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K Crunch Indie: All Bad Turtles

July 1, 2012


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M-tiful “All Right”

HEY PHIL SHERBY! You’re reading this blog, I know you are. I sent this to you via Facebook. Hi Phil! Seems weird saying this to you, since I could speak with you in many easier ways. Well, whatever. Hopefully people here will get a chuckle.

Side note about Phil: apart from playing basketball together, Phil also made a song for us a while ago when we did a tour of our apartment. That’s his background music. A man of many talents! Basketball isn’t one of them. HA! YOU READ THAT RIGHT, PHIL! Anyhow, we’re also gonna give a shootout to his SoundCloud page, where he makes more music. Check it out here.

I’m worried that we might be annoying some M-tiful fans by talking more about the drummer than the actual song or video. Sorry guise! We’re just happy to see people we know doing cool stuff in Korea. Good on you, Phil. Good on you. Maybe for your next video, when you’re not in it, we’ll be able to talk about the song more. Hopefully by then you’ll have done something about that band name as well…

Heart Shake “Turtles Swim Surprisingly Fast”

Ok, so let’s start by saying how shamelessly we love this song. This is probably the cutest song we’ve ever reviewed, like…EVER. We’ve been singing it everyday, even though we have no idea what the words are. We’re just trying to recreate the chorus:

Kobodo dok do do!
Kobodo dok do do!
Kobodo dok do do!

Oh God. I can’t even. It’s just too damned sweet. What is it about Korean Indie music that makes it so sweet? Seriously: is there any other country in the world whose music is so…diabetic? I can’t think of another word. It’s overwhelming. If you can give me links from another country’s music that’s as sweet as this, we’d love to know, because there’s something seriously wrong here. AAAAAHHHHH!

Bye Bye Badman “Low”

Whoa. Talk about stark contrast. The last video got me screaming profanities out of a sugar-induced zombie rage. This song makes me want to scream profanities as I kick people while wearing boots. And I don’t even wear boots. I should invest in a pair, though. Nice cowboy boots, good for kicking people. I think I’ve also been reading too many Wolverine comics. This song is great for a Wolverine fight scene, when he’s looking for clues in trying to find someone, and he interrogates everyone by beating them up and letting them know that he’ll kill them if they don’t speak up. Yeah man. Wolverine.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah. The badassness of this song. Listen to it if you need to balance yourself out from the last song.



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K Crunch Indie: All Bad Turtles


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  1. Pure love for all of these songs. They are awesome and the heart shake song, I so WANT right now. Alas, it probably will not show up on iTunes.

    8 years ago