*Martina steps into a bar* Hello, I would like the most rainbowlicious cocktail you have, shaken twice, over the rocks, sprinkled with pink sugar, and served in a hollowed out Korean cell phone with tiny paper cut out figures of CN Blue wrapped around a straw. MMMM. That’s the best way to describe this week’s K-Crunch Cocktail. One of the things extremely original to Korea (and maybe other places but not Canada) is the use of Kpop singers to advertise a variety of things. From beer, to cell phones, to ramen, to chicken delivery, to clothing, to just about everything. It feels like it’s a big deal when a pop star advertises something unrelated to music in North America. I still remember the big deal of Britney Spears dancing in an epic Pepsi commercial, but you certainly wouldn’t see her advertising 4 different things at once. In Korea, no problem. Which leads us to our first cell phone related song, 2PM’s “My Color”.

1) 2PM – My Color


It’s another…JAY WHY PEE!!! This 2PM song might be one of my all time favourite kpop songs EVARRRR!!!! I was so surprised that my students (I was teaching when it came out) were so unimpressed by this song and video, but I think it came out during the whole Jay Bum member toss out scandal, so they were not digging 2PM. Interesting right? My students sided with Jay Bum and started to dislike 2PM. Anyhoo, this video was really quirky with the creepy clown like laughing ringmaster pulling 2PM’s strings like a puppet master, but the boys have never looked so so great in my opinion. Also, it was the first time I ever had a jaw drop moment for the members of 2PM. Maybe it was the masks and my deep childhood love for Tuxedo Mask is being placed onto this 2PM video, but there is just something about this video. I’ve been a fan of Taecyeon ever since we met 2PM (the video for that meeting ended up not being made due to the power of MIDDLE MANAGEMENT) and he was the nicest guy to both us, and to the fans screaming from the sidelines. When I saw him in this video I was so shocked because he was all sassy and confident, staring down the camera with hip hop swag oozing out of his pores. And OMG the dance. Poor Taecyeon is being left out of the ringmaster’s circle because he knows the power of persuasion Taecyeon will have with his awesome-quick-jump-dance-hand-down-the-face-ab-move, which might I add, I try to imitate all the time and it’s really really hard. Now yes, I know his cornrows look a little odd at first, but he really manages to pull it off with his eyebrow flexing. OH MY GAWD I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!!! HE REMINDS ME OF TOP IN THIS VIDEO!!! Young eyebrow flexing TOP but with an incredible body. Wow. Anyways, besides their looks, the song is SO DAMN CATCHY! You’ll be listening to this song on repeat. Yup. Now go! Watch and be amazed at Taecyeon and also guy who is dressed all in back and I don’t know his name.

2) 2NE1 ft Big Bang – Lollipop


Lolllllii lollliii ohhhhh lollliiipop. What an awesome song for a much cooler phone then the My Color phone. I wanted a stupid Lollipop phone SO BADLY not because of 2NE1 because at the time they were nobodies, but because it was so cute! I didn’t get one *sob* and now I’m stuck with this crappy slide phone that’s like a million years old but still ahead of the North American phones. Hahahahaaaaaaa but seriously. This song is SOOOOO GREAT. I originally had watched it for the Big Bang guest appearance (and I LOVED TOP’s style in this video…and now that I think about it, I think Simon has those glasses) but quickly thought that 2NE1 was so totally original in the world of female kpop groups. YG wasn’t afraid to present 2NE1 as a quirky fun group over being a pretty cutey girl group. The dance was really easy and catchy as well and the colours in the video are just so bright and vivid. I’m pretty sure it could be used to babysit children with it’s fun tune and ridiculous costumes. Once again, how awesome of a way to advertise your phone, right? People played this song blasting from every cell phone store, restaurant, and clothing shop and it was always in your head. Wait, was I brainwashed into wanting that lollipop phone? *deadpan stare* I still want it.

3) CNBlue “Love Girl”


Last up is CNBLUE [FIRST STEP + 1 THANK YOU] Title [LOVE GIRL] M/V Full ver. Aka Love Girl. What’s up with the confusing title’s kpop bands? Or should I just blame the YouTube uploaders in charge of your channel. Anyways, this song is very cute and peppy and it reminds me of a young Beatles song with it’s innocent “all my looovee” and it’s “L-O-BWEE-E GIRL”. It’s really very lovely. The video though, makes me laugh because there is something creepy about my poster secretly watching me in my room and jumping out and playing with my clothing and jumping on my bed with their shoes on—oh wait, she naps with her shoes on in bed, so I guess that’s the norm in this house. It’s also normal to have no instincts of survival because this girl is the most oblivious human I have ever witnessed in a music video. “OH, IS EVERYTHING OKAY IN HERE!!??*stares at room and boy wearing nightshade as lamp* YUP! IT SEEMS FINE” but then, big surprise ending, it turns out she was just dreaming! Yup! But she’s still wearing her shoes in bed. No recovery there. Thanks to our requester who is from Norway (I think) and NOT ENGLAND as Simon seems to think, but thanks to Simon for telling me that and making me look like a jackass on YouTube. Guess who’s getting bum smacks tonight!

  1. Everything in LOLLIPOP are addicting.. One of my fav song. Well, basically everything that have BB will eventually become my fav for eternity…

  2. lol The CNBLUE review was probably the first time I got annoyed with a EYK review lol. I thought the video was cute!! I know it was all in fun, though. Oh, leave Jungshin alone lol!

  3. i am in love with 2PM people really .. btw it’s the coolest cf ever way to go oppa’s kkkk ^^
    btw the dud in black was chansung i’m so disappointed her mr, how can you not know that hot boy was chansung oppa T.T
    anyway i love 2pm 4 life and that 4 sure lol
    so more 2pm songs here plz ^_*

  4. Re 2PM ‘Color'; OMFG 2PM made that poor girl disintegrate from all their sexy dancing! Murders! Sweet sexy murders! *shakes fist*

  5. It’s okay, I want a Lollipop too. Apparently they break really easily though.

  6. you should’ve done chocolate love too <3 

  7. =O i LOVE 2pm my color! and i still do xD
    its how i got 2 learn the members names
    and yes nichkhun does look good in pink

    i sure wish american commericals were like this 0_0!
    we needa send this 2 some famous person XD

  8. oh oh oh, lollipop phone! I would do anything to get one of those! white, or maybe light green, or maybe light pink… !

    I was so in love that I started to check how to buy it by other peoples in Korea [because the price on ebay is way to high! :p ] I gave up eventually but still I love this phone.
    and the songs [both! :D].

    btw, really thank you for Corby 2PM’s mv! this song and mv is so nice!
    and I love yellow guy – Wooyoung the most here. However, Teac abs’ rocks :D

  9. Speaking abt commercial MV, I wonder have you guys check out 2PM Cass Tik Tok yet? It’s like a mini drama commercial & Martina, you’ll get to see Taec in action as a hot cop XD

  10. I LOVE the Color song!! i didn’t discover it till this winter( thanks, youtube suggestions!), so i thought no one still talked about it!  it is so fun!

  11. The purple eye shadow looks fantastic with your eyes Martina :)

  12. Tuxedo Mask!  As a child, I kinda preferred Moonlight Night instead XD

    Can you do Jay Park’s song, “Happy Ending” from the Rooftop Prince OST for the next K Crunch Cocktail?  I like it because it’s a great song, but he totally says “endingeu” and I can’t figure out why a fluent English speaker would mispronounce the only English in a song :P 

  13. Oh dear.  I read that last sentence three times and only on the FOURTH read did I get that it did not say “bum snacks” but instead said “bum smacks.”

    Bum snacks don’t sound like a good idea.

  14. 1) Bom is pretty but i love her here when she had less surgery :( I wish she didnt feel like she needed to do surgery. 2) why is it socially unacceptable to dress like 2ne1 on a daily basis cause i want to dress like CL and DARA!!!!

  15. OMG THANK YOU GOD! I am not an avid 2PM fan, but I seriously loved this song when it came out. and because at that time I was new to kpop and I was like WHY DOESNT ANYONE KNOW THIS SONG and WHY IS THERE A MUSIC VIDEO if its just a commercial.. but its so awesome this concept! I heard a rumor that the clown in the middle was suppose to be Jaebum but IDK if that is true .. just something I heard. .. lol

  16. Yes! Lollipop was my jam! lol
    It basically started my love for Big Bang and 2NE1. The video was so fun and colorul, and it was just so catchy! It would be in my head all day, everyday. Oh by the way thnx, now the song will once again play over and over again in my head 4 the rest of the day lol :)

  17. Dude in black is Junsu (Jun.K). Who… you should really look into, cause his solo ‘Alive’ is great. And that voice.

  18. I feel that Girls Generation – Chocolate Love would have fit in here nicely as well, or Hyori’s Anycall… if it weren’t forever long.

  19. An epic WANK this morning and now the k-crunch cocktail….tis a good day! ^__^  
    And OMG I would think that girl was literally blind. LOL.

  20. I would die of excitement if CNBLUE jumps into my room out of my poster <3

  21. y would nichkhun go for the girl in the middle when he has like a bunch of girls already dancing with him?

  22. you can maybe find it on ebay?  or maybe they still have it in Beijing if you ever go there…

  23. I agree with your fascination with the lollipop phone. It was my biggest stumbling block towards getting an iPhone. (lollipop phone is still WAY cooler) So when I went to China last spring I bought the Chinese version of the LG Cyon (i.e. the lollipop phone) for my little sister…and it TOTALLY ROCKS!  (and was a great price too lol) It’s still far ahead of anything here in Canada…TT TT  (as a side note, my friend got the 2pm phone (what is it called?) last year because that’s when it finally got to Canada…not half as cool.

  24. No comment on 2PM’s song, way not my style but Lolipop is just so my style LO LI LO LIPOP  from 2NE1 to BigBang , everything seemed to fit… thats YG style i guess

  25. YAY for lollipop! This was the first Korean song I ever listened too! This song started it all!!

  26. Chansung~~~<3 the "guy who is dressed all in black" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he totally wins that mv imo *~~~* <3 <3

  27. lol i was waiting you’ll say something about Chansung then end up with “also guy who is dressed all in back and I don’t know his name”. lmao

  28. I LOLed when you started singing, “Blow your mind~” haha~

  29. Never liked 2PM’s My color. Mostly because of the styling & make-up xDD
    Lollipop got me into both Bigbang & 2ne1 so .. OMG I love this song a lot <3

  30. What a fitting introduction text you have ^^ I couldn’t describe it better

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