1) Rain “Love Song”


Finally! Martina finally gets to talk about this! Hopefully it’ll be out of her system now, because she keeps on sneaking it into our background music. See, we often make playlists for iTunes and just have it running in the back with some cool atmospheric stuff. Great. We find that Kpop doesn’t really fit that too well, because it’s too demanding of your attention, too bombastic. Anyhow, Martina will randomly put this song into the playlist, and when it comes on she’ll break out into the dance, awkwardly. Bless her soul. Let’s hope this madness stops.

2) Orange Caramel “Funny Hunny”


I really hope some people aren’t gonna be like “Wait: we’ve been asking for After School/Orange Caramel for so long, and THIS is the song you pick?! It’s not even a real video!” Yes, it’s just an animation, and it wasn’t heavily promoted, but it’s so bloody fun and you know we love quirky things. This was wonderful, and so fun to sing along with. Hopefully if you haven’t heard it yet you’ll fall in love with it like we have!

3) Epik High “One”


Thanks to sardoniceyes for the request. We didn’t get into Music Mondays while Epik High were at their prime, and now that they’re on temporary hiatus (it is temporary, right?) it’s a shame that we probably won’t get the chance to review them. Tablo, now that he’s with YG, did a couple of videos and one of them ALLLLMMMOOOOSSSTT won for a Music Monday, but narrowly got beat out. Too bad. We hope to be able to give either Tablo or Epik High a full review one of these days, because we’re actually fans of his/their stuff. For now, all we can do is talk about them a bit for our Cocktails. Yay!

  1. just wondering Martina do you like exo?

  2. just wondering martina do you like exo?

  3. I was gonna ask about Epik High, when I suddenly saw this and was like ” OMAGASH!! EPIK HIGH!” I am a bit new to them though, and so far loving them. I wanted to say that Epik High’s 1 minute 1 second video was really cool, and I thought you guys might wanna review that video… coz… it is cool. XD

  4. I’m late viewing this, but I hope I’m not TOO late to leave a response.

    I’m new to your blog, and I have to say, I wish I’d discovered it sooner. You two are so much fun. Also, I love the stuff you talk about. I got into the Korean music scene over five years ago now and I’ve been in love ever since. So in love, in fact, that it motivated me to start learning the language and culture.

    Your Kpop Crunch Cocktail is probably my favorite feature your blog has. As much as I love the Kpop scene, the Korean indie scene also has a LOT to offer. I have discovered so many amazing musicians, like Epik High, MYK, and Jinbo.

    I can’t wait to see what your next video entails.

    Also, I have to give you props for mentioning Icarus Walks. It’s such an amazing, powerful song, and it deserves more attention.

  5. Mmmm I just love me some Epik High :)

  6. HURRAH FOR EPIK HIGH! I love them! “Fan” is my favorite MV through ALL times. But I really like “One” too (And Wannabe… And Run… And all the others… actually..)

  7.  well, Love song’s MV was quite of a hilarious masterpiece .. as in just
    for laughs..i know what the so call message that is supposed to be
    introduced through the MV but not so much for the dancing on the bed and
    kitchen, but that microphone thinggy was really amazing.

    Anyhow, i have a request for next week, >< I wanna request SE7EN's
    older song, ''Im Going Crazy'', i know how you guys are not fans of
    ballads but just focus on the MV..

    (Amzing plot+ camera work+ its a real life story,,,idk,,)

  8. Thank you for this week’s playlist! I enjoyed listening to Orange Caramel and Epik High. Both groups totally broad by Korean music library. Have a bless Easter!

  9. Why isnt the list working says we have to watch it on youtube?

  10. I’m fairly sure that the “Funny Hunny” video is from a rhythm video game, it looks almost exactly similar to stages in Elite Beat Agents.   

  11. I love your song choices of K crunch Cocktail!!>_< and some day I wish  you guys talk about old music videos of Boa … these songs are still so great to hear in 2012

  12. Love this playlist!  Rain & Epik High were the reasons I started listening to Korean music :)

    Oh and I tried to watch the playlist on here but it said “embedding disabled by request” when it tried to play the Rain video. But it’s ok.

  13. OMG. I was laughing throughout Orange Caramel’s MV. It’s just so funny! XD And EPIK HIGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Woots! You guys need to put “Fan” in your next K-Crunch Cocktail. I’d love to see what you guys have to say about it.

  14. HUGE fan of Rain and LOVE Epic High, but you know what overshadowed them in this review? Martina’s awesome make-up. Seriously. I swear I watched the review part a couple of times just to erm, look at your eyeliner… (that wasn’t an awkward statement, was it?)

  15. Epik High is my most respected Korean group at the moment. I highly admire Tablo and his composing skills. Thanks for finally giving them a small review for this song! 
    The great thing I like about “One” are the vocals of JiSun and Tablo. They don’t try to make aim high and scream out the notes. Instead, their voices were smooth and fitted nicely with each other in the chorus. The raps were great too; it wasn’t too harsh but it held a lot of emotions. 
    The music video is a piece of art too. 
    Trust me, you will definitely get a chance to review Epik High one day. I’ll be waiting for them, and hopefully Music Mondays will still be around by then! 

  16. why am i loving rain’shot music video… ahhh im melting

  17. Yea finally After School/Orange Caramel! The song is very addicting after a while.

  18. I’m proud to say that Epik High’s ‘One’ was the very first Korean song that I’d ever heard. I love Breakdown too, but One is just unbeatable. How awesome that you got to see Drunken Tiger in person!

  19. I’m positively surprised that Martina mentioned Icarus Walks – it’s a short piece, yet so absolutely genial. 

  20. Wow, Rain’s video is like a Korean paranormal activity version. A hot Korean version.

  21.  I love how you guys always look slightly different in every vid. :)

  22. thanks for talking about Epic High!!!! They are definitely my favorite korean group. Can’t wait for them to one day reunite. 

  23. lol@Simon “Everyday I’m Shufflin” – you got the beat-down! :)
    Hey, wait, why does Martina have a sweater on?!

  24. I would love to hear you guys talk about Super Junior’s song No Other <3

  25. “Love Song” grabbed you buy the ears?! It should have grabbed your EYES!!! o.O

  26. EPIK HIGH at last something so so so so so so GOOD :***********************
    Guise you are the EPIK <3 heheheh

  27. oh guys I love it, you always make me laugh so much, I saw several of your videos before, but I’ve never commented, but this time is different because you are talking about my totally favorite singer Rain ♥.♥!  I love that guy so much, but I have to admit that those movements didn’t combined with the music totally romantic and melancholic, and then in the middle of the video he suddenly tears off his shirt into the pain with a super sexy attitude o.o!…I know I know I totally understand your point u.u but who cares? xD he is Rain, he can do it, and we love that haha! ;)  don’t get me wrong I love Rain for much more than his amazing muscles. Well I have to congratulate you, your videos are really amazing =) and please you should talk about Rain more often, please! both of you are great! 

  28. I’ve been waiting for you to mention Epik High. “One” was the first song I heard from them and I’m still very much in love with it. Epik High is definitely one of my favourite groups in Korean music and hopefully they will get back together someday. But Tablo’s solo album was very good also.

  29. Back in the old days when you did a single video for k crunch you would also review dramas. I really liked that segment. Whatever happened to it? I was always looking forward to that but then it disappeared. I still love your new k crunch, But I Loooove dramas toooooooooo. I never know which ones to watch and I always loved what Martina recommended that is actually why I started watching k dramas. But I have no way of knowing what is new and good so please review k dramas like once a month or something. It will make me very happy.

    •  I remember that someone else asked why Martina stopped reviewing kdramas, and she replied that she simply didn’t have time to watch them anymore, because they work so much with their other videos ^^’

  30. “One” was the first song by Epik High that I’ve listened to. It didn’t buy me though.
    Tablo’s album, however, wow!
    eventually I’ve found Epik High song I love. “Fan” – this song… this mv… masterpiece.

    Rain… hm. I don’t know why but I think that his dance is a bit.. too much. :)
    all those “smexy” movements, they are a bit hilarious.
    and I really don’t know why he has to do this. because he is really wonderful without it.
    I love his tv appearances, his acting in movies and dramas…
    but this dance, his ALWAYS bare chest, hip thrusting, tights massaging, fist pumping dance.
    this is a bit too much for me :D
    [don’t get me wrong, I L-O-V-E Rain :) ]

  31. There are so many KPop videos with a dying girl and tons of flashbacks, but “One” definitely stands out. It definitely manages to be emotional, while most videos with a similar topic fail at that. And the song alone is also extremely emotional. Even if for me the best of the best is “Run”.

  32. Epik High…!!! I started listening to them thanks to Tablo and then I was wondering why it did take me so long to find my way to them. Anyways, One is one of my favorite songs and I will make sure to check out the other songs mentioned that I don’t know yet. = ) They have so many albums, it’s really amazing =D

    Thanks for talking about Epik High (they deserve more love) and I hope they (or Tablo) will release a song soon, because then I will be ready to vote =D

    Good night ^ ^

  33. Even though I don’t really listen to music anymore, Epik High was what got me into Kpop and Korean music. Mirtha is still doing his military service, but once he comes out maybe they’ll get back togehter.

  34. Hey Simon & Martina! Thanks for introducing me to Epik High’s One – it’s really cool and the MV is a bit dark to me. It’s so sad and I dun quite understand what’s happening?! Why did the girl commit suicide? Did Epik High save her actually?
    But thanks for the introduction to this cool band. :)

  35. Martina, I love your Christmas sweater. :D

  36. as soon as you started to talk about Drunken Tiger coming to perform at your school my jaw just dropped wide open!!!!! for like a whole minute!! YOU GOT TO SEE DRUNKEN TIGER!!!!!!! wow……

  37. thank you thank you so much for talking about Epik High! 

  38. Orange caramel’s MV is so funny! Still, their very very cute.

  39. Have you guys heard the English version of Love Song? It’s not for the faint of heart….

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