Hey everyone! As you might have seen yesterday, we’ve revamped our K Crunch segment to be weekly, rather than monthly. We’ve noticed that a lot of people, in both Korea and not in Korea, have trouble finding good Korean indie music. Trust us, it’s out there. We often head to Hongdae, a very artsy and musically friendly part of Seoul near an art University, and they have TONS, and I mean TONS of venues for local indie bands to play. But how can we spread this news to other people? It’s not like everyone lives in Korea, so we’re hoping to use this new playlist format to talk about an indie song, and then send people over to their video to give them a bigger view count and hopefully some new subscribers.

Also, we’ve got some friends at the awesomely helpful website Korean Indie (hi Anna!!! HIII!!! ANNA hiii!!!!!! HI HI HI!!!!!! *jumps around like crazy people..Anna pretends to not know us and walks away embarrassed*) It’s an awesome site that reports on the Indie scene, and they agreed to help update us on new Indie bands that we would probably never find on our own.

One last thing, there are A LOT of people leaving suggestions about their fav Korean Indie bands, if you leave your response as a YouTube video response rather than a comment, we just might feature YOU in our playlist too! OoOOOooOOooHHHHH! DO IT!!!! ^^

Ok! Enough chat! ONWARDS!!!! *fist pump to the sky* Let’s make this short and sweet, oh and don’t forget to check out the website Korean Indie for more info on the bands!

Today we’re going to be featuring:

Electronica: Sentimental Scenery – View:
Watch on YouTube / Read at Korean Indie

Indie rock with a retroish twist: Chang Kiha & The Faces - 풍문으로 들었소:
Watch on YouTube / Read at Korean Indie

Punk with some funk: Super Kidd – Feel Good:
Watch it on YouTube / Read at Korean Indie

Indie rock: Black Bag – Blue Sky: 
Watch on YouTube / Read at Korean Indie

Let us know what you think!

  1. Hi Simon and Martina, you should check out LUNAFLY! They’re getting lots of fans overseas, I hope you take time to make a review about them. Meet the three lovely members, from left to right, YUN – the lead vocal and guitarist, TEO – the drummer/pianist and SAM – half-British half-Korean leader and guitarist. They took part on composing their songs and have their distinct voices too. So far, they’ve released 3 albums on iTunes. It’s just nearly their 3rd month since debut but they’ve performed in the streets of Hongdae and had a concert in Japan and their first single, “How Nice Would It Be” topped a Malaysian radio broadcast as well. Watch their latest single, Clear Day Cloudy Day, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7tjuadr3Lk.

  2. “You know what, I’ve only been told about the eighties.”  LOL

  3. awesome indie bands :) - Dear cloud http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4FR3yuE6jE&feature=related
                                     옥상달빛(rooftop moonlight)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aro43ywpRW8
                                 Brown Eyed Soul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCohxaZJD1A
                                  Hcube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzSfqTAKy5g
                                     Daybreak http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqCnC2EOxGo&feature=related        
                                 Dynamic Duo –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN1B2d7LnXU

  4. Something from 검정치마 (The Black Skirts) would be nice :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loysypSfVN0


  5. These guys need your help! They deserve way more listeners for their music! 
    House Rulez- Do it!

    I think they’d fit your taste for music <3

  6. i’m glad you guys are doing this.. i love kpop but have had an interest in indie kmusic for a while now but its hard to search for it sometimes so this is perfect! eatyourkimchi + indie = AWESOME! keep it up! 

  7. Anything by Standing Egg! I love there song 
    사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 with Ra.D Acoustic Ver.

    have you ever fallen in love? (강승윤 ver.)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vueG1uJUSE and their song”lalala”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkMnn2wDKFY The music video is creative :)

  8. I LOVED Black Bag’s Blue Sky. I loved how it was just them in a small room playing and singing. Very raw and beautiful! 

  9. Simon, I just wanted to say that I really hate you right now because you got me obsessed with the song, “What is Love” by EXO-K.  The boys’ voices are just too sexy to turn off.  Curse you, Simon!

  10. hey guys…love the new segment…there is a band I think you might like..It is my favorite Korean band evar :D   The band name is Jaurim…The first video I ever saw by them was carnival amour …hahaha song and il tal are pretty awesome too..^^

  11. we demand a K-Indie music review! :D

  12. I think it’s pronounced FUS RO DAH.

  13. You know how Kpop is Korean pop music, right? Wouldn’t Korean Indie music be Kindie (pronounced kin-dee)? 
    *scratches chin*

    On another note, I’m loving that you now are informing us about Korean Indie music. 

  14. I don’t know much about Korean Indie, but there’s a band that I would love to see in your video: standing egg and their debut song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkMnn2wDKFY 

    And another one, who does not really fall into the indie category, but is not also considered idol any more, is Yoon Jong Shin :p Despite being a useless elder in family outing, he’s still very much a passionate singer. I just love his songs and his voice!!!! 

  15. THANK YOU. but where can i buy these awesome songs?? please give us access! :)

  16. I love this new segment. I’ve recently really gotten into Korean indie music so it’s great to find out about new bands. I really liked Sentimental Scenery, definitely going to check out more from them :D

    I’m not sure if they’re indie, maybe just rock…let’s say indie rock xD but I’d love it if you could review Monni and their song ‘Sonagi’ It’s the first song of theirs I ever heard and it’s still my favourite ^^

    Also Linus’ Blanket and their song ‘Music Takes Us To The Universe’. It’s all in english but they’re definitely korean :P I love the beat to this song, and was hooked from the intro :)

    Another one is Soul Park’s ‘Escape’. I like listening to this and just gazing out the window xD

    …aaand finally 10cm. I’m sure other people have mentioned them too, but I just wanted to mention their song ‘Good Night’. It’s so calming and relaxing. It’s gotten to the point where I have to put this on before going to sleep :’)

    Thank you so much for this new segment, I’m so happy you’re doing it!! (^_^)/

  17. could you put English translation on the bottom for the MV, please?

  18. Some good music. I really liked Sentimental Scenery. As much as I love me some kpop/hip-pop, I’ve been trying to find more Korean rock bands. I really like GUYZ, so I was looking for more bands like them, but it’s not so easy when I don’t actually live in Korea. Definitely glad you guys are doing these playlists. Thanks! ^^

  19. Jang Ki Ha rocks~!
    I went to his concert when he came to the states…
    It was really nice!
    He was great,
    I love it when artists knows how to hype up the crowd, and how to pace a concert.
    What was even nicer is that I got to meet him after the concert and get his autograph on his CD!!!
    He was really nice, and seemed kinda surprised at how popular he was in the states.

  20. Do you guys know where you can get these songs. I’ve checked yesasia but they only got sentimental scenery and black bag, and it’s actually the other two I’m most interested in… Are there any other sites for korean music, other than yesasia?

  21. check out jrabbit you guys! they have some really nice acoustics :)

  22. I also adore Korean electro-pop so I’d love to see you
    guys review some stuff: I would like to see any songs by Humming Urban
    Stereo, Clazziquai, The Green Tea, Oriental Funk Stew. Oh and the new
    album by Astro Bits called “Bits of Universe”, especially the song
    Somewhere (it’s so freaking cool) : http://soundcloud.com/asasqq/feat

  23. I know that finger dance song!:D yay! And I really liked the first song!

    I don’t think it is considered as indie, but I totally love ‘Norazo’. Their songs are… I cannot even describe it:P I love “Superman” and “Curry”.

    And I wonder, could you have a video where Martina list up the best of the best dramas she has seen? Yup, I think that is an anwesome idea! Dramas you cannot miss…

  24. i would just like TVXQ
    TVXQ for me heart only!
    most of all
    BACK OFF gurlz changmins mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. i don’t really know much about k-indie but some non idol korean groups/singers i like are lucite tokki, the black skirts, 10cm, han jae wook & J. i’m definitely looking forward to getting to know some new korean artists thanks to you guys :)

  26. When it comes to indie groups I really like Lucite Tokki, Especially the songs 꿈에선 놀아줘, 봄봄봄, 두근두근 and Go. For having such good songs I feel it’s weird that not more people know them.

  27. And, Martina. Your earrings. I don’t even…
    Did you have them made? They’re so amazing!

  28. My fave Korean indie song is actually kinda popular, so I’m afraid a lot of K-pop lovers might have already heard it. Its Americano by 10cm.
    If that’s one that’s already had a lot of exposure, then I’ll recommend another awesome song that I LOVE, which is Trouble Maker by The KOXX. (questionable name, I know, but they do kinda have that rebel-rock thing going on)

  29. Oooo thank you! I had no idea Sentimental Scenery came out with a new album. I haven’t heard of Black Bag AND they are AMAZING!! I will do everything in my power to get these albums!

  30. love love love sentimental scenery

  31. I feel revitalized after finally getting to see a different face to the korean music. I like kpop, but sometimes it just makes me want to bang my head on the wall. Thank you for K-Crunch Indie!!

  32. Wow, Sentimental Scenery was pretty epic! Moar K-Indie I say, MOAR!

  33. Wow this is great, thanks for taking the time to put this thing together! Loved the music. And you were spot on about the Sigur Ros reference I reckon!

  34. Oww!!.. It was different and interesting!! I never thought that Korea would have something like Black Bag.. it was owww!! I really really liked!! =)

  35. Love love love ByeByeSea’s “My Mind Talks” and “Liar”. Urban Zakapa’s “My Love” and “Spring Day” also! Check those out! :) I’m so excited that you guys are covering indie songs!!

  36. I wish in the Black Bag Blue Sky video that the main vocalist’s voice was louder, because it sounds like a good song if I could hear it :) and I REALLY loved the Sentimental Scenery- View.Honestly, I’m not really into the other songs :P I guess it’s just not for me, but it’s nice to see other music, that not by Kpop idols/stars. A little refreshing? But it’s cool that you’re doing this so these other artists can get some exposure too :)

  37. They just released their album.

    Cassette Schwarzenegger-

  38. Thanks for sharing good music from different genres. I had sort of been bemoaning the fact that the only Korean music for me to listen to was kpop. No more!

  39. this song is kind of old, but i absolutely love it. it’s Morning Call by Peterpan Complex :) 


  40. hey

    u should totally check out  Vanilla Unity and Rose N Fly =))

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNGqpNoFSbg  Vanilla Unity

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cLTsHAV5Uc&feature=related Rose N Fly


  41. You should totally haveyour own k music show somewhere on TV. Or maybe even your own channel. Or maybe even your own company. :)

  42. you should review this group AXIZ they are great 

    and here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaYEdYP1_uM and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-5qRUEfIY0&feature=watch_response

    and i love your new section ^^

  43. I also am loving the new K Crunch! :D K-indie is awesome! Korea has so much to offer and I’m so happy to be seeing you guys are taking K Crunch to the next level bwahaha! 

    Please check out eAeon – Bulletproof!!! http://youtu.be/ciFuQz_xhsA I think their music video is really great! 
    Have you guys heard of Vending Machine Coffee Shop? http://youtu.be/QgM8Lyewnd4startitup-start-startitup~! hehe 

  44. jang kiha and the faces is my fave indie band even my 3 year old loves them!

  45. Wow. I’m very very impressed by these artists- and to think that I’ve never heard of any of them before! Thanks Simon, Martina. I’ll be keeping an eye out. :)

  46. I love the new and improved K Crunch you guys!! :D Great idea!!!

    I have a suggestion for your next K Crunch Indie! 
    It’s UV – No Cool I’m Sorry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YaI0ZnbOgw 
    Unfortunately I don’t really know much about them, but this video of theirs is hilarious!!
    (I know it would be better to leave a video response, but I’m too timid!! xD)

  47. SuperKidd! Makes me feel like I’m pumped on adrenline in such a good way. Likin’ this new segment.

  48. SuperKidd <3

  49. LOVE these songs!! they’re so so awesome!! 
    martina, i totally get what you’re saying about “views” being both uplifting and sad. it’s an amazing song!!
    thank you guys!!!

  50. I love that you guys are branching out to include more than just K-Pop to your guys’ reviews! There’s so much more to South Korea’s music scene than K-Pop. Fluxus Entertainment has some really great artists. Handsome People is an awesome indie rock band although they seriously need to come out with an album. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q80yg6NWra0) Winterplay, another group from Fluxus, is more jazz oriented.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4nvJMzYt5w) And I know you guys know of Clazziquai Project, also part of the Fluxus family. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyv9cBhi7Yg) Also, the colabs. that some of the Fluxus artists do together are really cool. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDMd_FH-IdM) Lastly, 10 cm, not a Fluxus group, is a really chill indie group. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmJYbdRfDNQ) Ok, I’ll shut up now. =P

  51. They’re probably the most “popular” of the k-indie groups, but imo Jaurim is always worth reviewing. The only problem is that their latest mv and album were released months ago. :

  52. superkidd is definitely my favorite out of the whole list~ SOOO AWESOME!

  53. WInterplay is awesome. Please review them! :D 

  54.  I love the new K Crunch segment!You should review Bye bye sea or Axiz.

    byebye sea : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jHx90ui5GM
    Axiz : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUxgnpomRJ0

  55. You guys should totally do 10cm next time i’m in love with them even though they don’t have any music videos besides performing in coffee shops :)

  56. You guys should totally do 10cm next time i’m in love with them even though they don’t have any music videos besides performing in coffee shops :)

  57. I love the sound of Super Kidd they definitely have a new fan right here!

  58. I would like to know if there are any korean rock/metal? Kind of like early TRAX but more the rock/metal we’re used to in Europe.

  59. i’d love if you considered eAeon – bulletproof for next week. the guy’s solo right now but i love the stuff of his band MoT, too!

    also thanks for this new segment! i love to discover new music! definitely liked sentimental scenerey. :D

  60. That was awesome.  It is really awesome to hear music from groups that would be otherwise difficult to find out about (from overseas at least).  I am really enjoying the Black Bag music the most I think.  Thank you for this change up, it’s a great way to get some of the indie artists up here for new people to see.

  61. Can you guys also kinda review songs that are not just indie like metal and hard rock. From what I have seen, many bands don’t just stick with a specific genre. They seem to shuffle between indie, hard rock and a bit of metal and others. 

    Maybe you could review Pia especially there song “My Bed” - 

    They are an AMAZING band!! This song has bits and pieces of many genres, not just metal.

  62. (pressed the button too soon ¬¬)
    You guys are getting every day more and more professional. Thanks for your hard work ^^

  63. This new format is awesome! Great idea! I loved it!
    You guys are

  64. Wow Super Kidd is good. I haven’t heard about them before even though I like Korean indie for quite a time;)
    Guys, could you review something by J Rabbit next week? Those girls are totally amazing~!

  65. This is random, but… I spy a wedding picture :)
    And also, I love your earrings Martina!

  66.  Is that…a pimple?  Did this guy maybe forget to brush his hair? Are those…INSTRUMENTS!? Yes!  Oh God YES!    Indie 4 lyfe!  I still don’t see anyone that looks like they just picked something off the floor of their apartment, gave it a sniff and put it on.  I’ll be waiting patiently for that.   

  67. Can you guys please please pleaaaase do a segment on No Reply???? <333333333

  68. I love this!! All of it!! Just one question, are you still going to review korean dramas??

  69. just click this page! http://www.facebook.com/#!/koreanindie
    It’s a facebook page about korean indie scene! yay! :D

  70. Yay Indie music: a breath of fresh air! You should check out Bye Bye Sea!

  71. As I was searching for more Chang Kiha I found this guy on a site. He isn’t ‘Korean’ indie, he is American, but I really like him and I think you will like him too if you haven’t already heard him. I don’t have a camera, or else I would send you a video response : 

  72. Wow I LOVE 장기하와 얼굴들. I was looking around for more of their music and I found their ‘별일 없이 산다’ album. I listened to it and love it, and I was wondering if you knew where I could get a hardcopy sent to America? I looked online but all I saw was itunes, and I use MP3s or WMAs only. :(

  73. All I know is the g in sigur is silent. si-ur.

    As for the second half, not too sure.


  74. yeah….. Indie!!!  Thanks Guys :B

  75. This is awesome! I’ve really had a hard time finding good k-indie bands! Do you know any k-rock bands? like with a little rock-ish feel to it with el-guitars and stuff… 

  76. OH ~~~~ I like this. a LOT.

    First…I will try to be brief because I think I could write several paragraphs about how much Simon’s taste in music matches my own. (guess it’s been a year now since I’ve been a fan)…so I can fairly say….with his/your appreciation of oldschool R&B and all other asundry retro-with baby-making-undertones….we are in agreement.

    For Martina ~the Sentimental Scenery vid is subtle yet gorgeous…the visuals are like this:
    on a warm, sunny day you slightly close your eyelids…the sunlight reflects off your iris’ and it becomes splintered radiating light
    …then there’s the edges of your eyelashes…followed by the expanding rays of the dandylion coming into focus

    ….the whole video is shot from the perspective of half-closed eyelids ….thanks. It was cool. :)

  77. You should check out Standing Egg! They’re awesome. 

  78. I love your earrings Martina :>

    did you make them yourself out of polymer clay?

  79. You should check out seoulbeats’ tag of kpop indie; they post an article about an indie band each week, and most of those they talk about are pretty good.

  80. I love ‘Tokyo’! Well I actually love Nell ahaha :D

  81. Mmm, next week, you should review Nell’s ‘Tokyo’ and Jungin’s ‘Rainy Season’. :]

  82. I love MATE, but one of the members is going to do their 2 years in the military. So, I don’t know that they will be putting anything new out for a while. If you want to review one of their MVs though, that would rock!  :)

  83. yes this was exactly what I was looking forward to this weekend since your update from yesterday *o* and you included Sentimental Scenery! I love them

  84. OH YES if Phantom is considered indie I definitely think you should review their song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. I wonder is Phantom considered as K-Indie? can’t wait for their first album on March!!

    btw thanks for introducing Black Bag, they sound cool!  

  86. Sascha Wong

    Thanks for making a video introducing some Korean indie music! I’ve been wanting to venture into it, I just didn’t know where to start :S Now I’ve got some great artists to listen to! ^_^


    no..not the kind simon likes to rub..

    Would you equate “K-Rock” to “K-Indie”? or do those genres have a clear separation in Korea? cause from the outside, it seems like they’re all one big melting pot. Which is awesome, by the way.

  88. Have you guys listened to Yanghwajin and TOXIC? :D They’re Korean indie rock bands!

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