Welcome back to our non-alcoholic K-Crunch Cocktail playlist for the week of February 16th 2012. Although beware, you might get drunk off of the sexy haiiiiii fumes coming from TVXQ’s Mirotic!!! *ahem* That was a bad joke. I am aware of this. I, Martina, promise never to make such bad jokes again…or do I? Anyways, today’s Cocktail mix is very sentimental, casting us back to our first few months living in Korea. I had just discovered Korean dramas with Boys Over Flowers with GOOOOOOO JUN PYOOOOOOOOOO, and I was still in that awkward new-to-Korean-boys phase where I mistook Jaejoong (TVXQ) and Jihoo (BOF) for women. Good times. I’m way over that now, I swear! Enjoy this happy and fizzy cocktail!

1. Mirotic TVXQ

Ah yes, Mirotic. Our theory, it’s a combination of “miro” which means maze in Korean, and “erotic” because…they’re all tied up and held captive in a maze. Yup, that sounds about right. I actually spent a good deal of time explaining to my students that “I’ve got you under my skin” was not profanity. Why? Because Mirotic was deemed inappropriate and banned because of that line. What do you think? Does that line hold some kind of hidden sexual agenda that we’re unaware of? Whatever, it’s one of the most awesome songs EVAAAARR!!!!!!!! And what about that chin rap dance? COME ON!

2. Bike – Peppertones

One of our Korean friends introduced us to this group, and we were surprised that this kind of music wasn’t being played on the radio in Korea. It’s really only kpop or trot music, unless there is some magical radio station we are unaware of which is possible since we don’t really listen to the radio outside of our taxi rides. Which might I add, are really funny because we know every single kpop song that comes on the radio so we end up singing, dancing, or Music Monday joking the whole way to our destination, much to the dismay of the confused taxi driver. It also feels perfect for Katamari Damacy. I feel like rolling something up right now! Wait…that didn’t sound right. DRUGS ARE BAD! Anyways, this is such an uppity song, and the Peppertones have a few albums out which are all pretty good. Enjoy the Peppertones!

3. Step by Step – Battle

The very first kpop song we ever heard, and supposedly (Martina changes into an old woman story telling voice)… Seungri from Big Bang was almost put in this group…Yup. Rumour has it that Battle was a group formed from a kind of kpop band battle show (maybe with Shinhwa, the legendary Korean boy group), and these guys were the winners, but I’m not totally sure, so don’t fire murder me. Anyways, great song, loved the dance for this video and I’m crushed that they’ve fallen off the planet. Also, when I first saw UKISS with “Manmanhani” I thought the blonde guy in Battle and Kevin were the same person.

4. Paradise – T-Max (BOF OST)

Any Boys Over Flowers fans out there? If yes, then you already got the cold sweats and shivers from the title of this song. Getting flashbacks are you? Of EVERY SINGLE MOMENT IN THE DRAMA THAT INVOLVED ENTERING A ROOM?? Since SImon and I are really huge fans of all types of music, the music being used in a movie or drama really affects us and this song did nothing but pull me out of the moment NON STOP. It was very appropriate for the first few scenes of BOF when Jandi was in shock from the sheer amount of wealth floating around her, but during the final scene of the whole drama? Really? I actually burst out loud laughing. If you haven’t heard this song before, let me know if it you get the cold sweats or if it’s only in relation to BOF watchers.

  1. OMG upside down heart vein!

  2. it’s so true i should go skip around outside. I’ll make a fan MV for this song about skipping in parks for you simon :P

  3. Gah! I’m realizing just how much of a snob I am about my dramas. I really CANNOT watch the same drama done by other countries, and since I was really really into Hana Yori Dango first (Matsumoto Jun is my love, even though his character in that drama is a doofy idiot), the Korean Boys Over Flowers just seems… like a watered down version to me. I couldn’t even deal with it *hides*
    Ah! Please don’t kill me! =P

  4. I’ve seen BoF 4 times…

  5. “…and I was still in that awkward new-to-Korean-boys phase where I mistook Jaejoong (TVXQ) and Jihoo (BOF) for women. Good times. ”

    I have been reading your blog for over a year now, and never commented, but I laughed so hard at this line, I woke my husband up.  This is my exact reaction when I started watching K-dramas. 

  6. Starlight Tears by Kim Yu Kyung.  I haven’t gotten sick of that one yet.  
    ( ◠‿◠ )

  7. OMG OMG BATTLE!! I haven’t seen that in so dang long. I missed those guys!

  8. i know exactly what you mean for the paradise song!!!…lol

  9. Aw nice to see Mirotic…The song was popular my 1st year in Korea too!  I remember introducing my family to Korean music when I went to visit US and showing them some dance moves to this song >.<

  10. this was so funny…but i sure do love Mirotic still,and the BOF Does bring back the memories!!!!

  11. I liked the convenient store raids, so fun and interesting. You should do more of them. ;)  I remember that song from those videos, and was wondering where it came from. I haven’t seen Boys over Flowers yet, but that song did give me shivers.  I think that Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is similar to Boys over Flowers based on the video.

  12. *shivers all over* I thought I had escaped this song forever, and now you come and play it here!
    I just wanted to say that I’d like to see SNSD for the next cocktail – I know you like Genie and Visual Dreams, Simon!

  13. I never watched BOF & hadn’t really been into the whole kpop scene for about 4 years {until recently when I found you guys, that is} long story short, somehow even I’ve somehow been worn down by that mother flippin’ song. so catchy, & by catchy, I mean “omg omg omg please get out of my head” mainly because all I can ever seem to remember is homeboy wailing ALMOST PAAARADISE! -__-

  14. i LOVE battle where are these people

  15. Step by Step really reminds me of Big Bang, especially the rapper guy 

  16. Battle  = Hipsters of the K-pop world.

    They were totally shuffling years before it was cool. Not to mention the glasses on Really Pretty Mr. Green Pants.

  17. I’m a little put off by you two right now, because you introduced me to BOF and I ended up watching the whole series in the span of a few days, being hyper-vigilant to the excess use of “Stand by me” (that one was even more overplayed than Almost Paradise!!), and getting TOTALLY invested in the pairing that did NOT work out! I was screaming at the screen for it to be the guy that Jan Di didn’t end up with!

    Seriously love you guys, but I’m in such a foul mood now thanks to this K-Crunch Cocktail. :pout: ;)

  18. paradise just showed up in the most inappropriate times towards the end…jandi getting beaten up? ALMOST PARADIIIIIIIISE!! :D
    this song makes me LOL so much now xD

  19. I lol-ed so hard when Simon is talking about “Paradise” ! XD This song sure brings back lots of memories ~ 

  20. Hahahahaha oh my god, I burst out laughing when you guys started talking about Almost Paradise!! That song…just oh my. It’ll randomly pop into my head in the most bizarre and inappropriate times and I can’t help but smile to myself looking like a crazy >.< oh nostalgia. 

  21. Aww~ reminded me of when I watched BOF!!! and yaaah you guys make me feel like watching that drama again; however, it has soo many episodes I don’t really have time to watch dramas anymore since I’m a busy girl!

  22. Hey, I like Almost Paradise! Actually, I’m going to play that song as soon as I touch down in Korea. It’s my go to song when I need to get to my “happy place” lol.

  23. step by step and bike have become two of my favourite songs (right now) thanks to you guys! when bike started playing I immediately thought back to all your old videos I watched so many months ago. definitely a cocktail full of nostalgia! 

  24. I wove (love) mirotic (and I was so devastated that they split up that I had to buy their album) and I cant find rising sun in itunes :’( but what i WAS THINKING IS MAYBE for your next coctail video how about Amiericano by 10cm? love you Martina!!!!

  25. My favorite flash back so far. ^-^

  26. I remember hearing bike in a lot of your videos and I was trying to find out about the title and who sing this song. Thanks for mentioned it! :D

  27. why did my brain subconciously read the k-crunch as k-crotch doubled with mirotic XD hahaha!!

  28. why wasn’t rainism included in this 

  29. PLEASE DO ShinHwa’s T.O.P…You guys will love the engrish in that music video…and the dance…easy to learn, but epic!

  30. You guys should do G-Dragon’s “A Boy” :) Grrrreat song!

  31. Ahhh BOF, such good memories….of almost breaking my computer from screaming at Geum Jan Di for being soooo…argh!! And my first tattoo is the word MIRotic (it’s a play on the name of the song AND how i’m a fan of Mir-Go MBLAQ!)

  32. Almost Paradise….it made me skip the montages in Boys Before Flowers…I’ve never actually heard the whole song except for Almost Paahhhhhhhhhh- before. Yup. Still terrible.

  33. My all time fave song too!!! Never tire of the live performance ever!

  34. they probably just ran out of ideas when they got to max and xiah
    maybe the lady was trying to drown max
    and maybe tried to zap junsu
    jaejoon, I dont even know how that lady got him up der
    cause she was like
    im a magical witch doin the moon walk on the side of a clifff with jaejoon stuck on it, jaejoon unnie how did i get up here?
    max, i know you can swim but i rean out of ideas for you so im just going to drown you .
    junsu, im just goin to zap your cute little tushy with my lazers,
    i dont have enough money for lazers so i just bought club lights….
    they look alike
    omg i forgot yuchun, just put him in a box, he’l live.
    yunho, you are the leader so you are mine!!!!!
    haha so i am just going to tie you up
    but not with ropes that are more sturdy
    i will tie you up with wimsical magical fluffy cloth strips that probably fel of my dress that i got from a basket that just had words that said
    isnt this a wonderful time?
    wait where you guys going
    TVXQ: * old ladies these days*

  35. thatssumgoodcurry

    Also, I totally thought I heard the same thing (the n-bomb) in Big Bang’s Stupid Liar. Its a shame, cause that song is awesome, but I can’t recommend it to any of my kpop newbie friends because, well…

  36. thatssumgoodcurry

    Mirotic=Best Thing EVAH! I freakin’ love that song, its great.
    I love Battle doing the Melbourne Shuffle, they’re pretty awesome at it, I must say.
    And Bike is so much fun! I thought the PowerPoint was fitting enough. I have to get that Dolphin F-3 Bike! That is the most win I’ve ever seen on 2 wheels.

    I have nothing to say about Almost Paradise. Absolutely nothing. 

    of course MIROTIC!!!!! the first song that i knew from DBSK

  38. I watched BoF when I was first discovered Korean Dramas and Kpop and then I watched it a second time with my mom and dad.
    Every time the song would play in the drama, which is every episode, all three of us would sing along.
    After BoF, my dad got the song as his ringtone and would sing it constantly!
    I had gotten the song on my ipod the very first time I heard the song and now, since it’s lost in my millions of other kpop songs and I don’t delete it, whenever the song plays in the car, my mom and I freak out and change songs as quickly as possible.

    Once you watch BoF, you will never be able to listen to Almost Paradise ever again.

  39. thisisjustforfunval

    I’ve realized that Junsu exudes sexuality and damn, it can’t be ignored! 

  40. I only got as far as Mirotic…oh the memories.  The more I see that video the more I’m convinced it’s just so Junsu can shake his ass. Shake it Junsu. I have a tendency to watch the dance version or lives though…

  41. omg olmost paradise is sooo annoying ( sorry) but when i see the title of the drama or the name of the actors on the drama i am thinking almost paradise……T.T its impossible to fordet it……( especially when you watched the drama for the first time and the song is stuck in your head before bed time…..gahhhhhh ) anyways MIROTIC is a legendary song, most of the kpop fans started with that song <3 wht dont you guyz make a kpop cocktail with the old school songs..and you can talk about songs from H.O.T.,SES, Milk and many moore that began the kpop history…:)

  42. 1:24 of TVXQ’s video cracked me up. They look like they are doing a move from a TaeKwonDo form called Palgwe Sa-Jang.

  43. These reminded of older times so here are some suggestions from the 90′s and early 2000′s. ^^
    Maxfly – Stars in the sky
    TG – Love Tonight
    Lee Jung Hyun – Crazy
    JTL – Enter the Dragon
    M.I.L.K – Come to me
    TAKE – Baby Baby
    To-Ya – Look
    Swi-T – I’ll Be There

    Check them out! XD

  44. “one bike. mamy possibilities.” :D

    i would SO love DBSK/TVXQ to sing this version of the english lyrics:
    love both versions, tho sarah connor’s got nothin’ on changmin’s yell!! 

  45. hahah. i hated t-max’s paradise the first time i heard it.. i watch kdramas a lot but then this song got me close to this friend i never knew she watch kdrama and a kpop fan.. i suddenly started singing this song when we were doing work and she waz like”hey i know this song!!” i wasnt a kpop fan at tht time she showed me her fav group and started looking for more.. Thnx to tht song(: but seriously doesnt this song gets annoying sometimes??

  46. I love, love Boys Over Flowers, and I’m so glad that someone else get it besides just like me. I watch Kpop videos with my 10 year old son in MN and we are both are trying our best to learn everything about Korea. We love dancing to SuperJunior and listen to Mirotic almost everyday. Thank you for your posts!

  47. “almost paradise”… i don’t really know if i love this song or not. whenever i hear the name, i just cringe cuz i heard it so much on BOF, but then i would listen to it and i’m just like “ALMOST PARADISE~~~~” gahhhh

  48. So, as soon as that Battle song started I thought New Kids on the Block. Just the first time they say ‘Step by Step’, its like the correct pitch and everything. Haha, it was a fun song though. ‘Bike’ was a lot of fun as well. 

    I was less annoyed by ‘Paradise’ and more…greatly amused?? It always sounds out of tune to me, and it is definitely used for the absolute wrong scenes in BOF. 

    And, “I’ve got you under my skin” is not profane in any way, shape, or form to me. 

  49. DJKGDJHFGHJDFGJF MIROTIC OMG. And no, I don’t think it’s profound at all. >.< That ban was silly.

    Sometimes I think the agency who bans videos in Korea randomly decides to blame it on the lyrics when they actually think the video clip is the too sexual part. Come on, that video clip is HOT. Damn I miss DBSK.

  50. OH MY GOSH! so classic!

    Mirotic FINALLY gets its due (sort of) and… ALMOOOOST PARADIIIIIIISE!!!!!

  51. I heard most of the older kpop songs secondhand from my best friend in high school, but Mirotic & Almost Paradise still hold some nostalgia for me. For the record: I’ve never seen the drama, but Almost Paradise is SO typical drama music that I do sometimes cringe when I hear it.

    And no, “I’ve got you under my skin” doesn’t seem profane to me. But “flowing through you are millions of my crystal”…..? -_-

  52. Info on Battle:
    Yes they were formed by a reality tv show in 2006. It was called Battle Shinhwa. Shinhwa members were the mentors and judges on the show and each one pick one of the members of the group. They got their name from “Battle” in the show title name.

    Fun fact…. G.NA is the cousin of Chris (the bleach blond in the MV).

  53. i would love it if you could do another song(or two) of chang kiha and the faces, especially something with the mimi sisters

  54. …I’m sorry, but am I the only one who noticed that on the BIKE MV Thing, one of the pictures says ‘One Bike. Mamy Possibilities.’ Mamy….the Engrish continues…

  55. despite the fact that “Almost Paradise” became one of my least favorite songs of the ost, I suddenly have the urge to marathon through Boys Over Flowers again :p

  56. nostalgia and dust hehe… Nostalgia: Mirotic… Dust: Almost Du..Paradise? 
    Now I have to liste to Mirotic again, otherwise I can’t get Almost Paradise out of my head @.@ ~ Under My Skin ~

  57. i was wondering why there was a bike in the thumbnail xD

  58. Nostalgia and dust? Haha I absolutely love it!!

  59. Gah! Mirotic was the first Kpop song I ever fell in love with! Thank you!
    You guys should check out Americano by 10cm if you already haven’t. It’s really catchy, and my sister and I always crack up laughing while listening to it. :)

  60. I would love to see you guys do The Reason I Became a Witch and Is Being Pretty Everything. So much.

  61. I really do love this Kcrunch cocktail segment! This one in particular brought back memories of when i was just starting to whatch Kdrama and listen to Kpop. 

  62. Mirotic u.u DBSK I miss you <3
    I love Paradise too, Lee MinHo uhpfs sorry Goo JunPyo <3. T-max why did you have to disband??
    The other two… I never hear it before…

  63. erm actually junsu’s trapped by laser lights….

  64. I had the same reaction to “nega” when I first heard Psy’s Champion. I actually thought to myself “Wow, Korea must be really lax when it comes to censorship or something.”  XD

    “Almost Paradise” isn’t just annoying to BOF fans: I’ve never seen the show, but the song STILL plays on variety shows from time to time, and when it first came out it of course played on every BOF spoof. I heard it for over a year before I finally figured out that he was saying “almost paradise” and not “all those better times,” but I seem to be the only one who’s ever had trouble understanding the line. xP

  65. ALMOST PARADIIIIIISE~ Yeah, I got annoyed with that song too but lots of laughs from it whenever it was played in a totally inappropriate situation. xD BOF was my first drama too! Everyone kept talking about it when I first got into K-pop (2010) so I ended up watching it in early 2011. It was the only thing I could watch for a long time cause I had no internet or tv or anything… so yeah. All I had was this drama and video games for a while. Brings back some memories for me too cause we moved again to where we’re living now. I miss that house. D:

  66. Oh, I forgot! I think that you definitely should have Rain’s Rainism in it (I was addicted to that song and Mirotic at the same time:P… thanks to your How to dance kpop style… 2008?) AND! Definitely Rain – Love song too… I don’t need to mention why (the “Rainroll” that suddenly appears out of nowhere after he tore his shirt off on a rooftop? His eyelashes?)

  67. Mirotic is one of my all time favorites too! (actually, a lot of DBSK’s songs are one of my all time favorites…) But considering that the lyrics is not much about “I love you, I love you [let's make a love baby], I don’t consider the “I got you under my skin” as love. More as “I hate you, get away from me”… :P

    Step by Step gives me a fuzzy warm feeling too :’) Nostalgia! I miss songs that have that have this kpop sound in it…

    AAAAALMOOST PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARAADIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISEE! I won’t say anymore about that. But I’ve come to love that song. I’ve come to love to make fun of that song. And the last half of drama is too intense…

  68. thisisjustforfunval

    HAHAHA and I thought I was the only one who shocked, paused and rewound when I heard naega for the first time. It was U-Kiss’s 0330 the first time I heard it and was like, did I just hear what I thought I heard. Then thought Kevin and Eli should know better. Was glad to find out it meant I.

    And T-Max Paradise holds that special place in my heart, being that it tortured me every episode of Boys Over Flowers I watched, got stuck in my head and thus I looked it up and found kpop. Because I’m Stupid by SS501 is how I feel in love with kpop however. 

  69. Haha Mirotic was the first kpop song I ever heard. ^^ And I watched BOF and I have to say I kind of disliked it. And Paradise just kills a part of me, every time I listen to it. XD  Oh and the blond guy from Battle lives in the States now I think. :D

  70. I also really like Step By Step! I’ll forgive the bad video quality and corny older styles, because the song is awesome! (And isn’t it funny how quickly something “cool” can become lame?)

    Almost Paradise… I actually really like the song. I think I bonded with it, like you said. The only drawback is I was very disappointed in BOF overall, so the song just makes me remember how Jandi almost drowned like 52 times. xD

  71. DBSK, best group, best song… It was my fisrt kpop video and song too.  It was a really good family and I am so sad, that they seperated…

  72. Oh, DBSK! *sigh* My very first kpop love… Mirotic was the very first kpop song I ever heard and the first kpop mv I ever saw. After that, I started watching all of their videos and listening to all of their songs, and eventually I started listening to all sorts of other groups too! Thank you DBSK, for instilling in me love for the wonderful thing called kpop. 

    I only found them 3 months before the lawsuit, which was sad but strengthened my devotion as a fan more, I would say. I’m not sure what will happen in the future but I’ll always keep supporting them! DBSK <3

  73. can you do u-kiss forbidden love
    i know it is Japanese but pleaaasseeeee come onthey take hip thrusting to a whole new level 

  74. I stayed away from TVXQ for a long time, because the first song I heard of them was Triangle and I really didn’t like their portions of the song. My friend is a fan and told me to listen to Mirotic, which was actually good.

    I think BOF was the first kdrama for a lot of people. I remember watching it on KBS World and thinking it was awesome. I never liked Jihoon in the show though.

    • yeah my first tvxq mv was triangle as well and it was terrible and than ballon… it didn’t get better … mirotic is pretty cool, but it can’t get me to a TVXQ fan …

      BOF WASN’T really the best drama, i have ever seen . maybe it wasn’t my first kdrama and i watched it only because Kim hyun joon(and ga eul) ?!  anyways … a lot of people… i mean A LOT A LOT hate this: “almost paradise…”
       i don’t know why, but i really hate this song,too. but i can sing ALL THE F*CKING MELODY NOTES of this song. . . and it’s the same reasen as simon and martina … damn it!

  75. All the songs they used for Boys over Flowers, now I fing them irrtating bc I heard them soo much! Btw, finally mirotic! Junsu is trying not to touch the lasers bc it would alert the lady and he would not be able to free his friends. But they all got tired and got out by themselves, lol.

    I enjoyed this kpop coctail.

  76. Bahahaha, I had the same “experience” with almost paradise, it was nerve wrecking at certain point.

    Guise, you were great :D :D :D 

  77. Mirotic was the first K-Pop song I ever heard. I hated it at first, and now I sometimes daydream about Jaejoong. :3 kkkk~

  78. I love Mirotic! It’s definitely one of the songs that got me into kpop.  After watching this video again for the first time in a while I think I’m beginning to understand why Mickey left SM…he always gets shafted on the haircuts.  Seriously.  If my professional stylist gave me that uneven bowl cut I would probably want to leave too.  Hahaha.  (Not the offend any diehard TVXQ fans, I am sad that they broke up.)

  79. “Tastes like nostalgia and…..dust.” Mmmmm, tasty! ^^

    I’d suggest maybe some old school (ha!) Batoost: Bad Girl. So catchy! Plus feathers!

    Or Kim Joon & Kim Hyun Joong: Jun Be OK. 

  80. The Almost Paradise thing is sooooo true!!!

  81. always paradise :D I love and hate this song at the same time too :D this song is so terrible that it’s actually perfect :D…. and omg Mirotic…I remember the times I didn’t know that dbsk tvxq and tohoshinki is the same group kkk not anymore

  82. Gah!!! You’re making me miss DBSK all over again! grrrr haha You guys have great tastes in music!! I’m loving “Bike” :)

  83. Crap now Always Paradise is going to be stuck in my head T_T 

    Anyways you guys should do Junggigo! 

    No War No Cry 


    Street Love ft.Jazzy Ivy (grooveman Spot Remix)

  84. That TVXQ song was AWESOME!!! Lol, “Almost Paradise” brought me back to my “Boys Before Flowers” watching days, oh it was such a good drama~ <3 Oh, also, I suggest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtLWGX5yHFs, this song is on my ipod and it's just so freakin' catchy!!! I love the dance too~ and the revolving backgrounds?! WHAT IS THIS AWESOMENESS???!!!!

  85. Mirotic was what got me into DBSk and the first kpop song I was legitimately obsessed with. I might have liked almost paradise if it had ever been played at an appropriate time in the drama as it is my cousin and I sing it at inappropriate times just like the drama did lol. 

  86. peppertones FTW!!

  87. Mirotic is the very first kpop song/MV that I’ve ever heard/watched/fell-in-love-with ~ eh time goes by so fast ~ I feel as if 2008 was yesterday >_<

  88. I’ve always wondered what happened to Battle… They just kinda, dropped off the face of the earth :( I also had a song named ‘Tell Me’ by them which was soooo cute!

    Speaking of good groups that disappeared, any one remember HAM? Awful name, but I loved ‘Lower Your Sight’ and ‘So Sexy’ (Also a bad name with many jokes to it but eh.)

  89.  Epik High next week please?

    “One” is so much more beautiful than any other MV full of flashbacks about a dying girl (although there are tons of!)

    “Wannabe” is hilarious, so different from all these “clean” videos that have cost thousands dollars, it seems like they’re just having fun between friends!

    And I’ve just discovered “Map the Soul”, I think it’s the only commited Korean video I’ve seen so far, and it’s awesome.

    I’m sure you’ll end talking about an Epik High video, I’m just curious about which one you’ll chose…

  90. TVXQ <3 <3 <3 When I first started watching BOF, I hated that song, but by the end of the series I was singing along.

  91. TVXQ!  Great playlist again~ I’m really digging the Peppertones song!  I’ve never heard of them before, thanks!  I first heard Step by Step from an Aliks Remix of it w/ Big Bang’s Last Farewell & Son Dam Bi’s Bad Boy (very 2008).  Eeeee BOF, I agree about the ending, so disappointing.  So I tell my friends to watch only the first half of the series and just listen to the OST which is just plain amazing

  92. I didn’t watch boys over flowers BUT I know that song and I hate it xDDD 

  93. Dying laughing. Simon, your words are so true–when I watched BOF, I was shocked and awed by the constant use of “Almost Paradise”. At one point the main guys rushed into a room to beat up some thugs who had kidnapped Jandi and their manly, actiony, beatin’-up-thugs music of choice was? Allllmost paaaaaradise!

  94. Finding Mirotic on youtube randomly one day started my love of kpop music. I’ve been hooked ever since. The sad moment was realizing that TVXQ had already broken up a year before i discovered the group. QQ

    • omg that’s exactly what happen to me!!! except they had just broken up when i’ve discovered them and the second song i clicked was balloons….. took me months to get over my dislike. LOL i became a VIP instead but now i see how awesome they were ^_^ and i can almost, almost appreciate balloons kekeke

  95. love the trip down to memory lane, my happy TVXQ5 times TT_TT

  96. I loved “Yearning of the Heart”.  If you read the comments on Hulu’s Boys Over Flowers page, someone is always complaining about “Almost Paradise.”  The funniest is how they don’t let you go in the final episode.  You think the entire time you’ll get away from it but no… last scene–BAM.

  97. Aww….this K-Crunch brings back so much memories to me too. I loved Step by Step by Battle when I was first new to K-Pop too. -looks into space with nostalgia-

  98. Yup, the Dong Bang boys confirmed it on a show that apparently Jaejoong came up with the word Mirotic deriving from “miro”.

  99. heyyy~ I DID watch that video of you guys raiding the korean convenience stores lol^^ and about boys over flowers.. yes.. i watched the korean, japanese, and the taiwanese versions.. haha

  100. “Any Boys Over Flowers fans out there? If yes, then you already got the cold sweats and shivers from the title of this song.” – I had goosebumps reading this line! “Almost Paradise!!!” (start singing out laud!)

  101. oh gosh the almost paradise song is the epitome of why for years i refused to listen to any korean music!! at first i found the song entertaining, but the more they played the more i wanted to kill someone…..ohhh the memories :-)

  102. looks like a fun kcrunch epiiii :]

  103. they should totally do oh my friend by big bang. it had top as a cop!

  104. I prefer to call “Almost Paradise” “Almost Hades” cause that school was as far from paradise as it could be.

  105. simon and martina u know how u guys sometimes do the drama review kind of thing (for i think monthly stuff)…. so martina!!!! try watching ‘Shut up! Flower boy Band” , it’s a really touching, unique drama!! :D

  106. Fun fact! The female lead in the Mirotic MV is actually f(x)’s Victoria!

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