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Ok, now that that’s out of our system, back to the Korean Indie Playlist!

Smacksoft – It’s You & Me


Um. We love this song. Totally love it. It’s right up our alley. We’re looking for ambient background music to play in the studio while we’re working. We don’t want anything too uppity to dance to, because that would distract us from the work we have to do at the computers. We want something in the background that we can just bob our heads to slightly. We’ve been listening to a lot of Burial and Blockhead and Bibio, for example (umm…is that a lot of B’s or is it just me?). Anyhow, point is, this song definitely fits into our work music rotation. And – quite frankly – when Martina heard it for the first time, and I said it was a Korean band, she was completely shocked. Seriously! We don’t hear a lot of this kind of music in the Korean Indie scene. We’d love to hear more like it, if anyone’s got any recommendations (or Video Requests!). Please let us know!

Verbal Jint – Good Start


This is our second Verbal Jint video that we’re doing for the K Crunch Indie segment. The request that was put in this week included another Verbal Jint song, “You Look Good” which – holy smokes – has over 1,000,000 views! That’s huge! We knew Verbal Jint was fairly popular and all, but we didn’t know just how popular. Supposedly this song, Good Start, is doing well on the charts in Korea as well. Some of our Korean friends are big fans of Verbal Jint as well, and described him as a genius rapper. I just wish we could appreciate that a bit more, you know? A lot of Kpop can be appreciated without a knowledge of the language, but acknowledging a rapper as being genius suggests you need to be damn near fluent in the language to be able to say that. Ah!

Outsider – Alone


And this is our second Outsider song as well! See! We’re doing our best to get into the Korean Hip Hop scene. It’s still a bit alienating to us, especially when someone is as lyrical as Outsider. We’re really appreciating the delivery, though, even if we can’t actually understand the words he’s saying at that speed. KOREAN PEOPLE READING THIS POST: can you actually follow what he’s saying? Or is Outsider just trolling all of us into believing he’s saying something? Either way, it could be real or not, it still sounds cool.

  1. Ugh, that Verbal Jint song is soooo gooood!!!!! It’s stuck in my head like mad!

  2. I didn’t even know it was humanly possible for someone to rap that fast. Like WOAH. Outsider’s Alone was really good.

  3. I haven’t gotten into k-indie much, not really a coffee-shop-slow-melody-ballad-love-song girl. Which is why I like Glen Check, he has a pop sound, and I think most of his songs are in English. I don’t know if he’s really popular or well known, and if he is yay! If you’ve heard of him, yay! If people already pestered you with this request, well that’s cause we’re awesome, obviously. And if he’s sooooo last year, ermahgerd, shush!!! I’m going through all the videos slowly, and I might listen to more k-indie. So thanks for all the videos!!!

  4. Could I please request ‘처 연’ by Lowdown 30. http://youtu.be/u4JRSDWpS7I The one take backwards video is very intense and quite well done.

  5. Dear Simon and Martina,

    If you guys need ambient-ish stuff to play at your office, maybe you should try this out:


    I don’t think people in Korea know what Chopped and Screwed music is…and there seem to be only a handful of people who make it. But it’s a cool way of taking pop familiar music and pushing into more experimental territory.

  6. One thing i don’t get is how the world can’t see Outsider as the fastest Rapper in the world. Just cause he doesn’t rap in english. I have to say who ever is voting this stuff in language racist. I don’t think it should matter weither it’s English or Korean. (Chinese, French, Spainish, German, etc). I don’t think it should matter what a stupid rule he can’t be number one because he raps in Korean….. lame

  7. omg epic….. I Love Outsider alone. And Martina you are so loved for bring up Ren from Nu’est :P

  8. holy crow. love that Outsider song! amazing rap. *faints*

  9. If you liked the Smacksoft song, I recommend listening to Younha ft. Tablo – Memory. It doesn’t have that Kpop-ish sound and it sounds very much like an Indie song. The Rap is AMAZING and Younha’s voice is just hauntingly beautiful ^^.
    Both Memory and It’s you & me are just beautiful and I really recommend listening to it :)

  10. OMG yay! More Indie Hip-hop! XD
    Love Verbal Jint and Outsider!

    If only they would have been voted in for a KMM, that would make my life. I would love to hear what you guise had to say about Outsider’s Alone MV. The main actor in the MV, is he hallucinating? Is it because he took the pills, or did he take the pills because he was hallucinating? Why is his sink clogged? (<<<< I really want to know why his sink is clogged. Lol!) I just feel like there's so much that can be done with this MV, whether it be the meaning behind things in it or skit wise. Could say the same for Verbal Jint's MV's as well. "You can do better" pulls at my heart strings as well. :< You're not alone in that Martina! *All the tears*

  11. Thanks for picking the new single by SMACKSOFT!! They are awesome and definitely deserve more attention for their musical risk-taking. Recently had the pleasure of hosting SMACKSOFT in Chicago for the US tour. Great music all around. !!YAY!!

  12. Thank you for playing Smacksoft! Could not get enough of this band and had to go on a search for more of their stuff. I love their sound! Their song “Marching Through War” was amazing as well, just can’t stop listening to them! It’s K Indie crack, once you listen to it, you’re hooked! Just like the mesmerizing, instrumental sound of “We Got Underwear and Lots of Girls”. Their track “Off” you played on a previous K Crunch Indie Playlist over the summer was fantastic! Their stuff was harder to find, but they were on my listening rotation over the summer. Just as you mentioned, Simon, it was great for long drives I had through the Pacific NW.

    Smacksoft will be a happy addition to my go to listening rotation. Awesome playlist this week guise, thank you again !

  13. That. Smacksoft. Song. Is. AWESOME. I want to listen to it while I come up with epiphanies about life and humanity. I want to force my friends to listen to it on repeat. I want to have its babies…… Yeah, I’ll stop now.

    Usually electronica isn’t the first thing I immediately want to listen to, but this song is just too awesome for my prejudices.

    I really, really like k-hip hop. For me I love how the asian languages flow when rapped. It sounds like an instrument on its own. Bit my god can outsider rap. It’s not off putting to me in anyway. In fact I like it a lot.

    I’m interested in getting into some k-rock bands. But they don’t seem to be as prelevant as j-rock bands. Oh well, back to j-rock :D

  14. You guys talked about my two favorite Korean rappers in the same playlist. Nothing explains how happy this makes me.

  15. Smacksoft – It’s You & Me it’s a very pretty song! :)

    I love Verbal Jint’s “Good Start” (“You look good” it’s a great song too; it’s a collab song with Sanchez from Phantom …don’t know what “black skirt” is supposed to be though)

    Outsider – Alone it’s an alright song.


  16. why does this smacksoft song….remind me of lana del ray……
    would that be a good thing?

  17. That smacksoft music video was really trippy o.o I like the song though, it’s so…. I don’t even know how to describe it. O_o

    Cool beans, hip hop! A friend of mine has been trying to get me to listen to more Verbal Jint xD She just loves Verbal Jint.

    Outsider’s rapping is just amazing! That was… wow. When does he breathe?! OAO

  18. This is probably a super random question, but how many video requests/normal requests from fans do you usually get? How do you pick which videos to talk about? Do you guys have like an archive of fan video requests that you choose from or is it typically just whoever submits a request for that week?

    Sorry if that’s really random! Thanks for everything you guys do! I can’t wait to see your review about SNSD’s “I Got A Boy”. :D

  19. A different VJ video… well that was unexpected lol.

    But woot my request was taken!

    Was looking forward to your comments about NS Yoon G getting hit by a car lol.

    • Good job, Jam – , I mean, Roboto! You got us Epik Nasties a shout out. :D You know, I think we need to get the rest of us (you know who you are!) to submit an Indie request too since Fuuko, you, and I already did it. It can be an Epik Nasty tradition. *pretends not to hear the resounding protests from the others*

      Here, I’ll give you my own approximation of S&M’s comments on NS Yoon G getting hit by a car: “It has been proven once again that drivers in Korea will *BLEEP* you up.” There, how did I do? ;P

  20. Smacksoft is exactly the type of artist I’m looking for right now. Studying music, ftw!

  21. Dear Simon and Martina :)
    please review Seotaji songs. he just living legendary musician in korea :D i’m pretty sure you guys would love it!
    I think ‘Bermuda Triangle’ ,’T’ik T’ak’, or ‘Human Dream’ would be perfect. Check out his youtube channel first!

  22. What is on the necklace Simon is wearing?

    • I think it might be a bullet. Not to sound like a super, mega creeper, but in one of their FAPFAPS he points out the bullet necklace he’s wearing. Probably the same one.

      P.S. That sounds like such a stalker thing to know… Oops. :P

  23. OH MY GAWD! TOTAL FANGIRL MOMENT OVER HERE! EXCUSE ME FOR A MINUTE: LASDJFASDJFLASJHDFCNKSD! Ok, now that i have that out of my system, I would like to point out that 1. He IS indeed the fastest rapper in Korea/the world at 24 syllables A SECOND. and 2. From the comments i’ve seen from Korean fans of Outsider, they can’t understand him either, he goes REALLY REALLY fast 3. Yes, he IS saying whole words and finally, 4. HOLY SMOKES I LOVE OUTSIDER! my love for his work, almost trumps my love for Teddy Park. and that’s pretty hard considering how much i love Korean Hip Hop, let alone YG and 1TYM.
    Outsider is coming back in February, i am SO FRIKIN EXITED I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!!!! OH MA GAWD!!!!! *whoo, calming down…just a little bit. seriously, i LOVE Korean Hip Hop. Seriously, besides YG, some of my favorite artists come from Sinper Sound, Jungle, etc It is just SO FRIKIN AWESOME! Outsider is so amazing, I can’t describe his talent with mere words T^T. So AMAZING!

  24. about Outsider, If I listen his very fast rap parts very attentively, I can understand about 90%.
    And please check this video just for your reference. (English subtitle included)

  25. Absolutely loving Outsider’s rap. Holy awesomeness. While I would love to know what exactly he’s rapping about, I can still appreciate his obvious talent. But whenever I listen to a kpop song I make up my own English translation anyway!

  26. how can i suggest k-indie songs? do i have to make a video about that?

  27. So K-Rap is now alright to suggest? Then I would like to put out Simon D, specifically the song “Cheerz”. He only has two songs out as a solo act, but he is a part of a group called Supreme Team. :)

    Also, that Verbal Jint song was super good! I didn’t think I would like it when it first started, but it improved as the song went on.


    I found that song just last week and first thing I thought was “DAAAAYUM, I gotta send this in for a video request for S&M” and as I go to write a comment on the video I see you had already beat me there by 30 minutes with your comment of how awesome it is. like minds think….. alike? something like that.

    I really loved the feel of the Verbal Jint song but as you guys have said in the past its so much better to get into hip hop when you understand the words and and judge how good they are by their writing and lyrical witt. super chill though

    SHHHHEEEEEEEEEET Outsider can rap fast. I dont remember hearing him before. I almost have a hard time believing that it isnt sped up a bit. SPEAKING of fast rappers…. have you ever heard that super aegyo rapper E.via? check her out, she’s definitely worth adding into your playlists out of her being almost her own genre.

    great playlist GUISE……… now get to work!!!!!!!!! haha *Martina burns holes though Ryan’s face with her death glare*

    • E.Via is Outsider’s female equivalent, and her fast rap in “Shake” is unbelievable! or Oppa Can I Do it, that song is banned, by the Ministry of Banishment no less, and for a good reason >.< Vury DURTY! Ooh, it's so NASTY!~ Her new album isn't so Aegyo-y, it has a real mature sound to it. I highly recommend listening to it!

      • after I heard her new single and shake I already thought I would buy her album. she’s got a such a great sound and I like her production. also the reason I say aegyo is because from time to time i see her do super cutsie poses and wears very cutsie outfits, she also looks way younger than (checks wikipedia) 26…. oh HEY… its her birthday TOMORROW

        • yea, i know. i was surprised to learn how old she was! she looks like she’s 15 or something! i can agree with the aegyo, i mean, shake SOUNDS like a cute song, unless you know Korean or look at the video! so many butts! XD E.Via is pretty awesome, yet i still find myself waiting for Outsider’s comeback, which i hear is next month

    • I’ve heard Outsider rap without music on variety shows (specifically the very last episode ever of “Star Golden Bell” comes to mind), and he really is just that fast and amazing! Love him~! He seems to just naturally speak really quickly too, so maybe that’s to do with it. B.A.P’s Zelo occasionally reminds me of him.

  29. Guys have you ever reviewed 검정치마? That guy is awesome. Love shine is really beautiful, the whole album is really good.
    And the live version of Alone is just incredible, Outsider sure can rap.

  30. That Smacksoft song is something I’ll be listening to while I sit around thinking.

  31. Smacksoft – It’s You & Me is so nice her voice makes me ughfgjsbvf and the video is so trippy love it :)

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