Yay! So now we can talk about what we’re going to be doing in Japan for the next little while! So far, everyone’s guesses WERE FLAT OUT WRONG! We’re not doing anything Kpop related. Well, we don’t have anything SCHEDULED Kpop related, but if anything pops up, we’d love to take part in it. But that’s not the reason why we came here and will be here until the 25th.

Here’s what’s up: YouTube Japan just officially opened up their new studio! YouTube has different creator spaces around the world that are super hi-tech camera footage kinda studios, much better than what we’re used to using, to encourage YouTubers to create higher quality material. Which is cool! It’d be great if they opened one up in Seoul, but this is pretty close (well, kinda). Anyhow, we’re here to celebrate the opening of the studio, and to collaborate with some awesome YouTubers from around Asia. Woot! From what I heard, MyChonny was supposed to be here as well, but he had other things to do instead. DAMMIT CHONNY!!! Y U NO COME HERE?! Please harass him on Twitter for not coming.

Anyhow, you’ll be seeing us doing other videos with other YouTube Asia creators as well. You might see Haywong in some of the videos as well, like you saw him a bit in this one :D

So that’s the main reason why we’re here. Turns out that we’re meeting other cool people outside of the scope of this project as well. Tomorrow we’re going to be in Harajuku filming with Asobi System, if you know who they are, and we’re super excited! We’ve spoken with some other people as well and we might be doing other cool projects, too, but we won’t mention them until they’re set in stone, of course.

As for the presentation we did that I almost pooped my pants about, well, it wasn’t as big as I made it out to be. We were speaking in front of traditional Japanese media people about YouTube and how we grew from two people doing videos on their small crappy camera to having our own studio and staff. It was more of a YouTube success story kinda thing. It was weird, because of the UN automatic translation ear pieces. IT FELT SO IMPORTANT! It was easy once we were up there and talking, but beforehand it was exceptionally intimidating. Luckily, we had a good reaction from people, and they liked what we had to say. Sweet! It wasn’t us speaking to them as us pitching our material to them. Nothing like “hay guise! We’re cool! Do something for us!” It was just us telling them about how we use YouTube and why the Nasties are so important. Seriously, we mostly talked about you guise more than we talked about us, and how fortunate we are to have you watching our videos, and how we never want to take that for granted.

Yeah! In some unrelated side note stuff:

1) We’re sorry about the splash screen from our first Japanese Invites Simon/Martina video. We just thought of it as a cool sunburst that looked really pretty, but some people said that it’s reminiscent of imperial Japan, and we, since we make videos about Korea, should know that it might make Korean people feel uncomfortable because of Japan/Korea’s past. We totally didn’t think of that when we first saw it! It was more like “oooh pretty!” So, honestly, sorry if we offended anyone. We changed the first splash screen to something different. The end splash screen we did a cheap color swap, but we’ll have time to make it look nicer for the next video. AH! Sorry :(

2) We’re not sure how to categorize these videos. Are they WANKs? Not really. They’re Japan vlogs, but we don’t have a category for that set up on our page, so we’re gonna lump them under the adventure category. Sorry if there’s any confusion!

3) For you awesome Japanese Nasties, we don’t know when we’ll have a meetup. We definitely want one. We just don’t have things set in stone yet, and we don’t know where we can/should meet. Last time we met up we kinda overran a coffee shop. I think we need a bigger area this time, but we don’t know what would be good. Any ideas/suggestions? We’re gonna be bouncing back and forth between Ropponggi Hills and Akihabara, so if you have any good ideas that won’t get us lost, please let us know!

  1. It wasn’t. Sometimes it gets hard to find old comments though and disqus has been acting a bit squirrely lately.

    http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/jism2/#comment-801877357. That should link to your comment.

  2. does anyone know what the song at 6:31 is?

  3. omg, WHAT is that bug speck thing that appears randomly on the screen??????

  4. i would love it if you guys started doing some j-pop and anime stuff i love love love anime and i only know so much abou j-pop that are not vocaloids. maybe in the future you can do asian musik and cultural not juss korean

  5. Yes! You should definitely do something for anime!!!! :D It would be awesome ^-^

  6. YAY! So excited! You guys definitely should review J-POP bands!!! (my dream!)

    By the way the anime you were watching may have been “ikkitousen”
    but like you said…. you described a lot of different animes with those words XD

    Did you guys ever consider going to a park to meet? Then you don’t have to worry about crowding stores!
    Really hope my friend is able to meet up with you!! Good luck in Japan!!

  7. Should the Japanese sections be called “Eat Your Ramen”?

  8. “We’re not sure how to categorize these videos… They’re Japan vlogs, but we don’t have a category for that set up on our page, so we’re gonna lump them under the adventure category for that set up on our page, so we’re gonna lump them under the adventure category. Sorry if there’s any confusion!” No confusion there! :) they belong in the “adventure” section :D

    I heard Martina coughing! Is she ok? Take care of yourselves! > . < :(



  9. Don’t worry… if they won’t get another studio and hire full-time staff that won’t be possible… I don’t know if they have had at least one day off work per week

  10. I think you should do JPOP/anime/manga reviews, but only if it isn’t too much added work and stress because you guys can’t overwork yourselves TT^TT

  11. Simon and Martina, your being in Japan now reminds me, have you guys ever seen the movie “Littlerock”. Probably not because it is super indie and a bit challenging to find sometimes (it used to stream on Netflix, but isn’t anymore. I’m sure it’s streaming somewhere.) ANYHOO, if you haven’t you should seek it out. You guys have mentioned a few times now how much you enjoyed the movie Lost in Translation, and Littlerock (it has nothing to do with Arkansas) is like Lost in Translation in reverse. It’s about a Japanese girl who doesn’t speak English who finds herself in a very small California town. For most of the movie there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the things she does, but at the very end it all comes together and her motivation becomes clear. The trailer is on YouTube. I think it asks really interesting questions about personal identity and all of the possible paths our lives could take. Okay! Enough with the film nerdiness!

  12. I think it would be really cool if you made videos about anime/manga and jpop !! :)
    I looove manga and anime so it’d be awesome if you guise were talking about it and I think it’s kinda sad that I don’t know any jpop musicians except akb48. I’d really like to get to know some more japanese music !

  13. oh my god!!! i got excited just seeing the Dragon Quest bench before Simon even started talking about it!!
    i belong on those benches and that area with my 3ds!!! T_T Japan, why are you so cool?????
    hahaha anime girls make me laugh SO much and also makes me facepalm at the same time!!!
    wow that view from the window!! i could never go close to it cos i’m SO afraid of heights and that is freakin’ scary!!
    hahaha the trainers in the traditional room!!! dunno why i found that so funny….but it was FUNNY!!

    oh my gosh anime/manga reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would LOVE those!!!
    i don’t mind if you guys did Jpop, as long as it wasn’t on Mondays!! just any other day!!
    i love Japan and loved them WAY before i even new SK existed (i was really young!!! so yeah….), but their music i never actually got into!! there are of course some songs i like and oh i love Perfume!! i think they’re awesome!!

    • it was one of the saddest days ever when a site i loved, that was so helpful as an international fan, shutdown…T_T

      yep so true!! i have no idea where to look!! every time i see a new jpop video out, i’m just too late!! it get’s removed!! and the ones i do see are short versions!!
      i actually have a friend who is jpop obsessed!! i have no idea how she does it….maybe i should ask her how she does!! haha!
      i’d just love to get into Jpop some more!! and then even watch variety shows with idols and stuff in like i do with SK, and know who they actually are!! i know some groups and stuff though!! mostly Johnny’s!! (i like NEWS!)
      but like i think i’d waste so much time just looking for new stuff on them and looking for eng subbed videos!! and i don’t have all that time!!

  14. Err..they understand that now, that’s why they changed it. It says so right there in the blog people have to scroll through to get to these comments. The first one is a purple swirly thing now, and for now they did a color swap on the last one. They plan to make something else for the last one in their next video.

  15. omg there are so many jokes they can do on anime reviews, things like “yelling the name of your attack when you attack”, “charging your power for over 3 episodes during battle”, “this isnt my final form yet”, etc LOL

  16. Please tell those Japanese media CEOs: If they want you to talk about Jpop, they should first convince Japanese labels to make the official PVs available on YouTube.

    Especially Johnny’s – they’re clearly the biggest guy groups in Japan, and yet no material is available online.

    A long time ago, when you mentioned having Jpop Music Fridays, I actually looked into the possibility of linking official PVs on YouTube – and found that YOUTUBE ACTUALLY HAS A LOT OF OFFICIAL JPOP CHANNELS. :O

    Unfortunately most of the PVs on those channels were Short Versions, and often low resolution. Not to mention a lot of labels were missing.

    But I made a list of them anyway – if anyone wants to check it out, all the official Japanese music channels on YouTube:


    • YES!!! I couldn’t agree with you more!! It gets so frustrating I love my johnny’s boys, but sometimes its just impossible to find their work!! Because I’m a longtime fan I will always put in the work, but when I am trying to show a friend their music (so they can possibly get into the group) they can’t find the songs and give up on them! It’s so sad!! (Glad you feel my pain! XD lol)

  17. :-/ I know nothing about Japan, anime or Jpop, outside of U-Kiss Japanesse tracks. Oh and that my friend lives their teaching English. It’s really fun to watch your adventures there and to see what doors YouTube helps you to open. Also, Yoshi is still a cutie.

  18. Oh my Gosh, why, why, why im i not in Tokyo!!!
    Also an anime/manga reviews would be awesome because i just wanted to start but i have no idea where to start and you guys are such a great source of info on culture. Have fun in Tokyo guise!

  19. This is so AWESOME!!!! Whoohoo!!!! Your comment about Juju and Japan’s copyright law made me wonder if anyone of the Nasties here (or Simon & Martina) if you know why Japanese music is not readily available on USA iTunes? And it also seems really hard to find legit full PVs on Youtube etc. Is this to do with strict copyright laws, or bad blood somewhere? I would really love to buy some of my favourute Japanese groups’, and also Korean groups’ music on iTunes. *sigh*

    • I know that there is a thriving Japanese iTunes though which has A LOT of Japanese music – which means that they sell digital music a lot. I was just wondering why that wasn’t available in the US iTunes. And my guess is the copyright and licensing law. In today’s modern, globalized world I kind of wish that there was some way to have friendlier copyright law that allows for more cultural exchange. *sigh* I just want my international music. At least there is a lot of K-pop in the US iTunes.

      • I agree that there is a serious disconnect between these big companies and the customers. It is like they are failing to recognize that this is a rapidly globalizing and multicultural world that we live in, and that there is a legitimate demand from their customer base. At least things are getting better in the K-pop scene. After Gangnam Style there is A LOT more Korean music for sale in the US.

  20. Simon! There is a Squeenix cafe in Shinjuku!
    You can make it there from Akihabara. Go! GO! They have adorable plushie slimes you can buy! Go in PLAYLIST MODE!

  21. She’s a famous Japanese jazz solo singer :)

    Here are some of her biggest hits – they’re duets though ^^;; (btw youtube views are not demonstrative of popularity)
    Eien wa Tada no Ichi byou Kara – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrNA9wIjIKA

    Kimi no Subete ni – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdDI1TAydqc


    Ayyy boy~ *rolling down my sexy window*

    Ahem. Sorry about that. m(_ _)m. I’ll NEVER stop.

    Anyway, whenever you go to Japan, I get all these feels. Of wanting you to just stay there. Which goes back to when I first came across EYK….

    Warning: Oncoming rant. Kinda personal. Possibly offensive.

    I saw a comment (which was wisely deleted by the author) that said ‘we all’ only watch EYK for Kpop. I beg to disagree – I watch EYK just for S&M, and in fact, I’ve even secretly hoped many a time that they’d stop talking about kpop altogether.

    See, I used to be a pro-Japan anti-Korea enthusiast. Like, I loved everything Japanese (I had Japanese relatives and stuff), and back in the day, if you liked Japanese things, it was expected that you hated Korean stuff, and vice versa. There’s this….superiority complex on both sides, which probably stemmed from WWII, but made its way into popular culture, and it’s really quite sad (now that I look back on it).

    I was firmly established in my knowledge and experience of all things Japanese, and also firmly rooted in my dislike of kpop and all things Korean (because of…..reasons), when one day, I found out that my high school crush liked kpop. I was shocked, but I liked the guy, so….I checked out Big Bang, which was his favourite group. I thought they were pretty decent for Koreans (especially Taeyang cos he had a beard :p) – and I ended up clicking on an EYK kpop video (How To Dance Kpop or something).

    I fell in love with S&M instantly – they spoke their honest thoughts about kpop trends, and didn’t hold back on the criticisms, all of which I agreed wholeheartedly with. And yet they liked it – kpop, and all things Korean. Here were fans of Korea who didn’t appear to be blinded by good looks or obsessed to the point of annoyance. But I still I couldn’t understand why they liked Korea so much. Why Korea, and not Japan? Isn’t Japan bigger, richer, with a greater abundance of things to do and see and experience? Especially since most of the things they introduced in their videos was also available in Japan. At first I thought it was due to ignorance (I’m so sorry S&M >_<) since that was their first time overseas, so it was all they knew – but turns out they (Martina in particular) also knew about Japan and liked Japanese culture very much. Wait – so they liked both Korea AND Japan?! What?! Impossible!!

    Ever since, I've been watching all of EYK's videos to see what they found so special about Korea. I kept comparing Korea to Japan. Comparing Kpop with Jpop. When they talked about moving to Japan, I started emailing them – offering my help, tips, connections, whatever – because surely making videos about Japan would be much, much more interesting, right? (please forgive me, I was so so very racist biased back then). I really liked them, and found their videos interesting and informative, but I felt it was a waste to stay confined to Korea when other countries *cough*Japan*cough* also had so much richness of culture to offer. Thus, when Simon and Martina announced that they were going to open a studio and stay in Korea for good(?) I was actually quite disappointed ^^;

    Eventually, though, I started liking Korea. And Kpop. I think it was mainly thanks to their archive footage, their WANKs, and their Korean Indie playlists (especially the Indie stuff, like seriously, EVERYBODY MUST WATCH K-CRUNCH INDIE!!). They also were wonderful role models to me in proving that it was possible to like both Jpop and Kpop at the same time (scandalous, right?). I also realised that it was a good thing that they ended up in Korea – they have the best internet in the world, and they have more flexibility to do stuff (admittedly Japanese laws can be pretty strict and strongly enforced – taking photos/videos in public is often not allowed). Plus, y’know, Korea is a lot more open to foreigners and globalisation than Japan is. For example, doing Jpop music mondays would be hard when you can’t even find the MVs online ^^;;

    In conclusion: I like EYK because of S&M as people. And thanks to them, I have become a fan of Korean music and am learning to like a lot of things about Korea. Yet I still love Japan!! So I guess you could say….they’ve broadened my horizons? :)

    Am I alone in that sentiment? :/

    As for what you said about the Japanese media asking for you to do Japanse stuff….Monthly segments for Kdrama, Jdrama, Kpop, Jpop, K-Indie, J-Indie, WANKs, WANTs, anime, manga, manhwa, Japanaese food, Korean food…..oh the possibilities are endless :D

  23. is it just me? or martina tried to flip the table at the green screen?

  24. the thumbnail of the video when its not playing

  25. martina has a moving mole on her face again lol

  26. Martina, the dress you were wearing was really cute!!

    I’m definitely gonna go and try to find you in Harajuku! XD
    but if you wanna do a fan meeting and you’re afraid that there’s gonna be too many people, we could just go to a bing park like shinjuku gyoen or something and have like a picnic! lol. it’s a bit coldish still but it’d be doable…

  27. I would love if you guys talk about Japan. Lately I’ve been torn between Korea/Japan because once i got into Korean culture and music i feel like i turned my back on japan. I LOVE anime and if i didn’t listen to anime osts before k-pop i would of thought that listening to another country’s music was weird. Talking about Japanese music would be awesome because honestly i know very little of it except “oh i love this anime opening song/ending song. And i know who AKB48 is since they apparently have about 100 members.” Drama/anime/manga segments would be the best, you should do it. You guys could even talk about K-pop in japan. How well it’s doing, who the leading singer/groups are. Difference between a groups “Korean style” vs “Japanese style”. I know KARA is really popular in japan. They are even going to get their own anime! And if you are gonna do those drama segments you could compare the dramas that were made in Korea and Japan, example To the Beautiful You and Hana kimi. Eatyourkimichi anime club where we nerd/spazz all about anime i would love that!! hehe

  28. lol the escalator you guise went up? i ran down it the wrong way with some friends once XD and haha martina garot wire

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