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K Crunch Indie Playlist: Always Same Fight

November 11, 2012


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Urban Zakapa “All the Same”

Yep. You heard correctly in the video. We’re finalizing the details about interviewing Urban Zakapa! So cool! We’re still working out the details, but it should be going down this Friday afternoon. And, hopefully, we’ll be able to publish this at a more reasonable time than our Block B interview, which is still waiting for approval. Ah! Anyhow, if you’ve got some questions you’d like us to ask for the interview, leave em here! This interview will probably be different than our usual interviews with Kpop idols (less silly). Think of it more like our Clazzi Interview. Anyhow, we’re excited, and if you’re an Urban Zakapa fan, hopefully you’re excited as well! Yay!

Galaxy Express “Always”

It feels kinda odd writing about other songs and videos now, because it’s like “Hey! We’re gonna interview Urban Zakapa…and here are a couple other videos.” Kinda takes away from the other videos we want to talk about, which isn’t fair to them. Anyhow, we’ll try to talk about them regardless: Galaxy Express is a band that we’re not that into, but we feel like we should be into them. From watching this video, it seems like they’re big and have a lot of history in the Korean Indie scene, just…before we got into Korean Indie. We’re trying, though. This song seems like it’s more of a “I love you my fans, thanks!” kinda video: the exact kind of video we don’t want to include on our KpopCharts usually, because it’s not a real video. But, we can at least feel a level of appreciation for the song itself, which is pretty…just not really our thing.

Eastern Sidekick “Fight for Rainbow”

Woohoo! Something not emotional! Or maybe it is emotional but we’re not getting it in the lyrics that we didn’t look into. It’s just not a sad sounding song. Woohoo! This is a song we can get more into. And it’s the first time we ever heard of Eastern Sidekick, though we’re surprised, because we’re usually into the Fluxus label. Looks like we slipped on this one! Anyhow, this is the song we can most get into this week. We’ve never been into emotional songs because we can’t really relate to them much anymore, so songs that are more upbeat and songs that can get us moving are more up our alley. This is definitely one of them. Woot!



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