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K Crunch Indie: Happy Black Witch

May 13, 2012


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Ok, I swear! One of these days Martina’s voice is gonna be fully back, and I’m not gonna have to do these videos on my own. She just started to get her voice back on Saturday but after using it in a couple videos she strained it and it started to get all crackily and painful, so we had to get her a rest. Ah! And I filmed this late at night, which is usually when coughs and colds flare up the worst. So I was coughing a lot here in between scenes. Sorry if I seem off here, because I was a bit. But the show must go on! There are some good songs we wanted to share. We can’t just NOT share them, you know?

1) Gogostar “Black Comedy”

Ok. I’ll admit it. I like Gogostar. They’re really cool. Their videos aren’t really my cup of tea, but their songs are funky enough for me to like them, but Martina’s totally nuts for them now, though. She really liked them before, and after hearing this song, she went out and bought all their albums on iTunes. We do strongly encourage people to support the artists by buying their music. Buying the music I’m ok with. But the playing them on loop? MARTINA!!!! *shakes fist at her* It’s almost as bad as when Martina first heard MBLAQ’s “Cry” and played it on loop for a solid month. Except now Martina isn’t dancing all over the floor. That’s a good thing. Oh wait, I take it back…yup…Martina just broke into interpretive dance. *sigh*

2) J Rabbit “Happy Things”

I feel gross watching this. Not bad gross, but that kind of gross you feel when you see something overly sweet, like two people skipping and holding hands under rainbows, and you’re like “Ahhh WTF! I can’t watch this!” not necessarily because what you’re witnessing is intrinsically bad. It’s just…ugh! Too damned cute! Wait, is that how people feel about us when we’re goggly with each other? OH DEAR GAWD NO!

But we like the song at least, even though the video’s too saccharine. The song has a very dreamland epic feel to it, and it sounded like it’d be perfect for Howl’s Moving Castle. Something you sing when you’re telling everyone that climbing the mountain will be a great idea, because all of your friends will be there, and you’ll come to realize something wonderful about your friendship! Wait: that could be interpreted as something from Lord of the Rings. Ok – no death armies waiting on this mountain. It’s supposed to be a friendly mountain.

3) Walrus “Seoul Witch” feat Kim Jae Wook

Ah yes, good old Rock and Roll. It’s kind of hard to find a simple genre band now and days, everyone is mixing and matching little bits of this and that from all genres and creating their own unique sound. I feel like Walrus is a return to a simpler rock sound. The video isn’t riveting, but still I find myself unable to look away. I want to see what adventures unfold! What will occur when two ridiculously good looking people happen to find each other out in the middle of a desert and hang out on a road trip adventure! Actually, I expected this video to take a rated R kind of turn, but no, innocent innocent stranger danger adventures ensue. Also, can anyone tell us where this video was filmed? Our guesses: USA, Australia, or New Zealand.



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K Crunch Indie: Happy Black Witch


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  1. OMGZ!!! J Rabbit is sooooo cute!!! It just sounds like that song that you walk along to while talking about some amazingly awesome and cute adventure to candy mountain or to find a magical unicorn or something!!!! CUTE OVERLOAD! :D

    8 years ago
  2. The Happy Things song has a very Tin Pan Alley era sound to it.  

    8 years ago
  3. Loved gogostar and walrus! Happy things sounds like korean show-tunes….. I don’t know how I feel about that. 

    and…OMG! Was that Rookiez is punk’d in the background? Love them!

    Overall, very pleased with this indie playlist. :)

    8 years ago
  4. oh Simon!! ofcourse i know what tapes are!!! i think my house still has them somewhere!!! and our Pokemon tape was all YELLOW!!!! 
    YAY STUDIO GHIBLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes! yes they did fly Simon!!

    8 years ago
  5. Yea what’s with Aussie iTunes being so overpriced? It’s the same digital file….
    It’s no surprise that everyone just…*cough*downloadsstuff*cough*

    8 years ago
  6. AUSTRALIA FTW!!! Good to see we’re finally getting recognised xD

    The MV “Walrus “Seoul Witch” feat Kim Jae Wook” was filmed in Western Australia.

    You see the sign saying ‘Pinnacles Desert Discovery’, which is in the Nambung National Park :)

    8 years ago