1) Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”


NANANANANA! I Met GAAAA-INNN! Ha! No, really, I don’t want to brag about it too much. We’ve been lucky enough to meet a bunch of Kpop idols on the different shows we’ve been on, but those shows are usually a lot of work and planning. This run in with Ga-In was just pure fluke. She was just walking around, asking some young guise some stuff, while some cameras were filming her. We’re not sure why, or for what show it was. WHO CARES! We just happened to be in relax mode rather than work mode, so we could finally fanboy/fangirl over an idol we met, just by chance.

Anyhow, she asked me if I knew who she was, and I said that I did, and that I’m a big fan. She thanked me for it. Then I tried explaining in my broken Korean that I have a YouTube channel and I make kpop videos, but she squished her face in the most emotive look of pure confusion that I gave up explaining and said “Sajin Jusayo!” (which means “picture please!”). So we took pictures together. Woot! Not as amazing a story as some would have expected, but – ah well! Still cool, in our books :D

2) SHINee “Juliette”


We’ve talked about almost every major SHINee video out there. We reviewed Lucifer first, and then Hello. We did the Japanese version of Replay, and – finally – we’re talking about Juliette. Of course, we totally love this song, as we mentioned in the video. SHINee, in fact, has barely ever let us down (apart from Hello, which..uhhhhgghhh). We’ve got such high hopes for Sherlock. SHINee! Don’t disappoint us PLZ!

3) Girls’ Generation “Visual Dreams”


We just realized this now, as we’re writing this blog post, that we’re talking about two SM bands. Pure coincidence. Anyhow, it’s about time we talked about Visual Dreams, which doesn’t really seem to be discussed when it comes to the SNSD canon as much as their other singles. Too bad. We really like this song! It’s so lighthearted, and we like seeing an SM production that isn’t so overblown and super serious. It looked like fun to shoot, even if it wasn’t the best video in the world, and the song is just so peppy and…Japanese? Yes, they’re not singing in Japanese, but it feels perfect for our vision of Japan, for some reason. Ah well. Side note: we’re going to Japan on Friday for a few days. We’ll make sure to play this song as we walk around and hopefully it’ll be a befitting soundtrack. Double FYI: if you’re in Japan in the Ikebukuro area, we’ll be there! PARTY TIME!

4) Secret “Shy Boy”


Holy crap! A GUY REQUESTED SOMETHING! Seriously! Barely any guys ever request anything. It’s all girls! And a couple of dogs. But a guy! We had to pick his request immediately. And it’s from a band we really like: Secret! We just don’t like this song too much, though we love their other songs. And we like, especially, that they’re not disturbingly thin girls. Seriously: not to pick on Girls Generation here, but when we hear about them having the best legs, we’re a little…ummm…ok let’s not use strong words here. Let’s say that we forcefully disagree. Secret has bodies that we’re more appreciative of: curvy, with some meat on them thighs! Womanly bodies, not girly bodies. We like that, and we like Secret for rocking it. Boomshakalaka!

Side note: tonight is such a freaking crazy night for us: since we’re going to Japan tomorrow morning, we’re not sure if we’re gonna be able to upload this weekend’s playlists in Japan, so we’re uploading them all tonight. HOLY FREAKING INSANITY! AHHHH! Ok that’s all for the side note.

  1. Martina- I dont’ know how they do that dance either. We call them ‘boneless’. It is not possible to move like Taemin unless one is boneless…do they use skelegrow after?

  2. I don’t really appreciate your belittling of skinny frames seeing as Ga In weighs little more than Sunny (the lightest member in SNSD). Sure, you can appreciate curvy girls as do I, but it’s demeaning to talk down on SNSD’s thin builds as it is also demeaning to call curvy girls overweight or unhealthy.

    I doubt many women who are naturally thin, or who like to keep thin, would enjoy hearing their bodies are “girly” aka they’re “not real women”.


  3. REDWINGS SHIRT! ldkjfldjflakjfdfdljka!
    *Ahem* Admit it, Minho – you have no idea who that is. I’m onto you… O_* (tweaky eye)

  4. OMG!! Hahahha I like the pun there about Hyuna!

  5. That’s awesome, Simon! It seems your fanboy moment with Ga-In was included on her show, “Launch My Life”!! – check it out at ~1:18 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cv68LriAhvE#! 

  6. Juliette’s dance is awesome,but i hope u to rew

  7. then what bout park bom’s long legs? arent they considered honey thighs as well? 

  8. I seriously never heard the term “honey thighs” until you said it, but that totally makes sense, and yes Secret have some awesome legs they do.

  9. SERIOUSLY. seriously. Martina. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Everything she said about Shinee’s Juliette is something I’ve said to myself–yes, don’t judge me–at some point. From the fact that I fell totally hard for this song and this marked the first time since I was maybe, I dunno, 14 that I literally played a video over and over trying to mimic the dance moves because I effing loved it so much (ROS I know, sorries), to loving it despite the AWFUL fashion choices and Taemin being so very lady-like. 

    Even though it’s been maybe a year and a half now since I discovered this song, I still listen to it on occasion and dance it out. LOVE that song. 

    Also, for me, “Lucifer” had more of an impact on my everyday vernacular. Here’s an example, if you will:

    Friend: Work today sucked!

    Me: Why?

    Friend: My boss gave me a ton of work!

    Me: Well, maybe if your whisper wasn’t The Lucifer, that wouldn’t happen. beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep *insert Lucifer dance moves*

    Seriously, that went on for a year….. I lost a lot of friends that year…..T_T

  10. I can no longer watch Secret Shy Boy because I play where’s B.A.P… sad but true….

  11. After School Red In the Night Sky

  12. for a second i thought maybe Ga-In was filming for Running Man but then i saw it was Han Ga-In!

  13. I’ve never thought Taemin was a girl even when i first saw him >_< i actually thought he was really manly…. and cute….. adorable thats why i'm a taemint ^^    

  14. Trax’s earlier songs for Kcrunch  or maybe Blind ? XD

  15. How about researching K-POP in Japan? That must be good idea.. ^^….b :v

  16. Did Ga-In speak to you guys in English?? if she did was she good at it? :O

  17. If you guys like Girls’ Generation’s “Genie” & “Visual Dreams”, I recommend listening to their self-titled Japanese album from last year. All the songs on it are amazing to be honest.
    1. Mr. Taxi – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhseD2tRLUY3. Youaholic – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEp93_OzAIc5. Bad Girl – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gQs7damTIE6. Beautiful Stranger – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLQxCv8MPQg7. I’m in Love with the Hero – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob47c1ouB5c8. Let it Rain – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em81yIh7Oog10. The Great Escape – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7rjat1mH3I12. Born to be a Lady – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78NCCMU9viI

  18. How about including Leessang’s “Girl who can’t break up, Boy who can’t leave” (phew that’s a really damn long title) in next week’s cocktail?

  19. Can Simon and Martina please review I’m a Loner by CNBLUE?? I would love to see Simon doing the random scream thing they did in the middle of the music video… LOL :D


  21. I need to complain about Hyo’s hair. I DONT APPROVE. Also….. as Mary Noona said… It’d be nice to see K-hip hop. Like Tasha. Lots of Tasha.

  22. Simon! I love your shirt!

  23. *Still waiting for the epic authentic Korean Hip Hop edition featuring Tiger JK, Lady T, Epik High, MC Sniper… oh the list can go on* 

  24. YOU MET GAIN?!??!?!?!??!?!!??!?!
    Wow -_- envy much..

  25. ilu martina omg secret is my favorite girl group of /all time/. i think they’re so pretty, badass, healthy, and talented. ugh.

  26. Hey about that core in SNSD song..I mean if it was for Intel ..you know in their logo the often hava a sing INTEL Core..maybe that’s what they were going for?

  27. martina u should know that juliette song belonged 2 corbin blue
    the song rythme that is
    not the lyricks

  28. as much as i love shinee… i can’t forgive them for the HAIR NECKLACES!!! I MEAN, COME ON!!!

  29. One of the reasons I really like Miss A’s Min is because she’s in the same boat as Secret. Not only is she a powerful dancer and a great singer, but I feel that I can connect with her more because she’s not “perfectly” tall and thin. I really admire her for being comfortable with herself, and also for becoming an idol when the odds may not have been totally in her favor, in comparison to other girls who make it.

    And I didn’t know much about Secret before watching your guys’ vid, but I REALLY loved that song and music vid. I’ll have to find out more about them… :)

  30. Can you link the Shy Boy video to the official channel and not the bootleg version?

    Here is the official link: 


  31. My reaction when I opened the main page and seeing Simon together with Gain.


  32. Woah! I’m so happy for you, Simon!! :3
    We all know how much you admire her. Congrats– it’s a surprise you deserve.

  33. the girls in Secret *would you believe* weight between 45-47 kg and are only 160-160 cm off the floor. they are tiny. i think Minzy from 2NE1 is a def S line. not sure bout anyone else but Minzy 4sure!

  34. Speaking of amazing kpop girl dancers with curvy bodies, I think Minzy from 2NE1 fits that profile perfectly. Have you SEEN her muscles? She’s so amazing, especially when solo dancing. But my favorite has to be when she danced to Thriller with 4 male kpop idols.

  35. Can I request for Lee Soo Young – Grace

  36. We were doing Romeo and Juliette in our Literature class and when I was reading a part from it, instead of saying Julliete in normal pronanciation I said in it Engrish followed by an Oh! and everyone was staring at me like WTF are you doing?! XD and professor told me to read normally or else and I lied and told him that it was written in my edition of the book. And then I got an arrow to the knee.

    (Actually he told on me to my homeroom teacher who said to not do that again and I said “Don’t deny our r square pie” and her being a math teacher told me that I would be under detension for a whole week if I didn’t score the next test. So I beacame a nerd. NERD 4 LIFE!)

  37.  I think there were cameras following Gain because of her new show ‘Launch My Life’

  38. Hey, this is really irrelevant but I just ordered ‘Moon over Soho’.
    I’m really looking forwward to it!!:)

  39. Hey, this is really irrelevant but I just ordered ‘Moon over Soho’.
    I’m really looking forwward to it!!:)
    But I couldn’t find ‘The Rivers of Lonon”!!
    Where did you order that from??????????????

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