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K Crunch Cocktail: Abracadabra Shy Visual Juliette

March 15, 2012


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1) Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”

NANANANANA! I Met GAAAA-INNN! Ha! No, really, I don’t want to brag about it too much. We’ve been lucky enough to meet a bunch of Kpop idols on the different shows we’ve been on, but those shows are usually a lot of work and planning. This run in with Ga-In was just pure fluke. She was just walking around, asking some young guise some stuff, while some cameras were filming her. We’re not sure why, or for what show it was. WHO CARES! We just happened to be in relax mode rather than work mode, so we could finally fanboy/fangirl over an idol we met, just by chance.

Anyhow, she asked me if I knew who she was, and I said that I did, and that I’m a big fan. She thanked me for it. Then I tried explaining in my broken Korean that I have a YouTube channel and I make kpop videos, but she squished her face in the most emotive look of pure confusion that I gave up explaining and said “Sajin Jusayo!” (which means “picture please!”). So we took pictures together. Woot! Not as amazing a story as some would have expected, but – ah well! Still cool, in our books :D

2) SHINee “Juliette”

We’ve talked about almost every major SHINee video out there. We reviewed Lucifer first, and then Hello. We did the Japanese version of Replay, and – finally – we’re talking about Juliette. Of course, we totally love this song, as we mentioned in the video. SHINee, in fact, has barely ever let us down (apart from Hello, which..uhhhhgghhh). We’ve got such high hopes for Sherlock. SHINee! Don’t disappoint us PLZ!

3) Girls’ Generation “Visual Dreams”

We just realized this now, as we’re writing this blog post, that we’re talking about two SM bands. Pure coincidence. Anyhow, it’s about time we talked about Visual Dreams, which doesn’t really seem to be discussed when it comes to the SNSD canon as much as their other singles. Too bad. We really like this song! It’s so lighthearted, and we like seeing an SM production that isn’t so overblown and super serious. It looked like fun to shoot, even if it wasn’t the best video in the world, and the song is just so peppy and…Japanese? Yes, they’re not singing in Japanese, but it feels perfect for our vision of Japan, for some reason. Ah well. Side note: we’re going to Japan on Friday for a few days. We’ll make sure to play this song as we walk around and hopefully it’ll be a befitting soundtrack. Double FYI: if you’re in Japan in the Ikebukuro area, we’ll be there! PARTY TIME!

4) Secret “Shy Boy”

Holy crap! A GUY REQUESTED SOMETHING! Seriously! Barely any guys ever request anything. It’s all girls! And a couple of dogs. But a guy! We had to pick his request immediately. And it’s from a band we really like: Secret! We just don’t like this song too much, though we love their other songs. And we like, especially, that they’re not disturbingly thin girls. Seriously: not to pick on Girls Generation here, but when we hear about them having the best legs, we’re a little…ummm…ok let’s not use strong words here. Let’s say that we forcefully disagree. Secret has bodies that we’re more appreciative of: curvy, with some meat on them thighs! Womanly bodies, not girly bodies. We like that, and we like Secret for rocking it. Boomshakalaka!

Side note: tonight is such a freaking crazy night for us: since we’re going to Japan tomorrow morning, we’re not sure if we’re gonna be able to upload this weekend’s playlists in Japan, so we’re uploading them all tonight. HOLY FREAKING INSANITY! AHHHH! Ok that’s all for the side note.



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K Crunch Cocktail: Abracadabra Shy Visual Juliette


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  1. Martina- I dont’ know how they do that dance either. We call them ‘boneless’. It is not possible to move like Taemin unless one is boneless…do they use skelegrow after?

    3 years ago
  2. for a second i thought maybe Ga-In was filming for Running Man but then i saw it was Han Ga-In!

    4 years ago
  3. One of the reasons I really like Miss A’s Min is because she’s in the same boat as Secret. Not only is she a powerful dancer and a great singer, but I feel that I can connect with her more because she’s not “perfectly” tall and thin. I really admire her for being comfortable with herself, and also for becoming an idol when the odds may not have been totally in her favor, in comparison to other girls who make it.

    And I didn’t know much about Secret before watching your guys’ vid, but I REALLY loved that song and music vid. I’ll have to find out more about them… :)

    4 years ago
  4. Simon is such the Brown Eyed Girls fanboy!

    4 years ago
  5. I can’t believe no one has mentioned this yet, Kpop dance class?!  That is a story that requires more detail please.

    4 years ago
  6. Business cards, Simon, that is what you need. Hand out business cards to K-pop artist, they may or may not look at it. If you have Korean on one side and English on the other then it would make it more interesting…. 
    The Secret is cute, I had to go to YouTube the video was disabled in your playlist :(. Now to get lost in YouTube world. 
    Idea, have ALL your videos in one giant playlist, it would be good to watch during a sick day :)

    4 years ago
  7. I still have a hard time listening to “Juliette”. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love SHINee, they got me into kpop and I’m so excited for the comeback! 

    But…this is another of those SM remakes. They bought the rights to the music used in Corbin Bleu’s “Deal With It,” which is what I end up singing every time I try to make it through this song. It makes it really hard. Especially because I loved Corbin Bleu (him and his amazing poofy/bouncey hair), he was the best thing I got out of High School Musical (i was in the target age group when that came out).

    In fact, when ever I listen to “Juliette,” I immediately have to go and look up “Deal With It.”

    4 years ago
    •  I’m glad someone mentioned this! I love SHINee and ‘Juliette’ but I was a HUGE Corbin Bleu fan during his High School Musical days – I had his album & saw him perform in concert! I always end up singing ‘Deal With It’ during ‘Juliette’ and no matter how many times I listen to SHINee’s version I end up feeling like it’s more Corbin’s song than their’s…Corbin Bleu is a fantastic dancer & his choreography is great as well!

      I love ‘Juliette’, it’s just that it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Corbin and his original song!

      4 years ago
      • First off, I’m totally jealous that you got to see Corbin Bleu live…really jealous.
        Secondly, I love both Corbin and Shinee, but I feel the same, the song feels more like Corbin’s haha.

        I think the thing that bugs me the most about the remake are the comments I read on Corbin’s video on youtube. People say Corbin plagerized, that his version is horrible, that he can’t sing or dance. And none of that is true! It is things like that that really makes me hate fans. (And it isn’t just shawols, I’ve seen this on other videos that are part of the whole remake songs thing kpop does) When stuff like this comes up you can like one version better, but that doesn’t make the other one a bad version or the singer a bad singer. 

        Sorry about the rant 

        4 years ago
    • So after watching “Deal With It” I went to his song “Push It to the Limit” and I noticed that about 1:17 he does a sorta roll your sexy windows dance! It is very subtle and its used to like, push his body up, but Simon, I had to inform you

      4 years ago
  8. A hockey team shirt was the only way they could man up those pastel pink pants.

    4 years ago
  9. And I was about to request videos:P Have a great trip:D

    4 years ago
  10. Actually, I was in Hongdae too and B1A4 randomly come out of the subway. They were being followed by about 5 really excited girls and one camera man, no one else seemed to notice them. I thought it was B1A4, but I was a little nervous just to yell BILAAAASAAAAAAA at what could have been just a group of high schoolers doing a school project. Only later did I figure out it was really B1A4 filming for a TV show. And, yes, afterwards I did yell BILAAAASSAAAAAA!!!! in my most manliest voice.

    4 years ago
  11. ARGH if it was a month ago I would’ve still been in Tokyo and I would’ve totally gone to meet you guys…and take you out places…cos I drive :D

    Too much to recommend, but:
    – Try to go to a baseball or sumo game if they’re in season. (EDIT: I just checked. They’re not. Forget it. T_T)
    – Akihabara is a MUST GO, perhaps visit a maid cafe for the experience, or the Gundam Cafe, or the AKB48 cafe. Try out the different arcade games and ufo-catcher machines. (certain arcade floors have free Wi-Fi). If you don’t like wasting money, I’d suggest just go to a ramen shop where all the salarymen eat. Yodobashi have free massage chairs – check it out! To use Internet you’d need to sign up for membership using your passport, but they have booths that you can sleep in while using the internet/reading manga. Tons of electronics, anime merchandise, and 2D porn (I know you mentioned it before, but yes Japan has too much porn).
    – Hyungboo Restaurant in Akasaka, Loveless Aoyama, Murasaki Sports and Starbucks in Harajuku are all places where Bigbang have been spotted in Tokyo. Maybe you could go autograph hunting? :p I heard some 2NE1 and BB songs playing in the shops last time I was there. Anyhow Harajuku and Shibuya are both amazing fashionable places, but not as ridiculously posh as Ginza. STAY AWAY FROM GINZA.
    – Get a drink at an izakaya, I heard there’s plenty in Ikebukuro. It might smell of cigarettes, but beer, edamame, yakitori, and perhaps battered oysters are the classic bar meal that you gotta try at least once.
    – If temples are your thing, Asakusa has the famous red lantern, giant sandals, and taiyaki.
    – I would personally suggest going to a super sentou, as onsens are mainly in the countryside (cough*Martina*cough*) but it could be just the same as the Korean ones, I don’t know.

    Oh and Congrats on meeting Ga-In – THATS SO COOOOL~ xD

    4 years ago
  12. I came to Korea. I was walking around. I saw B1A4.

    4 years ago
  13. Loved that SHINee song, but roflol, they are wearing WEAVE as necklaces! oh, Kpop. u so crazy.

    4 years ago
  14. read the title and saw the word JULIETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OH~) i was like aaahhhhh SHINee!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah i didn’t like their clothes much in the Juliette days either!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!
    aaawww i love the song Hello!! it’s so nice!!! and has A LOT of unexpected bass!!!! (well i just never noticed it at first)
    hey guys you should totally do the rest of the SHINee songs you haven’t reviewed yet! like Replay, LLO, Amigo and RDD!!!!! don’t you think?? like a SHINee playlist?? huh? huh? *nudges* yeah guys? what do you think??? would be cool right?? (but it’s okay! wouldn’t be fair on all other artists) 

    4 years ago
    • So you didn’t like their clothes in Juliette, but you’re looking forward to Sherlock, where they wear….no clothes? o.O

      4 years ago
      • it’s not about the clothes, i can’t wait for the songs and mv!!! ALSO…..they were just concept photos!!! they’re not actually gonna be like that in the mv!!

        4 years ago
        • those shorts were totally like Key!!! it made me laugh!!! it’s such an odd thing to wear in an old fashioned style mv!!! and i like Taemin’a long hair in Lucifer but not in this one! it was too long!
          anyway hey it’s SHINee!!! of course they can’t be normal!! i like the fact that they dress weird!! even though i may not agree with some of the things they wear!i loved their darker outfits though!!! now THOSE were nice!!! 

          4 years ago
  15. “You so nasty, Intel.”


    4 years ago
  16. Is it just me or does one of the back up dancer for BEG look a little bit like Mina from Girl’s Day? look at 2:51 :)

    4 years ago
  17. For how long are you going to be in Japan ? I’ll arrive in Tokyo on the 22nd, I guess I’m a bit too late… anyway, have fun in Japan !

    I’m going to the Batoost show in Nagoya !! :D

    4 years ago