Welcome back to this week’s K Crunch Cocktail, in which we talk about some random Kpop songs that we like and have been listening to lately, but aren’t necessarily new. This week, we’ve got a bit of a bizarre concoction of songs from three very different ladies: BoA, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Ga In…and also U-Kiss. No girls in that band.

Also, I’m sure you might find it weird that Martina had to sit in a chair.

1) BoA “Eat You Up”


Now, we had some difficulty in picking the right video for this playlist. We know we wanted to talk about “Eat You Up,” and we usually want to include the official versions of the video, but jeeeez! The video on SM’s channel SUCKED! We want to show you the video, not a minute and 20 seconds of SM showing clips of BoA and about how she’s the best in Asia. Enough of the arrogance. Show us the video already! Anyhow, this video was really cool, in our opinions. It was our first exposure to BoA and we were really impressed. She sang all in English, and was a phenomenal dancer. What’s not to like? Maybe the exploding room…

2) Ga In “Irreversible”


We’ve been asked if there were any songs that we really wanted to review for Music Mondays but didn’t get the chance to. Consider this one of the big ones. We had just started doing Music Mondays when this came out, and we weren’t steeped in Kpop Culture enough yet to fully appreciate this. And when we did finally get around to this video it was too late for us to review it. Darn! Totally love Ga In, love the dance, love the song. People often call us YG stans, but they don’t say that about us when it comes to Brown Eyed Girls. We totally love their music and videos. MAN!

3) Uhm Jung Hwa “Disco”


Bla bla bla [insert TOP references here] bla bla blah. It seems only befitting to include another video including TOP considering the fact that Big Bang just came back, right? Right? No? That’s a stretch, I know. But even if TOP wasn’t in this video, it’d still be awesome. We remember watching this video, back when we didn’t like Kpop, and talking about this video like “even though we don’t like Kpop, this song is awesome.” Ah. Memories! It’s so odd to think that we didn’t like Kpop once. Ha!

4) U-Kiss “Forbidden Love”


Ok, so we’re doing this video on behalf of a video request. As you know, we’re not doing Japanese songs anymore for Kpop Music Mondays since U-Kiss’ “Tick Tack” which was AWESOME. This song, though…was…um. Not awesome. It just sounds so different! It sounds very Japanese is our guess. We loved Tick Tack, and think it was one of U-Kiss’ best songs ever. Seriously. This song though was kinda too different for our tastes. Did anyone else feel that way?

  1. lol simon argentina is not european ;D 

  2. Hey Simon just so you know Ga In used “Tango Argentin” (it’s too early in the morning for me to remember how to say it in English) for her entire album, which I found awesome ^^

  3. i love TVXQ
    sory to break you other than your foot already causing pain to you
    i dont really like big bang
    i like TVXQ
    i am sory
    cassies and bigeast (japanese tvxq fanclub)
    and JSDOLPHIN is always at heart
    except you fanfic people
    i dont agree with yunjae ok?
    meh sory
    me and me friends went to YG concert and i didnt even watch the whole thing
    i like got bored and started playing on my ipod
    until i saw the girl groups
    they were gud
    so ya
    i went to all the concerts
    even music bank
    all because tvxq wat der
    sory peoples

    • Why would you go to the YG concert if you say you’re not a fan of Big Bang?  Does that mean you’re a fan of some other artist in YG?  ‘Cuz the tix are not cheap…unless you have money to throw around…if so, could you give me some?

  4. hey guys, good cocktail!
    the link for the d.i.s.co. video is dead though T_T

    it was my first time seeing that BoA video  it’s really cool!  i used to love BoA when i first got into k-pop… like a million years ago… do you guys know if she got surgery or something cuz she looks sooo different now. ?_?  anyways, i’m pretty happy when k-pop bands do songs in japanese because j-pop is generally sooo terrible :p (or at least, the kind that is popular here…) nice video!  i’m just as confused as you for the 2min video though… that’s not really normal…

  5. I actually love U KISS :) :) :) and i think this u-kiss vid is very u-kiss. The song kinda reminds me of Tick Tack. What’s up with the jazz hands and air humping? ;)

  6. i know you guys dont review japanese songs and all but i cant help think of how you guys will do your version of that “air hump” rofl

  7. The U-Kiss video reminds me of Dr. Feel Good with the raunchy thrusting. 

  8. NOOOO Uhm Jung Hwa’s video is gone!

  9. i can’t understand you guys…i LOVE forbidden love (especially the thrusting ..hehe) ok i’m one of the biggest kissmes on earth but the MV IS AWESOME AND THE SONG TOO ~ i love u-kiss :D

  10. Something tells me you’ll be reviewing Gummy’s ‘I’m Sorry’ for next week’s cocktail. Hmm. I wonder why…………

  11. i know for a fact that i am not a ukiss fan
    sory for all you fans of ukiss out der
    but i am a cassie
    my sis is probably the youngest cassie
    she is 3 years old
    i think that after the ukiss song is actually released
    they need some japanese classes
    i am sory but true
    they are pronouncing the japanese
    totaly rong
    i should know
    watashi wa

  12. Uhm Jung Hwa’s mv is gone!!! And also, there is something with your mike… well, the sound is rough or scrumbled sometimes (soo don’t know how to describe it), it’s been so for the last three vids you’ve done. Maybe it’s always been so but if so then this is the first time I’ve noticed which would be strange since I’ve followed you for awhile…
    Either way, love your vids as always. Hope your ankle heal soon, Martina!

  13. After Simon said “stops abruptly”, my video decided that it wanted to unexpectedly buffer. I think my laughter scared the rest of the kiddies in my dorm!

  14. For the next ones I recommend the TV isn’t in the background. I kept watching it as I’d see peeks of Spudgy and even Simon I think at one point while the glares also keep changing. Takes the focus away from you two and it’s all about youuuuu.

  15. Lol Argentenian or other European country… Argentina is South America, funny moment :)

  16. I love BoA!!  Especially her Japanese album, Valenti!! =D

  17. actually, um jung hwa has been singing for like 20 years or something :)

  18. U-KISS!!! <33333 Forbidden Love gets more and more addicting each time I listen to it

  19. Boa <3 T.o.P <3 U-Kiss <3 

  20. U-Kiss’s Forbidden Love is growing on me the more I listen to it, didn’t really like it the first time I heard it. Ya’ll should hear/watched Shared Dream their other new Japanese song. However you don’t like ballads so…..

  21.  Just to let you guys know, for U-KISS, Avex almost never uploads full MVs for any of their artists because… I don’t know why really, they just don’t. That’s why its a “short version.” The full MV has already aired on TV and such and you can find it elsewhere on YT. Also, really happy to see you do “Eat You Up,” I love that song and I love BoA, I agree that she’s an amazing dancer. I would love to see you do “A Shared Dream” from U-KISS as well, off their new Japanese album. It’s a really gorgeous song, though the MV is a bit odd and I’d like to hear your commentary on it XD

    • I’m glad someone commented on the short version, I was going to do that. As far as I can tell, the reason they don’t upload the full videos is that they release a version of the single/album that includes a DVD with the music video, and they need to give people incentive to buy that. If they uploaded the full MV, no one would need to buy the CD/DVD version, which is more expensive than the CD only version!

  22. I thought the U-KISS song sounded a bit like the chorus from “Tick Tack.” You can actually find the full MV for the song in this cocktail on their official YouTube page. It’s basically the same MV as Tick Tack though… except their rooms got an upgrade. It’s really odd, most Japanese songs that are done by Korean bands, if they’re uploaded on the avexnetwork, they only ever show part of the video! I don’t get it! It’s so frustrating! D:

    Anyways, I LOVE that BoA song! It’s true, I’m pretty sure she’s the only Korean solo artist (that I’m aware of) that is an amazing dancer.

  23. But aren’t there like different types of tango? Like French and Argentinian? Cuz it was sort of like a tango…… 

  24. That’s interesting, I can watch BoA in playlist mode, but not as the individual link… I wonder if they are 2 different links. Besides that I love being able to find Kpop songs I can do ballroom/latin dancing to, in this case (though I found it like a month ago) Ga In’s Irreversible! You can do an Argentine Tango to it! Also, I like U-KISS’ Forbidden Love, but I actually like their ballad, A Shared Dream, better… I hope that one is in next week’s K Crunch Cocktail. I didn’t think about it the first few times I listened to it, but Forbidden Love would be a good song to do DDR to!

  25. I was thinking that too, but it makes sense for why he said it, you can do an Argentine Tango to that song!

  26. AWWWW!! I wanted ur thought on UKiss other song! But its a balland and I know u dont like ballads. But thanks anyways for reviewing UKISS

  27. I actually liked Forbidden Love! Not to mention the highway sign in the hotel room that almost spells out the name of the state I live in. Arizon??? Is that a county in Arizona? I THINK NOT! Brohohohohohohoho!!! >.<

    Either way I liked both songs, it's good that there was a little variety between them. It just seems that some K-Pop/J-Pop sounds the same; so some differences are okay with me. :)

  28. Just started watching.. May I just say I find it amusing that the BoA MV, linked from “BoAmusicUSA” is not available in the USA?  ROFLMAO…

  29. BoA is blocked for the US? So lame! D:

    Haha, I was wondering if the new U-KISS songs would be mentioned…and I get what you’re saying about it. I spent a good five/six years listening to J-pop before I got into K-pop, so I could tell pretty quickly it was more on the J-pop side…I don’t know, I still like it. :P

    It’s sort of funny though because I only discovered the MV last night, and I was paying too much attention to the song instead of the video…so I totally didn’t realize how much crotch-caressing there was in it O_o

    • o.o The channel on Comcast, MYX, is available in the US and shows a BUNCH of different Asian artists and labels their countries of origin. I don’t mean to sound like XD advertise-y, but yeah, I’ve watched some of BoA’s vids and stuff on there. Usually people don’t know about MYX since it’s run by Filipinos and other Asian-Americans, so there’s that. You also sort of have to buy the channel, which is next to the other Asian channels… If you get the Filipino package or any other Asian package, you get it for free. o.ob Yay, information!

  30. I dunno, I liked Fobidden Love, not as much as Tick Tack, but it was good~ I also liked BoA’s song, I have ALWAYS loved BoA. In fact, I did a jump rope choreographed dance to “Every Heart” in middle school, and I also loved “Valenti” (which is in Korean). Ga In has just acquired a new fan~ <3

  31. The BOAVEVO channel seems to play it okay, no awkward intro either.

  32. Well,for Japan song,the company will only release half of the mv because they afraid that people will download it for free..that’s what i thought.I don’t know actually.

  33. The BoA video doesn’t play in the U.S…It says its not licensed in this region or something. 

  34. Love this! So happy to see BoA in here. And you are rocking that chair Martina!

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