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K Crunch Indie: Peter For Summer

August 5, 2012


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Jane Jang “Summer Night”

Ah! So, here’s our story behind this song and video. Actually, I’m not sure what else we can add to it from what we said in our video. We could have been here for the shooting of it, got some behind the scenes footage, and even spoken with Jane Jang for a bit, and had all planned to do so, buuuuut we were too sick. Yargh! We usually just have two days off a week: Tuesday and Saturday (odd schedule, I know) and every other day of the week we work all-day long. Anyhoodledoodle, we were supposed to go here on our Tuesday, which we were all ok for, until Martina got megagitis. It’s not a real disease, mind you. It just sounds like it’s serious. MEGA-GITIS! It’s our phrase for feeling really sick. Sounds professional, doesn’t it?

Pooh! Hopefully, next time we’re asked to come out to a video filming, we’ll be able to do so. And, FYI, if we ever find the Flaxton and Ashfield sign, we’ll burn it on the spot. I don’t care if it means being banished from the industry forever. IT WILL BURN I TELL YOU! BURRRRNNN!!!

See Ya “See You Again”

So, now that I’m starting to write the blog post for this video, I’m starting to realize that today’s videos miiiiight have been picked primarily because they have a strong connection to us and our lives. Well, maybe not that strong, but we’re just interested in videos that we are somehow more related to than on just a regular basis. Did that make sense? Yes, yes it did! I think.

Anyhow, we said that we made a video about it long time ago. Here it is: BOOM!. Whoa. That video’s so old! Our camera was so crappy back then. Geez! I’m sure that we’ll probably say the same thing in a few years when we look back at our videos now. We can barely even look at our first Music Monday videos without cringing. Yeesh! For other footage of this coffee shop, we also went to Samchungdong back in the winter for one of our WANKs and played in the coffee shop as well. If you can’t tell, we really like it there. And we’re happy that this video was shot there as well. Yay!

Oh yeah! There’s a song with the video as well! Totally forgot to mention that, didn’t we? It’s not really our cup of tea, since it’s so balladlicious, but that won’t stop us from sharing it with you guise, since some of you might be into ballads. Are you into ballads? Hmm…we never actually asked that of you before. Probably because we rarely talk about ballads.

E9 “Peter Pan Syndrome”

Yes! Finally a song and video that we don’t have any associations with. OR DO WE?!?! I’m trying hard to find a connection but I can’t. Maybe I know the lead singer’s cousin? I’m checking out their shirts. Nope. Don’t own any of those. Ok no, I’ve got nothing.

One thing we’d like to ask: what’s with Peter Pan? We talked about the band Peter Pan Complex before. This band has a song called Peter Pan Syndrome. Isn’t that…kinda similar? No? I mean, Peter Pan Complex is quite the original band name, I think, and they’re quite popular as well. Is this song dedicated to them, somehow? It’d be like me making a song called Broken Antisocial Scene (for those of you who know Broken Social Scene). You’d be like “hey! You’re referencing that band, right?” Or is Peter Pan popular in Korea? I’m not sure. Can anyone fill us in here?



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K Crunch Indie: Peter For Summer


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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Since they don’t like ballads, they are more likely not to know who Huh Gak is, since he is all ballad all the time :)

    6 years ago
  2. I’m a HUGE sucker for ballads! Mostly ballads sang by guys though, yeah I’m biased like that. Can’t help it. I’m also a huge sucker for kitties nom noming on their tails!

    6 years ago
  3. I like your custom version of Spudgy’s shirt Martina :D I have one too, but I was also wondering how I could adjust it so it wouldn’t be so….plain? :p

    I love that Jang Jane song, I listened to it on repeat when someone submitted it earlier in the week :)

    Oh btw, about Peter Pan, funny thing is, there was a really famous band in Indonesia by the same name, and now they’re the first thing I think of when I think of Peterpan. Maybe he represents the playful attitude of musicians?

    6 years ago
    • Thank you!! :D But I guess it wasn’t published because it’s included in the K-Indie update :S

      6 years ago