It’s time for this week’s K Crunch Indie playlist! While last week’s was a bit girly, this week’s is an overwhelming sausage fest, with three male bands and one solo male artist.

1) The Pony “Goodbye”


Hands down, our favorite song on the list. There’s something so…Lost in Translation-ish about it. Not that you get the feeling of being lost in translation. It just sounds like a perfect fit for that movie (or for a similar movie). Not sure what it is. Probably because Kevin Shields has some tracks on the Lost in Translation soundtrack, and this song does remind us of My Bloody Valentine a bit. Well, whatever it is, this song is totally awesome. Hopefully you like it as much as we do :D You can read more about them over at Korean Indie, and check out some of their live performances there (one of which was at Club FF, which – if we didn’t mention it by now – we love)

2) Annyeongbada “Devil”


Here’s an awesome song by Clazzi’s labelmate, Annyeongbada. Hell: Fluxus music is pretty awesome, the more that we think about it. We haven’t had a chance to talk about a lot of their artists (actually, ANY of their artists, apart from Clazziquai, Clazzi, and Alex) but Handsome People, W&Whale, Winterplay: all make some really cool music. Annyeongbada is another name on that list. “Devil” is great, fun, funky song, and hopefully you’ll like it as much as we do.

3) 야광별 – 아마도 절대로


Cool song, but definitely the worst video on the list. Sorry! We know that we’re supposed to be promoting music here, but our video-analyzing tendencies can’t help but get in the way sometimes. Just think of this as a video best played with a paper bag over your monitor. Make sure it doesn’t cover the speakers, though, because the song is quite fun if you’re into Punk-like music.

4) Eniac – Love Again


This video comes from an awesome video request from a dog. We’re dog people, as you may know, and so we easily got duped into choosing this song. Also helps that the song is really quite pretty. And it’s also fairly recent! A lot of the requests we get are for older Korean Indie songs, but this song’s quite new, so…bonus! I guess? Newer songs are a bonus. Dogs are a big bonus. Whispy electronica is a bonus as well. 80s style videos are a bit of a minus, though. But the pros outweighed the cons :D

Also, we’ve been getting emails asking how one could legally obtain the music in our K Crunch Indie list, to which we have no answer. We check iTunes often for a lot of these artists and can’t find them. MP3 stores in Korea are also a bit confusing and unintuitive. If you’ve got any leads, please let us know!

  1. How can I request a video? Since I have many favorite K-pop Indie songs and artists. Really want to share with the others ‘.’

  2. You guys should check out Misty Blue, there music is awesome ^-^

  3. I don’t know if this is legal or not but I just convert the videos into MP3 using this site: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ 

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc 

    Simon & Martina, please watch this video KONY 2012 and spread it to all your subscribers! Since you have a large fanbase, you can raise awareness and save lives!

  5. I just buy albums of Indie artists off Yesasia.com to acquire legal copies. Enough of them together and shipping is free!

  6. I personally think you’re silly, the other video is great. =) But I am odd even by US standards, sooo.

  7. Hi there Martina and Simon *ladies first kekeke” I love all your segments, and especially this one too.. have you ever thought of a reverse review ? I stumbled upon this amazing guy who’s been doing english version of Kpop songs since 2009… he is at least for me really great… I would so love you have your comments too… JD Relic … no we’re not related…even if am also JDsomethingelse…we’re so many around the world loving Keverything… would love for you guys to check him up and if you feel like it, do comment … xoxo his Shinee Lucifer cover ;  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsI2xl_zYzc&feature=colike

    and his new Bigbang Blue cover  http://youtu.be/Fg8OT_359Pk  

      ;-) kekekeke….

  8. Martina! circle lenses? i love them!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx <3 sooooooo cute! xxx

  9. I loooved the song by Annyeong Bada and  야광별 (Yagwangbyeol). I think that for 야광별 the girl and the boy are walking the same path of loneliness. The guy wants to feel less alone that’s why he took the lonely bear with him & tried to befriend the girl. She seems to be walking her path with anger… Don’t know… I’m not good with artsy MV’s.

  10. I always wonder what the YouTube viewer count is before S&M recommend a band. 

  11. I agree that The Pony – “Good-bye” is the best in this playlist, but I must say I was disappointed with the music video. In some scenes it seemed as if the camera had fallen down while filming. Too blurry and dark to actually make out the faces of the band members. I just would have liked to SEE what was in the video. I think I liked the twisted 야광별 – 아마도 절대로 video even better, even if it made no sense.

  12. For 아마도 절대로,I would say that the boy is playing by himself, remembering when he used to play with other kids before he became ashamed of his face, and the girl is steaming and mulling over her horrible English studies. As for the end,the boy thinks the girl needs cheering
    up, he then offers her some banana milk. The girl, silently outraged, thinks ‘how dare he
    offer me something with his germs on it!’ She then slaps the banana milk out of is

    The boy, forgetting his woes, becomes angry at the waste of a good beverage. He goes into a rage and
    puts the girl in a headlock. Temporarily surprised, the girl then remembers
    basic self-defense and throws the boy to the ground. She then beats him up for
    messing up her hair. At the very end of the video, the boy has apologized and
    the two are on semi-friendly terms. At the very last she pulls off the bag in
    such a way as to say ‘You idiot.’ 

    – that’s the best I got at the moment and it’s a bit long

  13. Does anyone know where I can buy 야광별 – 아마도 절대로? (Outside of Korea)

  14. I love all of the songs you picked! :) 

  15. I love all the songs!
    I really recommend No Reply, especially check out their album “Dream” :)

  16. totally love the pony and byebyesea *0* eniac is also cool (the video didn’t convince me though xD).

    i don’t know if you do indie bands that don’t exist anymore but i totally love bulnabang star sausage club (불나방스타쏘세지클럽)! they were active until 2010 but i hope to see them make new/different stuff because they are talented~

  17. Simon, if you like Cut Copy, you might want to check out Anoraak, especially Nightdrive With You – it has that midnight/80’s vibe to it.

  18. Amazing songs! Definitely a tie for love between Goodbye and Devil (that video is excellent), although I may love Devil a tad more.

  19. Great list this week – thanks guise! I like the Pony and Eniac – both good, but for different moods. Oh, and I think Spudgy should make more appearances is k-crunch – so cute, and yet so wise. 

  20. martina, are you wearing contacts? cuz they are super pretty :333

  21. Do you guys (@simonandmartina:disqus or anyone here :) know  any Korean hardcore/punk/metal etc bands? I mean more independent and rougher than what is usually on K Indie lists.

    • if you’re into more rough/indie things LOL check these bands.

      13 Steps
      Unleashed Anger
      Burn My Bridges

      Hollow Jan
      49 Morphines

      Vanilla Unity
      Same Old Story
      The Apop
      The Strikers

    • In addition to the aforementioned, you might want to give Crying Nut, No Brain and Lazybone a try for punk. Shorty Cat has girl punk covered. Yellow Monsters have a great mix of punk, metal, and rock and Cherry Filter does a female led mix of those sounds with a bit more pop (and rap-metal) flavor. Galaxy Express has got some great garage energy. Apollo 18 for post-hardcore. Downhell’s got a pretty classic metal sound and old school rocker Kim Kyoungho likes his metal too. Sinawe is another good old school metal group. That’s all off the top of my head.

    • maybe you can check out Gukkasten, Gate Flowers and Vassline

    • Guckkasten is pretty good. you should check it out!

  22. Simon, you’d look great with a beard :)

  23. Yay you included Bye Bye Sea! Even if you didn’t choose my video I’m still happy because they made the list. I guess I can’t be cuter than a puppy… should have asked my cat to make the request :D By the way I love Goodbye by Pony it’s an awesome song!

  24. Bye Bye Sea (Annyeongbada) is awesome and I’m so excited that you put the song on this playlist!! May I second the recommendations for Nell and Urban Zakapa as they are totally great!

  25. Okay, I LOVE that song by Pony.  They’ve got that New Wave, Factory Records sound.  

  26. The Pony reminds me of Plastic Tree! Nice!! <3

  27. Really liked this weeks playlist, I knew only one band so the rest is new for me. YEAH! And the Ponys win this round.

  28. You should do Yozoh and/or Standing Egg sometime as well!
    Loved all the songs this week! :>

  29. your really need to go listen to Nell.

  30. The Pony is awesome ! you should check out the interview on soompi france if you know how to read french of course :) 

  31. Fluxus does have pretty good artists! My favorites are Clazziquai and Urban Zakapa ^^ Looking forward to next week’s K-Crunch Indie! :D

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