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K Crunch Indie: Sexy Home Nighty

September 23, 2012


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The Koxx “Take Me Far From Home”

Question: did I just see pornoz? The magazines that they’re flipping through: I think I saw boobies in there. I could be wrong. I didn’t go frame by frame for this video as we do for Music Mondays (we’re not as anal when we talk about Indie), but I was sure that I saw some flesh flash by when this video was being played. Someone who has the energy to pause the video and go frame by frame, let me know. It’s too difficult to do so on YouTube. Every time I try to pause on a specific frame on YouTube, it always is a few frames off. FFFFUUUU!

Anyhow, I’ll stop talking about pornoz and freeze framing. We’re just happy to be talking about the Koxx again, because they make really cool music with a really distinct sound. Most of the time, when we talk about Korean Indie, we describe the different degrees of cuteness and coffee shop playability. The Koxx, though, are actually really quite different, and have their own sound to them. We can appreciate that, and like the Koxx for that reason. Well, we also like them because they seem like they’d be fun to party with.

3rd Line Butterfly “I’m More Sexy. It’s Ok”

Okay, so we’re not totally sure if this song should be translated as “I’m more sexy, it’s okay” or just “I’m sexy, it’s okay”. We didn’t use google translate or anything, just our small knowledge of Korean. Having watched and listened to this song a bunch of times, we didn’t actually hear her say “deo” which means “more” in the song itself, but the title has it present so…we’re confused. REAL KOREAN SPEAKERS!!! HELP US! Onto the video! This video was awesomely directed and just smacked of the right amount of artsiness for us. I know it’s heavier on the artsy fartsy side than most videos we review, but I didn’t find it so artsy that it was isolatingly weird like some of the post-modern books I was forced to read in University that were so bizarre you needed a professor who studied the book for 10 years to explain to you that it was indeed super duper awesome. Not my cup of tea. This video really uses humour and art together nicely, with lots of phayllic symbols and sexual imagery that isn’t so in your face, but clear when you know what you’re looking for. A water gun squirting a milky liquid at a blooming pink flower? A peeled banana covered in silvery muck while a girl with silver lipsticks grins? Nope. Nothing sexual about that at all. However, the real gem of this video for us was the band trying to maintain a straight face while being groped by the unknown female hands. I love love love the guitar players reation when he’s all like, “oh yeah…just like that crazy hands…I’m sexy and it’s okay!” And the ring pops strategically placed over his chest like nipples? BRILLIANT I SAY! BRILLIANT! We actually tried to imitate the hand groping scene but Simon just couldn’t get through his lines without laughing. I’m sure 3rd Line Butterfly has tons of bloopers footage, especially after being slapped in the face with a handful of feathers and maintaining a perfectly calm face. Check out this awesomely done video, awesomely sexy song, and altogether well thought out music video and let us know what other naughty naughty images you like.

Gate Flowers “Nighty Night”

This might be one of my favourite indie playlists in a while, since I’ve been missing out on more rocky music. I don’t mind the cutey coffee shop acoustic guitar music, but, it’s just that it’s played a lot in our local coffee shops, and we spend a lot of time in those said coffee shops, so you get kind of sick of it. It’s like, ironically overplayed underground music? Haha. I feel too hipster saying that. I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet. Anyhoo, this is the only song I’ve heard by Gate Flowers so I don’t know if this kind of classic rock feel is what all their stuff is like, or if it’s just this song, but wow, what charisma the lead singer has. He has just such a unique voice, kind of raspy and deep and booming! Thanks again Ryan for requesting this song and letting us know about another awesome band. When we have a free weekend we gotta meet up and have a noraebang showdown to see who is better at channeling our inner Chris Cornell. I also do Metallica, System of a Down, and Deftones. BRING IT ON!!! *Martina flexes her vocal chords*



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