Urban Zakapa “All the Same”


Yep. You heard correctly in the video. We’re finalizing the details about interviewing Urban Zakapa! So cool! We’re still working out the details, but it should be going down this Friday afternoon. And, hopefully, we’ll be able to publish this at a more reasonable time than our Block B interview, which is still waiting for approval. Ah! Anyhow, if you’ve got some questions you’d like us to ask for the interview, leave em here! This interview will probably be different than our usual interviews with Kpop idols (less silly). Think of it more like our Clazzi Interview. Anyhow, we’re excited, and if you’re an Urban Zakapa fan, hopefully you’re excited as well! Yay!

Galaxy Express “Always”


It feels kinda odd writing about other songs and videos now, because it’s like “Hey! We’re gonna interview Urban Zakapa…and here are a couple other videos.” Kinda takes away from the other videos we want to talk about, which isn’t fair to them. Anyhow, we’ll try to talk about them regardless: Galaxy Express is a band that we’re not that into, but we feel like we should be into them. From watching this video, it seems like they’re big and have a lot of history in the Korean Indie scene, just…before we got into Korean Indie. We’re trying, though. This song seems like it’s more of a “I love you my fans, thanks!” kinda video: the exact kind of video we don’t want to include on our KpopCharts usually, because it’s not a real video. But, we can at least feel a level of appreciation for the song itself, which is pretty…just not really our thing.

Eastern Sidekick “Fight for Rainbow”


Woohoo! Something not emotional! Or maybe it is emotional but we’re not getting it in the lyrics that we didn’t look into. It’s just not a sad sounding song. Woohoo! This is a song we can get more into. And it’s the first time we ever heard of Eastern Sidekick, though we’re surprised, because we’re usually into the Fluxus label. Looks like we slipped on this one! Anyhow, this is the song we can most get into this week. We’ve never been into emotional songs because we can’t really relate to them much anymore, so songs that are more upbeat and songs that can get us moving are more up our alley. This is definitely one of them. Woot!

  1. Galaxy express is awesome!!! Where can I buy all of their songs? :P

  2. Not a question, but a message of thank you for Urban Zakapa~ I auditioned for my choir with one of their songs and got in :D I hope they continue to make awesome music!

  3. My question for Urban Zakapa is:

    How does it feel to be an indie band who is nominated for the Best Vocal Performance – Group at the MAMA awards?

  4. I only have one question so far for Urban Zakapa (my fav indie band!!!), but may come back later to add more :D

    Out of all the songs you’ve released over the years, which is the hardest to sing in terms of emotional conveyance, voice control, etc.?

  5. my question: “who are you guys; and why aren’t you more famous?” – lol, just kidding

  6. Just curious about their mv- ‘all the same’ (i don’t get it :p) and what’s their muse

  7. Ooh so excited~ urban zakapa is going to be interviewed, I kinda wanna ask why did the the did an English song like “Always Be Mine”? So do they think or dedicate the english songs to the international fans? And will there be more english songs in the future for the fans?

  8. Okay, I’m crazy jealous of you guys. I went to 2 of Urban Zakapa’s concerts, going to another in December :( I’d love to interview/meet them. ANYWAY question:

    – If you could do a duet with any singer in the world (for an album or concert), who would you sing with?

  9. My friend told me that you guys are going to interview Urban Zakapa?!?!?! OMG I LOVEEEEEE URBAN ZAKAPA sobs I love Fluxus’s artists I love their works♥♥
    Too bad I don’t really know them aside from their music. I want to ask some questions still though :)

    1. Who or what is their muse for creating music
    2. What do they think about Korean music nowadays, indie or mainstream one (kpop)

    3. Do they have any plan to hold concerts maybe, in different countries

    And please tell them that they’re amazing♥♥ so happy to find their music, it’s really inspirational.

    Thank you EYK! :D

  10. ask Urban zakapa where they have traveled abroad, and if so, where and their best memory from traveling. :)

  11. I want to ask :
    -will they have a concert abroad like asian tour? if yes what country in asia do they want to visit?
    -what will you do if you don’t have any inspirations for making new songs?

    -how do you can be a group called “urban zakapa”?
    -why do you name your group “urban zakapa”? is there a history about it? if yes please tell about it.
    [sorry my english is not good.]

  12. For Urban Zakapa: what or who is their inspiration while creating the song All The Same? The song has full of emotion and too soulful but nevertheless it was amazing!

  13. Question for UZ! Do they have any plan to go international? :)

  14. I don’t really have a qustion…just fangirling that you’ll meet them
    but I think you should ask about the combination of the singers cause It is kind of rare to see a band with both girls and boys as singers

  15. I would like to ask Urban Zakapa if they have any plans in promoting or touring overseas?

    I’d die to see them live. I swear!

  16. Yay, Urban Zakapa! One of my fav song from- Cafe

  17. Do K-Indie requests HAVE to be videos? I have this phobia about being in videos….. -.-

  18. I deeply love you Simon and Martina!!! Its soo amazing that you are interviewing Urban Zakapa, Apart from Nell and Dear Cloud they hold a very cute and tiny place in my indie heart. My questions to them would be:

    If you had to choose a song that describes your life the best or to which you feel deeply attached to in a sentimental way, which one would you choose out of all the ones you’ve recorded?

    Given the chance to collaborate with any band/singer of the world who would it be?

    What do they think of Korean music industry in terms of the very fast changing kpop industry in which very few bands make it but are constantly bombed with a type of image to keep up? Is being part of the undergroung/not so underground scene, allows thems to have more freedom in their music?

    Thanks a lot guise! And I hope you have a great tme interviewing them…I have one last question and this one goes to you both… Are you going to Nell’s Christmas Concert? O.O

  19. You’re so gangster, Simon!

    I really liked “Fight For Rainbow”!

  20. I love Urban Zakapa (I tried finding any of their songs on itunes but there’s nothing)? I’d like to ask three questions:

    1) Who inspires your sound in the Korean music industry and the International music industry? (I really enjoyed their covers of Just a Feeling and Just The Two of Us. Taking it old school!)

    2) Is there any place you’d like to perform at in Korea and/or overseas?

    3) Are there any people or a particular type of audience they would like to perform for?

    Lastly thank you for good English songs like Crush and Always Be Mine!

    my fave songs are their newalbum annnnnd Always and I hate you
    omg omg, have fun guys ~~~

  22. I knew about Galaxy Express from a documentary called “turn it up to 11″

  23. so true about the doll….. creeped me out!!! scared me actually!!

  24. My question is……: “What inspires you to write a song?”

  25. Sooo….is this where I leave video requests? Here’s my video if this is the place heheh:

    Yoon Jong Shin’s “Uphill” ft. Jungin

  26. You’re interviewing Urban Zakapa!! OMG, *Martina’s happy dance* Hi Urban Zakapa, I’m a huge fan. My question, if there was any artist, dead or alive that you would like to work with, who would it be?

    PS. Park Young In, love your husky voice. Kwon Sun Il has a sinful falsetto and Hyuna’s whistle note in something special <3

    Daisy, New Jersey

  27. From this week’s playlist I like Fight for Rainbow the most. Especially how the vocalist walked around in a circle and then started running and then walking again with some tripping on the side. Kind of hypnotising.
    I can’t help myself, but YAY for Franz Ferdinand. I’ve heard they’re working on a new album, although that was quite some time ago. I’ve seen them live this summer though and they played a couple of new songs, so hopefully your longing will end soon, Martina.
    And I very much hope Simon won’t become moustachey and maybe growing beards.

  28. Since you’re talking about interviewing Urban Zakapa. When are you going to post the interview of Block B?

  29. I don’t really like Urban Zakapa but I like this song better than their other songs;

    moreover, the video is very artistical and interesting. Very nice! (your hair looked nicer with your bangs down Martina… (‘_’) )

    Galaxy Express – Always – very nice song(the singer has some really strong vocals) buuut not really my thing :)… *love the “love rock” at the end of the video :D*

    Oh!! I love Franz Ferdinand!! My all time favorite song from them would be an older song from them “Matinee” <3<3 . < I can't do video requests… T__T IF ANYONE would like to see Two Months(투개월 ) – "Your thoughts" (니 생각) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrMreAFxST0 or any of their songs and can make a video request PLEASE do so!! my words couldn't even describe how lovely they sound!! Thank you(in advance)!! ..and should I mention the female singer appeared in "Shut Up Flower Boy Band"!)

    Thank you for the upload! :D


  30. Martina, thank you for your Franz Ferdinand reference and an awesome rendition of “Michael”. I miss them too!

  31. Oh, and I hope you will interview AshGray one day, they are awesome!! :))

  32. I would really, really love to know what other indie artist they listen to :D

  33. Loved this week Kcrunch!
    I have a question for Urban Zakapa, how does their composing/ writing process go, they are a big group and they all seem to be able to play certain instruments so is it a collaborative process or do they individually work on certain songs?

  34. 1. How do you come up with your songs? What usually inspires you when writing a song?
    2. Who are the artists you look up to?
    3. Is there someone you would want to collaborate with?
    4.What is the most difficult thing you encountered as a group?

    5. If you’re not a singer right now, what would you be?

  35. Well I don’t know that much about k-indie music, but I really really like Urban Zakapa since I found out about them (which happened like a few month ago and I’m so sad about not knowing about their awesomeness before). My favorite song by them is 내게 다시. I have no idea what the song is about or what the title even means but their voices are just too beautiful in this song (and in every other song too xD)

  36. O_O I LOVE urban zakapa and I’m so excited that you get to interview them because I love their music but don’t actually know all that much about them…! I love fluxus and first it was Alex now them! uuh…question…So I know that Hyuna has worked and been featured in other artists songs, but are there any artists that the group would love to work with for a song for a collaboration or a feature?

  37. O_O I LOVE urban zakapa and I’m so excited that you get to interview them because I love their music but don’t actually know all that much about them…! I love fluxus and first it was Alex now them! uuh…question…So I know that Hyuna has worked and been featured in other artists songs, but are there any artists that the group would love to work with for a song for a collaboration or a feature?

  38. Question would korean regee fit in this

  39. Oh EYK. How do you always manage to distract me from my studying? I have less than 12 hours before my next exam, and here I am commenting on your website again.

    I was even planning to just secretly watch the playlist (cos it’s K-Indie man!!! I can’t miss K-Indie!!!) but then you said you’re interviewing Urban Zakapa??!!!! :O :O :O

    I’m a massive fluxus fan as well, so I LOOOOVVVEEE Urban Zakapa :D I think they’re the most popular group from fluxus – or is Clazziquai Project? My favourite song by them is Beautiful Day – the video is really sweet too :)

    I really want to leave a question for them, but unfortunately I know nothing about them aside from their music and MVs (same for most bands I listen to =.=) So…I watched a short interview of them by MTVK, and have few questions:

    1. They talked about going for a sadder image on their latest album. Was there any particular reason for that? Did any of them go through a sad experience lately? Or was there any personal experience that they based the songs on?

    2. I want to ask the guy with the high-pitched voice (sorry, don’t know his name) – how does he feel singing falsetto even more than the female member? How do they allocate the parts and verses for the three of them, especially with the large amount of harmonising in their songs?

    3. When they first started out making indie music, what kind of part time jobs did they have? Because I doubt they’d be able to live off music alone. And at what point did they decide to drop everything and do music full time?

    4. Urban Zakapa is one of the most popular indie bands in Korea. What if they were to get an offer from a large entertainment company such as SM/JYP/YG, and promoted overseas as a kpop ballad group such as 2AM. How would they feel about that? Would the international recognition be worth the change in company?

    5. For Hyuna, If you could swap bodies with anyone in Korea for a week, who would it be? What would you enjoy most about being in their place, and what would you find most challenging?

    6. For the moustache guy, please tell him that his husky voice and facial hair is extremely sexy and he would be really popular in Australia. *wink wink*

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