The Koxx “Take Me Far From Home”


Question: did I just see pornoz? The magazines that they’re flipping through: I think I saw boobies in there. I could be wrong. I didn’t go frame by frame for this video as we do for Music Mondays (we’re not as anal when we talk about Indie), but I was sure that I saw some flesh flash by when this video was being played. Someone who has the energy to pause the video and go frame by frame, let me know. It’s too difficult to do so on YouTube. Every time I try to pause on a specific frame on YouTube, it always is a few frames off. FFFFUUUU!

Anyhow, I’ll stop talking about pornoz and freeze framing. We’re just happy to be talking about the Koxx again, because they make really cool music with a really distinct sound. Most of the time, when we talk about Korean Indie, we describe the different degrees of cuteness and coffee shop playability. The Koxx, though, are actually really quite different, and have their own sound to them. We can appreciate that, and like the Koxx for that reason. Well, we also like them because they seem like they’d be fun to party with.

3rd Line Butterfly “I’m More Sexy. It’s Ok”


Okay, so we’re not totally sure if this song should be translated as “I’m more sexy, it’s okay” or just “I’m sexy, it’s okay”. We didn’t use google translate or anything, just our small knowledge of Korean. Having watched and listened to this song a bunch of times, we didn’t actually hear her say “deo” which means “more” in the song itself, but the title has it present so…we’re confused. REAL KOREAN SPEAKERS!!! HELP US! Onto the video! This video was awesomely directed and just smacked of the right amount of artsiness for us. I know it’s heavier on the artsy fartsy side than most videos we review, but I didn’t find it so artsy that it was isolatingly weird like some of the post-modern books I was forced to read in University that were so bizarre you needed a professor who studied the book for 10 years to explain to you that it was indeed super duper awesome. Not my cup of tea. This video really uses humour and art together nicely, with lots of phayllic symbols and sexual imagery that isn’t so in your face, but clear when you know what you’re looking for. A water gun squirting a milky liquid at a blooming pink flower? A peeled banana covered in silvery muck while a girl with silver lipsticks grins? Nope. Nothing sexual about that at all. However, the real gem of this video for us was the band trying to maintain a straight face while being groped by the unknown female hands. I love love love the guitar players reation when he’s all like, “oh yeah…just like that crazy hands…I’m sexy and it’s okay!” And the ring pops strategically placed over his chest like nipples? BRILLIANT I SAY! BRILLIANT! We actually tried to imitate the hand groping scene but Simon just couldn’t get through his lines without laughing. I’m sure 3rd Line Butterfly has tons of bloopers footage, especially after being slapped in the face with a handful of feathers and maintaining a perfectly calm face. Check out this awesomely done video, awesomely sexy song, and altogether well thought out music video and let us know what other naughty naughty images you like.

Gate Flowers “Nighty Night”


This might be one of my favourite indie playlists in a while, since I’ve been missing out on more rocky music. I don’t mind the cutey coffee shop acoustic guitar music, but, it’s just that it’s played a lot in our local coffee shops, and we spend a lot of time in those said coffee shops, so you get kind of sick of it. It’s like, ironically overplayed underground music? Haha. I feel too hipster saying that. I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet. Anyhoo, this is the only song I’ve heard by Gate Flowers so I don’t know if this kind of classic rock feel is what all their stuff is like, or if it’s just this song, but wow, what charisma the lead singer has. He has just such a unique voice, kind of raspy and deep and booming! Thanks again Ryan for requesting this song and letting us know about another awesome band. When we have a free weekend we gotta meet up and have a noraebang showdown to see who is better at channeling our inner Chris Cornell. I also do Metallica, System of a Down, and Deftones. BRING IT ON!!! *Martina flexes her vocal chords*

  1. I’m pretty sure I commented about this 3 days ago but it’s not here ): Well then, HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD OF THIS BABY FROM GLEN CHECK YET?!

  2. I liked this new song from the koxx. It was really weird though, because the first time I listened to it my eyes were glued to the music video and my first reaction was, “Okay, this is decent.” Then, I listened to it a second time and didn’t pay attention to the music video. Sounded like a whole new song all of a sudden. I usually like that mv style, but I don’t think I liked it with this song. Separately, they are both great. Together, not so much.

  3. Have you guys even used Natural Man by APNEA?

    I think it would be pretty cool if you guys did :)

  4. Have you guys heard of ’84 by Glen Check yet?! Their new album Cliche is out as well but I havent heard of the others other than this yet ):


  5. And the original title of the song is ‘ Utterly Sexy’ :)

  6. “we also like them (The Koxx) because they seem like they’d be fun to party with” …yess aI definitely think so :D

  7. i’m pretty sure this was one of my favorite indie playlist of all time~ all great songs and visually awesome videos! i love the koxx… i love how each of their videos are unique and their sound is definitely different from anyone else you review. and stop motion films are definitely a weakness of mine~ 3rd line butterfly…. all i have to say is…. OH BOY. wow, i definitely have a naughty mind…. those pure of heart are definitely wondering what’s with the random objects and explosions. my favorite was definitely the balloon being pushed back and forth until it was popped by the cactus resulting in an explosion of feathers^^ being a studio art major i definitely give the video A+ for creativity :P Gate flowers was definitely the chiller song of the three, but definitely not like one of those sleep time indie songs. i’m so jealous of ryan and all his exposure to korean indie, but am grateful that he shares his knowledge with the rest of us Nasties around the world.

  8. I always love watching the k-indie segments because even if I don’t like the songs in the playlist I’m constantly being introduced to new bands by the people commenting in the comments! I also used to find it weird when Koreans would be like and now “so-and-so” is having a comeback. I wouldn’t even call it a comeback if a band was gone for 5 years. K-pop has officially ruined me, I now expect all my favourite artists to have a comeback every 6 months at the least…and it puts me in a slump when they don’t. However, I have to say I prefer k-indie-rock over k-indie-cutesy. Except for that turtle song (on a previous k-indie playlist) because it was the epitome of cuteness.

  9. Oooooooh… 3rd Line Butterfly, you so naaasty. Oooooooh…

  10. i really liked the image of the cactus covered in wax/turned into a candle in the sexy song…. but let’s face it: OMG THE OTHER TWO SONGS WERE TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!! ….. i wish i had martina’s voice over rage sound for typed words…. like the effect used when challenging ryan to a noraebang battle

    The Koxx well they’ve already become one of my favourite indie bands (not just korean).
    The second song MY GOD was just amazing, i must have more NO i need more.
    The third pfffffffffffffffffffffft what can i say as soon as the words ‘video’ ‘request’ ‘Ryan’ left your lips i knew I JUST KNEW i was in for another enlightening indie treat i got all giddy. Did it disappoint? AS IF IT COULD DISAPPOINT we are talking about a request from the guy who is responsible for me running (if you can virtually run) to the itunes store to buy the telepathy album and now this THIS SONG my god just so epic. Bad news though when it finished it revealed Ryan had a personal channel and now i have just watch him eat a live octopus and him be attacked by some not so nice koreans WHICH may or not have been staged (i say it was staged shhhh). THIS HAS BEEN A VERY GOOD SUNDAY…well not for the college work i am meant to be doing BUT GOOD NONE THE LESS!!!

    • oh no, you saw my octopus eating video? haha! I made that for my friend back home in Canada because he wanted to see me film myself do something crazy, as for the second half of the vid…. I guess we’ll never know!! *cough*

      • I don’t think i could have managed it, i mean i know your friend in the video said it was normal but that seemed pretty big for eating ahaha i would have had to cut it up or something :D
        OH I SEE!!! Keeping it a secret xD I was half expecting you to break out into ITAEWON FREEDOM after you asked “Where is Nam-San Tower?”…THAT IS NAM-SAN TOWER…dun dun dundun

        • Yeah after posting the vid on youtube I looked up other vids of people eating live octopus and mine was definitely the biggest one that I saw by a long shot. Eating it whole isnt too common, just for those trying to be stupid for their friends haha. My friend there had one as well but his was cut up. It was for sure an experience I will happily say I tried and happily say I’ll never try again.

    • HAHAHA I saw the octopus video too, it was AMAZ – wait – should I be revealing my stalker habits? no, no, that can’t do….

      Nvm. I didn’t say anything.

  12. Looks like Im going to have to warm up my vocals for an epic noraebang battle. its ON like DONKEY KONG! (on a side note… does anyone ever think why they call it Donkey Kong when it has nothing to do with donkeys? I bet you didnt even notice that until now – MIND BLOWN!)

    anyways… GREAT PLAYLIST GUISE!! I have another one coming your way soon *cracks knuckles* Ow, that hurt.

  13. I really loved every song this week! I love getting introduced to all these awesome songs. :D

  14. 니가 더 sexy = you’re more sexy…. I’m pretty sure

  15. Anyway, now to the songs. AWESOME playlist this week – I loved all 3 of them. I can’t even pick which one I liked the most, they were all special in different ways…

    I subscribed to The Koxx’ channel way back when you first introduced them, cos they were just that awesome, so I’ve seen that video and have played it many, many times since then~ xD His voice is so. damn. sexy. UNGH!! Plus, anything with stop motion in it will win me over instantly. I just have to respect the effort in making those videos – especially after I saw this video years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=240Vq6tIxio

    Oh, also, speaking of The Koxx, a week ago Tablo (from Epik High) tweeted this photo of Mithra Jin (from Epik High) and Hyeonsong (from The Koxx), in Hongdae: http://instagram.com/p/PXNZvAoym9/
    I made me spazz out all week. What if they collaborated??!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH THAT WOULD BE THE MOST AMAZING THING EVAAAAAAARRR xD

    I loved the second song, although I can’t put a finger on the genre. Jazz? Ska? Ballad?
    I have a girl crush on the drummer.
    And I saw many scenes of what could be sexual innuendos, but I’m actually really bad at getting these things, and I’d prefer to keep it that way :p

    And the third song I also already saw, because…..I was stalking Ryan’s channel…..cos yea….he requests the best indie songs…..so yea……ok I’m creeping myself out now. I’m not really a rock person, although Linkin Park is my favourite band ever…and even with them, I prefer their hip-hop stuff (especially that Fort Minor album). So you know what, Ryan, I’ll leave the rock requests to you man, and I’ll stick to mah hip-hop cos I’m so gangsta like that UNGH!!

    I’m so jealous of Ryan who actually lives in the same city as S&M….my town is kinda rural and most people in Australia have never heard of it, also meaning that it has a minute Asian population and very few people who know asian pop (although Psy changed that VERY QUICKLY) xD

    But actually, yesterday I was in this tiny farm in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere, at a party, and one of the guests brought along her friend who was a Canadian English teacher in South Korea. WHAAA! and YES she knew EYK, so we spazzed about you guys all night and it was awesome xD
    And then this morning I was helping my friend move house, and her neighbour detected my strange accent and asked if I was Canadian – turns out he was also a Canadian who had lived in South Korea, and YES he knew EYK too *mind blown* *more spazzing ensued*

    Best day of my life. ^^b

  16. Yay K-Indie is back!!! (^o^)/
    S&M, I’m forever in your debt for introducing me to Korean Indie music. It’s completely taken over my music collection. I was driving all day yesterday and most of the stuff I listened to were K-indie songs from your playlists.

    However, I don’t think I like it this much because it’s korean, but because it’s indie. It’s still got the ‘hey yea we’re just jamming around don’t really know what we’re doing but hey it sounds pretty nice let’s record it!!’ – feel to it. It doesn’t give the impression of being made to cater to the tastes of the greater population, therefore resulting in music, lyrics, and videos that are unique and, uh, unpopular.

    Maybe that’s why I like Epik High so much – they were indie too? And this raises the issue of indie bands that become popular. I think in those rare cases, it’s not particularly because they changed their music in order to ‘go mainstream’, but ‘mainstream’ came to them. Hey everybody look, this weird stuff is actually pretty good!!

    Then we can talk about Psy in the same way – he didn’t adjust his music for an international audience – the international audience ‘found’ him. Which means he can continue to make the unique and unpopular music that he likes (Psy was banned a lot back in the day) – and still make a living from it. Pindie artists like him and Epik High are sooo fortunate, and enviable… :S

    Thus, to all my fellow Nasties: If I could offer you only one tip for the future, K-Indie. Would be. It. (said in a deep Baz Luhrmann voice)

    • I would have to agree with you i love Korean indie a lot but like you i don’t think it is necessarily because its Korean its because its some damn good indie music. The main music genre i like is Indie and that’s why i listen to it from everywhere i can find it Sweden (some amazing bands) France, Germany etc but those bands are SO much more accessible to me in the UK, without S&M (and now THE AWESOME RYAN) i would find it hard and close to impossible to find a lot of Korean indie to listen to. Usually the band name is in English but the titles are obviously in Korean and without a song to add my youtube search usually ends with nothing, but from these playlists i can click the video it will take me to youtube and there at the side in a sort of heavenly glow is all the other tracks from them i would never have found and then i work on collecting them for future listening xD

      It saddens me when i find other tracks by artists and its like 600 views or 1000+ views and i am just like THIS MUSIC IS EPIC AND THERE IS NO VIEWS!!! Don’t get me wrong i love K-POP it is my guilty pleasure but people should just embrace the indie EMBRACE THE WONDERFULLY WEIRD, embrace the rough around the edges vocals that evoke emotion EMBRACE IT ALL…*Calms oneself*

      I said your last line in Luhrmann’s voice before i read that i was supposed to ahaha onto it in an instant xD

      • Wow you picked up on the Baz Luhrmann reference?! I was afraid noone would get it, so I put his name in as an afterthought…. xD

        Can you give me the names of some of those Swedish/French/German indie artists? If possible, hip-hop? I listen to Nik&Jay from Denmark, Peter Fox from Germany, and now Sexion D’Assaut from France, but I don’t think they’re indie….since I’ve heard of them :p

        I also agree about the language of the video being a barrier. For example, I love Cpop too, but all the titles on YT, if available, are in Chinese….which I can’t read/write…..so I need to find English sites that have links to good videos (like EYK!!)

        • Of course i did…who doesn’t know that reference xD

          I can give you a list of course UNFORTUNATELY i don’t have any hip-hop ones i am afraid :(. Some people may say some of these aren’t indie but i consider them apart of the indie genre and i’ve seen similar korean sounding artists feature in the playlist sooooo who knows. Here are the countries, artists and album
          Lovisa Negga- Album Kar- There is about 3 songs on youtube but if you have Spotify her album is on that.
          Little Dragon- Ritual Union
          Zeigeist- The Jade Motel (there is no missing T in the name xD)
          Den Svenska Bjornstammen- Ett fel narmare ratt
          Firefox AK – Color the trees
          Steget- Forandrar Allting
          The Knife- Silent Shout (some dark electronic music, my friends said it was indie but its not really. May not be your taste but you may like it. I got shouted at by my boss for playing it in the shop after a customer complained AHAHAHA)

          YELLE- Pop Up and Safari Disco Club (both great albums)
          Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
          Emilie Simon- Emilie Simon (she has a few albums though)

          I can’t seem to find my German playlist DAMMIT!!!

        • Is Emilie Simon really that Indie? I know she has the feel of it, but I never really saw her as Indie. Though I love her to pieces. Femme Fatale and En Cendres are a couple of my faves.

        • Yeah peoples perceptions of what is indie and what is not varies greatly. Like in the K-Indie playlist there is a lot of songs and bands that fit more into different genres of music.
          So i chose some artists based on what i have seen in the K-indie playlist in order to appeal to people better BUT i totally agree with you that Emilie Simon is not really considered indie though she occasionally has that feel and yes she is amazing. I have loads of those quintessential indie bands the UK has some great ones too :D

        • i love phoenix! definitely going to check out your other recommendations. i’m always looking for new french indie music~

        • Ahaha they are an amazing band :D
          Hope you like some of them that i suggested, some are just my weird taste

        • Thanks so much!!! I’ll see if I can find them on youtube :)

        • You’re welcome i did realise that a lot of them may sway more towards electro pop or indie/electro, so sorry about that. If you want more bands like the KOXX (that quintessential indie sound) then i have plenty of them too if you ever want them ahaha enjoy the music :D

  17. i’m gonna go with it’s a fashion mag to explain the flesh flash. hur.

  18. Three great songs this week :)

    The Koxx: The guitarist in all white looks like an older version of Dongho from U-Kiss. It could be because the stills move so fast but I’m convinced Dongho has a secret life as rocker.

    3rd Line Butterfly: The song was very playful and fun. The video had my giggling with all its blatant sexual innuendo. I believe even this video would make Junsu blush.

    Gate Flowers: :-O The singer seriously does sound like Chris Cornell!

    It’s nearly 4am here so my articulation ability on how great the music this week was is nil. Those were just some quick thoughts that I was able to retain while watching this weeks KCrunch. Now to sleep. ZZZZzzzzzzz

  19. … If Martina does System of a Down, you have to get a video of it or I might cry. That would just be epically awesome.

    ANYWHO: So, I have a playlist on Youtube with bunches of music because of you all and your amazing taste. =P Too bad it has to be broken into more than one playlist because apparently having more than 200 songs in one playlist is not allowed. =(

    • I would laugh seeing them try to sing Chop Suey. emphasis on TRY because that song is hilariously hard to do

      • RIGHT?! But it would be AMAZING because it’s Martina. I mean, really. Also, I feel like I should poke at you to give me more songs to look at before you send them to Simon & Martina. Then I can act all cool and be like ‘Heh, I know that song. 8D ‘ But anyway, keep up with all the requests pleassum!

    • *gasp* I thought I was the only one who made YT playlists from their songs!! :D Yay I have a friend~~ haha and yes I have 3 playlists from EYK now, and counting :p

      • You aren’t! I’m going to make my second and probably third one today, but that’s alright, good music is good and therefore must be listened to!

        Zomg, I can be fuuko’s friend?! <3333 YAY!

  20. I heard “Niga deo sexy hae gwaenchana”, with the ‘deo’.

  21. hahaha the use of the word ‘comeback’ in Kpop drives me crazy!

  22. Hey, I’m Korean speaker. And I’d like to translate like this. “Don’t worry, you’re more sexy.”

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