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K Crunch Cocktail: Disco Japan Irreversible Eating

February 24, 2012


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Welcome back to this week’s K Crunch Cocktail, in which we talk about some random Kpop songs that we like and have been listening to lately, but aren’t necessarily new. This week, we’ve got a bit of a bizarre concoction of songs from three very different ladies: BoA, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Ga In…and also U-Kiss. No girls in that band.

Also, I’m sure you might find it weird that Martina had to sit in a chair.

1) BoA “Eat You Up”

Now, we had some difficulty in picking the right video for this playlist. We know we wanted to talk about “Eat You Up,” and we usually want to include the official versions of the video, but jeeeez! The video on SM’s channel SUCKED! We want to show you the video, not a minute and 20 seconds of SM showing clips of BoA and about how she’s the best in Asia. Enough of the arrogance. Show us the video already! Anyhow, this video was really cool, in our opinions. It was our first exposure to BoA and we were really impressed. She sang all in English, and was a phenomenal dancer. What’s not to like? Maybe the exploding room…

2) Ga In “Irreversible”

We’ve been asked if there were any songs that we really wanted to review for Music Mondays but didn’t get the chance to. Consider this one of the big ones. We had just started doing Music Mondays when this came out, and we weren’t steeped in Kpop Culture enough yet to fully appreciate this. And when we did finally get around to this video it was too late for us to review it. Darn! Totally love Ga In, love the dance, love the song. People often call us YG stans, but they don’t say that about us when it comes to Brown Eyed Girls. We totally love their music and videos. MAN!

3) Uhm Jung Hwa “Disco”

Bla bla bla [insert TOP references here] bla bla blah. It seems only befitting to include another video including TOP considering the fact that Big Bang just came back, right? Right? No? That’s a stretch, I know. But even if TOP wasn’t in this video, it’d still be awesome. We remember watching this video, back when we didn’t like Kpop, and talking about this video like “even though we don’t like Kpop, this song is awesome.” Ah. Memories! It’s so odd to think that we didn’t like Kpop once. Ha!

4) U-Kiss “Forbidden Love”

Ok, so we’re doing this video on behalf of a video request. As you know, we’re not doing Japanese songs anymore for Kpop Music Mondays since U-Kiss’ “Tick Tack” which was AWESOME. This song, though…was…um. Not awesome. It just sounds so different! It sounds very Japanese is our guess. We loved Tick Tack, and think it was one of U-Kiss’ best songs ever. Seriously. This song though was kinda too different for our tastes. Did anyone else feel that way?



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