M-tiful “All Right”


HEY PHIL SHERBY! You’re reading this blog, I know you are. I sent this to you via Facebook. Hi Phil! Seems weird saying this to you, since I could speak with you in many easier ways. Well, whatever. Hopefully people here will get a chuckle.

Side note about Phil: apart from playing basketball together, Phil also made a song for us a while ago when we did a tour of our apartment. That’s his background music. A man of many talents! Basketball isn’t one of them. HA! YOU READ THAT RIGHT, PHIL! Anyhow, we’re also gonna give a shootout to his SoundCloud page, where he makes more music. Check it out here.

I’m worried that we might be annoying some M-tiful fans by talking more about the drummer than the actual song or video. Sorry guise! We’re just happy to see people we know doing cool stuff in Korea. Good on you, Phil. Good on you. Maybe for your next video, when you’re not in it, we’ll be able to talk about the song more. Hopefully by then you’ll have done something about that band name as well…

Heart Shake “Turtles Swim Surprisingly Fast”


Ok, so let’s start by saying how shamelessly we love this song. This is probably the cutest song we’ve ever reviewed, like…EVER. We’ve been singing it everyday, even though we have no idea what the words are. We’re just trying to recreate the chorus:

Kobodo dok do do!
Kobodo dok do do!
Kobodo dok do do!

Oh God. I can’t even. It’s just too damned sweet. What is it about Korean Indie music that makes it so sweet? Seriously: is there any other country in the world whose music is so…diabetic? I can’t think of another word. It’s overwhelming. If you can give me links from another country’s music that’s as sweet as this, we’d love to know, because there’s something seriously wrong here. AAAAAHHHHH!

Bye Bye Badman “Low”


Whoa. Talk about stark contrast. The last video got me screaming profanities out of a sugar-induced zombie rage. This song makes me want to scream profanities as I kick people while wearing boots. And I don’t even wear boots. I should invest in a pair, though. Nice cowboy boots, good for kicking people. I think I’ve also been reading too many Wolverine comics. This song is great for a Wolverine fight scene, when he’s looking for clues in trying to find someone, and he interrogates everyone by beating them up and letting them know that he’ll kill them if they don’t speak up. Yeah man. Wolverine.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah. The badassness of this song. Listen to it if you need to balance yourself out from the last song.

  1. This is a song I really like because is so cute I know is not in Korean is in Japanese http://youtu.be/0I6YfDGDOc4. Please listen to the song its the ending from the anime call “Clannad” and the anime is one of my favorite.
    P.S: if you look for the English lyrics you will find that the lyrics are so cute too and simple.

  2. I do believe I’ve found the inspiration for their name, their bands style made me think they got their inspiration from Madchester and modern Manchester bands. So I looked back though my collection and remembered there is a song by The Stone Roses (A huge Madchester band) called Bye Bye Badman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVwLhV1oY1c Explains how they got a Manchester accent.

  3. Bye Bye Badman are Epic! That song was hilarious(in they way that it was like watching a local band but not and their English was f-bomb funny) and they were all wearing Fred Perry, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They are like the Korean version of modern Madchester, it was surreal. They looked and sounded like a Manchester(UK) Indie band only difference was that they were singing in Korean and Engrish. They also have a Manchester accent.

  4. I can see Spudgy getting a turtle friend soon >v<

  5. WOW! Great playlist this week! I really liked the sound of M-tiful (agree that they put off a Cnblue vibe) and I am just head over heels in love with the “Cute Little Turtle Song”! What? That wasn’t the song’s name? Well, it should have been.
    The third song was super cool. I will be looking up more from them in the future. I thought they sounded like a souped up version of the Doors. And the band’s bassist is a chick?! Kick ass!!!

  6. I so agree with Simon about the M-tiful song having the CN Blue vibe. I had to stare at the video for several seconds just to make sure that Yonghwa or Jonghyun aren’t there. Good choices this week :D

  7. Eeeee! Martina, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lipstick!

    *ahem* I really love Heart Shake’s song too–it’s totally stuck in my head now :P

  8. i love that bye bye badman’s song sounds like it is sung with a british accent.
    i don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it makes the song twelve bazillion times more epic.
    and the solos are awesome. so i like this song.^^

  9. english indie music: check out Clare & the Reasons

  10. the indie band “when i was 12″ have pretty cute songs. maybe not a cute as that one, but still cute

  11. I think I am feeling more The Hives with Bye Bye Badman, more so than The White Stripes. I’m totally diggin them though :)

  12. Really loved M-tiful. <3 AKP says they've been around for several years (semi-recently signed to a label, but in the market before that all the same). I can only find two songs, though. :( And no interviews, profile information, etc. It's hard to be a k-indie fan.

  13. Bye Bye Badman! That was really awesome!!

  14. Pure love for all of these songs. They are awesome and the heart shake song, I so WANT right now. Alas, it probably will not show up on iTunes.

  15. I was gonna ask if Phil was the white guy BUT THEY HAVE THREE o_o. And did the guitarist play with Yoon Dohyun and DJ Koo at the Mnet 20s closing thing? Cause I remember a white guy playing the main riff.

    I get what you mean about the whole sugary sweetness of some k-indie bands. I just heard Princess Disease’s “알아요 몰라요” http://youtu.be/wA9KEl-YRGQ Doesn’t it sound like it should be sung by pretty adolescent boys being cutesy? I dare Simon not to copy the “arayo mollayo nae ma-eum!” part in his signature overly dramatic and wrong style.


    (Also, is there a place where we can suggest songs for k-indie playlist? Koxx just had a new one this week too http://youtu.be/5Geivc-Hg3w where they puke glittery ribbons and show the correct way of making out in a car.)

    And if you guys aren’t already best friends with em, check out Magna Fall. All-caucasian band http://youtu.be/TpkGqGh6nic singing in Korean.

  16. I love Bye Bye Badman but I can never get over just how much the singer sounds like Mark E Smith of The Fall. Also appreciate their Stone Roses inspired name. Great playlist! :)

  17. Ahhhhh I want to buy Heart Shake through iTunes sooo bad! Why is it not there!?

  18. Nice list! I really liked “All Right”!

  19. BYE BYE BADMAN so cool <3333333

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