1) Soran – Michyeon Nabua


This song has totally been stuck in our head all day, especially since – of course – we spent the day in a coffee shop. We actually heard some Korean indie being played at our favourite coffee shop today (a song by Taru, which we spoke about for a K Crunch Indie playlist before), and then we started thinking about how this song by Soran would have been perfect for the day. Today was actually, like, the warmest day of the year. Plus 14! Sitting outside with our coffees and editing: yeah man. Really nice day.

2) Met – Trolley



Umm. I’m scared now. I also noticed that what is supposed to be a trail of blood from my mouth at the end after Martina beats me up a second time looks more like a trail of blood because I was converted to vampirism. Why else would I not be whimpering in fear?

Anyhow, read more about Met over at Korean Indie, because they know a lot more stuff than we do :D

3) Witches – There She is


Ok, now, this is indie music, yes (I think so at least) but the video has over a million views. Sure, it was uploaded in 2006, but a million views is still a buttload of views for something indie. Hell! We never got a million views on any video we did. Anyhow, we don’t know a lot about Witches, because they’re WAYYY before our time, so if anyone’s got more info on them – if they were indie or not, what has happened to them since – we’d love to know!

  1. OMG! Met-Trolley! Thanks for putting this song on here! Each time I am introduced to new K-Indie artists because of you guys!

  2. The first song you mentioned is really nice! Im in love with it. Thanks! :]

  3. For the next Indie playlist, I think you should really really check out this song~ Please give this song a chance! 

    Rain Tears by Hot Potato ^^ 

  4. Loved loved loved Michyeon Nabua and Trolley. I didn’t really care for There She Is. Not because it isn’t a great song, but because Ska just isn’t my cuppa. The music video was incredibly adorable, though.

  5. The mv for “There She Is” is actually the first video out of four. I don’t think it’s the official video for the song since the other songs are from different artists. The creator of the vids just used the songs. It tells a very cute story though. The other videos can be found on Youtube by searching “There She Is – Step”. Favorite one is Step 2: “Cake Dance”

  6. I like this indie playlist the best. some of the earlier were too noisy :)

    but Witches’ song was  the best, maybe because of really funny and wonderful mv.

    heh. the cat gave up eventually. but the best is that… I think that he is in love with a rabbit girl now [but he cannot say it out loud :D ]

  7. Simon’s sign-off had me laughing pretty hard, as well as Martina’s funny (and creepy) part “K-Pop editing skillz” 

  8. “There she is!” is really familiar though I have never even heard of Witches. It’s as if this song has been played in a movie or something…I dunno, it just sounds soo familiar to me. But I like it.

  9. you should post these songs if you haven’t already:
    1.verbaljint- 좋아보여
    2. 장기하와 얼굴들- 그렇고 그런사이
    3. 스프링쿨러(요아리 is vocal)- 보물섬으로의 항해
    these are their title songs but other songs in their albums are as well as good… i think! you should check them out too:) thanks happy Easter!

  10. Great playlist! Loved all the songs. “There She Is” reminds me of the true life love story of our cat, Jack and our rabbit, Willow. Jack was always trying to get it on with Willow even though he was fixed. Crazy cat! Willow was pretty chill about the whole deal.

    By the way, Annyeongbada’s song, “Devil” is on iTunes now. I really, really love that song.

  11. ooooo the first song is super noice.
    btw, Happy Easter!

  12. OMG witches! I only know the video of the cat and the bunny went viral around that time and that’s probably where most people know the song from. They have definitely done other stuff before that but I can’t remember where I have that stuff or where I found it. ;_; Anyway, LOVE the song!

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