Welcome to our third K Crunch playlist! On Saturday we did our K Crunch Update, Sunday we introduced our K Crunch Indie Playlist, and today we’re introducing our K Crunch Cocktail.

This playlist isn’t about introducing what’s brand new in pop or cool in indie, this is a mixed bag, a cocktail concoction, if you will. Is there a common theme? Yes: older Korean songs that we like, and it might be pop, or rap, or indie, or crazy. Hopefully you’ll discover some songs that you can’t believe you’ve been living without!

Pop: Big Bang – Haru Haru
Who’s cutting all these onions near my laptops? Ugh, it’s making my eyes all watery. Gosh.

Pop: Baek Ji Young ft Taecyeon – My Ear Candy
One of the catchiest kpop songs we’ve ever heard, yet it didn’t get a lot of attention. Also, love Taecyeon’s serious “in pain” expression throughout this video.

Rap: Red Roc ft TOP – Hello
This rapper is so underground that we can’t find any of his albums or an official YouTube channel, if you’ve got any info about it, let us know!

Indie: GOGOSTAR 고고스타 – Champagne
We love love love GOGOSTAR! Expect a couple more songs by them to pop up on these playlists. If you like them and you live in Korea, you can catch them playing in small clubs in Hongdae! They’re crazy!

  1. You guys should review Heart2heart’s facebook official :P

  2. I totally LOVE that you guys are talking about some of these “old” songs! I feel like they’re not that old (I’m only 18 :P) but alot of my friends who are crazy about K-Pop don’t really know anything other than the Hits and stuff like early 2010+.  Heck, I remember when super junior debuted (yay! pre-historic YouTube!) and am an origonal Primadonna. I really appreciate these flashbacks. I still have BB’s LaLaLa and and 2PM’s 10 out of 10 on my iPod.  Makes me feel out of it?  BB’s Alive FIGHTING!!!

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTuTTvLSRrs&feature=related Can you Pretty please with Spudgy on top review this for K Crunch: Cocktail?!!

  4. oh yes Haru Haru my introduction into the Big Bang world… definitely my favourite of all of their songs, I can listen to it over and over and never get tired of it. 

  5. Haru Haru…how I love that song 

  6. Pretty sure they say wo ai ni and not what i need in’my ear candy’ o-o

  7. Maybe you find a place for Leessang in your playlist~ I would really love to know your opinion on them.

  8. T________________________T haru haru~
    their best song and mv
    that had 2 b the only drama mv i understood

  9. TaekYeon looks so orange in the video

  10. one of my faves i love haru haru…it would be cool to also see what u guys have to say about wedding dress by tae yang…i really like it

  11. Hi! I discovered K-pop with Haru Haru….still as awesome as the first time I listened to it! I was going to ask you to talk about Gogo Star, but it’s done ^^ It’s really one of my favorite indie band! The sound is so catchy and powerfull; and they always rock their concerts! ^^
    For better quality videos, check Show Window and Black Comedy.
    Thanks for your great videos!

  12. “My Ear’s Candy” was part of what I call my “first generation” k-pop songs, too! That one, Ring Ding Dong, Noona You’re So Pretty (Shinee), Only Look at Me (Taeyang), Anyway, I Like You (Vodka Rain) and I Don’t Care (2NE1) are the first songs I became suuuuper addicted to! 

  13. I don’t have to say anything about Haru Haru, great video, great song, great band ^^

    About My Ears Candy, I watched a “better” version with a “better” singer than Taecyeon XD look look: 
    http://youtu.be/KkLgh3YaQc0 (you have to watch till the end xDD)
    sorry that I couldn’t find a video with subtitles, the lyrics were EPIC (Kang Ho Dong Epic)

    Red Roc was great, liked the video and the song, though the Hello Ello ello.. reminded me of a certain other song… *whisper* umbrella ella ella ee ee …*awkward*

    About Champagne… sorry… had to… I mean HAD to.. I mean HAD TO (!) skip that one <_<'''

    Thanks for bringing up "old" songs^^ 

  14. does anyone realize that haru haru isn’t their debut song

  15. omg haru haru after all this time I still cry watching this MV D: and I haven’t seen it in such a long time, I realized it feat. Park Min Young wowMy Ears Candy <333 forever amused by Taec's lipstic, but song is good :)
    Hello sounds good, and I think I've watched this MV (probably for T.O.P…..)
    GOGOSTAR video was just artsy I belive XD 

  16. How can someone not have seen or like Haru Haru!! I really like Park Min Young too!! They all acted really well in this MV. It makes me sad every time I see it!

  17. Red Roc had an album under YG entertainment
    I recommend Along My Way featuring Park Bom of 2NE1

    Its also my 22ND b-day today :)

  18. I love Big Bangs Haru Haru! I played it out back in 09 nd 10 lol and GoGoStar is pretty good..its different, i like the song way more than the mv tho lol. I also really liked RedRoc’s Hello nd I think Top’s acting was badass in it nd I think my ear candy had a really good beat to dance to lol

  19. Um……the GOGOStar was……different. Thanks…….I guess. *shrugs*

  20. Couldn’t find a gogostar album on yesasia. Where can we buy one internationally with the Champagne song? Thanks.

  21. Gogostar blindsided me. Spent the rest of the night watching their videos. Thank you so much for this revamped series. Never would have heard of this indie group otherwise. Wished the playlists would work on a tablet but thankfully you have links on YouTube and here.

  22. Haru Haru is my all-time favorite kpop mv. no question about it.

  23. Taecyeon is using WHITE LIPSTICK ?????

    OH GOD WHY ??!

    You NEED to feature Buzz’s songs from 2005… they are d best :D 

  25. GOGOSTAR?  I think that’s Flock Of Seegoeuls…

  26. Great Job! New kpoppers has a good oportunity to know the greatest old kpop hits
    I love Haru Haru. And My Ear’s Candy is one of the first Kpop songs I heard. I didn’t know Hello. I liked it a lot. Thanks. And I loved T.O.P’s acting.
    Guys, do you like D.I.S.C.O? *Top-biased detected*
    And I’d like to see you talking about something from Hyorish or Lee Minwoo’s solo work…

  27. You should include Outsider’s Loner on the next K-Crunch! It’s different, he’s exceptional and the song is brilliant. And there’s a really killer live performance that he does with K. WIll (I couldn’t be the only one who didn’t know K. Will could rap semi-decently). 

  28. I absolutely love Haru Haru!!! It was the first Big Bang song i listened to, it made me totally fall in love with these guys! the acoustic version is really good as well.

  29. My friend and I were looking for more Krock (other then F.T. Island and CN Blue) and she came across GOGO Star. Needless to say I listen to them on a daily basis and I can’t wait for the day I see them live. 

  30. You should talk about Clover’s La Vida Loca. If you don’t, I’ll cry forever and never watch your videos again! (Complete lie, I will continue to watch, but I might bug you until you review La Vida Loca.)

  31. You should talk about Clover’s La Vida Loca. If you don’t, I’ll cry forever and never watch your videos again! (Complete lie, I will continue to watch, but I might bug you until you review La Vida Loca.)

  32. Gogostar is amazing!!!!!

    Oh I watched ear candy before, but I didnt watch the one with TOP in it. I was almost mgonna scream STOp when I saw TOP shaving his head, but I stopped when I saw how sexy he looked. He can pull anything off except corn rolls. Worst hairstyle he ever had!

  33. Red Roc has released the first single “Hello” that can found in yesasia and also another single called “I Believe” back in 2010. Both singles have just 4 songs… I think those are the only two things he has released? Both were apparently produced by YG since they feature a lot of YG artists.

  34. Definitely love Red Roc. Too bad it’s difficult to find his work and get it…
    Anyhow, how about talking about Romantic Punch? I really like the band x) 

  35. Oh And I liked all the songs except the last one with the really bad camera. I don’t know, maybe it was just the lead singer and the 80’s feel. But love this new segement cause I never heard of Red Roc and I really liked the song. No simon it wasn’t just TOP.  : }

  36. I really ReAlLy REALLY think you guys should talk about  ‘A Boy” by GDragon. :) 

  37. Wow, I liked haru haru and gogostar the best :) sankyu guise

  38. There is a single “Hello” by Red Roc for sure. There you can find a song “Along my way” with Park Bom as well. You can buy it by yesasia. Official channel – I coudn’t find it anywhere either. Not in english; I don’t know if there is a korean site about him.

  39. Here’s some trivia: For all you City Hunter fans, the girl in Haru Haru is Park Min Young!

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