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K Crunch Indie: Bullets, Lucy, Cafes, and Peters

February 12, 2012


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Hello everyone!

Welcome back to our second edition of the K Crunch Indie playlist, where we talk about some cool and (fairly) new songs in Korean Indie. We make these into YouTube playlists, so if you’re watching this on a Mobile device, you’ll have to click on each video manually, but in Playlist mode on the computer, all the videos will play automatically one after another. Also, we’re linking to the music videos themselves here as well, just in case you want to jump back here for future interest. FORWARD HOOOOOOO!!!!!

1. eAeon – Bulletproof:

Any Apparat fans around here? We’re big fans ourselves, and even used an Apparat song for one of our older videos on Ramen Tasting. Anyhow, we don’t want to say that this is just like Apparat, more that they share a similar mystical and static-ey sound. This song actually totally blew us away, and our friends over at Korean Indie told us they are HUGE fans of this guy (who is the leader from the duo called Mot). This is his first solo album as eAeon and I can’t wait to hear more from him!

2. Big Phoney – I Love Lucy:

Ok. Elliott Smith. LAST NAME WE’RE GONNA DROP…or are we… Now, we know that there are lots of acoustic strumming, emo-singing guys out there, but, I swear, as soon as we heard Big Phoney sing we both gave each other big eyes and shouted “Elliott Smith!” It’s haunting. And this is coming from big fans of Elliott Smith (RIP). I think by sounding like “Elliott Smith” we mean that Big Phoney also has that kind of raw yet beautiful sound to his voice. I don’t know if I can explain this. Anyone want to help me?

3. One More Chance – 카페에 앉아

STEP BACK GIVE ME ROOM! *Simon begins pelvic thrusting* I didn’t think I’d ever hear something that reminded me of old 80’s R&B with that BING sound that I know so well, but sure enough, I did. Frankly, I don’t think this song is as great as the other songs on this list, but I think that’s because R&B relies heavily on understanding the baby making lyrics that accompany it, and since I can’t understand it very well, it kind of loses it’s appeal. But maybe that’s just me! Oh and Martina’s way out, because she rarely ever likes anything R&B related. Except for D’Angelo.

4. PeterPan Complex – 자꾸만 눈이 마주쳐

This song actually comes as a video request (we like video requests, by the way), so thanks to SerinaTomoe for suggesting the song.

Anyhow, we realized that when we were talking about this video we might have sounded a bit harsh since we didn’t really love the video, but when we looked back on what we filmed, we realized that we didn’t praise the song highly enough. This is a great, fun song. Sure, it doesn’t sound like the slower, softer PeterPan complex that fans are used to, but that doesn’t make it a bad song. We like it when bands evolve their sounds into something out of their comfort zone (like Animal Collective or The Liars…but not you Sufjan Stevens, your newest album was not good). OK NO MORE NAME DROPPING I SWEAR! Except for one: we only do these Indie Playlists once a week, and only cover a few songs. Do check out Korean Indie if you want to keep more up to date with the Korean Indie scene. They’re a lot more thorough than we are.

Lastly, if there’s a video you want us to do for the next playlist, leave us a video response, and we might just pick your video and song. Woot!



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