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K Crunch Indie: Kill Black 84

September 30, 2012


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Glen Check “84”

Woohoo! Glen Check time! Ok: I want this answered today, for any of you who know: is Glen Check a “he” or a “they”? I think it’s a he, right? Or is it like Franz Ferdinand? I’m not sure. Band names confuse me. Anyhow, this song is great, though it is quite different than Glen Check’s other stuff, and we’re quite impressed. It’s still awesome synthy sexiness, but this is more funktastic, while Glen Check’s other stuff, in our opinion, sounds more electro poppy. This is more grooving and grimy, I think. No? But I do clearly hear sounds of Justice there, that’s for sure.

Ashgray “Killheel”

I don’t think we emphasized this enough in our video: totally love this song, but the video is SOOO boring. Maybe it’s more interesting to those of you who are interested in ladies, but watching these girls dance awkwardly is boring to me (Martina), and them not even dancing to the beat is frustrating. Dance to the beat at least! It’s not that hard! Or is this one of those organized dance issues? This song needs an organized dance, maybe, and then that’ll make the video better. You know what: you could say that for just about every video.

Tasha “Black Happiness”

Ah yes. We’re kicking it old school with this request today. Tasha aka Yoon Mirae aka TigerJK’s wife (from Drunken Tiger) has been in the rap scene for a long time, long before she married TigerJK and today we’re showing one of her older songs. For those of you that don’t know a lot about her background, Tasha was born in the USA and her mom is Korean and her dad is African-American. When she was growing up she experienced a lot of discrimination due to her mixed background, so a lot of her music touched on the issues she faced. The point I’m getting at, is that Tasha’s music is quite meaningful, so for those of you interested in hip hop and rap, and not pop “rap,” then this is the direction you want to be heading. If you get into her music, you’ll be sure to get into other musicians from the same crew (which is dubbed “The Movement”) such as Drunken Tiger, Leessang, Dynamic Duo, Epik High. Anyhoo, enough background, enjoy the music and let us know if you already were a fan of her!



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