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K Crunch Cocktail: Mirotic Paradise Step Bikes

February 16, 2012


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Welcome back to our non-alcoholic K-Crunch Cocktail playlist for the week of February 16th 2012. Although beware, you might get drunk off of the sexy haiiiiii fumes coming from TVXQ’s Mirotic!!! *ahem* That was a bad joke. I am aware of this. I, Martina, promise never to make such bad jokes again…or do I? Anyways, today’s Cocktail mix is very sentimental, casting us back to our first few months living in Korea. I had just discovered Korean dramas with Boys Over Flowers with GOOOOOOO JUN PYOOOOOOOOOO, and I was still in that awkward new-to-Korean-boys phase where I mistook Jaejoong (TVXQ) and Jihoo (BOF) for women. Good times. I’m way over that now, I swear! Enjoy this happy and fizzy cocktail!

1. Mirotic TVXQ

Ah yes, Mirotic. Our theory, it’s a combination of “miro” which means maze in Korean, and “erotic” because…they’re all tied up and held captive in a maze. Yup, that sounds about right. I actually spent a good deal of time explaining to my students that “I’ve got you under my skin” was not profanity. Why? Because Mirotic was deemed inappropriate and banned because of that line. What do you think? Does that line hold some kind of hidden sexual agenda that we’re unaware of? Whatever, it’s one of the most awesome songs EVAAAARR!!!!!!!! And what about that chin rap dance? COME ON!

2. Bike – Peppertones

One of our Korean friends introduced us to this group, and we were surprised that this kind of music wasn’t being played on the radio in Korea. It’s really only kpop or trot music, unless there is some magical radio station we are unaware of which is possible since we don’t really listen to the radio outside of our taxi rides. Which might I add, are really funny because we know every single kpop song that comes on the radio so we end up singing, dancing, or Music Monday joking the whole way to our destination, much to the dismay of the confused taxi driver. It also feels perfect for Katamari Damacy. I feel like rolling something up right now! Wait…that didn’t sound right. DRUGS ARE BAD! Anyways, this is such an uppity song, and the Peppertones have a few albums out which are all pretty good. Enjoy the Peppertones!

3. Step by Step – Battle

The very first kpop song we ever heard, and supposedly (Martina changes into an old woman story telling voice)… Seungri from Big Bang was almost put in this group…Yup. Rumour has it that Battle was a group formed from a kind of kpop band battle show (maybe with Shinhwa, the legendary Korean boy group), and these guys were the winners, but I’m not totally sure, so don’t fire murder me. Anyways, great song, loved the dance for this video and I’m crushed that they’ve fallen off the planet. Also, when I first saw UKISS with “Manmanhani” I thought the blonde guy in Battle and Kevin were the same person.

4. Paradise – T-Max (BOF OST)

Any Boys Over Flowers fans out there? If yes, then you already got the cold sweats and shivers from the title of this song. Getting flashbacks are you? Of EVERY SINGLE MOMENT IN THE DRAMA THAT INVOLVED ENTERING A ROOM?? Since SImon and I are really huge fans of all types of music, the music being used in a movie or drama really affects us and this song did nothing but pull me out of the moment NON STOP. It was very appropriate for the first few scenes of BOF when Jandi was in shock from the sheer amount of wealth floating around her, but during the final scene of the whole drama? Really? I actually burst out loud laughing. If you haven’t heard this song before, let me know if it you get the cold sweats or if it’s only in relation to BOF watchers.



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