We’ve discovered a new and scary thing in Korea: K-pop fan groups. Our experience with them first began on a small scale two years ago with our How to Dance Kpop 2008 video when a TVXQ fan group thought we were mocking Mirotic (which we weren’t. It’s one of our all time favourite kpop songs) and we were shocked to receive some angry angry comments from angry 14 year old girls. Most recently, our video on U-Kiss also got a whole lot of angry comments from a bunch of members from their fan group. They thought we offended a member from U-Kiss after he mentioned our video in a Twitter post, and this caused some of the fan group members to supposedly cry while watching our video. Wow. Totally bizarre. And so our final consensus is: Kpop fan groups are scary.

We were at the Asia Song Festival on the weekend and got to see some awesome acts, including 4Minute, Kara, 2AM, B2ST, Rain, and BoA. All were great. B2ST was fantastic, Rain was unbelievable, and BoA was, well, we don’t know. When BoA went on, we couldn’t hear the show. Like, not at all. Why? Because the people you see in the video were sitting right behind us screaming the whole time. And not regular screaming. It was cold outside, and one of the girls was screaming so much that her face was covered in sweat. No joke. The screaming you see in this video is one tenth of how much they were screaming during the performances. In this video, they’re screaming because BoA’s about to come back on stage. Yeah.

Anyhow, this isn’t something we’re used to seeing, so we thought it’d be interesting to put up a video about it. We’ve been to lots of concerts ourselves for bands we really, really like, but have never seen people screaming like this, or ever felt the urge to scream ourselves, except for that one time when Martina went to a free Hanson concert a million years ago and supposedly the only sound she heard was “WAHHHHHHHHHH”. *Cough* probably because she was the one doing all the screaming :D

  1. Ha! Really? French fans are worse? Wow!

  2. Yeah, that is quite scary. Ah!

  3. Ha! It's just his schtick. Seems like he's not getting a good reception here. Sorry dokdoisours! Please come back for more :D

  4. Ha! I swear, if anyone ran up to us like that I'd probably laugh until I cry :D

  5. So true with the Netizens. It's easier online though cause you don't have to worry about someone punching you back lol.

  6. Yeah, we heard about it. It's quite disturbing. Really quite disturbing. Poor girl does nothing wrong, and people are gonna trash her because of raging jealousy. Utterly bewildering. Is the guy getting any flack for it at all?

  7. Ha! Yeah, don't worry. I know his blog. Thanks for looking out for us, though :D

  8. Yeah I just saw that. It's totally disturbing. Like, I don't even think I can laugh about this, even though I want to. I feel bad for 2PM, but even worse for the girl.

  9. It's true. Many people think we're American. Sometimes when we're outside people see us and say "Migookin." S'why we wear Canadian flags on our bags now :D

  10. You don't know scary and Kpop music until you get into fan wars. Now that can be something scary. Read about the Dream Concert 2008 deal.

  11. I just read about that as well. Not sure why everyone's ripping into that poor girl…

  12. The rest of the show was awesome :D Too bad you didn't come!

  13. Ha! I almost fell for it until I read your name. I know the kind of games you play…

    • As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Dokdoisours…you know, I can't even finish that thought, because I looked at your name and thought it was the name of a dinosaur, like "Dokdoisaurus Rex" and I got totally distracted. Awesome. I like dinosaurs. Yes, we can be friends now because of your awesome name.

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