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K Crunch Indie: Angry Blind Love

July 29, 2012


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This is quite the mixed Indie playlist! We have rock, trot and a ballad…it’s like a party in your ears and everyone’s invited!

We’re starting out with HarryBigButton who is an actually rock rock band. No genre mashing here, this is just a very rocking looking guy with a gruff rock voice, playing a rock guitar in his rock band, and rocking while standing on a rocking boat that’s drifting too close to rocks. None of that really occurs. I’m sorry, I’ve got the crazies. I slept really terribly for the past couple days and I think it’s starting to take it’s toll. *crazy eyes and chases a butterfly* The fun is that I’m not going to tell you who’s writing this blog post (unless you can tell our typing voices…in which case…I’ll have to kill you…with love!) and I’ll let you figure you who has the crazies based on our Kpop Music Monday video which we’re filming later today. I’m sure the crazies will make themselves present and then you’ll know who was behind this post.

HarryBigButton “Angry Face”

See? Wasn’t that so rock? I know we usually have some genre bending when it comes to the Indie playlist but this time we found something pure. Watch, next week HarryBigButton will add an accordion to the band….DAMNIT!!!! *flips the table that we don’t own*

Hong Jin-Young “My Love”

Okay, trot music. You get in a taxi in Korea and they’re probably playing trot music and when you watch live concerts on TV in Korea, it’s either a Kpop thingy or a live Trot concert. The only time Trot loses is when you walk down the street in Korea, since they’re probably blasting Kpop or Dance music. I feel like Korean Trot music is like the equivalent to Country music in the USA, how certain states love their Country music and it’s a big presence, but you can obviously still hear other types of music too. I don’t actually know if that’s true, I’m just going to point my eyes at a map of the USA and eyeball Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma and ask anyone from those states if what I’m thinking is kind of true. Being from Toronto, I can tell you there is no country music station that you can tune into, and if there is one, it’s gotta be a very small station on some random radio channel that cuts out when you go under a bridge. The point I’m getting at, is Korean trot music is played on various radio stations just like how Dance and Kpop is played, but I feel like Korean Trot is a unique thing to Korean culture like how American Country music is uniquely popular in certain states in the USA more than others. Whoa. What just happened here? I was going to talk about how funny this trot video was and it turned into a big post on something else. Okay, just watch the video and enjoy my favourite scene of with the girl sexy dancing in the rain. She ripped off her skirt like a boss!

TETE “Blind”

Do you remember a while ago we talked about the Indie band Telepathy? Sure you do! Everybody wants your techno shooessss! Click here to remember it in all it’s full glory. Well Tete, is the bassist from Telepathy, has released a solo album called Eclipse and “Blind” is a single off of that album. Now it sounds nothing like Telepathy so don’t expect a disco song about stealing other people’s shoes. It’s a ballad but it has a boy and girl singing together! Amazing! I feel like Clazziquai is the last band that has a male and female singer singing together in the same song. Am I going crazy? Wait. I have the crazies. So. Yeah. I really want a mocha coconut frappacino from Starbucks but Korea doesn’t make them. Now that I feel sad about my lack of cool coconut beverage, I’m going to go listen to this song and wallo in sadness.



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