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K Crunch Indie: Empty Flea Montage

June 24, 2012


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Yay! We’re finally back to doing our K Crunch Indie playlists. Korean Indie music needs love too, you know! And we’re happy to see the view count looking pretty big on these songs.

Yozoh(요조) – Gazing at the Empty Sky

I feel like I want to talk about this song, but I’m so distracted by the music video that I can’t even concentrate. You know that I am a Korean drama fan (Martina here) but I really dislike it when dramas rely on super duper overreacting to be funny…because it’s not funny. At all. Like not even a little. I feel like overreacting was funny was I was five years old and couldn’t grasp clever humour. GARH! Wait, isn’t this a song? See? I can’t even listen to it because of the bad acting in the video. Okay, take me to a far away place…with trees…and grass…and wild Spudgys roaming free eating watermelon. Ah that’s better.

What kind of video does this lovely song deserve? Okay: picture a video filmed from the perspective of a dog, like a doggy cam is attached to the collar, and we get to go on an adventure with the dog as it gets fed by happy strangers on the street, smells dog bums, gets pet by good looking Koreans, gets chased by bigger dogs, and so on. At the end of the video the dog sees it’s owner, who it was separated from, and runs joyfully at him. They have a lick-ey and happy reunion but as the dog gets leashed up and they walk away, the dog gets tangled with another dog on a leash, and as the owners attempt to disentangle, they get more tangled and when the dog camera pans up, the guy is tangled up with a lovely Korean girl, and the owners look at each other all shyly and smile. Video ends. Ah yes, that matches this song perfectly.

Guckkasten – Montage

Next on our list is something far less cute than our first song. It’s Korean Rock with Guckkasten’s Montage. I’m a big fan of Guckkasten, but I didn’t love this song as instantly as I did their other songs. The beginning was a bit slow for me, but by the 1:05 mark I started to get happy. I just love the lead singers voice. It’s such a shock to hear his well trained voice against a chaotic rock background. The song settles down a bit near the middle and it reminds me a bit of the Mars Volta (I’m not sure why), but then the song build up again with the lead singer’s almost Muse-like singing voice. My favourite part is right near the end at the 3:30 second mark when the guitar starts wailing over the wailing vocals in an almost go go power rangers theme song format. DEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEE!!!!! (That was a guitar solo…)

Clazziquai Project – Flea

Last up is a request from SIRJORKY who requested Clazziquai project with “FLEA” which came out on Jan 20th, 2010 and we’re SHOCKED we’ve never heard this song because we have all the Clazziquai albums. Like, really, all of them. Love this song! Thank you SIRJORKY! Considering Clazziquai Project usually has a kind of uppity bossa nova feel, this song sounds a bit darker than their usual stuff, but the vocals take the edge off the dark beat with the lovely harmony from Alex and Horan. Once of my favourite things to do when listening to Clazziquai Project is searching for those little additional beats, hooks, or sounds DJ Clazzi slips in which keeps the song fresh. In this song after the 3:00 mark there starts to be a build up of a few high pitch notes that come in stronger around 3:50. It’s like vocal harmony and sync harmony all coming together. The video is also pretty dark, literally dark colour wise and plot wise too, with all the creepy looking devil people, white latex body suits, and creepy face changes. Interestingly, although we have listened to all their music, we haven’t watched all their music videos, so think I’ve gotta spend a couple hours catching up at some point. Okay, enough type talk, to the video!



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