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K Crunch Indie: Bohemian Love You

August 19, 2012


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Mongoose “Bohemian Girlfriend

Ok, I wish we talked about this video on film now rather than when we filmed it. Back then, we were like “yeah, this is a cool song” but now we’re like “HOLY SHIZNAT! THIS IS AWESOME!” We’ve had it on loop for a while. In fact, I’m upset that we didn’t get this on iTunes. Hmm. I’ll go check now if it’s available there.

Well, that’s a big fat no. Too bad. I’d definitely buy it. Because it’s so good. We mentioned how it reminds us of Junior Boys. It’s got a bit of Cut Copy in there as well, I’d say. I dunno. It’s great, it’s on loop for us on YouTube, and you should definitely check it out, if not for the awesomeness of the song, then for the turtles!

Pucca “Love Crash”

Snap! We love this song, too! But this isn’t really a new discovery for us. We’ve loved Glen Check for a while, and this is probably our favourite song of theirs, ever. We’re just happy to see it being picked up elsewhere, like here, in this Pucca animation. Now, we don’t know that much about Pucca. We see it around a lot. We’ve seen it on TV and on Stationery and stuff, so we’re familiar with it. We’re just not sure how big it is. Is it bigger than we made it out to be? Smaller? Not sure. But it’s popular, we’re pretty sure about that.

So, hopefully it can make Glen Check super ultra combo-breakingly popular, because it’s that good.

Boccoli, You Too, “Mac Cha (막차)”

Now, this song isn’t something that we’d listen to all the time. It’s not Get Up Out of Bed and Pump Your Fists As You Get Ready Music. It’s better for when you’re about to call it a night. Very calm and ambient. We’re just really impressed by the video. It’s simple, sure, but it just seems so interesting: they’re playing their music at an empty bus stop in Seoul at night as cars drive by, and – rather than the cars being distracting – they’re adding to the song. It’s quite cool, and we like it!

Side note: Ryan, if you’re reading this, hi! We met you last night in Hongdae. You’re the one that introduced us to Telepathy’s “Techno Shoes” a while ago. Anyhow, you recommended another band for us to check out, but we were in no fit state last night to remember what that band’s name was. I think they had two of the same word for their band name, like “HOO HOO” or “CHOP CHOP” or “DERP DERP” I don’t know. If anyone else here knows what we might be talking about, let us know!



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