1) Glen Check – French Virgin Party + Battaille


Someone please tell me how to pronounce this word. Not Glen Check…and not French Virgin Party…but Battaille….is it like, a French word and I should be saying more like, BATD-AEE-LEE or is it straight up Bat-tail…help us! And help me to stop DISCO FUNK . Glen Check is totally amazing! I was really trying to remember who this band reminded me of, and I realize while sleeping at 4 am and abruptly waking up: a male version of Zero 7 but with more of a funk feel. After listening to one song I immediately went onto iTunes and bought a couple of their albums. Totally great. I highly recommend them, and I highly recommend sticking around until the 1:20 second mark if the song is too intense for you, and it will change pace abruptly. Also, if you are sensitive to strobe lights, please be careful when watching this video. The beginning is so intensely strobey, that I just couldn’t watch it, so just load it, press play, and minimize.

Anyhow, big thanks to Korean Indie for introducing us to Glen Check. We owe you guise big time :D

2) 한음파 – Kiss From the Mystic


This is a really great upbeat song with a very catchy drawled out hook. I really like it when singers hold their notes for a long time but change the notes as if they’re playing their vocals chords like a guitar. As we mentioned in the video it seems that with the release of this particular single the singer has changed instruments , but perhaps we will see the re-emrgence of the awesome and haunting instrument he used to use. Their older stuff was really unique because of the rock meets Asian instrument sound, so I don’t want to believe that this unique sound is gone forever. The video is a bit confusing, I can’t tell if they’re ex-bf and gf or if he’s just a stalker. Let us know your thoughts because I watched it like 4 times but the only thing I figured out was at one point the girl was chatting up the lead singer of the band over drinks too, so I can’t tell if she’s like a playa playa or what.

3) Guckkasten – Manicure


Our last song is a request from Kelly from the USA but she’s currently living in Bundong, South Korea. Cool! Bundong is sooo nice, we had friends living there and when we visited we spent almost all our time on that one loooong pretty, cobblestone, twinkle light street with all the awesome coffee shops, italian restaurants, and the Butterfinger Pancake. So pretty! I digress. Kelly requested this awesome band that makes me really happy. Any System of A Down fans out there? Well this band doesn’t sound like System, but the lead singer was classically trained in opera, and the lead singer of Gukkasten really sounds like he had some kind of training as well. It’s always awesome to have rock mixed with an angelic voice. Such a crazy sensation to have those two things mixed. Also the lead singer looks like such a geeky friendly guy with black frames, and then suddenly he’s rocking out with his awesome voice. I find him rather hot…I actually find rock guys really hot, so it’s funny Simon and I matched up because he was so into rap music and rap culture when I met him and I was so into rock and heavy metal loving guys. But now I love rap music too and Simon loves some rock and a little metal so we’ve managed to grow. Look at how awwww this blog post turned out. ENOUGH! TO THE ROCK LISTENING MOBILE! DADADADAA!!

  1. I really loved all the indie artists for this playlist!!! OMG definitely adding these songs onto my i-tunes (:

  2. Can I request Two Months (투개월) – Romantico? Their covers for Superstar K3 were so wondeful. The voice of Denny/Daeyoon compliments Yerim’s powerful voice ;A;

  3. Oh oh! Can I request getting one of the songs off of Lucid Fall’s Beautiful Days reviewed? Please? It’s a bit ballad-y though so…;ehem-ehem. I hope you guys like it? Ngehe~

  4. Check out Guckkasten’s “Mirror”.  Everything good you say above, but way more of it.


  5. mad soul child’s dear is so beautiful please do that pretty please?xD ^^

  6. I so LOOOOVE you guys, could you talk about Bye Bye Sea’s video Devil
    here —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vjyIYawA1o&feature=player_embedded its Super duper cool and uniq band. I love them almost us much as you two ;) I’m so shy so i cant do the video response and im not good at english so pleeeeeas do it for me….Pretty please :)

  7. Can I request the song Apple by Newton for the next indie crunch? Here’s the song: 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR58bwufSjQ They're new, so there’s no video yet, so maybe it can’t be on indie crunch, but oh well :/

  8. I am not sure if someone even suggested this indie Korean band ^^ but they  are awesome —————->WAGWAK :D it’s like hippie/summer  little romantic style they sang in English so that’s cool, you guise should check them <3 <3 <3

  9. Oh also I just looked online, but apparently the first part is Bataille and the second part is French Virgin Party. Just to clarify~ :)

  10. I’m not quite sure where to submit recommendations, so i’ll just do it here! I literally just found out about this group 5 minutes ago, but I already knew about Kim Ye Rim. They are called Two Months, and I really like the covers they did of Brown City and Romantico :D Check them out! Kim Ye Rim has a lovely voice ^^

  11. I love Manicure~ I remember when I first heard it I was immediately captivated by that one drawn out note in the beginning. So creepy yet amazing! AND OMFG I LOOOOOVE GLEN CHECK! How did I not know about them? God that song is so Epic! Once again, thanks Simon & Martina for givin me more music to lurve :P

  12. because of this K-crunch Indie playlist I am more interested in KOREA <3 Simon and Martina <3 lalalalalalalalalallalalalalalallalala

  13. FYI Guckkasten seems to be german. hope the link helps. u can listen to the pronounciation there.^^  http://www.dict.cc/?s=guckkasten

    anyway awesome K-Crunch Indie! Really, really like the bands u introduced here. u guys are the best! <3

  14. no offence, simon & martina, but that is no opera voice. cuz opera is wonderful! seriously! <3

  15. Can I just say, I love your Awwww story :p I’m so glad you matched up with Simon even if he’s not a rock dude. You guys were just meant to be~ NAWWWW xD

    Now it’s like….rock + rap = Linkin Park…? :p

  16. Bah – Thai – Yueh  ^_^

  17. Hanumpa rocks!  Check out their old album, “Dok-gam”~   It’s amazing!  

  18. An audio recording of how bataille is pronounced can be found here: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bataille#Pronunciation

  19. i would like you to iextend k-indie time BECAUSE EVERYTHING YOU BRING OUT HERE IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!
    fell in love with glen check, aww yeah. 8}
    hanumpa is also interesting.

    and i love you and kiss you and bake you as many cupcakes as you want for introducing guckkasten!!! (yes with a few other ppl i also recommended them in the comments but even more awesome ppl make the effort to video-request them! lucky me 8D)
    kelly pronounced their name just right (except the always awkward koreanization -seu ofc). it’s the german word for the forerunner of the tv (peepshow/raree show?).
    and if you already want to buy their albums (still recommending ‘tagträume’ EP) i just wanna say that you should see them live if you have a chance! i haven’t seen them live yet but the videos i found speak for themselves! 8]
    and now just bask in the related videos~ (and yes they did collaborate with fx once and even kara…which destroyed some of their songs for me Q_Q but i love fx it’s unfair, love guckkasten more tho)

  20. Guise, I’ve submitted So Ji Sub’s Such A Story in the KPop Charts 2 days ago, it was realesed this week so I don’t understand why you don’t put it in the charts…

  21. Oh, so it turns out French Virgin Party and Bataille really are two different songs off their newly-released album Haute Couture. I’m in love with them already! I don’t think I’ll be sleeping any time soon. ^^

  22. French Virgin Party and Battaille are two separate tracks on the CD.  I’ve had Glen Check in my rotation for about a month now.  Bad ass.

  23. Thank you for introducing me to Glen Check. THAT WAS TOTALLY… AWESOME. I must say, their English is pretty remarkable as well. 

    *now raiding YouTube for their other songs* 

  24. gaah Guckkasten was by far the best :3 

  25. I LOVE Guckkasten!!!!!! They sound nothing like typical K-band. (If you know what I mean…) And they are so funny when they talk. They were on Yu Hee Yoel’s Sketch book several times. :)

  26. ok yeah Guckasten was AWESOME!!

  27. can you talk about Epik High next week, they have awesome music, like one and fan….and lots of others……can you?? please?

  28. Guckkasten…..I think I’m in love *-*

  29. Hi Martina! Hi Simon!

    First, I love your k crunch indie segment, and the more I watch it the more I say to myself that you would love Pony Pony Run Run. Do you know them? They’re french and become famous with the song Hey you :


    See you tomorow ^^

  30. finally some regular music and not that kpop crap

    • We’ve been doing Indie playlists for over a month now! You’ve got a lot of catching up to do! :P  Also, not everyone likes rock/rap/electro music, some people just love pop and fun uppity music, so I don’t think it’s fair to call it crap. I love heavy metal music and almost all my friends call it crap, but I just say, “meh, people enjoy different things” and then I sing in my best heavy metal growl. Hahaha! ^^ – M 

  31. Glen Check, omg, THE AWESOMENESS!  Guckkasten, omg, THE BIGGER AWESOMENESS!
    Thank you guys so much! 

  32. the pronunciation is ba’taj with phonetics, or like… bah-tye. =] btw love the song. =]

  33. Bataille (with one t) is french  for battle, and its pronounced… BA TA EE… :)

  34. “Bataille” is a french word meaning “battle”, it’s pronouced as “ba-ta-ye” (okay I’ve no idea how to actually write the sound of it)

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