Hot Potato “Pillow”


So, we’re quite new to Hot Potato. Gotta say, we didn’t expect this kind of music from a band with the name “Hot Potato.” We were expecting something like the Korean version of Hot Chip, which would please us immensely, since we love Hot Chip. This was more like Coldplay, though, which we also like, and are also, oddly, British. We like British music. Hell, we like lots of music from lots of different countries.

Also, someone else who’s been in Korea and has worked out at a gym please tell me I’m not the only one who saw people walking exceptionally slowly on treadmills. WHHHYYYY??!! It’s so much nicer outside than it is inside of a gym. Gyms are boring! The outdoors are nice! Maybe it’s because treadmills have TVs on them here? I don’t know. Just FFFFUUUU to slow treadmill wakling.

Gogostar “Runway”


WOWOWOWOW! We’re so pumped about Gogostar comign back. Woohoo! And they just played on Friday! I’d like to say that we had the chance to see them and tell you what it was like, since Friday was technically two days before we published this video, but we’re actually writing this blog post before Friday, since we film so many things in advance. So, this can go one of two ways:

1) We went to the show: OMG IT WAS AWESOME! It was so great seeing so many of you guise there and being able to party with you afterwards! It was definitely the best night of our lives.

2) We didn’t go, because we were too busy with other things: it was great running into you, though, as we were doing other things! Thanks for partying with us and giving us the best night of our lives!

Ok, I doubt either of those two cases are feasible.

–edit: Friday passed. We didn’t get to go to the concert :( —

Outsider “Like a Man”


Ok, how many of you old school Nasties saw the title and snickered a bit? We’re not accusing Outsider of copying us. This song is a lot older than our LIKE A MAN phase. Speaking of which, we should probably bring that back around. Ah! So many old jokes that we retire. We need to bring them back. Or have an inside joke glossary, perhaps. Maybe that’d be useful for new Nasties?

Anyhow, like we mentioned in previous K Crunch Indie segments, we’re interested in getting more into Korean Hip Hop. Outsider is supposedly a popular Korean Hip Hop artist, but he hasn’t been around for a while. This song is from before our time. It’s uploaded in 2007, and we weren’t even in Korea at the time. Anyhow, though the song is quite cool, especially for the excessively fast rapping, it’s not necessarily the most accessible Korean hip hop song, if your Korean skills aren’t up to snuff. I’d imagine it’s hard for Korean people to follow as well, no? I know super fast English rap songs are hard for us to keep up with as well. Maybe cuz we’re old and our bodies are dying. That’s my excuse. Old age.

Ok, I’ll stop complaining about being old. Outsider’s “Like a Man” is a cool song that doesn’t sound really hop-hop-esque to us, since it’s so damn fast, but it’s still quite a cool song otherwise. Let us know what you think!

  1. Check this out

    MC Sniper – Better than Yesterday

  2. First song is nice! :)
    Second song… couldn’t hear it because it’s blocked in my country
    Third song: Amazing skills! O.o

  3. I can’t view the GoGo Star -Runway video on here or on Youtube because it’s blocked in my country :( complete sadness.

  4. royal pirates are an awsome group !! you should put it on the indie playlist !

  5. I can’t watch the Gogostar video in my country! Sad face! :(

  6. I can’t see gogostar it’s blocked

  7. The orchestral instruments in Hot Potatoes song sounds like a string quartet (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello). The song was beautifull, and i loved the music video! Didn’t like the off-tune ending though..

  8. Can’t watch the gogostar video because they blocked it so people in Canada can’t view it… D8

  9. i came in cos i saw kim c on the screen. XD

  10. So this just out. I don’t know if you guys really really like Soran but there having a concert in Dec http://club.cyworld.com/bandsoran it’s epic this was just posted

  11. hey,, it’s not treadmills in a gym.. it’s called ‘moving walk’ and it’s a some sort of escalator except it’s horizontal and has no stairs..you can see it in a subway station or marts like E-mart kkkkkk

  12. I really liked all the songs on this week’s playlist! :D

  13. Really awesome to see Like a Man on there, its also in Pump It Up: Fiesta EX so if you find out you have one of those machines near you, check it out!

  14. The guy singing in Hot Potato – Pillow can really roll his “L”s, got to give it to him. Even EYK is now having problems with it. :)

  15. So Outsider isn’t your cup of tea, eh? *sobs quietly *Ahem. ok then! maybe you would like:

    Gilme feat Outsider-Love is a Warfare she raps fast, but not throughout the whole thing, Outsider’s part is fast though

    Illinit-Check It- kinda fast, not as fast as Outsider really good song Dreamer(feat. Kangmin) the song is already great, but Kangmin’s vocals add so much to it!

    MC Sniper-Mentor of Outsider, CEO of Sniper Sound, BK Love, Gloomy Sunday, Push It(feat. Illinit) he has a really smooth flow AND…just cuz he’s that awesome(he recently featured on a song on the Faith Soundtrack!)

    Bizzy-Day and Night(feat. Yoonmirae(aka Tasha) ) amazing song, both amazing rappers

    Drunken Tiger-Monster its kinda old, but the song is dope!

    Epik High-One i know you guys have had buttloads of requests for Epik High, but i really like this song. Its a beautiful song! Map the Soul is also a beautiful song as well, and its the first Epik High song i ever heard!

    Outsider-I know you like to follow along in the songs, but he is SO amazing! I have all his albums(but one cuz that one isn’t on iTunes) But anyway, Alone, Aquaintance, and Go Go Sing(feat. Whale) are my favorite songs, there is also a song by K.Will feat. Outsider, Hypnosis(banned for using the word “Mute”)

    I absolutely LOVE Korean Hip-Hop, Simon. I think its wonderful and great and you should listen to the above artists, if you want understandability, go with YG(old school artists like Jinusean and Perry) and Jungle Entertainment (Tiger JK, Tasha, Bizzy)

  16. Wow, Like A Man rocks! That’s some very impressive rapping. I like that a lot. I don’t know any korean, but you don’t really need to speak the language to appreciate the song, I think. Of course, getting the meaning and the puns enhances the listening experience much more, but I listened to quite a bit of english rap and most of the time didn’t understand anything at all. Though I do like hip hop in my native language more, since, well, all the puns and references are hilarious.
    I always want to watch the K Crunch videos but most of the time it’s too much of a hassle since all most every video linked here is blocked in my country and I first have to search in google if there is a page where I can actually listen to the song and watch the video. It’s one thing to do it if I watch KMM, but it’s such a hassle with the indie or new songs. Too bad. And in case of the indie songs, I can’t even find some of the videos! Since, well, they are indie and there aren’t really any other big video sites. Really, too bad.

  17. …Oh wao….That is a rawesome hat…

  18. I have an extra copy of GoGo Star’s “Highlight” (the ep “RUNWAY” is from) and I am willing to do an exchange. I will give this to anyone who is interested in exchange for any of the following:
    1:(edible)treats/candies from your country
    2:(non-edible) treats/cool things from your country
    3: awesome things in general eg: an indie band’s album from your country, etc.

    In the event you country has none of those of if we are from the same country, I will accept money.

    I bought the extra copy to give to someone else but they’ve already gotten theirs so…spreading the gogo star love because they’re a bunch of nice people making insane music. GO!

  19. I didn’t realize that “Like a Man” had been retired D: is “dothraki man warrior” retired too!? What has my life become? It seems like just yesterday that they were created….

  20. I love love love Outsider!
    I’ve got all his albums so far.
    he is on hiatus now because of military mandatory service, but I think he should be out quite soon.

    off to watch K-crunch indie :D

  21. I really liked Gogostar. Thanks for introducing them to me, I think I will now go and listen to more of their songs.

  22. Don’t worry Martina! when I finally finish/send you fan package, I will make you a custom gogostar button, would that make you happier?

  23. Wow, it’s been yonks since Hot Potato released an album. I would like to recommend ‘Rain Tears’ an old song of theirs but good song.

    Rain Tears by Hot Potato

  24. That Hot Potato guy even looks like Chris Martin. LOVE that Gogostar song, but that’s an awful lot of crayon scribble vomit. It must be one wicked stomach flu bug.

  25. hot potato pillow played in the drama “shut up flower boyband”! ahah, it’s funny to see him in a MV, I didn’t know he was a singer :)

  26. Okay, totally off-topic, but you should totally check out this awesome Japanese film noir/camp film called The Black Lizard (http://youtu.be/pCnqtWMUxKM) – watching it sort of makes you wonder if you accidentally dropped some acid without realizing it. Indie playlist always makes me want to list to other indie music, and that leads to Pink Martini, and Pink Martini has a song called The Song of the Black Lizard which came from this movie. Sorry for the rambling. :)

  27. Hot Potato,Kim C!! I miss him so much!! But I prefer the brighter past songs of theirs better.

  28. Here is Kim C from Hot Potato and Tablo on an episode of Happy Together. Double YAY!

  29. Inside joke glossary YESSS!!! Eatyourkimchi Style was awesome but a complete one would be even more awesome!

  30. Yay~ I was hoping you would do Hot Potato this week and you did! Are you sure you’ve never heard of Hot Potato? Because they came out with “See Saw” in 2010. It was one of the best selling songs that year. Here’s the song (14 minute MV): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m79Ucyo7l4&feature=plcp
    Also Outsider hasn’t come out with anything new because he’s in the army =(

  31. “Pillow” was great to watch. Not so great to listen to, especially during the highlight of the song with the ncredibly long notes. Too bad, since at that moment the whole vid was coming into its conclusion and wrapping up nicely and the singing bothered me a little bit.
    Runway. Oh God SCRIBBLES. They look soooo gooood. The editing looks soooo gooood. I don’t even know why am I that excited by it, but I am. SCRIBLLES ARE AMAZING. I wonder what the song is about. English parts made me curious. I might even look up the translation, if it’s available.
    Aaaand there goes another amazing coincidence. They keep piling up from some time now and making me incredibly happy. I’ve found out about Outsider like a week or two ago and looked him up and supposedly he’s the fastest rapper ever (24 syllables per second), but the guiness records guys only acknowledge English language (What. The. Hell.) so it’s not official. And now you’ve included him in the K Crunch Indie.

  32. I read somewhere that Outsider is the fastest rapper in the world but Guinness doesn’t approve because he’s not rapping in English!

  33. The title of the Hot Potato song is not really Pillow, but arm pillow, as in a couple in bed.
    As for Korean hip-hop, I think its a bit different from the “street, hood” stuff as in N.American, but I think its a genre onto itself, which I rather like. I really recommend
    Primary and the Messengers, their new album is out, although their old songs are good as well.

    • I get shy about sharing k-pop with folks – mostly because of the mangled English – but I never have to feel reticent about Primary. It sounds sooo much like what I used to listen to in high school in the early 90s.

      I also like Dynamic Duo.

    • I guess that’s why I actually prefer Korean hip-hop (or those few snippets of it I’ve heard so far) to classic gangsta American one, which I can’t relate to at all and often can’t get even through half of the song because of the pervasive tendency to call every female “bitch” and male “motherfucker”, making me cringe uncontrollably.
      Or rather, I prefer any kind of hip-hop (be it Korean, British, American or Polish) to the one I’ve just described.
      Primary’s songs are amazingly good. He reminds me a little bit of Mark Ronson. Probably because of the trumpets.

  34. I really like this Gogostar song. When I was at the concert I was talking to some people and I actually met the girl who created and directed the Runway music video, no lie!

    Sorry I was bugging you so much that night about missing the show, I didn’t know they were your favourite indie band, if you really want my button I’ll give it to you…… PSYCHE!!!

  35. YESSSSS K-Indie!!!!! :D

    (I feel the need to spazz every week just to show you how much I appreciate this)

    Omg yes I saw Hot Potato on the Kpop charts and fell in love instantly. And I’m also already a fan of Gogostar and Outside – AWESOME playlist this week!! xD

    …….now on to the video……. >_>

  36. Hot Potato is one of the longest existing indie bands! (if it even is an indie band). Kim C used to be one of the 1night 2days members.. I’m so glad they’re back :D

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