It’s time for a special good vs bad Korean Commercial edition of K-Crunch Cocktail. MMM, tastes like corporate! Which probably doesn’t taste very good now that I’ve said that. A while ago we did a cell phone advertising edition which had some totally awesome songs and videos to go with it, but this week we’ve got one great song and one not so good song.

1) Girls’ Generation “Chocolate Love”


First up is Girls’ Generation with “Chocolate Love”. This is actually advertising a cell phone that was really long but thin, it kind of looked like a small chocolate bar which I guess is why they called it a chocolate phone. The song itself, I totally totally love. It creates an unlikey marriage between tuba and very digital robotic synths. They even toss in a tiny little acoustic guitar chord that comes in only twice or three times just after the chorus. I just can’t get over that Korean composers can pump out such awesome songs non-stop. The video itself is pretty much just shots of Girls’ Generation dancing around, but I think the outfits are so awesome (but I don’t like the white outfits) and I love the fan dance and the other dance as well. Normally a non-stop video featuring only shots of a band would bore me, but I don’t know why this particular video doesn’t bother me. Maybe there are a lot of outfit changes and I’m easily distracted by—OH LOOK! THAT HAT IS SO SPARKLY! WEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEE!!! *Martina runs off chasing it*

2) 2PM “Only you, Only coway”


So we talked about the good, but have you seen the bad? The so bad it’s good? Like watching a really terrible movie that’s so endearingly bad you find yourself showing it to all your friends and watching it all the time. That’s what has happened with us and Coway. Now we totally get that Kpop singers have to do advertising to make money, I totally get that, and if a Korean company was like, Simon and Martina, we want you to be in a beer ad where you make super thumbs up and clinck beers together in super slooow motion and act really cheesy we’d be like, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” but I think what went wrong with Coway is that there is a total lack of humour present. Everyone knows that 2PM has been hired to advertise for Coway, so why make the commercials so serious? Cell phones, drinks, and beer can be made into a more natural commercial since kpop idols are doing what they do best, singing and dancing + phone. But Coway is a water filtration system. That’s right, a water freaking filtration freaking system. If that doesn’t scream kpop idol, I don’t know what else does! What’s next? Big Bang advertising Pepto Bismol? How about JYJ advertising Door Stoppers? I didn’t even KNOW what Coway was until I read more about it, which means the actually song they got 2PM to sing wasn’t exactly advertising very well. But then again, here I am researching “what is this coway thing!!??” so perhaps it was unintentionally brilliant marketing. That, or I just wanted to know why 2PM were dancing and singing this bizarre song before every YouTube video I played. I guess writing a love song to my water filtration system just feels really….fake.

And there are even entire “Korean” lessons, brought to you by Coway, where the members of 2PM will teach you a single word. If they had let me and Simon direct that video, it would have been hilarious while still informative. When Taecyeon drinks his strategically placed Coway Filtration Glass Of Water, there isn’t a HINT OF HUMOUR!!!!! BUT YOU KNOW TAECYEON IS LAUGHING IN HIS HEAD AT HOW CHEESY THIS IS! AGHRHHH!! All I wanted to see was a wink and the gun after he drank that glass, or even, “Coway, not just delicious, it helps to keep my sexy body cool after a long day of dancing” and then he dumps the glass of cold water all over his body and shakes the water droplets off in ripito fipito sipi slow motion. That would be both hilarious, obviously jokey (like UV’s cheesy editing in Itaewon Freedom) and it would advertise for them as being a fun company while showing 2PM as having a good sense of humour. Okay, this has gone on for too long. After you watch the worst song ever, check out the Epic Taecyeon and Chansung Lesson and let us know what you would have done differently.


3) CrispiCrunch “Thumbs Up”


Our last song is a request from Rachel from Texas, who is currently living in Virginia, and requested CrispiCrunch’s “Thumbs Up”. I’m so happy for this request because this song is great and the video is hilarious. It’s rare to find bands that are willing to be funny and jokey in a way that makes them look uncool. This duo, along with UV, PSY, sometimes JYP, and perhaps Girl’s Day (at least I hope that they are being jokey), are willingly to do this, and it makes for an awesome music video. Ah yes, two cool looking guys go to a club in Korea and try to pick up girls with their cocky attitude and dance skillz with a zeeeeee or zed…depending on where you are from. The girls are non-impressed and the result is awesome. The ending of the video, also awesome, so make sure you stick around to catch it. I think the reason why we like this video so much is because we often point out how we dislike the “fake” club scene video where everyone is behaving in an orderly fashion and no one is drinking or acting rowdy. I think CrispiCrunch is really showing you what it can be like to be a Korean club. People are not AS crazy as CrispiCrunch, but soju + Korean boys + Korean girls = I’ll let you find out for yourself when you come to Korea.

  1. why did you stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 dramas,albums and COOL STUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As a request, could you two please do Super Junior “It’s You?” It’s actually a really good song and doesn’t involve Super Junior dancing in a box XD

  3. It’s a shame they make it so serious because 2PM is actually quite funny and goofy, especially Taecyeon. JYP even has to tell him to control his face expression so that it’s more tame and not so goofy. xD

  4. Only you, Only coway!!! awww sweet

  5. and it was when snsd did not need to go overseas and were healthy..if u have seen taeyeon’s legs and look lately,she looks like she is underweight. a healthy person would have full cheeks like sohee’s and have some meat on the legs 

    • I do agree, snsd does look underweight, I wish  they would eat some food. And get decent sleep. (Shame on you SM)
      But omg! I can’t believe you are using Sohee as an example of a healthy person. She’s worse than Yuna. Those cheeks are the only part of her body that have fat cells. 

  6. OMG, the thumps up song is totally using “A Night At The Roxbury” as its inspiration.

  7. I got the “…ripito fipito sipi slow motion.” thing! haha Now the song is stuck in my head, thanks a lot :P hahaha

  8. Oh, I totally dig the tuba in the Chocolate Love one!

  9. OMG hahaha. ‘Coway’ had me laughing out loud … but then Crispi Crunch??? WTF?! Hahaha the best bit was the warning at the start: ‘For those who are offened (sic) by Sexual expressions, Please refrain yourselves from watching this video’ …

  10. 0.0 omg i hated that 2pm korean lesson thing
    T 3 T

  11. I have a chocolate phone! :) You should check out f(x)’s chocolate love! It’s way sexier xD

  12. lol i liked f(x)’s version of chocolate love way better :P

  13. I actually really like commercial songs, but the second song is not so good. Other commercial songs I liked is 2PM my colour and Big bang & 2NE1 Lollipop. 

    Btw, I love Crispi Crunch. The whole video is funny, and they dont mind poking fun at themselves. 

  14. “Holy Catchy Song Batman” Just wondering if you guys are Starkid fans cuz they just released “Holy Musical Batman” probaly not and i’m just too much of a fangirl…

  15. Chocolate Love is what introduced me to SNSD Girls’s Generation! :) I did not like Coway Commerical one bit either and quite frankly its very forgetable and haven’t thought about since. Loved the captions when she gave him the finger “Fuck” “Shit” that was so random! brings back memories of SNL’S Night at the Roxeburry! (please excuse my spelling). I was so wondering who those girls were at the beginning..gotto go look that up…

  16. But… if you dye her hair blue… it’ll turn purple…

  17. i agree. for some reason i feel like “Chocolate Love” should be a style that SNSD experiments with more. The sound really suits them and i think the commercial songs are better than their real songs. 

  18. Ohh, this playlist just made me realize how EYK “damaged” I’ve become since I had to rewatch the ending of Rachel’s request video three times to catch what she is really saying.

    After she makes the eyebrow thing while I register her lips moving (and she’s actually making a good point) all my brain hears is “Russian Saram”.
    ;-) ;-)

  19. Also yes those girls are f(x) and SNSD appeared in their music video for Chocolate Love too.

  20. OH MY GOD I’m a 2PM fan, but I’ve never seen this CF XD and now I’m just gonna forget about this….

    CrispiCrunch was one of the best songs of 2011 I love it, but I didn’t saw the R version it’s so much better than pg-13 XD

    also f(x) chocolate love >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SNSD just sayin’

  21. yeah that was f(x)!! that’s cos they also have an mv with that same song (but in a different style)!! and in their mv SNSD are shown at the beginning!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! that 2pm song is just terrible!!! what the hell!!!! are they like in love with this thing??!!! 

    man i love that Crispi Crunch mv!!! and the ending is definitely my fave part!!! also their teaser for that was way too freakin’ hilarious!!!!!!!!!! (it’s the one with the guy lighting his cigarette!) 

    oh oh my fave advert now is Etude House (the Kiss Note one) they were so funny!!!!!! especially Taemin’s episode!!!!……anyway…..my main point is i REALLY started to love Raspberry field the indie group! their songs were used in the ads and it was so good!!! one is titled ‘Saturday afternoon’ and the other is ‘Have you seen?’!!! such pretty songs!!! you guys should check them out if you haven’t!!! and watch the adverts too if you guys haven’t!!! 

  22. as weird as the coway was i still find it insanely adorable and can’t stop watching XD

  23. Oh, also SNSD advertised for Woongjin Coway too! I remember it was getting a lot of love on allkpop. And I LOVE that you reviewed Thumbs Up! It was like my fave song/MV last year! :D

  24. Actually over here in the States the chocolate was really popular! I remember I used to really want one ^^”

  25. LOL, I can just see the Korean media’s interpretation of your Coway vid –
    “Awesome Power of Hallyu, Waegukin buys much Water Filter!”

  26. Coway’s ad is so cheesy that all the cheese in the world combined could not amount to its cheesiness. Oh god, why did you make me watch that? XD

  27. I never fell in love with a song before but Coway I think i just might love you. 

  28. I love that song too and I cant wait for the TTS release! You almost got it right but it’s: “I got you babe, I call, I call it chocolate love” I really love your videos, please never stop!

  29. omg I’m so tired of hearing Coway ads too! “How about we take a sip from the world’s cleanest and most trustworthy water?” Thanks for the best laugh of the day Coway! :D

  30. When I first saw CrispiCrunch’s Thumbs Up, I thought of the SNL’s Roxbury Guys.

  31. I didn’t really notice the tuba in “Chocolate Love” before, but I love it now!

  32. Btw, I loved Crispi Crunch’s Thumbs Up, and infinitely grateful to Rachel for requesting it :D
    I’ve seen the clean version and I found pretty average, so yea this much more interesting :p

    The faces of those girls in the toilets – PRICELESS

  33. I feel like I must buy Coway NOW.

    *hovers over to eBay*

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