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K Crunch Indie: I Hate Woowei Lines

September 16, 2012


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Urban Zakapa “I Hate You”

I know I shouldn’t, but I have to get this song out of my system…”I hate you, ehhhhh eeeehhhhhhhhhhh I’m fine living without you.” So no, this is not 2NE1, but I’ve noticed that a lot of song titles in Korea that are written in English have the exact same name. Makes it hard for me to focus.

Anyhow, Urban Zakapa are not new to the Indie scene nor are they new to us. We hear them being played at our local indie coffee shops alongside Busker Busker, Soran, Standing Egg, and other artists we’ve reviewed for these K-Crunch indie segments. The only bands that are really tough to hear being played are rock/punk/electronic bands because they don’t fit the coffee shop vibe, so you have to hit a funky bar in Hongdae to hear that kind of music being played.

So we’re sure to hear this fantastic modern jazz group at our local coffee shops sometime soon…but first we have to find a new local coffee shop. 12DAL WE MISS YOU WITH YOUR INDIE MUSIC AND LOVELY SMILING FACES AND DELICIOUS LOVING COFFEE!!! *cries* Okay, back to the song. We mentioned how in harmony this band is, but we didn’t mention the video at all, which isn’t terribly exciting, but, from an artistic standpoint, it’s shot and lit beautifully in full black and white glory, and looks really pretty :D

The Solutions “Lines”

The Solutions is a brand new band that I had never heard of before, but apparently (someone fill me in on the details if you have them) the two guys in the band are not new to the indie scene. This is just their first time collaborating together. I think they might have been a part of a Korean TV show but honestly, with all the music reality shows out right now, it’s hard to keep track of everyone. I do know that some of our Korean friends totally love this band, so they definitely have fans! I did listen to their first single, but that and this song were both sang in English, and I’m starting to wonder why.

Is the lead singer more comfortable singing in English than in Korean, or is this for the international crowd? I’m really not sure because A) there isn’t a lot of information out on them right now and B) I feel like he doesn’t seem to be really comfortable singing in English. I don’t know how to explain it, but having lived in Korea for so long, I’ve heard so many Korean people who lived overseas, like in Australia, and they have Aussie accents when they speak English, but they’re very fluid and natural when speaking or singing in English. I just feel like his English is a little wooden, like he’s memorizing words rather than singing them? Is it just me? I could be totally wrong. He could be from Canada and might not even speak Korean, but that’s just the feeling I got from his singing. Maybe it’s just his singing style? As I said in the video, he does seem to have a very unique sounding voice so I could be misinterpreting it. Let me know what you think!

Handsome People “Woowei Woowei”

What a great name for a band. You can say, “I love Handsome People” and everyone’s like, OH YEAHHH or “I hate Handsome People” and you just sound like a jealous hater. That was our train of thought for our fan group name being The Nasties. You can’t loose! “I hate eatyourkimchi” I guess you’re not nasty, ’cause I know I’m so nasty! OooOoOooOOHhhh. Brilliant brilliant brilliant! BUAHAHAH!!! *knocks over a potion in excitment*

Ahem. This is a fun song, but what sets it a part from the rest of the Maroon 5ivey tracks is the electric organ/synths. We’re still debating what instrument that is, but just having it wail in the band adds a new dimension of funky grooving. This really would be a great patio party song.

Speaking of patio party, I’d like to know where and when people in Korea party like what we see in this video, because unless it’s a club, I’ve never seen Korean people hang out so casually what with the dancing and drinking and doing magic tricks and chatting up a storm. That whole format of beer bottles and chilling at a table is totally foreigner style. Where is all the anju (mandatory side dishes at bars)? The dried squid? The nut bowl? The plates of fruit? The bizarre not-quite-a-sausage platters? I narrow my eyes at the validity of this party scene. I think those were hired actors THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT!!! IT’S A FAKE! DO YOU HEAR ME!!! FAAAAAAAKE!!!! Plus, way too many handsome people in one spot. Definitely fake.



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