1) MC Mong “Circus”


Ahh! What a fun song! Even though we don’t know the lyrics, we definitely shout out along with the HAHAHAHAHA part. I don’t know how to describe what’s so great about this song. It’s hard to be grumpy listening to this. I just want to highstep out of the house and throw pies at people and laugh. I guess that the song has mimicked circus music aesthetic? I don’t know! I don’t actually remember ever being at a circus…but I’m sure that it has music that sounds like this. I hope people aren’t now going to be like “what?! Never been to a circus? What kind of deprived childhood did you have?!” Fact is, I don’t know anyone who went to a circus either. Well, I never asked. It’s not one of those things that pop up in conversation. “Great weather today, eh? Hey! Ever been to a circus?” No. Never said that before, but I will ask people from now on. On that note: how many of you have been to a circus?

2) Drunken Tiger “Left Foot Forward”

Ok, this song is badass. As soon as the beat starts you can’t help but think of old-school DJ Premiere. This is the kind of music I grew up with (Simon here). I really wish I could keep up with the lyrics in Korean, though. Lyrics are the main reason I’m into hip hop. Funky beats with garbage lyrics = unlistenable for me. So with Korean Hip hop, I’m like “I’m sure this is alright! I just wish I could understand it” So this video has English subs, which I can follow, but part of hip hop is also about the cleverness of lyrics, how they rhyme what they rhyme, what they allude to, so on and so forth. Here, I can hear Drunken Tiger’s delivery, but I don’t know if he’s clever or not, or if he’s just got a powerful message. You know? I don’t know. I’m rambling. The song sounds really cool, though!

3) Kara “MR”


So this is one of the first Kpop songs we ever talked about on video, back when we started our whole “How to Dance Kpop Style” videos in earnest back in 2009. Wow. That was a long time ago. You know, now that I think about it: I’m pretty confident that sooner or later we’ll be able to do a video with everyone in Kpop…except for Kara. I’m not even sure if they do Korean music anymore. It seems like they’ve found a comfort zone in Japan and they’re staying there, no? Am I wrong? When we went to Tokyo a short while ago we saw lots of ads for Kara, which surprised us, because we didn’t hear from Kara in so long. Ah well. One of these days, when we’re living in Japan (it’ll happen sooner or later!) we’ll see Kara and do a video with them. Boom! (I can dream, can’t I?)

  1. I LUV!!! MC mong ‘s CIRCUS!! :) ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Dude, I just watched Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’ video (from 2001) and I was NOT expecting what I got. That crap is as creepy as !#$(^&, you should definitely check it out if you haven’t before, ’cause, damn. 

  3. Did Martina pronounce Skyrim like PronunciationManual teaches you to…xD OMG AWESOME! :D

  4. I must admit that Daesung does a much better version of this dance than Kara does. You need to check out the Korean Variety Show series called Family Outing that included Daesung when Big Bang was first starting out. He actually did this dance quite often, very well too.

  5. I love how MC Mong can rap AND dance :DDDDD

  6. <3 the Fantastic Baby part lol

  7. I think u should do K Crunch Cocktail review from Apeace- Lover boy

  8. Drunken Tiger is awesome! I think you guys should review his wife Tasha, she’s awesome too. She features in a lot of his songs..including this one, she comes out at 3:07. He also featured in her Get It In mv

  9. I dont know if anyone else was reminded of the same thing, but MC Mong’s Circus reminds me of Eminem’s Without Me…just a bit lol 

  10. But didn’t Kara have the song “Step” out at the same time as Brown Eyed Girls had “Sixth Sense”? I don’t think that’s too long…

  11. Traditional Korean Metal Pipe! A huge part of Koreas history that has been forgotten by the historics but always remembered by Kpop producers!

  12. Oh my god oh my god oh my god!  In the MC Mong video, is that guy this guy??


  13. Drunken Tiger is actually a duo consisting of Tiger JK and DJ Shine – Tiger JK is NOT Drunken Tiger.
    I’m not being mean or anything, just pointing it out…

  14. back in 2009 when Kara released their album “Mr.” was not their single. so they don’t have korean version of “Mr.” Music Video. later they made a video for it for Japanese Single.

  15. Simon and Martina you guys are wrong. :)
    Kara is on asia tour now not “Staying” Japan. they’re just most big and popular K-Pop group in Japan nowadays. so u can see many ads of them in Japan. they released Korean album “Step” last september and still doing a lot of TV Shows in korea. maybe u guys don’t watch Korean TV so u wouldn’t know.

  16. Hehe…the reason Kara doesn’t really promote as often in Korea is that DSP probably makes more money from their Japanese stuff. Their aesthetic is actually very Japanese. I mean they’re all extremely petite and cute with huge eyes. I might get killed by the Sones for saying this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they consistently out sell SNSD in Japan.

  17. “Left Foot Forward” is one of my favorite Drunken Tiger songs. I have a few of his albums on my MP3 player and I almost always end up skipping to this song.

  18. I find Kara’s Mister’s dance, concept and lyrics much worse than Hyuan’s Bubble Pop… Am I the only one?

  19. I can totally see the Old Boy scene in Drunken Tiger’s video. And on that note, the director Park Chan-wook other films, have you seen any? I like his films, he is a bit over the top, but still I like his films. The first one I saw of him was actually Old Boy. I’ve seen Lady Vengeance, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, I’m a Cyborg but that’s OK, Thirst, Saminjo and his short in Three… Extremes. I believe I’ve seen others too but I can’t remember other just now. Do you like other Korean directors and films? Any suggestions? 

    • I don’t know about Simon and Martina, but I sure do.  Actually, while I’m mildly intrigued by kpop, that’s not where my interest really lies.  It’s in film.  South Korean film is totally the vanguard, and it all kicked off with Oldboy.  I recommend:
      Poetry:  Depressing, but very good. 
      The Host
      Mother (both directed by Bong Joon-Ho).  
      Castaway on the Moon: I just saw this and thought was terribly clever and touching.
      The Housemaid: Roger Ebert recommended this one, and it’s…different.  It definitely wins for craziest ending.

      • It’s the same for me, Korean film is also where my main interest lies.
        I saw Poetry when it was making its rounds in the theaters here in my country last year, and I have it in my collection, its a must have. Mother is also a must see, love it. I haven’t seen The Host yet, must now. :) Same goes for Castaway on the Moon. Thank you for the recommendations!

        Are you talking about the old (original) The Housemaid or the remake from a few years back? I’ve seen the 1960’s one, but not the newer one. The Housemaid is a great look in to Korean film. You might be able to watch it here, if you haven’t: http://mubi.com/films/the-housemaid

  20. actually Kara did a song, Step, last year… but it’s all, i think :s (if u WANNA PRETTY :D i really loooooove this song and its cute engrish :p)

  21. MC Mong!! His songs were the first that I loved when I came to Korea… then I found out all of my students were angry at him. :S 

    More great Mong songs: “Ice Cream”, “I’m Crazy” and “Sick Enough To Die”. 

    Thanks for reviewing him! ^_^

  22. I’ve never been to a circus before…my parents are paranoid that the ringmaster would lose control of the animals and there will be a stampede.  >.> #TrueStory.

  23. i watched Oldboy!!!……i was disturbed……
    ooh ooh!! next do Yoon Mirae and Lessang!!!!!
    and Kara never made an MV for the Koran version!

  24. Since u did Drunken Tiger, now u have to review his wife, Tasha’s songs. You should check her out, she has even been featured in some of his songs. 

    Btw u failed to mention that Dalmation was in the circus video! that’s why they had puppies and dogs in the video, lol. 

    Btw, I dont think I have ever been to the circus…..maybe when I was very young and I didn’t remember it?

  25. love this cocktail, so hep hap. :D

  26. Hey guys I think this is the official Drunken Tiger “Left Foot Forward” video but for some reason I couldn’t post it as a comment in your youtube playlist.

  27. I’ve been to a circus once when I was a kid.

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