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K Crunch Indie: End Spring Tree Song

February 26, 2012


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It’s time for the Indie Playlist for the week of February 26th 2012. We got rock, ballads, and acoustic guitars.

1) OKPUNK – Not the End

We’re starting with OKPUNK which sounds like they should be a punk band but they’re not…but now that I think about it, I suppose Daft Punk is also not a punk band. Anyways, this band is a kind of TV project which puts an actress named Kim Ok Vin as the lead singer of a rock band. The band is made up of famous indie musicians that already have successful bands. We got GoGo Star vocalist Lee Tae Sun (bass), The KOXX vocalist Hyunsong (guitar), Devin of N.EX.T and Dr.Core911 (guitar), Toxic‘s Kim Seul Ong (drums) and Kim Hyun Woo of Dick Punks (keyboard). While I’m really happy to see these epic indie musicians getting an awesome chance to advertise their skills and thus promote their own bands, the lead singer of OKPUNK just doesn’t do it for us, and yes, I know she isn’t a trained singer, but considering the vast amount of good singers out there in Korea who aren’t getting exposure, I just can’t grasp the concept of the show. Put an actress who likes punk as the lead singer of a super talented band and watch her flail? Simon likes basketball, but that doesn’t mean they should put him on an NBA all star team and film him get crushed by Jeremy Lin. We all know that Kim Ok Vin is not a trained singer, and I suppose that is the point of the TV program (but why?)

It’s just…when I heard her singing live, I died inside. As a huge fan of heavy metal (this is Martina) a lot of people think that screaming or scream singing is talentless and easy to do, but it takes serious vocal training to get it right and not damage your vocal chords. I guess it just makes me sad to see this all star line up come together, in probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, and not have an awesome lead singer. The studio single they released is much much better, but I don’t know if I can get past her live singing. We’ll include a link to her singing 2NE1 live and you can let me know if I’m being too harsh on her singing.

2) Park Ji Yoon – “Tree of Life”

This next song is really beautiful and accompanied by an artsy fartsy video with lots of weird but beautiful images. I like this song so much because they slowly add additional instruments that help make the song sound continuously fresh. The reason I’m not a big fan of ballads is because they usually bore me. Most ballads have a repetitive nature, and the most that changes is perhaps the song moves up an octave and gets a wee bit faster. That doesn’t really do it for me. This song is awesome because around the 1:40 mark there is a gorgeous little piano break. After the piano break the rest of the song sounds slightly different as they include…if I remember my music classes properly…just a simple snare drum and metal brush, and then again at the 3:00 mark, they add an additional sound again. I was worried I would be bored when I first started listening to this song but absolutely not. From her warm voice, to simple makeup and crisp white shirt, to the awesome filming, I love this song. Read more about her here.

3) Taru – Spring Has Come 봄이 왔다

Taru has a very sing-song voice, she reminds me of a really small and cute bird from a Disney movie. That being said, this song is not really my style. It’s not that I don’t like Disney birds, I’m not a heartless b*tch, I’ve just never been into solo female singers. Like ever. I can appreciate their sound and say, “wow that was really beautiful” but I just can’t get into it and I never want to listen to the album on my spare time. (With the rare exception of Metric, Erykah Badu, Gwen Stefani, and Esthero.) However, if I opened up a coffee shop (which is my dream) I would capture Taru and put her in a cage to sing for my customers because this girl sounds like a walking indie coffee shop soundtrack.

4) PHANTOM – 19 Song

Ohhh it’s like a quiz show for kpop lovers! Phantom, normally a hip hop style group, are testing your knowledge of kpop songs that have been BANNNNNEDDD for non PG lyrics. Even something as stupid as talking about being drunk can get you banned. Yes, I’m sure high school students in Korea have NEVER seen a drunk person in Korea and these lyrics will scar them for life. *deadpan stare* COME ON SOJU COSTS LESS THEN THE COST OF JUICE, SODA POP, and COFFEE!!!! Ahem. I digress. See how many songs you can recognize, and remember, they don’t sound like they normally do, it’s just the lyrics they’re keeping the same. Oh, and if you’re under 19 and Korean, don’t watch this music video. I’m WATCHING YOU!



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Korean Indie Playlist


K Crunch Indie: End Spring Tree Song


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