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K-Crunch August 2011

August 31, 2011


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Ok, so last month we started a new monthly segment called the K-Crunch, in which we attempt to do a monthly news wrap up of Korean media stuff. We can’t cover everything, but from what people suggested last month, we’ve gleaned that you’d like us to talk about the songs we haven’t reviewed for Music Mondays, as well as talking about some K-Dramas. Ask, and ye shall receive!

We’re actually a lot happier reviewing the songs we haven’t reviewed before, the ones that didn’t get nominated, because there are some songs and videos that we wanted to talk about, both favourably and unfavourably. Especially Sunny Hill’s “Pray”

What…a…freaking…awesome…song! Some people might say “oh, you guise don’t like ballads! You say so all the time!” Which is true, but we don’t really consider this in the same genre of ballad that we dislike. This doesn’t have the feelings of a pop song ballad. It just really seems like really talented people singing a really beautiful song, with a really profoundly sad video accompanying it.

Next on the list is a video we really wanted to talk about, but not because either the song or the video are really at all interesting.

ChoColat’s “Syndrome” is very formulaic: cute girls singing and dancing in funky rooms, occasional zoom ups of their faces to show how pretty they are. Utterly forgettable as a video. The aegyo at the end of the video is also really nausea inducing. But we’re not saying this as anti-fans or anything like that. This is a video that we should have been able to avoid, to not pay attention to, but it kept on being brought up. Why? At least from the comments we read, so many people said “They’re bi-racial! Review them!” Who cares if they’re bi-racial? Sure, in the context of the Korean music, being bi-racial is impressive, since Korea is pretty aggressively homogenous. But music needs more than a race-card to be relevant in our opinions. On an international scope, no one should care that they’re bi-racial, and we’d like to think of Korean Pop as being able to stand up as an internationally appreciable genre. This song…just doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Ah well. The girls are pretty, though! Especially that one girl that hogs 90% of the video. Could have sworn there were 5 members in that band, not 1 singer and 4 backup dancers…

Third on the list is Stellar’s “Rocket Girl,” which we wanted to review, not because it’s a particularly good song, but because it’s a particularly odd video, in that fun kind of way. In fact, it seems so bizarre that we doubt that it actually took itself seriously. It’s so…weird, that it’s good. It’s hilarious, and we were vastly entertained by the ridiculousness of the worst gunfight we’ve ever seen in a Kpop video. Eric also makes us laugh, because of our past experience with him as a Pedobear. This time he’s not being a pedobear. He’s just napping, and then taking a very long time to wake up, and then having a really difficult time figuring out if he wants to wear his glasses or not. Oh Eric. You amuse us. And PS-> we’ve been singing his rocketship rap line ALL DAY.

We also reviewed two K Dramas, but to be fair, “we” should = Martina. Starting off with Heartstrings, which I wasn’t immediately impressed by. It picks up after a really slow start by episode 4, but even then I couldn’t get into it. It seems to be a 50/50 drama, some people really seem to like it, and other hates it.

Puffy Cheeks

Stop puffing your cheeks already. That does not make for good acting.

I really am losing patience for the super over acting and weird faces the directors get the actresses to do. The only time I’ve ever seen a male character “overreact” was via Jeremy in “You’re Beautiful”. That kind of puffed out lip/puffed out cheek, huge bambi eye acting can only take you so far before I just feel annoyed. Maybe I’ve just watched way WAY to many kdramas/jdramas and now I have a huge amount of dramas to compare. Anyways, it is what it is, a really light and fluffy drama so don’t be too discouraged to not watch it, I guess just in my opinion, she falls in love a bit too quickly.

Next up is Protect the Boss, which is still airing and so far, is ROCKING!!! You might argue the male lead in this drama is overreacting too, but I don’t find that he is since his character is supposed to be inherently childlike, and stuck in a state of childlike behaviour (such as sticking out your tounge or shoving someone obviously who shoved you a litle). Eunseol (the female lead) is really refreshing. She is a strong character but she’s not as stubborn as say, Gilaim in Secret Garden who seemed to say “NO” to everything. Eunseol is still able to bite her tounge and continue her work in a professional manner despite all the b*acthes that work around her. Anyways, I don’t want to give ANYTHING away, just that it’s got some quirky characters and 3 strong main leads (including Jaejoong from JYJ who is AWESOME…even better than Mickey in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which is also awesome, although drags on a little near the end). OKAY! GO WATCH IT! NOOOOOOW!!!!!



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