1) The Koxx “12:00″


Let’s start by saying that we totally want to hang out with these guys. We found out about them via an MTV article about them, and we fell in love with their stuff instantly. Bought their album on iTunes, watched a bunch of their videos, and knew that we’d have to talk about them for K Crunch. This song, 12:00, is a lot different than another one of our favourite songs by them, Troublemaker, but both songs are rock your socks awesome. Side note: we sometimes go dancing at the club they’re playing at in the Troublemaker video: Club FF.

2) Casker “New World”


Ok, this is a new song, while the Koxx is a bit older. Wow! Totally love this group as well. We really like cute sounding songs, and this is right up our alley. Gosh! The singer’s voice is so sweet! Anyhow, Casker’s been around for a while, and this song isn’t one that’s off their own album, but it for a soundtrack put together by Pastel Music (which the Koxx will also feature in). Read more about it over at Korean Indie

3) Loro’s “Let’s Dance”


We find it cool when we have some kind of connection to a band that we listen to. We actually saw the Cello player in an event a while ago. She wasn’t playing the Cello back then. She was jamming away at a keyboard, but she was still awesome. Anyhow, that was a random story. More importantly, even though this song is really long (comparable to the three other songs on this list COMBINED) we’re totally digging the atmospheric, epic rock sound of this song. It’s very different from the other two songs we mentioned thus far on the list, and hopefully you’ll like it as much as we do. If you are, read more about them over at Korean Indie (by the way, yes, we like linking to Korean Indie. They’re good people and are doing a great job of covering the Indie scene here.

4) Monodiary “Memories of a Song”


Last on our list comes courtesy of a video request and – allow us to say this again – thank you Ginny (I hope that’s how you spell your name) for introducing us to this band. We didn’t actually know of Monodiary before. Ah! Feels like we should be ashamed. But isn’t that always the case with Indie artists? We find that whenever we have conversations with people about Indie bands, we’ll list off like, 7, before we finally hit on one that we both know. So maybe we shouldn’t feel so bad about not knowing Monodiary? Anyhow, this is another cute song, akin to Casker’s “New World,” so check it out if you’re in a happy, skippy, cutey state of mind :D

  1. This is a bit late (and by ‘a bit late’ I mean a lot late…five months late…) BUT I love Loro/Roro/Lolo’s sound!!! This may or may not be the wine speaking (White Zinfandel, how do I love thee, let me count the ways) but I would really just like to lay in the middle of one of their sessions and have them play the most beautiful music all around me. Excellent comparison to Explosions in the Sky. Something, Something, Brave New World!

    And… it’s time for bed…

  2. Really liked this one…I think my favorite is Monodiary’s Memories of a song

  3. Hey Simon and Martina! Love the Indie section.  I have an older group you guys might dig…  I heard them my 1st year in Korea (3 years ago) ^-^…There name is Jaurim and this is literally the 1st Korean music video I ever saw EVAR.  This song has a bit of a circusy feel to it..It is strange but uber cool!! ㅋㅋ  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrSZBam5sIs

  4. Any idea where I can download The Koxx’s Access Ok album legally in the US? I don’t have a disc drive so getting the album off yesasia is a no go.

  5. Hey Simon and Martina,

    I think you guys should really check out Vanilla Unity- In the shadows. This is a great song, i think anyways. I am pretty sure they have disbanded but they were a great group, and their bassist was on season 6 of ulzzang shidae :p Check it out

  6. Dear Simon and Martina,
    I have a question that I really hope you will answer!!
    Ok so in the clip in the playlist above before “Memories of the Song” (which I loved btw…), Simon, you named several songs starting with “Ya Ya Ya” by T-Ara. What was the last song?? You even sang some of the chorus!! I couldn’t understand the name of the song and was really curious!! Pretty please with a cherry on top, could you tell me the name of that song and the artist??
    Thanks so much for making these videos!!!

  7. Just saying the album the that 12:00 from the koxx is on is awesome :3 If everyone gets a chance check out the whole album.

  8. Hello, I would like to suggest a song more than a video because I couldn´t find an official video or something like that and I think it´s maybe k-pop? I hope you like the song

  9. This section is really horrible to my wallet.

    Anyhoo… I love how at the Koxx vid they keep the drummer from going to get rejected. It’s like no dude, just don’t do it. Seriously don’t even try. 

  10. And here I only thought Tool made songs that long :) That’s not a knock cause Tool is one of my favorite bands. Loved all the indie songs you show cased today (really didn’t watch the videos cause I was drawing the whole time).  Need all these songs on my iPod.

  11. Hi Simon and Martina! Have you guys heard Casker’s song “Mocha?” It’s really cute, even though I don’t understand a word haha. 


    Hope you guys are doing well and having fun in Korea! You guys are so fun and quirky, it’s awesome and so infectious. Makes my day happier! :)

  12. Mkay!
    a) I love EVERY SONG on the K-Crunch this week. It’s so good!
    b) I’m about to buy The Koxx *sniggers* >___<
    c) That animation is a 3D animation with a photoshop filter applied to it Simon, is not 2D animation. I could explain in detail how they do the effect but it's pretty complex and boring if you don't understand 3D computer rendering.
    d) I love yo faces!

  13. I never knew you could use a bow on an electric guitar until I saw Loro’s video. O_O!  Anyway, Loro’s song has this kind of therapeutic effect on me. I feel at ease listening to it.
    And I totally LOVE Monodiary’s song. It’s so cute~
    Also, if you read this comment, PLEASE PLEASE listen to Standing Egg’s “La La La”. I’m sure you guys will like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4cz_X87Z90&list=PL9769DDAF12597F34&index=5&feature=plpp_video

  14. No, never heard of it.  Sounds like it would be funny, though.

  15. Caskerrrrrrr xD
    I discovered them a while back ago and totally love their music! :)

    •  Ps. and one thing I like about Indie song is the MVs. Since what they are trying to sell is the music itself, there is no need to focus on oppas and unnies faces so they can make the music video in any way they like x)

  16. the koxx hahaha….its hard to understand the English in the song(:!~!

  17. that’s some cool music. Thank u for acquainting us with some non-kpop stuff, always loved Indie and now I can combine those two interests of mine:) didn’t know Korea has such stuff, the music’s rly awesome <3

  18. OH YEAH THE KOXX OPPARS!!! 8D luv them~

    i get the feeling ~korean indie~ has a very elaborate taste in korean indie, i loooove roro/lolo/whatevs!!!!!
    also monodiary’s video and song is really cute ;3;/<3

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