Jambinai – Time of Extinction


Ok, so we’re starting off with a song that’s a bit heavy. It’s actually probably the heaviest song we’ve featured in a K Crunch Indie playlist, I think, or at least it ranks highly up there. We like heavy, sometimes. Not all the time. Sometimes we’re down for light and fluffy with kitties and skipping and sunshine and rainbows, and other times we feel like ass kicking, especially when we’re about to cross the street and some car tries to kill us. From now on, when a car is about to kill me in Korea, I’ll think of this song and use it to funnel my anger. In other words, I’ll think about this song everyday. Side note: I’ve noticed that we often comment about Korea’s sucky driving, and I hope that those few of you Koreans who can’t stand it when non-Koreans criticize your country don’t get too upset at us for this. Yes, I know Korea doesn’t have the worst drivers in the world, but, come on! You gotta admit that it’s scary being a pedestrian sometimes. OBEY THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS ALREADY, KOREA! OBEY THEM!

Mukimukimanmansu – Andromeda


Long time ago, back when we were still in university, we went to this awesome concert where we watched Caribou, Junior Boys, and Four Tet play some songs. They were fantastic. Before they played their sets, though, a band played that we had no idea about. Never heard of them before or since. They came on stage in horse masks. Some of them were dressed up as vampires. They chanted some stuff, and screamed some stuff, over really slow bass and screaming synths. It was really bizarre. By the end of the song, when they walked off stage, one horse-face put his guitar up against the speakers and it resulted in this endless reverb loop that pissed everyone off. Their music totally freaking sucked. I feel like their personalities, though, would get along well with MUKIMUKIMANMANSU! I happen to like MUKIMUKIMANMANSU’s song, though. It’s bizarre, but it’s interesting. The video is freaking terrible, though, and their masks reminded me of Horsefaces from the past.

J Rabbit – 요즘 너 말야


Ok, we couldn’t resist including a cute song. Since we thought this week’s theme was kind of like, Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole, kinda esque, we took a request for J Rabbit. Get it! It kinda fits.

Anyhow, we don’t really know what more we can say about this song and video. It’s cute! The video is kinda cute! The video’s really quite popular, it seems, as it has over 300,000 views, which is roughly 298,000 more than our first two videos in this playlist combined. Was/Is J Rabbit a big deal? OH GOD DON’T KILL US FOR ASKING! Quick: must distract people from scolding us. Hey! Did you check out the site they advertise in their video, friendz.net? It says Merry Christmas in the corner…and it’s almost May! Yay for out of date Christmas decorations. Or…wait: maybe they’re not old decorations, but new ones really, really soon in advance? Possible, I’d say. Some people really love their Christmases. I haven’t heard Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” for a long time now. Can’t wait to hear it again another 6000 times come Christmas season!

Small side note about the video: see that audio recorder at the bottom of the screen? WE HAVE THAT SAME ONE! WOOHOO! That’s what we use for our videos. It’s a Zoom H4N and it totally rocks. Ok: Nerd Moment over.

  1. This video was my part of my “Video Of The Day (?)” blog on my Facebook page for 2/15/2013. Really wild stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You Guys Should do Geeks— Cafe Latte…….Please!

  3. You Guys Should do Geeks— Cafe Latte…….Please!

  4. My new cat’s name is now mukimukimanmansu…she shall love it

  5. Simon and Martina!!!!!!! Jambinai – Time of Extinction GREATEST FIND EVER! Thank you ^^

  6. Mukimukimanmansu  funniest mv ever!! and all that screaming XD I laughed so hard

  7. Wow – by far this was the best K-Crunch of All time!  The track by Jambinai was so powerful and SOOOO awesome!  The exact type of music I love discovering.  The pairing of traditional with modern with all the chaos: STELLAR!

    Mukimukimanman threw me into a delusional euphoria of laughter and excitement.

    Thanks for all of this!  Great choices this week!

  8. actually I love your weird choices.definitely will check them more :) thanks guys

  9. lol didn’t know christmas was in april…

  10. As Always great to find new Music in this indie K crunch, Today great discovery,  J Rabbit  very talented girls.  Simon, Martina, thanks for making again the best of my day.

  11. Absolutely phenomenal selection of music. Holy s***.

  12. Detroit Mexican Town FTW!  I have very fond memories of Xochimilco.  

  13. i find Andromeda quite scaring.. anyone else feel this way too?
    and Jambinai… one word. WOW
    The last song is totally freaking cute

  14. Nice! I just had J Rabbit recommended to me by a Korean friend. I’m trying to get more into indie music, and she said they’re her favorite. Thanks for the video! I love K-Crunch Indie! 

    Oh, any chance you could review a song by Morrie for next week? :D

  15. Wow Jambinai is really mind blowing I love it! And the last song is so nice as well… I really like that you present different kinds of music in your indie playlists that makes it always interesting!

  16. Whoa, Time of Extensions sounds like the bgm of like a super psychotic bloody battle royale anime =D Andromeda……is….scarring……O_O And J Rabbit is super cut! <3

  17. Nyah what’s with the random green shot @ 0:42? I AM CONFUSED BY IT.

  18. Any idea where we could purchase Jambinai’ song?

  19. Guys.. because of Mukimukimanmansu, I don’t think I can be your friend anymore…

  20. Nice 1 for introducing us to jambinai, more heavy stuff in the future plz :D

  21. I can imagine “time of extinction” as my badass theme song for every morning routine which include fighting my laziness, sending my sisters to school and making breakfast

  22. Time of Extinction is RAD! now im really upset i didnt bring my SNES with me or id be pullin out all the old RPGs and rippin em up again haha

    Mukimukimanmansu kinda pissed me off to be honest. some parts of the video made me laugh but only because of its ridiculousness and not because i was happy haha

    and MERRY CHRISTMAS from Friendz.net hahahahahahaaa

  23. wow, Jambinai… *.* AWESOME. 

  24. Jambinai is awesome, I love traditional Asian instruments (used in non-traditional ways). I’d say this reminds me a lot of Sugizo (from X-Japan) he does instrumentals (if that’s how you’d refer to this) that blends various sounds of traditional, nature, rock, etc. 

    But I digress, Jambinai is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
    (Also gonna name my teddy Mukimukimanmansu now)

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