Neon Bunny “Oh My Prince”


Ok, this is awesome. We really, really, really are digging this song. Like, this is gonna go on our iTunes (if we can find it somewhere!) and then loop it like crazy. Or we’ll just play it over and over again on iTunes. Side note: does iTunes have a loop option yet? I know some of you kill the replay button on videos, and some of you have found a way around this. LET ME KNOW. This song needs that kind of treatment. Maybe it’s not your thing: but it’s SOOO our thing. It just dawned on us that it sounds like Yelle, a bit. Kinda. Funky electronic with a gentle girl voice. And it’s in a language that isn’t English! That might be it.

Anyhow, this is only the second song by Neon Bunny that we’ve ever heard, and we’ve loved both songs. Any other songs you’d recommend by Neon Bunny? I’m worried that we’re missing out on some other life-changing songs…

Ondahl “Similar Girl”


Ok, time to change up the pace and era a bit. Neon Bunny’s song was very 80s; this song, on the other hand, very 50s, except for the electric guitar, which I don’t really associate with the 50s. Is it a part of the 50s? Our music history is kinda weak.

Anyhow, am I the only one that hears Sweet Caroline in this song? All I could think of is “Where it began/ I can’t begin to knowing” You know. The beginning of the song. Not the hands touching hands part. I don’t hear that here. Ah! We always hear lots of other things in songs. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or not. Let’s just call this a Neil Diamond/Spoon mashup…with Tubas!

The Koxx “Love Dance”


Hey Ryan. Here we are writing to you two weeks in a row for our K Crunch Indie segments. Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks for the request. We totally let this video slip through the cracks when we were on vacation. That whole month is a bit of a void for us. Anyhow, that’s not the point. Point is: thanks Ryan for two awesome song suggestions. We totally forgot about the Koxx after we talked about them long time ago. I thought they did something with 4Minute, didn’t they?

Anyhow, we’re really quite impressed with this song and video. We love how they shake their heads to the music. The editing’s great for that. But the song itself is just such a great balance between hectic and smooth. It’s a great, great song, and supposedly they’re awesome live. One of these days we’ll see them live. ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!

  1. I love Neon Bunny’s song so much its fun and the lyrics are so sassy

  2. That song by The Koxx sounds very Elbow -esque to me. Still a great song!

  3. Have to say that I just enjoy watching you videos so much !
    Anyway… I have a request for the K Crunch Indie ( though I’m not sure it’s right to do it here ) : a band called Nemesis ( 네미시스) with their song ‘Sad Love Waltz’ ( 슬픈 사랑의 왈츠 ). They have many nice songs but I just love this one so much.here’s the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PPgL1onEyA&feature=player_embedded

  4. I’ve never really gotten into Kpop (still watch your videos ’cause they’re funny), but I think I’ve finally found the music I like in your K Crunch Indie videos. Ondahl and and The Koxx are officially my favorites. I really wish I could buy them! 

  5. Just thought I’d leave this here…….


    #Sakanaction #Japanese indie #pindie

    • Sakanaction is just about my favorite Japanese band ever, and one of my favorite indie bands.

      Do Simon & Martina cover Japanese music? I’d love to see them blog about Sakanaction c:

      • Yay!! (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

        Hmmm…they were planning on starting a Jpop segment at one point, but unfortunately I don’t think that’ll happen for a while – they don’t have the time :( It’s a shame because Japan is full of so much weird and creative music and videos (and I’m not talking about the idol groups here).

  6. O.O that video for love dance was AWESOME.

  7. Listen to the Neon Bunny 1st Album Seoul Lights, is AWESOME ~~ :)

  8. I’ve been listening to the KOXX – “Love Dance” all summer long! I had just assumed that you guys already knew about it (don’t know why, but I did…weird). Now I feel like I should bombard you with all the indie mv’s I’ve been listening to instead of keeping them to myself. Gotta share the love, ya know. :)
    Ryan and I should hang, we both seem to have a similar taste in music. 

  9. I wished I could buy Ondahl’s music, but iTunes Japan only has an older album. This new song sounds absolutely fantastic. :)
    (I absolutely hate how you can mostly only buy the Japanese versions of songs once they have been released in here. Just wanted to get that out of my system.)

  10. Really love the songs for this weeks indie playlist, Neon Bunny and The Koxx are totally awesome, does anyone know where u can buy them in Australia?

    Btw you (Simon and Martina) were mentioned in SBS PopAsia’s fb page http://www.facebook.com/sbspopasia

    in reference to a poll about the vid u made about Gangnam Style


    • Neon Bunny’s first album Seoulight you can get on Itunes Australia … her latest ep mini album Happy Ending you can purchase from yesasia.com 

      The Koxx is available on Itunes Australia …

      I know this because it took me ages to find the stuff .. and alot of the korean indie music doesn’t get put on Aussie Itunes until like 1 year after release .. Neon Bunny’s being an example …

  11. Thanks for the heads up on Neon Bunny. It’s sometimes hard to remember that there is a music scene here that goes beyond K-pop. Great find!

  12. whenever i watch that video from the koxx i cannot help but think of jack black in school of rock…. am i the only one??? anywho 사랑춤 is definitely a favorite of mine and the video is so lsd induced and wonderful^^

    •  YES. I definitely see Jack Black’s zany sense of humor in this video. XD But it’s super fresh in my memory since I actually watched that movie a few days ago. Lol. God, I love The Koxx. Wish I could catch a live show of them before I die. :P Why do I live so far awaaaaaay! :(

  13. You said you’d like to know how to loop a video? I’m not sure about itunes; but you can just stick the word ‘repeat’ in a youtube URL to make it loop there. c: (as in youtube(.)com becomes repeatyoutube(.)com)

    It will redirect you to another site that does it for you. :D 
    Thanks for the great music recommendations! I also loved Neon Bunny from last time you suggested her; definitely happy to hear she’s made a new release! <3

  14. I’m confused as to why you always mention going to youtube for playlist mode when you have the playlist embedded here. It automatically plays in playlist mode and there is a little button if you want to see the scrolling playlist control timeline thing-a-ma-jig.

  15. wow I really loved the songs in this playlist :D !! 

  16. NEON BUNNY – seriously just buy both of her albums .. Seoulight and Happy Ending … all the songs are awesome … you will not be disappointed.

    Seoulight is definitely on itunes .. and is a full album … her debut album

    Happy Ending I had to get a physical cd from yesasia.com … it is only a 4 song mini album but is still awesome

  17. this is sooo good all of it :D

  18. i thought the ondahl song sounded very…. i guess i have to call it korean beatles, because the beat combined with the tone of his voice [and the syllable pattern] was just very mellow beatles

  19. The singer from The Koxx really reminds me of Jack Black lol.

  20. …Belle and Sebastian! 

    Are what the Koxx sound like to me, XD.  


  21. Neon Bunny video must have had the lowest budget in history!

  22. Simon, your shirt’s buttons are off. xD

  23. Dear S&M, thank you for providing us with great K-Indie music to listen to. What would I do without you guys. *cue tears* /shot. /bricked. And Ryan too! :D

    Oohh, and have you guys listened to 10cm? :D

  24. I love Neon Bunny! She reminds me a bit of The Bird and the Bee. If you can find her albums “Seoulight” and “Happy Ending,” they’re filled with great songs. I like all of them, but you should check out “Plastic Heart” and “Long-D.”

  25. The Knoxx, laughed through the video and bobbed my head along (soft bobs). This song will defiantly be on my playlist. They look like a bunch of fun guys and it is nice to see a funny video. I so wish I was tossing up confetti last night it would have made being sick more pleasurable. 

    Ondahl, very simple song and I see where you can get the Sweet Caroline from. I enjoyed it and will put it on my book reading day playlist…better known as lazy day I refuse to get out of bed day. Oh and the electric guitar was around in the 1930’s can’t remember the exact date but I just have that bit of random info in my head. 

    Neon Bunny, not feeling this song, high school for me was the  80’s, so I have this love hate relationship with anything that reminds me of the 80’s. 

    Congrats Martin on getting Simon’s finger I always do the same when someone puts their finger in my face. Of course I also forget to let go …..

  26. Simon & Martina…

    I saw WHOwho again 2 more times since we last talked and I got to know and chat with the lead vocalist (who thankfully speaks English) and surprisingly their band has only been around for 4 months!! This surprised me considering how tight of a group they are and how good the compositions are. Mind you they only have 5 or 6 songs but still I really think these guys have places to go. If you are interested in seeing them they are playing in Hongdae again this Saturday night. Let me know if you are free to see them… BE there or BE isosceles triangle!

  27. Loved all the songs today! Oh My Prince is right up my alley, and The Koxx simply rock. 
    By the way, have you guys heard of Misty Blue? They are a rock/shoegazing band with really unique, dreamy vocals.

  28. Ondahl’s song makes me think of The Beatle’s, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album (specifically “Getting Better”) from the 60’s.  Classic!

  29. In “Similar Girl” it sounds like a trombone section. I doubt there’s a tuba, tubas go so low they sound like elephants farting…in a good way. But I might be wrong.

  30. I was sure that Ondahl’s song was going to be my favourite this week, and then Koxx came on……guess what’s gonna be blasting out of my car for the next month. :p

    On a side note….my brain is practically crawling in the gutter tonight. You probably didn’t even mean anything, but here I am giggling away…..*sigh*

    Everytime someone points at me, I try to bite their finger, but I’ve never quite managed it. Congrats, Martina.

    Ryan, dude, I think we’ll always be in a envyer – envyee relationship. You live on the roof a a building in Seoul (doesn’t it get cold at night? :S), see cool indie bands regularly, and have very sober conversations with Simon and Martina. Hhhh.

    This video kinda represents them quite well. Forgetting to pull up the handbrake when urinating in random places? Hah. I really wanna meet the dude now.

  31. To repeat a youtube video just change the address like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… to http://www.youtubeREPEAT.com/watch?v=… and let the looping fun begin!

  32. i like ryan, i always see his comments on here! you guys should put him in your videos hahah

  33. To loop a song on iTunes: On the bottom left-hand corner of iTunes, click icon of two arrows going in an oval TWICE. It will light up blue with a little tiny 1 on the left of the icon now. This means the individual song playing/any song you click to play will loop. To loop a series of songs, either form a playlist or simply play an album/artist/etc. and click the loop icon once while playing the music. Then it will loop all the music selected. You can also hit the shuffle button while looping a playlist/artist/etc.

  34. Hmm….on youtube, putting the same video in a playlist and playing it on loop often works. You get ads, though. 
    In windows media player, i just put it in a list by itself and play it on repeat.
    I don’t use iTunes.

  35. …Don’t kill Simon…..

  36. I loved ALL OF THESE SONGS, oh, and I also want to hang out with The Koxx. Big time.

  37. I think the brass in “Similar Girl” is a trombone. A tuba would sound lower. I was so happy to see Neon Bunny on here again!

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