Glen Check “84”


Woohoo! Glen Check time! Ok: I want this answered today, for any of you who know: is Glen Check a “he” or a “they”? I think it’s a he, right? Or is it like Franz Ferdinand? I’m not sure. Band names confuse me. Anyhow, this song is great, though it is quite different than Glen Check’s other stuff, and we’re quite impressed. It’s still awesome synthy sexiness, but this is more funktastic, while Glen Check’s other stuff, in our opinion, sounds more electro poppy. This is more grooving and grimy, I think. No? But I do clearly hear sounds of Justice there, that’s for sure.

Ashgray “Killheel”


I don’t think we emphasized this enough in our video: totally love this song, but the video is SOOO boring. Maybe it’s more interesting to those of you who are interested in ladies, but watching these girls dance awkwardly is boring to me (Martina), and them not even dancing to the beat is frustrating. Dance to the beat at least! It’s not that hard! Or is this one of those organized dance issues? This song needs an organized dance, maybe, and then that’ll make the video better. You know what: you could say that for just about every video.

Tasha “Black Happiness”


Ah yes. We’re kicking it old school with this request today. Tasha aka Yoon Mirae aka TigerJK’s wife (from Drunken Tiger) has been in the rap scene for a long time, long before she married TigerJK and today we’re showing one of her older songs. For those of you that don’t know a lot about her background, Tasha was born in the USA and her mom is Korean and her dad is African-American. When she was growing up she experienced a lot of discrimination due to her mixed background, so a lot of her music touched on the issues she faced. The point I’m getting at, is that Tasha’s music is quite meaningful, so for those of you interested in hip hop and rap, and not pop “rap,” then this is the direction you want to be heading. If you get into her music, you’ll be sure to get into other musicians from the same crew (which is dubbed “The Movement”) such as Drunken Tiger, Leessang, Dynamic Duo, Epik High. Anyhoo, enough background, enjoy the music and let us know if you already were a fan of her!

  1. It took Tasha (I like that name more than Yoon Mi Rae… It just sets her apart, in a good way) and Tiger JK releases a dance banger under MFBTY to make me want to listen to them more (I saw her as a judge on Superstar K4, but I didn’t know exactly who she is), but dang… I don’t know anyone else who sings so smoothly, but has such a raw and gritty flow; it’s like a beautiful paradox. Anyway, my heart goes out to her and her family; racism, no matter where in the globe it happens, still hurts like a mother. Much love to you guys, and please, keep making great music ^^

  2. I would like to request Tarus Orange Blossom.
    It’s such a nice song and LOOK AT THE KITTY!


  3. Run is too old – but they might be able to review Epik High’s newest MVs!! Come vote for it? And leave some comments too :D http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/epik-high-dont-hate-me/

  4. I have a request for Cassette Schwarzenegger: http://youtu.be/B7jpX0-HnaA

  5. Also Tasha and Tiger JK son Jordan doing his own music video CUTE!!

  6. So late watching this but another cool bizarre 80’s video is
    “cosmic dancer” by Mongoose….quite hilarious, aaaaaaand it tells us what’s reeeeally on Mars (large viper, plaid musicians, and computerized clones without mouths) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeiXOnBUxaM&list=PLF73BBC7A391EF787&index=101&feature=plpp_video

  7. So late watching this but another cool bizarre 80’s video is
    cosmic dancer” by Mongoose….quite hilarious, aaaaaaand it tells us what’s reeeeally on Mars (large viper, plaid musicians, and computerized clones without mouths)….and remember their “bohemian girlfriend” video showed us what happens when you get flushed down the toilet….so educational


  8. Been a huge fan of Tasha for long time, she was one of the first korean musicians i ever heard

  9. hi guys i’m korean i really really love your videos anyway i really want you guys to watch band named”Monni” their music is awwwasome and every song they made are all good!!

  10. Thanks for the hiphop song. I like Leessang myself for their deep lyrics and i’m on a quest to find some more awesome korean hiphop.

  11. My husband was translating ‘Black Happiness’ for me as we listened to it. Wow so sad but inspirational.

  12. oh my fricken bananas I love this glencheck song. THANKS GUISE. :LICK: :LICK: omg omg. DANSU PAHHHHRRRRY!

  13. woow I really love Glen Check especially “racket” one of my favourites .. but I have a question do u know guys about “Bye Bye Sea”? they are pretty nice did u already made one K Crunch Indie about Bye Bye Sea?.. If u don’t please can make one, one day? ^^

  14. I feel like coicedences are getting too frequent lately! The other week when you had The Knoxx in a K Crunch Indie playlist I read an article the following day about them and now its happened again with Glen Check…
    but yes, like others have said already, Glen Check is a duo.

    This article has some information about them and some other interesting tracks by them for anyone who might be interested

  15. Love tasha and the other artists from the movement :D they have a hip hop special of ‘come to play’ mced by Yoo Jae SUk and Kim Won Hee if anyone wants to check it out :)

  16. Dear Simon and Martina,
    Can you guys do a indie on LeeSsang one day? i mean every one knows Gill and Gary from their various variety shows.. but not many are aware of their awesome hip-hop prowess… it’s sad that true hip hop is dying off in korea… the music they produce are truly one of a kind..

  17. I. Love. You. Hair, Martina~

  18. Oh my gosh I instantly knew tasks was mixed coz her void eis so … I dunno it sounds black I guess I love her voice

  19. I looved all the songs in this playlist!! Glen Check now has won a place in my short-short list of electronic bands/guys that I like lots, like I commented, before it’s like the lovechild of Justice and Jamiroquai, who later was adopted by Daft Punk :D
    And Ashgrey’s song was epicly good, it sounded like a subtle…. gosh I don’t know how to describe it, maybe like a subtle classy sexy? IDK, I got hooked on the song with the guitar-synth-ish melody, the singers voices are very smooth, and ooohhhhh I like smooth voices so much. It has that “something”.

    Yoon Mirae, you’ve officially become my favorite female rapper-R&B singer of all time. I just knew she was married to Tiger JK, but wow, she makes awesome songs.
    No pop rapper I heard has the same skill as her. All the emotion on her voice is very contagious, you really feel it. And upon reading the lyrics of the song, it enhances that feeling. I’m going to start looking for more of her work.

    Yay for discovering new songs this week!! Thank you Simon and Martina!!

  20. Ah Tasha <3 I love this song by her and just love her in general. Great picks for this k crunch indie.

  21. I started appreciating Yoon Mi Rae since her days in Tashannie (Caution is such a classic for me). She blew me away with her collaboration with Jay Park in “Clap”.

  22. Garrggh due to my addiction to watching ‘To the beautiful you’ i’ve fallen behind on my college work so i can’t write much BUT I LOVED THIS WEEK SO MUCH i surprisingly loved the request which was EPIC. Really hope you guys have an amazing time in Mexico and L.A…i shall wait for the return of the INDIE PLAYLIST. Now…back to the dead photographers :(

  23. Ashgrey’s video might be cool if maybe 1 or 2 of the girls had some actual curves to show of….. As a female it just got annoying after a while.

  24. Yey! Tasha’s Black happiness is one of my faves from her. She’s amazing and can give a lot of female rappers ( Korean and non-Korean) and performers some schooling on what it means to have flow.

    I know there is a lot of history with how she was introduced and accepted by the Korean public along with her marriage to Tiger and their awesome son Jordan as she is bi racial and that made it more difficult for her to be accepted. But at the same time her genre is R&B and rap so if you are into those types of music you must have at least a little appreciation for African American culture ( note I said African American and not black. The two are not mutually exclusive. The majority of black people in the world are not African American.)

    That said, ‘Black Happiness’ makes me cry, both the song and the video. I love that she uses her father’s words to her in the song and also photos and footage for her youth. Plus Tasha is so classy and beautiful. More Tasha on Eyk please. Actually more from ‘The Movement’ in general. Epik High is coming back soon, but the rest of the guys who are reaping hip hop properly in Korea need to be highlighted.

    Oh, by the way, I loved the Kill Heel video even though I also can’t wear killer heels but I am in love with the idea of the shoes. And I was pleased by the use of Caucasian and Asian women wearing those killer heels ( even though yes awkward dancing is awkward).. I just… I dunno… Wish that there were some people with some melanin up in there. I mean… Junsu had a bit of melanin in Tarantellegra and Latino and black women wear heels too. Just saying. Alas, the representation of non-asian women of colour is something Korean music in general needs to work on.

  25. Tasha’s song speak depths. Wonderful music. I believe such messages in songs is what is lacking in today’s music industry.

  26. If you like Glen Check and The Koxx you should also definitely check out Idiotape.

    For electronica I also recommend mo:tet (a project group of Yoon Sang, Kayip, and Juno), and Kayip’s recent album, which included a track with Yi Sung Yol, “Across”

  27. i loved Yoonmirae since i first saw this mv in fact, it was the first mv of hers that i saw! this was when i was getting curious about k-hip/hop

  28. 1:04 I like the song ’84’ so can I be one of your friend forever? ◕ _ ◕)
    Second video indeed boring(fanservice)…the song though is catchy
    1:52 totally agreeing with you Simon!..Tasha has some quality singing(the song has a nice message)..I especially loved her when featuring Drunken Tiger in <>

    What I’am going to do all these weeks o(╥﹏╥)o I miss you guys already :(
    * Kevin is sick and now you Martina …take better care you guys (。-_-。)and… drink lemon&honey tea ( -_-)旦~ *

  29. Since this’ll be your last K-Crunch Indie in a while *sobs*, I thought I’d share some other K-Indie songs that other Nasties requested, and I took a liking to:

    Huckleberry Finn – 사막
    It’s alternative rock, and really reminds me of the amateur bands that my friends used to form in high school. The split screen irked me a bit, and it was a bit strange, with a girl painting her toenails in one screen, and a couple fighting in the other….random….

    Eniac – 소년은 달린다
    I remember another song request by this guy – was it Love Again? I really like his style, it’s soft electronica? I think? The video is one of my favourites, because I just love anything with cars/roads/traffic/journeys. Most of the music I listen to is in my car, after all.

    The Black Skirts – 젊은 우리 사랑
    Can’t get enough of this guy – he was the one who sang International Love Song, which I requested previously. I think I just have a soft spot for acoustic guitars. The MV is animated and really cute/ugly :p

    KIM JI SOO – Vinatge Man
    This is SOO funny!! xD The dude is quite ‘handsome’, you should check him out :p He’s wearing what some Nasties have decided to call a ‘V-Stomach’. The song is really catchy. Is it trot?

    Leessang – Turned off the TV
    I think they won an award at MAMA for this, so I’m not sure if they’re ‘indie’ or ‘pindie’ now. It’s a nice relaxing hip-hop song, with a very cute and creative MV. Watch out for the ‘little man’ :p

    Eastern Sidekick – Fight For Rainbow
    Again, FLUXUS. What can I say? If you haven’t subscribed to their channel yet, DO IT NOW. Oh, it’s a rock song, and these guys did a great cover of Big Bang’s Monster the other day.

    Outsider – Alone
    Click below if you want to hear the fastest rapper in the world. o_O;

    There’s a few more, but if you want to find them, just search ‘k-crunch indie’ in youtube, you’ll find lots of awesome requests :)

    I’m gonna miss this segment….it’s my favourite, y’know? :(

  30. Obligatory Epik High post:

    Okay now that that’s out of my system –

    Yes I’m a big fan of Tasha!! ME ME PICK ME :D
    And I’m very, very proud of you Simon, for knowing so much about her!!! I knew you’re still a gangster at heart~ :p
    (……..really sorry for making 2 requests in a row guys….I thought you were short of requests….but now I know you’re not >_<)

    Glen Check is a ‘them’. Thanks Wikipedia: Glen Check is a South Korean indie band, consisting of singer and guitar player June-One Kim, bass and synthesizer player Hyuk-Jun Kang.

    I’ve noticed it for a while, but you two are such electro junkies, aren’cha :p
    Well, I’m a diehard hip-hop fan, and Ryan likes rock, so I think we just need a balladeer, a trotter, and a jazzy K-Indie fan to complete the mix~ :D

    Glad I’m not the only one who found those dancing girls reaaaally awkward…. :S
    I just thought of it as a fashion CF. Nice shoes?

    PS. Martina, not sure if you look more like GD/Skrillex/Dara…..maybe Skrillex, with the glasses, but the rainbow hair makes me think of GD…..hrrmmmm…….
    PPS. The background music for my video was by a friend of mine who’s actually performed with Flying Lotus before!! Funny you should mention it :D

  31. I haven’t listened to a lot of songs by Tasha, but I love her song “Get it In” like crazy. The video and song is so sleek and awesome that I couldn’t escape it. And then I learned that she’s a BlacKorean like me, and I was like… Even more awesome~! LoL

    She has a very soulful sound, and I like this song because there are so many mixies who went/are going through the same things she did. I was lucky to have experienced it during only a tiny fraction of my life, but others are obviously not as lucky and could use all the inspiration available. And I know that Tasha and Tiger still get hateful messages about their marriage and child, so it’s great that they both continue to stand their ground passionately like this.

  32. Glen Check is a “they”, trio originally, but then duo, then trio for a while, but recently duo once again (they’re both fluent in English, so if you can secure an interview with them sometime in the future….IT WOULD BE GREAT)
    And I love Tasha :) her tracks are amazing, both her singing and rapping, a+

  33. As far as I know Glen Check are a ‘they’. They used to be a trio but are now a duo? Idk why, I don’t follow them much, but I DO know that 84 is done for the Hyundai Card project and that they’ve got a new EP out a few days ago! ^^ http://krockisreal.livejournal.com/486683.html

  34. AHH I love Yoon Mirae! Saw her when she came to Singapore, and she is absolutely fantastic! She raps like such a total badass, sings beautifully, and is utterly gorgeous to boot. Love her!

  35. Glen Check is currently a 2 member band consisting of June-one and Hyuk jun! (:

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