1) Standing Egg “햇살이 아파”


I really hope we didn’t offend anyone by saying this is Korean Hipster culture, because we really just came up with that conclusion on our own, recently, after thinking about it for a while. When we walk Spudgy we talk about deep stuff or just ideas while our dog poops and pees on everything. Anyhow, we were talking about Kosney, and all the cool stuff in there, which we like. We’re also hipsters at heart. We thought that maybe

2) Swimming Doll


I feel so apologetic for including this song in here, because I know it’s not the typical stuff that we usually promote for Korean Indie, but helllllll. I really like this song. I love ambient music, and I love shoegaze. This has kind of a Yo La Tengo’s “Green Arrow” feel to it, except less acoustic-ey, and with less crickets. FYI, that’s like, one of my favorite songs ever. Anyhow, I feel like getting all in touch with nature and stuff after hearing this song. Yeah. Not like Standing Egg, though.

3) Telepathy “Techno Shoes”


Holy slap. This is kick-your-balls awesome. EVERYBODY WANT YOUR TECHNO SHUZ! I have nothing else to say, but EVERYBODY WANT YOUR TECHNO SHUZ!


Techno Shoes by ~Custom-Shoodles on deviantART


  1. Woah i jsut found Techno Shoes the other day and was gonna request it but looks like I’m a tad late XD

  2. Hey!! You know what they say about girls with big feet?!?! xD

    lol after hearing it in Infinite, and then noticing it again here, you really like that joke huh :p

  3. Where have all the techno shooz been all my life?

  4. the real reason EYK chooses techno shoes… they wanted the reese’s pieces! XD hahahaha love you guise!

  5. 햇살 (haessal) means sunlight (not hot sally, haha), so the song’s name is “sunlight hurts”. anyway, love the reviews, guys!

  6. I was going through Standing Egg videos on YouTube and found this band, Geeks (긱스). They are pretty awesome!

  7. 햇살이 아파 is great!

  8. the fact that swimming doll had absolutely no music, but rather a bunch of strange crazy slidey sounds (sorry don’t know what those are called) made me want to shoot myself!

  9. Thank YOU Simon and Martina for introducing me to these freaking awesome indie bands! I didnt even listen to indie music until you guise started doing this Indie playlist! THANKS!
    p/s: i love Soran, Standing EGG, and many moreee!! 

  10. YAY! Techno Shoes! i wonder if it would be hard to find any of Telepathy’s stuff on hard copy

    and also… im still going for those dangling carrots of yours, dont worry. wait, that kind of sounds dirty

  11. Standing Egg’s song is pronounced as “haet sal ii apa” not “hot sal ii apa”. ^^; 
    As for Swimming Doll’s song, it was okay until there was this really annoying sound in the background that sounded like something’s running out of battery or a F1 race. But other than that, the song was quite good. :D

  12. u-kiss’s kevin is from korea and he still watches you guys
    see… that’s two whole people

  13. well I didn’t get picked for this week, but please pick me for next week? *Spudgy puppy eyes*

  14. That shoes —- to die for. lol

  15. Wow that song, techno shoes, i see it everywhere suddenly. But i don’t really like it, cool video though =)

    ps. Im already in love with the guy from the request video XoX

  16. Wow good thing you included Telepathy in the playlist, because I was surely but surely falling aslee…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Telepathy are just aaaaaawesome!! I have been listening to their albums since I saw that you had liked the techno shoes video on youtube XDDD

  18. Techno-Shoes rocked my world.
    Thanks for that.

  19. i LOOOVEEEE swimming doll!!!! i love ambient/shoegaze so much! please introduce more stuff like that? :)
    /rocks out to techno shuz/ strange how get reminded of the most random korean indie i favorited ages ago 8D thanks for telepathy!


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