1) Hugh Keice “Drink in the Desert”


Yay! Another Hugh Keice song. In case you missed it when we reviewed Hugh Keice last time, Hugh Keice sings entirely in English, and that’s cool! Come to think of it, though, I’m not sure if Hugh Keice really qualifies as Korean Indie by our standards, you know? Hugh Keice is Korean, but he’s based out of the UK and sings in English. That’s kind of like Far East Movement, in a way, and we wouldn’t really consider Far East Movement Kpop. Ah well. I think we’ll be more strict in picking our Korean Indie artists next time, because we’re trying to reflect what Korean Indie music is being played in Korea, kind of like how we’re trying to show what Korean Pop music is being played in Korea. Problem is, we can’t know for sure what indie music is being played in Korea because, well, it’s Indie, which makes it not easy to pinpoint. Ah! Rambling! Anyhow, moral of the story: cool song and video by Hugh Keice.

2) Mighty Coala “열대야”


Ok, this is not what we had in mind when we first heard of the name. First off, I never thought of “Koala” as being spelled with a C. Maybe it’s like those rare times I see Korea being spelled “Corea” as well? Also, this band has such an oxymoron of a name, isn’t it? In what way could a Koala be mighty? Supposedly they sleep more than any other animal in the world, because they eat lots of eucalyptus leaves and are constantly zonked out. Or, at least that’s what I heard on a random radio show we were on two or so years ago. MIGHTY KOALAS: SLEEPING LIKE NONE OTHER! But they’re bears, so they can be violent, too. I had to Google “Koala Attack” to see if I could prove my point, and give Koalas a greater sense of mightiness. Turns out there’s a band called Koala Attack. Ha! But wikipedia said Koalas are aggressive as well, so…yeah. I guess. Not that this song reflects Koalas attacking or being aggressive. This song fits perfectly with the sleepy koala stereotype, as it almost seems like a lullaby. Ha!

3) Nell “기억을 걷는 시간”


Ok, this song is going up there with some of our favourite Korean songs ever. Really: this here – QUALITY. We usually separate our Kpop Music Urges from our other music urges. Kpop has its time and place, as does – say – listening to Beach House, and the two don’t really cross paths for us often. Kpop makes us dance and have fun, puts smiles on our faces, gets us up and going when we’re feeling lethargic, but it doesn’t often have special places in our lives, it doesn’t really have a kind of life-essence beauty to it, you know? Ah! Don’t kill us for that. I think some of you will agree with us here.

Anyhow, this is a Korean song that we’ll put in our “beautiful music” rotation rather than our “kpop music” rotation. The last two minutes: some of our favourite Korean music ever. Really beautiful stuff. This is soundtrack-of-your-life kind of music, the end of a romantic comedy movie. It’s…just…so…good! So check it out, even if you’ve seen it before, watch it again, and if you haven’t seen it before, you can thank us in the comments :D

  1. Nell makes me want to learn korean. I’m seriously considering taking korean next semester because of them. Their music sounds so beautiful and I want to be able to understand the lyrics and sing along.

  2. ♥ love the k crunch!

    and that Nell song is so beautiful, it is one of the first korean songs that I’ ve heard ( I did not even know that the language was korean by that time) and I think that they have really good songs, and the singer, a beautiful voice, what can I say, thanks for talking about this song.

    and I understand what you say about the kpop songs, that they dont have that special meaning to you, because well, most kpop songs are just to dance and have fun, as for me, it kinda has a special place, because of different things, but anyway, for me the best kpop songs are ballads XD

  3. After listening to The Day Before, and Time spent walking through memories. I went and listened to their Slip Away album and to their old songs. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much Simon&Martina for introducing me to such a great band. I completely fell in love with Nell. 

  4. After listening to these songs i love korean music even more! ^^;
    Thank you Simon and Martina ♥

  5. Koalas are not bears but are marsupials.

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  7. Thank your K crunch indie. I love learning more about the K indie music. Does these groups make the K-pop chart or Do K indie music have another music chart? Mahalo.

  8. I was so looking forward to your reviewing of The Day Before. Really. Even though it wasn’t top rated, this is your blog, you can do what you want. I know you really want to review it. I (and many others) really want to see you review it. What is stopping you? Anyway, thanks for the Nell video. I love that band. Love your reviews. Fighting! 

  9. so thanks to you guys im obsessed with NELL. ever since you guys talked about their song The Day Before, i started to listen to them and realized they have a lot of good songs. same with busker busker….thanks you guys 

  10. Omg thanks so much for that Nell song, it really is gorgeous and i expect its going to be on continous rotation for looooonnnnnnnng time *_* <3

  11. i thought the hugh keice song was in korean until i read the little bit of info you guys give…….that’s embarrassing. Dx

  12. Have you guys ever listened to Mate?  They have some really pretty stuff. :)

  13. Yaay, I love Nell and this song is awesome! :’D My favorite besides ”It’s Okay” and ”Part 2” ^^

  14. the second song is super cute!
    and Nell is soo goodd!! Their music is so beautiful especially their newest album! I love it!

  15. I literally JUST started listening to nell’s songs yesterday and so far, I think this one is my favourite! ^_^

  16. I’m pretty sure Nell won some award for this song…If he didn’t, he should have.

  17. I love nell!!!!
    Their songs are great by themselves but I think the lyrics really enhances them.
    I hope you have a chance to listen to “good night”, “멀어지다”, “얼음 산책”, “마음을 잃다” as well. :)

  18. okay i warn you people i will sound like a COMPLETE IDIOT to you all (well maybe all….unless you had the same thought as me)……..but people live in Madagascar??? wow…….Dreamworks….what have you done to me? 
    seriously though it’s cos i’ve never learnt about the country or talked about it or anything…..just watched that movie and… that’s it… Madagascar has never actually been in my life…..(except when it’s to do with vanilla ice cream)

  19. WOOT moar Indie music!!!! xD

    If it weren’t for this weekly dose of musical goodness, I would probably drown in a dark pool of mindless repetition….

  20. that is one of my favorite Nell songs ever ;__________; thank you for including it ^^ I hope this would want to make you listen to more from Nell! My other favorite song is 멀어지다 :3 1분만 닥쳐줄래요 is really pleasant sounding but the irony is that the lyrics aren’t so pleasant :p maybe you could check it out and see if you like it ^^

  21. Thank you! Nell is now in my top favourites. It is so rare to find such a.. mellow? Kind? Innocent? K-pop song. It just makes me want to relax and save the world while taking time to smell the roses. o vo

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