We’ve discovered a new and scary thing in Korea: K-pop fan groups. Our experience with them first began on a small scale two years ago with our How to Dance Kpop 2008 video when a TVXQ fan group thought we were mocking Mirotic (which we weren’t. It’s one of our all time favourite kpop songs) and we were shocked to receive some angry angry comments from angry 14 year old girls. Most recently, our video on U-Kiss also got a whole lot of angry comments from a bunch of members from their fan group. They thought we offended a member from U-Kiss after he mentioned our video in a Twitter post, and this caused some of the fan group members to supposedly cry while watching our video. Wow. Totally bizarre. And so our final consensus is: Kpop fan groups are scary.

We were at the Asia Song Festival on the weekend and got to see some awesome acts, including 4Minute, Kara, 2AM, B2ST, Rain, and BoA. All were great. B2ST was fantastic, Rain was unbelievable, and BoA was, well, we don’t know. When BoA went on, we couldn’t hear the show. Like, not at all. Why? Because the people you see in the video were sitting right behind us screaming the whole time. And not regular screaming. It was cold outside, and one of the girls was screaming so much that her face was covered in sweat. No joke. The screaming you see in this video is one tenth of how much they were screaming during the performances. In this video, they’re screaming because BoA’s about to come back on stage. Yeah.

Anyhow, this isn’t something we’re used to seeing, so we thought it’d be interesting to put up a video about it. We’ve been to lots of concerts ourselves for bands we really, really like, but have never seen people screaming like this, or ever felt the urge to scream ourselves, except for that one time when Martina went to a free Hanson concert a million years ago and supposedly the only sound she heard was “WAHHHHHHHHHH”. *Cough* probably because she was the one doing all the screaming :D

  1. They didn’t seem that bad… of course, it’s what they do when the singer/actor isn’t working that’s the problem…
    I’d really love to know WHY these people so… obsessed – is it the way the companies are marketing the idols, or is there something lacking in the lives of these people?






  3. They are so into BoA that they don’t even notice you video taping them. That’s hilarious!

  4. Everytime I heard the fan’s screams and chants (especially ELF, I’m an ELF), it always gives me goosebumps and I feel really high, maybe because i love super junior so much.
    i’ve never been to their concerts, i always watch on youtube.. i hope i will get one chance to be in one of their concert and feel what it is like :D

  5. What I see and hear in that video is nothing at all compared to some Shawols and ELFs… Don’t worry, Simon and Martina, you have seen NOTHING at all. Try going to Super Junior or BigBang’s concerts sometime and you’ll see what I mean.

  6. Yeah there are fans like those everywhere. When I went to the first JYJ world tour in NYC it was crazy screaming like that the entire time but it was totally different when I went in NJ. We screamed when they came out yet but when they sang every got quiet so we could hear them. 

  7. lol I think it’s like that everywhere — typical crazy fans. I went to SMTOWN ’10 in Los Angeles and the girls next to us kept screaming like crazy when DBSK, SuJu, or SHINee came out which was like 80% of the time. I lost my hearing and I could not hear the songs at all. :( I forgot to bring earplugs and I don’t think I’ll ever forget again for any other concert.

  8. Typical kpop concerts I’ve been to  = very very very loud screaming and even louder music. Everything’s so loud that the singer’s sound like they inhaled helium. :))

  9. I’m sorry to hear you had such bad experiences with fan groups. I’ve met a lot of good people through fan groups, but it always seems that the crazy ones rear their ugly heads towards the nicest people. There’s no humour with the more….’dedicated’ fans these days.

    I heard Kevin of U-KISS really likes your videos though xD

  10. To be honest this is kind of pathetic. These fans treat their idol singers (or in BoA's case singers) like Gods. They are just singers not Gods. Calm the :X down.
    Also about the angry fans, don't worry about them. They are just butt hurt or in harsher terms losers. Everyone has their own opinions. When it gets to the point where you're crying when someone gives an honest review about your idol singer, then you know you need to get a life.

  11. Actually, there are not that scary compare to other videos that you can find on the internet.
    I heart so many awful things about korean fans, presents that they gave, what they said…
    Must be though to be a Korean star (I won't even talk about the suicide rate…)

    but I still think that French fans are worse… =__='

  12. I bet you guys had a headache after that concert! Yikes! I'm a BoA fan but I don't scream THAT loud at her concerts! >_<

  13. omg. the girl in the red sweatshirt looks like shes hyperventilating

  14. I screamed like that at the SMTOWN concert in LA. I love me some BoA :)

  15. I love kpop but i totally hate kpop fanclubs. Some of them are soooo unreasonable & kinda pathetic actually. I don't hate the fans but those thorns among the roses… Was 1st a fan of many group but then i found out that some fans from the group started bashing some other groups that i like too! (I actually like almost all the bands) I felt disgusted by those comments and decided not to be a fan anymore. I'm a SUPPORTER instead!! The music industry & the fan clubs are just madness… Totally scary people… TOTALLY!!
    I mean, those artists put in so much in training dancing, singing, acting and even hosting! Yet, some people just can't give them some air to BREATHE!! Shesh! (Sorry i just felt very unfair about the whole situation. I just hope that some fans can be more understanding and more harmonious)

    Anyways, Simon and Martina! I love your 'Music Mondays'! Waiting for the up coming one!! =D

  16. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 너무 웃겨요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. Oh lol okay, kpop fans never fail to surprise me. Like really, when I heard about the "SHINee accident" my first thought was something along the lines of "Poor guys, they won't ever get away with that. Especially the girl…" and I was right. So sad. But attacking you as well? Woahh… (and here I thought KissMes were at least quite normal…)

  18. All I can say is, wow. The screaming girls here in the America have nothing on the Kpop fans. I downloaded BoA's new album last week. I love how she mixes languages in her songs.

  19. Bahaha
    My Canadian/American boyfriend told me that if you go traveling you should always put a Canadian flag on your bag because then the foreigners will leave you alone. Guess people hate us Americans : (

    But seriously, if you think that is bad, news broke out that one of the SHINee members has a girlfriend now. Have you heard the fangirls hating over there? They are drinking the haterade like CRAAAZAY!

  20. @dokdoisours – go away you troll. you're annoying :)

  21. I totally thought it was a dinosaur too. Ignore the flamers and keep up the great work Simon and Martina! I haven't been back to "my motherland" for almost 10 years and you guys are providing a vitual tour for me through these videos! You guys are hilarious. I love your meatball sub graphic. Keep on postin'!!

  22. I will scream like those girls if I meet you guys!!!!!!!! Oppa!!! Unni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm your big fan!!!!!! ……………… just kidding:) but I do love you guys♡ BTW I just hope that not many Korean people watch this video, especially those girls in the video!!… They might be offended, seriously.. and you know, people become even more scary on internet. I don't want you guys to be a target of Korean internet madness…

  23. Don't get fooled by this fake Korean guy. You would know what I mean after some research on this guy. There are tons of fake Koreans on the internet. They pretend to be Korean but actually they aren't. Their aim is provoking non-Koreans who have interests in Korea and planting bad impression to non-Koreans.

    BTW, thanks for the videos. Almost all the videos you posted so far were very insightful and interesting even to the native Koreans like myself.

    • Dear John (it's Dear John letter! kkk)

      If my's really pretend to artificial Korean, I'm do bad job at it. If you're read to my blog, clearly it's full the native english level write, and variety point of view, so reason I'm only put this kind message to Canadian Ken and Barbie message is because I'm sure they know my the blog already and know it's only jest. If you're do the "research" you can see my write is harmless… plus, nobody actually read my blog (trust me it's a true) – mostly just find my page after google "michelle wie"

      Thank for your no sense of humor though. It make me smile too.

    • Ha! Yeah, don't worry. I know his blog. Thanks for looking out for us, though :D

  24. ew… korean teenage fans o: I love DBSK too (I'm 21 years) but.. your review about dance, sing and groups.. is so funny XD.. seriously, I'm your fan… I think you should ignore those stupid comments of humorless girls who think their idols are like God. Whatever :D eat your kimchi.. great!!

  25. You don't know scary and Kpop music until you get into fan wars. Now that can be something scary. Read about the Dream Concert 2008 deal.

  26. If you think this is bad, you should see the girl who was at the 2PM fan signing a few days ago. Her level of fandom madness is AMAZING.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kFNA0cBXe8 <– Video with poor Taec looking like he wants to run away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu5UwwPhNyk <– Full audio of her with almost all the guys. Honestly, it's amazing.

  27. L…M….A…OFF! That was hilarious! Kinda seemed forced though… But they have a point BoA is amazing! And I didn't really get it was that dokdoisours comment a joke or for real?.. But I hope you don't get tracked down anyway, otherwise where else am I gonna get my Kpop music mondays!

  28. … They actually sound like some friends and I that one time we went to see Mettallica xD xD By the time the concert was over and we were clamoring for "one last song", that is.

  29. This is insane!!! I feel bad for your poor ears!!! Heck, imagine if there was a whole group of them including some guy fans o_O

  30. Yeah to be honest I'm not into KPOP, but some people in my country (one of the SEA country) are die-hard fans :P. One article can be a battlefield between fans, antis, and even so-called-neutral-ones. So better keep my mouth shut about these KPOP stars.

    BTW I watched your how to dance kpops and music reviews, and I don't find it offensive at all. It was fun :D
    Keep up the good work Guys!

  31. Wait until they track you down – I hear it's a common thing in Korea for die-hard fans to track down those who offend their idols. And wft, Jonghyun just made his relationship with an actress public and that actress is being backlashed. The funny part is that it's never the male being backlashed lol

    • I just read about that as well. Not sure why everyone's ripping into that poor girl…

      • Well, to be nice and honest, 'most' of Jonghyun fans were being pretty reasonable and mature and replied to all the flaming the poor girl was getting in her cyworld in her defense, saying that they should at least respect the privacy of Jonghyun – and when Shin Se Kyung finally closed it down, people from the SHINee fanclub said it was a good idea, because she shouldn't have to suffer through that.

        Even so, these fans are the kind of fans who end up making people so tired of a certain singer/group that *they* become anti-fans. They're not a nice crowd.

  32. I thought you were going to include the issue about Shinee’s Jong Hyun and Shin Se Kyung who revealed that they were dating today. Of course the fans were outraged and Shin Se Kyung had to shut down her cyworld. Scary…

    I wanted to watch the Asia Song Festival too but we opted to go to Namsan that night. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the show aside from your encounter with the jumping Boas.

  33. Why are you hate the Kpop? Kpop sing is the truly Korean truly! If you're mock the kpop sing especially boa (she am my angel: I am marry one day) then I make the every boa fan come to your a website and make hate to your internets!

    Everybody know kpop is the Korea special thing, and true Korean is love all! So not hatefully to our 5000 years kpop heritage or go home to america. Korea is the peaceful, lovely lovely country, so don't mockery or humiliation to the korea, korea kpop, or we destroy!

    Thank you for read my essay.

    • lol they are canadian!
      -_-* are you joking, or are you serious?

      • Dear Mimi

        Of course very serious. I am never joke to topic such as ms. boa my lovely and wife (I hope).

        Dear Eatyourkimchi: maybe Canadian usa is my confusing sometimes. Like I'm sometimes confuse lettuce and cabbage when make the sandwichi (ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹). But as you know, Korean dinosaur very peaceful: number one!

        • It's true. Many people think we're American. Sometimes when we're outside people see us and say "Migookin." S'why we wear Canadian flags on our bags now :D

    • Ha! I almost fell for it until I read your name. I know the kind of games you play…

      • Very thank. Do you want to friend? I'm want to have a foreigner friend so that practicing English. Also my nephew middle school is very smart boy. Can you the tutoring at him?

        • As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Dokdoisours…you know, I can't even finish that thought, because I looked at your name and thought it was the name of a dinosaur, like "Dokdoisaurus Rex" and I got totally distracted. Awesome. I like dinosaurs. Yes, we can be friends now because of your awesome name.

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