1) Dal Shabet – Bling Bling


Ok, this video goes out to Antonia, who introduced us to this song during her birthday party Noraebang. We never heard this song before in our lives. I know some of you will be shocked, because it’s generally assumed that we watch every single Kpop video out there…but some slip through our cracks! This was one of them. Boy, are we ever upset that this wasn’t part of our lives sooner. Holyinfinitehappydancepartyness! I don’t know where to begin with this song. It’s just the aerobic exercise music of the year. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

2) Jang Geun Seok – My Bus


Before we begin about Jang Geun Seok, let’s just say that we were amazed at how popular he is in Japan. Or, seemingly popular. We saw him in tons of Japanese ads while we were there. Like, more than any other Korean celebrity that we know of. Anyhow, we’re amazed that we didn’t cover this song sooner in our K Crunch Cocktail, because we listen to it all the time. Well, we just listen to the chorus all the time, because it’s Martina’s default ringtone. It’s become such a common part of our lives that we don’t even think of it as a song anymore. It’s just everyday language, the same way IIIII LOST MY PAAAANTS has. Anyhow, it’s about time we talked about this song, and so we did today!

3) JYP – No Love, No More


Oh JYP! You’re so before our time! This is pretty much the only JYP song that we’re familiar with: surely he made his own music before, right? Right? *MARTINA HERE: Yes Simon, JYP was a super awesome kpop idol posing in clear plastic pants. Please google “JYP plastic pants” and thank me later. Please continue Simon.

Well, I hope so, because he seems a bit too talented to have NOT been a Kpop Star before. It’s odd, because we’re used to seeing him as, like, the face of JYP, the man behind the music, but seeing him make his own music is something we’re not that used to.

Side note: I’m not sure where we saw it from, but we remember watching a JYP concert on YouTube a while ago, in which he sings Miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl” while on the piano. Miss A then come out and start singing and dancing. Then, hilariously, JYP gets out there and dances with them, and does the whole rolling on the stomach and leg kicking move. HA! Seriously: can’t think of a CEO that would do that. JYP – you’re a cool guy, I think………..

……even though I get the feeling that you’d assassinate anyone who double crosses you. Well, at least they’d be entertained before they die.

  1. My Bus :D Wow, a JGS song…. I didn’t know that would happen…ever…

  2. Dear Simon and Martina, Please do Super Juniors Oppa Oppa. I hate being on screen but if you’ll do it then i’ll make a video request and try to make it fun as possible…love you guys xxx

  3. Out of three big entertainment companies’ founders/presidents, my favorite is JYP. He’s so cool like that. Musically, well, I don’t like all his works, esp with 2PM, but I do think he’s talented. And how he keeps his figure at his age, that’s something.

  4. wow. are those two girls really twins or just somehow look-a-like??  ha. i watched marry stayed out all night. its kind of weird but fun to watch. and u guys should do donghae and eunhyuk’s oppa. its like a they made some old disco song fun. (:

  5. I seriously liked Mary Stayed Out All Night lol :/ But I love JYP, that man makes me so happy :)

  6. all mv’s on youtube are mostly blocked for me, but finally I managed to watch bling bling unblocked, so cuuuuute! =)
    I’ve seen transparent plastic suits, nipple shirts and head stocking on idols, but somehow plastic pants are shocking. 

  7. Me: JYP plastic pants? Hmm…what’s that? *googles*
    (after a few seconds)

  8. I’m not into korean doramas at all (I prefer japanese doramas), but so far, mary stayed out all night was the only one that I watched until the end! but I guess that was mostly because of jang geun seok *cough*  I also liked you’re my pet ^^;
    and you’re right about the bus-song, it’s so catchy! ^o^

    • I can’t believe you said that because Mary Stayed Out All Night is also the only Korean Drama that I’ve ever been able to finish until the end! It’s definitely not perfect, but I think that the chemistry/adorableness of Mary and Moogyul totally make up for any of the various plot issues.

      • woah, great to know I’m not the only one! ^^
        I also liked mary’s and moogyul’s personalities a lot. in many other popular korean doramas, the same stereotypical characters seem to show up again and again and that bores me (handsome guy with bad personality, often rich and super popular; average girl who is somewhat naive and clumsy).
        of course I know that there are also many doramas that are not like that. so please, k-dorama fans, don’t get mad at me and just recommend some good doramas that might change my mind ^_~

  9. kannnuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf u doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. KANNUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh shush lol, Bling Bling is one of the best kpop songs of all time. :P

  12. You can definitely tell JYP is the producer of 2pm’s songs with No Love, No More.

  13. Can I recommend you a few wonderful songs? I would love it if you guys listen to these songs. I love them, these are so addicting. They are really catchy, promise!! =)
    Hope u like them. ~

    soul connection with ‘hey ma’,
    g.o.d with ‘road’,
    verbal jint (feat. zico of block b) with ‘원숭이띠 미혼남’ (Single Man Of The Monkey)

  14. I agree with Martina, MSOAN was good in the beginning but then it just started getting weird… I couldn’t watch it anymore, even though JGS was in it.

  15. martina, i think you should do drama reviews!! since i have been watching this channel on youtube, ive noticed that you watch a lot of dramas, so i think you should do like a tuesday drama review with martina!!! i would defenitley watch it, cause i watch a ton of dramas and i would like to know about all the new dramas, which ones to watch, which ones suck,… 
    it wouls be amazing f you actually did it!!

    • or, because i know that videos take a really long time, you could just write blog posts instead? i would totally read them. of course, i would prefer videos, but we can only run you guys so ragged. ^^

  16. OMG how could you not like Marry stayed out all night?! O.O It’s my favourite drama ever and the first one they didn’t exaggerate too much (that i watched), and it didn’t have a cheesy ending (much appreciated). Not to mention Kim Jae Wook + Jang Geun Suk combination ~ can’t think of anything better. XD
    Oh and btw, there’s a way to watch in playlist mode on phone: just click on the video from here (EYK page and not YT) and it works (at least for me)! ^.^

  17. I didn’t think Mary Stayed Out All Night to have been extremely bad. Though there were parts that seemed disjointed and I did prefer Kim Jae Wook much more in his Waffle-Guy from Coffee Prince role. Still, I’m never going to forget how freakin’ adorable it was whenever the main characters get drunk and act like kittens and puppies. Or just the general interactions. JGS can put on the perfect cat smile. The acting was fair here, but the scripting was sometimes… But then, I’ve yet to see anything where JGS’s acting wasn’t good, even in You’re My Pet (which is another thing altogether…reaaaaalllly bad scripting/plotting imho). In any case, I loved the OST for MSOAN.

  18. JYP’s killer finger gun is…O_O

  19. @ side note; he’s not the CEO or President of JYPE, he’s just their main producer and “face” of the company…..

  20. Hmmm. Jang Geun Seok, amazing song, super handsome man.

    Terrible video…

  21. Do eunhyuk and Donghae’s oppa oppa! Pls! So funnny! I dont kno if u guys saw it. 

  22. Jang Guen Suk is even so popular in Japan that he was featured in a special episode of Naruto recently XD That was hilarious!

  23. Actually you have 3 viewers from Latvia. I’m the third (until now I thought I was the only one and it made me feel special… well nothing lasts forever)
    You’re amazing guys and you definitely deserve more views from Baltic States!

  24. can you do donghae and eunhyuk OPPA OPPA??????????/

  25. Is it wrong of me that I couldn’t stop thinking //OMG KOREA’S MIB!!// while watching JYP??

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