This is quite the mixed Indie playlist! We have rock, trot and a ballad…it’s like a party in your ears and everyone’s invited!

We’re starting out with HarryBigButton who is an actually rock rock band. No genre mashing here, this is just a very rocking looking guy with a gruff rock voice, playing a rock guitar in his rock band, and rocking while standing on a rocking boat that’s drifting too close to rocks. None of that really occurs. I’m sorry, I’ve got the crazies. I slept really terribly for the past couple days and I think it’s starting to take it’s toll. *crazy eyes and chases a butterfly* The fun is that I’m not going to tell you who’s writing this blog post (unless you can tell our typing voices…in which case…I’ll have to kill you…with love!) and I’ll let you figure you who has the crazies based on our Kpop Music Monday video which we’re filming later today. I’m sure the crazies will make themselves present and then you’ll know who was behind this post.

HarryBigButton “Angry Face”


See? Wasn’t that so rock? I know we usually have some genre bending when it comes to the Indie playlist but this time we found something pure. Watch, next week HarryBigButton will add an accordion to the band….DAMNIT!!!! *flips the table that we don’t own*

Hong Jin-Young “My Love”


Okay, trot music. You get in a taxi in Korea and they’re probably playing trot music and when you watch live concerts on TV in Korea, it’s either a Kpop thingy or a live Trot concert. The only time Trot loses is when you walk down the street in Korea, since they’re probably blasting Kpop or Dance music. I feel like Korean Trot music is like the equivalent to Country music in the USA, how certain states love their Country music and it’s a big presence, but you can obviously still hear other types of music too. I don’t actually know if that’s true, I’m just going to point my eyes at a map of the USA and eyeball Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma and ask anyone from those states if what I’m thinking is kind of true. Being from Toronto, I can tell you there is no country music station that you can tune into, and if there is one, it’s gotta be a very small station on some random radio channel that cuts out when you go under a bridge. The point I’m getting at, is Korean trot music is played on various radio stations just like how Dance and Kpop is played, but I feel like Korean Trot is a unique thing to Korean culture like how American Country music is uniquely popular in certain states in the USA more than others. Whoa. What just happened here? I was going to talk about how funny this trot video was and it turned into a big post on something else. Okay, just watch the video and enjoy my favourite scene of with the girl sexy dancing in the rain. She ripped off her skirt like a boss!

TETE “Blind”


Do you remember a while ago we talked about the Indie band Telepathy? Sure you do! Everybody wants your techno shooessss! Click here to remember it in all it’s full glory. Well Tete, is the bassist from Telepathy, has released a solo album called Eclipse and “Blind” is a single off of that album. Now it sounds nothing like Telepathy so don’t expect a disco song about stealing other people’s shoes. It’s a ballad but it has a boy and girl singing together! Amazing! I feel like Clazziquai is the last band that has a male and female singer singing together in the same song. Am I going crazy? Wait. I have the crazies. So. Yeah. I really want a mocha coconut frappacino from Starbucks but Korea doesn’t make them. Now that I feel sad about my lack of cool coconut beverage, I’m going to go listen to this song and wallo in sadness.

  1. Hahaha, you guise… haven’t you heard of The Piano Guys !? THE Piano Guys! There is a guy that plays the cello, and believe you me, it does not sound sad AT ALL! Although, don’t ask me sky are their name is The Piano Guys when they almost everytime are playing the cello as well. So yeah, a cello doesn’t always make a sound sound sad, but when it’s used for that does an incredibly good job at it:D


    Check out this video, it’s hilarious!

  2. Oh mah gawd, you guys should include more trot music in these. It’s slowly becoming one of my new loves.

  3. Texas without country music is like a redneck without a pickup truck. lol lame joke but its pretty much sums how big it is here after a while it just grows on you but did the lady on the bus just have a seizure?

  4. TL;DR how long do controversies last in korea?

  5. Yeah, so I’m going to be that odd ball and comment on the Sailor Moon reference. Martina, you were right. It was Sailor Neptune’s transformation music. I wish I could experience that cello, but the video is not available in the U.S. It kinda sucks because I was looking for it :-(

  6. You did a K Crunch Indie segment on the Trot sound of the Turtles song Bingo. That was incredible!! Love the Turtles. RIP

    More cute Meemersworth videos!

  7. I hate country music. I’m weird right? I know. How can you hate a genre that includes classy songs like “Bubba Shot the Jukebox”, “I’ve Been Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart”, “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”, and “Theres a Tear in My Beer”? And lets not forget the cringe-worthy “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue”. That last one makes me embarrassed to be an American.

  8. You guys have heard of Raspberry Field?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpZfNYlJQAs&feature=plcp One of my favorite songs! check it out!

  9. I LOVE trot!!! Or rather, I love enka, which is Japanese old people’s music, which I find similar to trot. In fact, whenever I go to karaoke, half the songs I sing are enka. Not to mention I grew up listening to a lot of bhangra (India) and dangdut (Indonesia). So this kind of music is right down my alley~ :D
    And I agree, the video was absolutely fantastic.

  10. The only reason I know Hong Jin-Young’s “My Love” is because my friend sent me the link with a birthday wish over two years ago now. Btw, Simon, as a guy how would you feel if a girl started dancing in the rain for you or in the middle of a full underground? XD

  11. Please guise, put Muzie’s (from UV Syndrome!!) Love at first sight on next week’s K-Crunch Indie! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LI_6Sg8WK4 Yoon Seyoon does some hilarious acting at the beginning and the end and the song itself reminds me of MJ or Bobby Brown :D

  12. This is what Martina Was Talking about Sailormoon S Transformation, I love The Violin used in the song!!


  13. @simonandmartina:disqus Well I am from Kentucky, which is directly above Tennessee, and yes, country is the main genre of music played here. It’s kinda odd being a kpop lover in such a rural area of the US, but oh well, I still LOVE kpop! woohoo!

  14. I loved the second video!!! Nothing screams I want you like a sexy dance in the rain!!!!! sadly the last video isn’t available for viewing in the U.S. :'( I don’t know about anyone else but the playlist quits working for me after the second mv, anyone else have that problem too?? Yes Country is Very Big here in Texas but I’m not gonna to say that I’m a major fan of it but I do love some of the Artists and Songs!!! :) I listen to Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean, I play that on a loop di loop!! Plenty of back roads and open long roads here where I live :)

  15. Ah, you reminded my of how much my love of rock exceeds my love of pop (which is really really recent) [like by a 10983240982304802348098234 points].

    Nothing more powerful than the sound of an electric guitar!

    That second video was hilarious but the third one very boring, so I didn’t watch it all.

  16. I love Hong Jin Young’s songs~ My personal favourite is Love’s Battery~ Which has pop feel to it too~ I do like the oldies trot too but for more modern ones I do love having her songs as well as Park Hyun Bin’s in my playlist to light up my day~

  17. Country music has a very weird place in American culture. Yes, it does well. But if you ask an average, white, 15 to 20 something they will almost always say “Oh I love all genres of music except country and rap” Which isn’t really true and they are lying. But there are country music fans all over. For example my fiancee and I were on the light rail (aka an above ground subway) and the place was PACKED with bulky men in cowboy hats, girls with bleached out hair, and lots and lots of cowboy boots. And when I say packed, I mean packed. They had to stop the train send a second one, and ask passengers to get off into the other. Turned out there was a Garth Brooks concert. Point being, I like in the North East- notorious Country haters. Yet, there were tons of people going to the concert. Even when I lived briefly in middle of nowhere West (in Southern Utah) all the kids claimed they hated country, but they would sing a long to all the country-pop hits. I wonder if Trot has a similar thing going on.

  18. I don’t think trot is indie cause trot singers have professional management companies and they are professional singers not self-funded. But then again, it’s your blog~ :3

    p/s: MEEMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    • I was curious about that too. EYK uses the word “indie” to refer to bands that aren’t that popular, but doesn’t it mean bands that are not signed to a major label? That’s what it used to mean, anyway. I’m always confused with Simon and Martina say a band isn’t indie anymore because it’s become really well known.

      But then again, I’m in my 30s, and I’m totally out of the loop on what the young folk are saying these days.

  19. HAHAHAHAHA, ‘My Love’ is really amazing… i rolled on the floor with laughter…& the making off did only add more giggles…

  20. I’m going to guess that Simon wrote this blog post.

  21. lol. Dr. Memmersworth is poopong! I almost puked out my breakfast on how funny that was!

  22. Similarity of country and trot music has been pointed out many times in Korea. There are even academic papers published on the subject. They were created about same time, have similar beat, even similar feeling. Korean trot and Japanese Enka music are like twins, have same root (A Japanese man and a Korean woman fell in love through music and created Enka and trot music together when Koreans hated Japanese oppression and Japanese despised Koreans as inferior.)

  23. As usual an unusual list of genre of songs that just make my heart sing. My personal Mp3 player makes me look like I have multiple personaltys’.

    To answer your question about country music, in my little world of Texas. I can’t answer for the taxis I do not ride in them. Elevators, I work in a hospital…no music. I am in Houston but when I travel to visit my parents they are in a smaller town, so when I go to stores in Houston, the music is more top 40’s, when I go to smaller towns it is country. This is big name stores. In small mom and pop stores it is mostly country, unless it is a specific type a store..I am making a mess of this post. Basically I think here in Texas you have a lot of country influence and yes it can be found more on the radio then the northern states (and yes I have lived up North). However, Texas is a HUGE melting pot of cultures. You can drive down the street and read English, Indie, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (not many) and Spanish signs. In the high Asian area of Houston you find street signs written in different languages. So each time you walk into that particular culture store you get that cultures music.

    Sorry so long…

    • In my small home town we have a medley of cultures as well, Spanish, Mexicans, Russians, Chinese, Philipino, Japanese, and The Amish too! :) there could be more maybe polish too but I’m iffy on that….

  24. Message says Tete video not available in U.S. :-(

  25. It’s weird but trot songs actually remind me of a similar genre in Russian (and Ukrainian) music. These songs would usually be performed by older artists, and they are often played at weddings. And yes, the old people do that dance you did in the video. In fact, everyone does that dance. :D
    The Tete song is great, I can totally imagine it being played in a drama, probably in one of those scenes where the characters are thinking about each other, you know, with pretty montages and all. I agree, it’s not *that sad*, and definitely sounds like a Clazziquai song.

    • Heh, I live in a city with a large Russian/Ukranian immigrant population, and my first thought was that Trot music sounded a lot like what I might hear in a Russian restaurant. I wonder if there was some musical influence there.

      • Actually, if you listen to Ukrainian/Russian music and K-Pop, you’ll hear that there is something similar about…the melodies, I guess? For instance, when I first heard Nobody by WonderGirls, I thought, hey, this could have been written by a Russian/Ukrainian songwriter! I think it’s the geographical proximity to Russia, in part, that causes this, but only in part.

        • The only Russian group I listen to is T.A.T.U :) BTW do they have any new songs? I haven’t been keeping up with them as of late..

        • I’m originally from Ukraine, and T.A.T.U. used to be huge in my country when I was in high school, but I haven’t heard anything about them in ages!

        • Dango :'( well I guess I’ll go do some investigating… Yeah it’s been awhile since their album”200 km in the wrong road” or something like that it’s fuzzy for me at the moment… Ah memories……

        • They disbanded a while back to pursue solo careers. Actually I’ve heard some songs and one was gross, another was cheesy, etc. I liked them together. -_-

        • Oh that’s sad to hear :'( they sound good together but yeah it’s understandable they would presue solo careers sooner or later. Thanks for the info!

  26. thanks for the awesome rock! :D

  27. =( I is a sad, Tete’s video isn’t available in my country. Completely skipped it and I was looking forward to it with the clip in the introduction. Off to youtube to find it for myself!

    By the way, that Trot song was freaking fantastic. I’ll have to look these up because I’m dorky and like it.

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