1) Rain “Love Song”


Finally! Martina finally gets to talk about this! Hopefully it’ll be out of her system now, because she keeps on sneaking it into our background music. See, we often make playlists for iTunes and just have it running in the back with some cool atmospheric stuff. Great. We find that Kpop doesn’t really fit that too well, because it’s too demanding of your attention, too bombastic. Anyhow, Martina will randomly put this song into the playlist, and when it comes on she’ll break out into the dance, awkwardly. Bless her soul. Let’s hope this madness stops.

2) Orange Caramel “Funny Hunny”


I really hope some people aren’t gonna be like “Wait: we’ve been asking for After School/Orange Caramel for so long, and THIS is the song you pick?! It’s not even a real video!” Yes, it’s just an animation, and it wasn’t heavily promoted, but it’s so bloody fun and you know we love quirky things. This was wonderful, and so fun to sing along with. Hopefully if you haven’t heard it yet you’ll fall in love with it like we have!

3) Epik High “One”


Thanks to sardoniceyes for the request. We didn’t get into Music Mondays while Epik High were at their prime, and now that they’re on temporary hiatus (it is temporary, right?) it’s a shame that we probably won’t get the chance to review them. Tablo, now that he’s with YG, did a couple of videos and one of them ALLLLMMMOOOOSSSTT won for a Music Monday, but narrowly got beat out. Too bad. We hope to be able to give either Tablo or Epik High a full review one of these days, because we’re actually fans of his/their stuff. For now, all we can do is talk about them a bit for our Cocktails. Yay!

  1. just wondering Martina do you like exo?

  2. just wondering martina do you like exo?

  3. as soon as you started to talk about Drunken Tiger coming to perform at your school my jaw just dropped wide open!!!!! for like a whole minute!! YOU GOT TO SEE DRUNKEN TIGER!!!!!!! wow……

  4. Request for next time! SuJu’s ‘Neorago’. That’s their video I enjoyed the most, and one of my favourite songs by them too. ^^ I would also be interested in seeing something from SS501, because they were already kinda fading out of the spotlight when I got into Kpop so I’d be interested in hearing more about them. :) 

  5. EPIK HIGH!!! 
              EPIK HIGH!!!
                        EPIK HIGH!!!
                                  EPIK HIGH!!!
                                            EPIK HIGH!!!


    ….ok time to watch the video.

  6. EPIK HIGH, FINALLY! I’m so glad you talk about them. They are the most talented and lovely band in South Korea and deserve so much love <3

  7. Funny Hunny = Warioware + Osu! Tatakae Ouendan. Great video.

  8. Don;t worry Simon. When Tablo/Epik High release a new music video, I’ll vote for them to death. Thank you for featuring two of my favorite Kpop songs here: Rain’s Love Song and Epik High’s One. ^_____^

  9. OMG!!! EPIK HIGH! YOU LIKE THEM!!!!!!!! wooooooh~ now i like you guys even mooooooooore:3

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