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K Crunch Cocktail: Humming Ping Touch

March 22, 2012


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1) Clazziquai “Ping”

You’ve heard us talk about DJ Clazzi and Alex, but we haven’t really talked about Clazziquai Project as a whole group. Or I guess project. This song is off Mucho Beat which is a totally great album. Alex and Horan have some of the smoothest voices we’ve ever heard and of course, DJ Clazzi makes really addictive beats. Mucho beats, if you will. GET IT!!!?? EH EH EH? Anyways, the video doesn’t quite match the chipper pretty feel of the song since the video is all about a beautiful rich woman who seems to be bored with her super high luxury lifestyle that has no meaning. Regardless, this is an awesome song. Woot!

2) Ivy “Touch Me”

Ah yes. The crotch grabbing dance. There is so much crotch grabbing and body touching in this video Ivy makes Junsu, Teen Top, and Hyuna look like a family rated movie. I can just imagine the thought process behind the making of this video: well the song is called touch me, so let’s have you touch yourself non-stop and then let’s get a whole bunch of semi-naked hot Korean guys and stuff you in a glass box with them. Annnnd ACTION! But seriously, although the video was pretty kinky with lots of TOUCH ME no DON’T TOUCH ME *shoe to the chest* choppy dance sequences of Ivy in a shirt with no pants and high heels, I still LOOOOVE THE SONG! Too bad it kind of fizzled out really quick. Does anyone know if Ivy is making a comeback anytime soon?

3) Humming Urban Stereo “Hawaiian Couple”

This is actually the first time we listened to Humming Urban Stereo. Anyone fans of them? Because, if their songs are as cute and fun as this, we’re definitely going to be checking out their other songs. Holy freak was this ever cute! Side note: not sure how people drink soju through straws. That’s…like a boss!



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