen. I have been fooled D:


  89. omg!! that’s so awesome!! hope you have lots of fun at that thing!!

  90. so excited for and envious of you guys! tokyo is probably the number 1 city i’d like to visit ): hope you guys are enjoying it!

  91. Omg…I lol’d like crazy when poor Simon was freaking out about getting up in front of that huge room full of people. I would have had a heart attack on the spot. What little you showed though looked like you kept your cool. Good for you! Your family must be so proud right now. This is really huge!

  92. yes wonderfull adventures tokyo and and JPOP and all J music would be awesome!! y not!! i love it all

  93. Akihabara had AMAZING used game stores…like 20 copies of each game title ever made. You have to find some of the stores!

  94. Congrats!! That is amazing! ( ;´Д`))Oh please have your meetup on a weekend if you can!! It’s the only time I can make it to Tokyo :-(

  95. I think that would be awesome if you guys started doing Jpop and Anime/Manga reviews. It would open a very huge audience, (even though you guys have a big fanbase) :)

  96. “Lets go in there and make out!” lol and this is awesome! Reviewing Jpop would expand your videos but also be a lot more work!

    • I don’t see how they’d do it considering almost all J-Pop gets blocked on YouTube.

      • have to agree with you on this one…it’s hard to find PVs on youtube… -.- in the past it was alittle easier thou >.< but maybe they could try to find them on dailymotion or yokou (something like that ) websites…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          They’d have to review them there too then. Or not play/show clips of the song lol.

      • yeah, this was the fist thing coming to my mind. Japan got very strict about youtube-videos (which is, in my opinion a lill bit too much…). however, a j-pop section would be nice. I’ve been into j-pop since 1998, but recently I am more listening to kpop. I need more j-pop updates, cause i am too lazy to search for new singers haha. (and the ones I loved are either not so good anymore (like ayu, my opinion!) or seldom release singles (fukuhara miho) or decided to go on hiatus (hikaru utada).

        • or are retired ( Aiuchi Rina ) *sniff * -.-

          I got into j-pop in 1999 xD and I listen to kpop too but in my case, I equally try to listen to both jpop and kpop…thou I still like jpop more…it’s like ones frist love xD

  97. I just get a little disappointed when viewers just want to watch your channel for Kpop. I am not a huge kpop fan, though I do enjoy the genre of music thanks to my little sister.But I enjoy their videos because they teach us a lot about Korea (life/culture) and other countries they go to. So saying that you are not interested in what Simon and Martina are doing because its not Kpop related, is a bit rude from my p.o.v.

  98. Isabel Ruby

    lol the escalator you guise went up? i ran down it the wrong way with some friends once XD and haha martina garot wire

  99. its so crazy this is going on now, another Canadian YouTube guru is also in Japan filming. Furious Pete123, I believe he’s filing Furious World tour-Japan. Nice timing,lol

  100. my guess is right HayHay is next to Martina since in the Ramen place right?

  101. Yoshi looked a little concerned for his safety when you were talking about the strangling ninja badges xD

  102. Your adrenaline must be pumping to all new levels. Sounds like an amazing opportunity for you guys. I’m sure you must be overwhelmed with all the things going through your head right now, so here’s wishing you good luck. You should be very proud of where you are and what you are doing right now

  103. Question: Will there be a KMM?


  105. I guess we can say you guys are Hallyu youtubers???

  106. let’s all be honest now. we are(at least i am) here cause of K-POP, no K-POP not interested but good for you guys hopes it all goes well in japan not in korea where K-POP is……… i guess we can say you guys are Hallyu youtubers???

    • A lot of people like their show also because they are Simon and Martina and many people are also interested in Japan

      • I couldn’t care less about kpop, But Simon and Martina rock my world! I looooooooove FAPFAP and WANK’s. And pretty much everything else they do that isn’t kpop lol.

    • Japan has a fun music scene as well! Expand your horizons :)

      But I actually haven’t watched any of S & M’s KPop videos in months…. I can get vapid pop music from anywhere. Culture is special. :)

    • kpop is literally the least interested-in thing they do that i love, i prefer their fapfaps and wanks and general chats, also theres a huge huge chunk of kpop fans who are ex(or ongoing)jpop and jculture fans, i cant tell you how many times iv seen comments all over the web from kpop fans who talk about how they used to be super obsessed with j stuff before getting more obsessed with k stuff

    • I actually think the reason why they have so many followers is that they show different aspects of Korea. Like my favourite segments are the indie playlists and the WANKs and FAPFAPs, but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Kpop related segments as well… And I love their random vlogging stuff as well, like they did in the begining.
      Basically they’re so passionate no matter which topic they’re talking about that they make everything interesting (and I really love Japan sooooo)

  107. More like a WANT Wonderful Adventures Now Tokyo!

  108. These are so fun! You should call them JAMS! Japanese Adventures with Martina and Simon!

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