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K Crunch Indie Playlist: Man Like Pillow

November 4, 2012


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Hot Potato “Pillow”

So, we’re quite new to Hot Potato. Gotta say, we didn’t expect this kind of music from a band with the name “Hot Potato.” We were expecting something like the Korean version of Hot Chip, which would please us immensely, since we love Hot Chip. This was more like Coldplay, though, which we also like, and are also, oddly, British. We like British music. Hell, we like lots of music from lots of different countries.

Also, someone else who’s been in Korea and has worked out at a gym please tell me I’m not the only one who saw people walking exceptionally slowly on treadmills. WHHHYYYY??!! It’s so much nicer outside than it is inside of a gym. Gyms are boring! The outdoors are nice! Maybe it’s because treadmills have TVs on them here? I don’t know. Just FFFFUUUU to slow treadmill wakling.

Gogostar “Runway”

WOWOWOWOW! We’re so pumped about Gogostar comign back. Woohoo! And they just played on Friday! I’d like to say that we had the chance to see them and tell you what it was like, since Friday was technically two days before we published this video, but we’re actually writing this blog post before Friday, since we film so many things in advance. So, this can go one of two ways:

1) We went to the show: OMG IT WAS AWESOME! It was so great seeing so many of you guise there and being able to party with you afterwards! It was definitely the best night of our lives.

2) We didn’t go, because we were too busy with other things: it was great running into you, though, as we were doing other things! Thanks for partying with us and giving us the best night of our lives!

Ok, I doubt either of those two cases are feasible.

–edit: Friday passed. We didn’t get to go to the concert :( —

Outsider “Like a Man”

Ok, how many of you old school Nasties saw the title and snickered a bit? We’re not accusing Outsider of copying us. This song is a lot older than our LIKE A MAN phase. Speaking of which, we should probably bring that back around. Ah! So many old jokes that we retire. We need to bring them back. Or have an inside joke glossary, perhaps. Maybe that’d be useful for new Nasties?

Anyhow, like we mentioned in previous K Crunch Indie segments, we’re interested in getting more into Korean Hip Hop. Outsider is supposedly a popular Korean Hip Hop artist, but he hasn’t been around for a while. This song is from before our time. It’s uploaded in 2007, and we weren’t even in Korea at the time. Anyhow, though the song is quite cool, especially for the excessively fast rapping, it’s not necessarily the most accessible Korean hip hop song, if your Korean skills aren’t up to snuff. I’d imagine it’s hard for Korean people to follow as well, no? I know super fast English rap songs are hard for us to keep up with as well. Maybe cuz we’re old and our bodies are dying. That’s my excuse. Old age.

Ok, I’ll stop complaining about being old. Outsider’s “Like a Man” is a cool song that doesn’t sound really hop-hop-esque to us, since it’s so damn fast, but it’s still quite a cool song otherwise. Let us know what you think!



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