Welcome to our first edition of K-Crunch, a great big monthly bowl of Hallyu news. Huzzah!

This is going to be a end of the month segment (rather than weekly) in which we discuss the Hallyu things that interest us. This month’s episode is just covering the important Kpop releases of July, but next month we’re thinking about adding more to the segment, like K-Dramas and K-Movies. We’re still tinkering around with the ideas, but one thing is for sure, there is a lot more Hallyu to Korean then just music…it’s just difficult to cover everything!

Anyhow, we wanted to make this video as also an intro video to help those new to the Hallyu wave, and since we can’t cover every single Kpop video that comes out, we thought we’d give a brief recap of the four biggest songs and one rookie group, in our opinion, for the month. We focused on the votes that came in through our Kpop Music Monday request page, rather than other music charts, because we’re more interested in what our viewers are interested in. And so, the five videos are:

1. 2NE1 – I Am The Best
Back when we first reviewed 2NE1′s “I Am The Best” we were a bit confused by the whole point of the video. At first we just thought that they were playing with fun stuff. But now we see something far more insidious. The song has a very tribal feel to it, and looking at the video through the tribal perspective, it seems like everyone’s trying to appease the terrifying 2NE1 through tribal sacrifices. Here…take my car…take my dog…take this train…please! Just don’t murder us! Yes, we will play the drums for you blindfolded! Yes please have mercy! Oh no don’t murder us with your guns noooOOoooOOooooOOoo!

Yeah. That makes the most sense to us. Kinda disturbing video, but the song’s still pretty awesome. Bombaratatata! Buy the mini album Through iTunes or get it shipped to you via the banner below:


2. T-ara – Roly Poly
Cowbell. Cowbell Cowbell cowbell. Needs moaaaaar cowbell. Holy cowbell.

For those of you who are unappreciative of cowbell, WTF is wrong with you? It’s the greatest instrument ever made. It instantly improves a song’s quality. Listen to Roly Poly. It’s fun at first, and you think to yourself, “yeah, I can groove to this song” but then when you hear the Cowbell breakdown, then you instantly shake your ass and dance like a maniac and start kicking things in pure joy. Well, perhaps that’s just Simon…with the kicking things that is…but man, what a GREAT DISCO FEVER SONG!

The only thing we don’t like about the song, is something that we don’t like so much, that we’ve started loving it. That was a mind twister, right? Holy crap, the English “rap” during the cowbell breakdown is…so…hilarious.


It’s like, they were so into it, and they were building up steam, and then at the end of it they said to themselves “well, wtf do we say now?” and then they just ended it with an awkward “….yeah!” We do that as well. It’s a funny way to break the silence.

Anyhow, even though we laughed at the rap part, this is definitely Simon’s favourite song of the summer, even more than Bubble Pop.


Anyhow, since it’s so raw-diddly-awesome, make sure you get the album via iTunes or through the banner below


3. HyunA – Bubble Pop
Ok, had to include this video with its unheard of millions-of-views in just a few days on Youtube. As we said before, great song, terrible video. Correction: terrible video if you’re used to kpop videos having more to them than just gyrating. HyunA herself supposedly doesn’t like the idea of being accused of being too sexy. She says she’s not trying to be too sexy, and she’s trying to be boyish. Umm, seriously? Since when do boys wear dresses, press their boobs together, bend over, and do one giant wipe from the top of their buttcracks all the way to the tops of their crotches? Maybe this was a part of boyhood that we just weren’t aware of. Canada…just didn’t raise us right!

Hogwash. You’re 19, you’ve got a nice body, and the director told you to shake what your mama gave you and you said, “OK!”. But, for all of our criticism of the video, that doesn’t stop us from constantly loading it, minimizing the screen, and listening to the song on full-blast. What a freaking fun song this was. It was a fantastic song for the summer, regardless of how inappropriate the video was.

You can buy the album via iTunes or through the banner below


4. MBLAQ – Mona Lisa
It’s funny how your opinions change of songs the more you hear them. Back when we first reviewed it, we were torn. Martina loved it, Simon didn’t. But it’s grown on Simon since (*cough*Martina played it all the time*cough*), and he now finds the accordions a lot catchier than before. (*Martina LAUGHS MANICALLY and pets her evil fluffy cat)

We’re still disappointed by the video though. We still can’t wrap our heads around the concept of “Mona Lisa” existing in this video. The lyrics suggest a girl who is indifferent to their attempts to woo her, not really encouraging or discouraging in a Kindof Mona Lisa-esque manner, but no one is wooing anyone in this video. It’s just cut eye from the beginning to the end. And it doesn’t change the fact that they’re at what looks like, a weird gas station. And of all locations to serenade a girl at, why a gas station? They probably smell like gas. Seriously. Let’s see how good you are at picking up girls if you’ve been pumping gas all day. Perhaps it’s just the fumes that have clearly gotten to their heads. Nonetheless, don’t let the video discouragege you, support the use of accordions in kpop songs and go listen to it! RIGHT NOW! GO!!!

No iTunes links for this one, unfortunately. Come on MBLAQ! Get on iTunes NAO! You can still go through the banner below, though, to get the full CD mailed to you.


5. Girl’s Day – Hug Me Once.
Oddly, we didn’t hear about this video as much on other sites, on Facebook or Twitter, but maaaan did we get a lot of email requests for this. And we were really meticulous when we looked over the emails as well to make sure there weren’t any spammers. We know who you are, spammy spam spam spam spammerson people, who think that by submitting the form 100 times your vote will count 100 times. Or for those of you who try to be more clever, and change up your email. [email protected], [email protected] Come on! Martina did that once for a Big Bang video, but NEVER AGAIN will we be fooled!

Anyhow, these votes seemed to be genuine. Maybe they got out on some fan site? We’re not sure. All we can say is that we actually loved Girl’s Day “Twinkle Twinkle”…Hajima Hajima! MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA. BUT this song doesn’t really have that same amazing catchiness. It really didn’t do it for us. We’re not really into that whole “cute concept”… especially when it lasts for 5 minutes + overly cute video with finger poked squishy faces and fist scrunching wiggle dances. But what we can appreciate and understand about Girl’s Day is that their sound isn’t really imitative of Western Music. It’s fun and peppy and has that extremely distinct Asian Pop sound to it.

Oddly, we can’t find a banner or an iTunes link for Girl’s Day :( Sorry guise!

And on that note, that’s it for July 2011. We’re still playing around with the format for next month so hopefully by month three we’ll have something more settled upon. If you’ve got anything Hallyu you’d like us to cover for the month of August, we’d love to hear your suggestions :D

  1. I loooooove the hair translation. That Kanye West thing never gets old, NEVAAAAR!

  2. i have a question.. is it even legal to wear american flag pants….

  3. Like sweet whipped cream you (not sure how this word would be translated. Squirm? Wriggle? Seep) into me. You’re too sweet. Oh no, I like you too much.

  4. but MBLAQ is now on iTunes D:

  5. Oh Hyuna… thank you for importing the (shorter than short) jean-short-with-pockets-sticking-out trend to Korea… not.

  6. Thank you sooo much for making this !!!!! <333
    It's like a recap for all things awesome ^  ^ 

  7. She even looks kind of like Avril Lavigne … you know if Avril Lavigne was Asian with rather deplorable English and the dance moves of a three year old with amazing motor skills and a ridiculous amount of exposure to Britney Spears.

  8. Has anyone noticed that Bubble Pop is like a direct parallel to any Avril Lavigne break-up/you’re such a stupid boy song?

  9. So no more music mondays, but adding to it with some other Korean pop culture stuff? Sounds like fun!

  10. hey simonandmartina! i’ve been waiting for you guise to review K-dramas, coz i am such an addict! but i thought i’d ask you too about your views on the show We Got Married (my friends and i are such big fans of the Goguma couple, so sad they had to end =( anyways, fighting guise! i’ll be looking forward to this! and i agree with @bigbangfosho, City Hunter was daebak! ^^

  11. I love this segment already!!!  Can’t wait for more videos! :)  eatyourkimchi fighting!

  12. Thank you for feeding my K-pop addiction. I can’t wait to move to Korea in the Autumn ^^

  13. I always wonder whenever i see your main page. There is 신 라면 logo in the upper right side..
    it looks like you guys ad Nongshim. They sponsor this site?( I don’t think so)

    I  think if you guys contact them officially, maybe you can get at least free noodle. lol

  14. Boyfriend! Their song Boyfriend or You and I

  15. winic fernandez rubel

    cool video, but what about goodbye baby?

  16. While we are on the subject on whether to cover Kdrama may I suggest K drama drinking game

    Everytime the main characters are rich person falling for poor person(secret garden, yi san) one the most cliched setups in romances-three shots of soju

    Three shots every time it involves magic(can’t writers resolve plot hang up without resorting to this???)

    One shot for every time the “good guy” gets save because the bad guys sister or daughter falls for him.(really, can’t writers deal with good guy getting out of sticky situations)

    One shot for every actor/actress is cast for reasons other than acting i.e. eyecandy(what’s this business of idols???)

    One shot for everytime in historical dramas characters before facing off stand around yell at each other something like  이 놈 (really if you are going to kill somebody just kill them don’t just stand around yelling at each other)

    One shot every time somebody compliments Ha Ji Won.

  17. I know this isn’t really August, but I think I once saw a LMH picture on your laptop in a Music Monday, so I think you watched City Hunter. If not, IT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING. I think you could finish it in 20 hours in 1 day– it’s that amazing. Would it be ok if you guys did a review for that? I spent almost 30 min. sobbing over the ending, even though I almost never cry for dramas.

  18. actually i like ur article more than ur video XD
    but i liked that ur viewing ur kpop videos u want ^^ 

  19. i really enjoy this segment…you repeated some comments from music mondays but it was still different and good….please please please do k-dramas =))
    this are the ones i’ve watch, i don’t love all of them but most of them i do….
    city hunter, 
    boys over flowers, 
    my lovely Sam-Soon, 
    king of baking, 
    personal preference, 
    the world that they live on, 
    the greatest love, 
    lie to me, 
    49 days, 
    dream high, 
    my princess, 
    you’ve fallen for me, 
    thorn birds, 
    playful kiss, 
    secret garden, 

    maybe start with the ones you guys enjoy or the most famous ones over there

    ps. what about variety shows?
    i like running man, family outing, strong heart, we got married, 

  20. Ah…so enjoyable to hear and read my views on kpop reflected elsewhere

  21. I reckon you should also have some sort of K-crunch awards at the end of the year
    Best Rookie
    Best Song
    Best Dance (ie How to dance Kpop 2011)
    Best Drama
    Best Engrish in a song
    maybe even fave “like a man” moment
    cutest martina moment?

  22. Is that moustache that simon is wearing a paper cutout with moustache drawn on it at the beginning?
    I like the captain crunch feel to the opening.

  23. I love this idea, especially the end where you recap who else to watch out for… this last month there are a lot of songs that i’ve liked and I kind of needed a reminder of what songs I need to buy still ;)

  24. okay okay….sorry for being spammy…

    but at least here’s the dance off!!! *DIES*

  25. You should check this out from stephen colbert. His own Kpop video
    and his dance off with rain
    Maybe martina and simon can come up with their own moves?

    • know what totally sucks sometimes?? when websites are blocked to other countries. so far i’ve found that the US is terrible for this!! >_<

      luckily there's youtube….

      rain dance-off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbuTx5NjSAw

      i'm thinking this is the kpop video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V8lCKw3_Z8

      • okay, so those are NOT the videos i thought they were. sorry. UGH!! i hate being blocked from sites.

      • I’ll try to see if there are sites that have the same video. I know youtube used have some of them up. 

        • i managed to see some of the comments about the most influental 100 on a korean news article – they played colbert in the background.

          thanks for the links, much appreciated!!! i couldn’t find the singing in korean one other than a fan video mashup.

        • Byeonguk Yook

          we should get martina and simon do their own Kpop video. :-)

        • like an actual music video by F-art?? at the corner of flaxton and ashfield!!  that’d be pretty sweet!!!

          i’d like to see some mordney solo work, too!!! :D :D :D

  26. Love this new segment. it allows other songs to be featured!
    In Kpop Music Mondays usually, only the bands, that have big fandoms and names, are the only ones who get to be featured, But this segment gives another doors to the other songs.

    Thank you for coming up with this! Will look forward to new episodes. Fighting!

  27. 달콤한 휘핑크림처럼 너에게 살며시 스며들고
    I soak you like a sweet whipping cream
    * This sentence portrays hug. Maybe it is imagination. 
    (Kiss me your Love for me)

    너무나 새콤달콤 한 걸 
    IT is so 새콤달콤
    * 새콤달콤 = 새콤하다(sour) + 달콤하다(sweet)
    새콤달콤 is Korean caramel name. It tastes slightly sour and sweet. Usally in Korea, 새콤달콤 means its unique flavor or feeling when you eat 새콤달콤.

    * In this sentence, subject is absent. Korean hide constituent of a sentence when it is apparent. Although I am Korean, I don’t know subject. I just call subject ‘IT’. IT could be hug situation. 

    What am I supposed to do? or OMG
    난 니가 너무 좋아
    I love you so much

  28. Pallavi Sambasivan

    You guys should mention how Eric (from Shinwa) created a twitter account for his character in myungwol the spy and proceeded to have a conversation between himself(real) and himself(character)! Han Ye Seul also made one for her character and they both tweeted each other! And the best part is that, HE REPLIED TO MY TWEET IN ENGLISH <3 http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/07/eric-v-kang-woo-the-twitter-wars/

  29. You guys should mention Soribada as well. Soribada is like a Korean itunes, but they recently launched an English store. All the sales will go towards the Kpop idol charts, (supporting artist yay!) and if you buy subscriptions it is a really good deal (saving money yay!).
    It still feels like it is in BETA when it comes to searching for albums and such,
    but it is constantly updating with all the latest songs.
    **plus you can buy TROT! Holla!

  30. sooo….. that kitteh song was awesome!!! is that the first release from f-art?? 

    TEEHEEHEE!!!  release…… f-art……. together in the same sentence!!! HAHAHA
    it’s like “your son rip is on line toot”….

    *ahem*  i loved this. i can see things should be cleaned up a bit (ie. some of the clouds appear over faces at times), but nothing too major. love the different location for the shoot….but turn on the digital frame! put some kpoppy pics in for the vids.    we’ll enjoy it like we do the wallpapers on your computers.

    i can’t wait to see other things in this segment. love it!

    PS. i’ve been meaning to mention….i think 2NE1 is singing “BOMBARATATATA” to imitate the sound of their machine guns. and then they’re saying “BEAT” (not beet) as in HIT as in what they’re doing with the bats. beat being a synonym for hit. ^___^

  31. This was a super-concentrated Music Monday feast (more greatness!). Like that you went with your viewer votes and liked the list at the end. Maybe you could have a “We like this” segment (and finally do Itaewon Freedom or introduce us to your favorites in music, dramas, TV shows, other pop culture,…). You have such an unique point of view along with presentation and we want to hear more. Love, love the links to iTunes and a hard copy!! Link to the YouTube video would be really wonderful. Thank you.

  32. This is an awesome idea, especially because future segments will include other aspects of the Hallyu wave! Part of why I think this is such an awesome idea is because for my college English class a few months ago I wrote an essay on the Hallyu wave focusing on Kpop, Kdramas, and K TV show aspects of it, and it was the highest graded paper I’ve gotten in college!

  33. for k-drama, how about HE’S BEAUTIFUL?
    and for k-movie, BABY AND ME && DO RE MI FA SO LA SI DO!!

  34. I think people were interested in the interacting dating sim that the offical Girls Day MV had. Where you can select a girl and stuff. 

  35. This video is totally different ! is new and fresh !

  36. omg, k-dramas: heartstrings, 49 days, secret garden, city hunter, and boys over flowers are awesome
    k-movies, i recently saw aan old korean movie called sunflower or haebalagi, i thought that it was so sad and sweet!

  37. Ooh, I like this segment. I love Kdramas and am interested in your thoughts about some of them.  Although, I do think that you should stay away from the Kpop songs that you do for Kpop Mondays. Do the ones that didn’t make the list, that way you don’t repeat saying the same things and people will be happier that their favorite artists aren’t being ignored. 

  38. I can’t wait to see you incorporate Kdrama up in here! Muahahahaha! I was a Kdrama addict before I became a KPop music listener and fan.

  39. I love it! K-Crunch is awesome!

  40. I like this new segment! It gives you the opportunity to review songs you haven’t done for Kpop Mondays. What I believe many viewers would like, is that you leave the songs you’ve already covered, since we already know what you have to say about them. How about you do dramas and movies?

  41. Actually I like songs which are listed in the end of the video more :)
    I like mainly After School Red, Infinite and The Grace.

    N.B. the unbeatable and the most hilarious fail for this year is for me a pronunciation in the Secret´s song called Magic (word “Magic”).

  42. Spam is DELISH!!!!!!! DONT HATE SPAM!!!!

  43. Love love this new segment :D .. are you guys really going to talk about Kdrama’s too?  Hope so! Can’t wait for August :D

  44. Yay! More EYK goodness to look forward to!!!

  45. I never cease to giggle whenever the awkward Roly Poly rap comes on. Plus, the album title is another load of awkward. John Travolta Wannabe… yeah. :P
    Love the new segment :D

  46. Can you guys also cover some Korean indie music occasionally? I find lots of great songs from indie field as well. Especially Chang Ki Ha and Faces’ new MV. I was stunned when I first saw it! 

  47. Aww…I thought it had something to do with food :( but hey! New segment! WOOT!

  48. Can I just say that …. you had me at “MORE COWBELL!”. I love this new segment, guise! Now, I will continue to vouch for “Cooking with Spudgy” whenever I have the chance. And also… I won’t rest until you make a video out of “Itaewon Freedom”… :)

  49. congrats on the new segment guise! IT’S AWESOME!

  50. I agree with you. City Hunter was the SHIT! oh how I loved the look of that drama, and the action and twists and turns in the plot…I only wished Young Ju didnt have to die (tears) But it was actually dramas that got me into kpop so i know what you mean. I was just flippin thru channels one Saturday a few years back and happened across the first episode of Boy Before Flowers…I have been hooked since then…

  51. Awesomest? All that Konglish must be getting to you.
    English fail of the month. Hahahahahaha

  52. Cool!!!!!!! My wish comes true! ^^

  53. oh Simon, you so right. Love of Twilight=automatic degradation of tast. Sigh. I am in love with y’alls BG music with the electronic and ze cowbell. Excellent, I look forward to next month!

  54. Thank you for including Roly Poly. One of my absolute favorite singles from them. They’ve won three awards for this song and managed to stay in the top 5 on different music charts even as new singles swarmed the market. So so happy for them! Also I think this will be a great new segment especially if you decide to include things other than music. btw if you decide to look at dramas, give Twinkle Twinkle a try. I’ve been enjoying that one.

  55. hehe^^ u guys make catchy background music… =D 
    I Like… =)

  56. Shush, Twilight rocks. If a girl says she doesn’t like twilight, then she is lying! btw, I think u got a lot of email requests for Girls day because the video was interactive. I found that cool too, but I didnt like the song. Most of the requests were probably from guys who were wishing to be the faceless guy. lol

  57. Oh!That’s cool! I thought about why don’t you do smth like this. And today “ta-daam”! New segment!

  58. Haha this is nice!
    Do KDRAMA for the aug one!
    Like secret garden, city hunter and dream high!
    I think a lot of people would wanna watch that :D

  59. Amazing Idea, but I think it should be more about UPCOMING single, debuts, comebacks videos, dramas, movies, albums, and DVD releases instead of things we already know, Everything hallyu. Sure you should add the Top 5 songs of the month but not have the entire video about them since Music Mondays already exists. In fact, I think you should do the top 5 songs of the month and even the top 5 artists of the month only on the last Music Monday of the month. You can even add songs that didnt get to have a Music Monday but go an amazing amount of votes and request through online polls and whatnot. 

  60. I think you should talk about Kdramas instead of discussing more Kpop.. do you watch Kdramas, actually??
    I just finished City Hunter like 10 mins ago, and I wonder, how many people here watched it too, and love it like I do.
    I thought the Hallyu thing was started from Kdramas frenzy instead of Kpop?

    •  I think that too. Kdramas first before the Kpop. I usually don’t watch Kdramas but lately I’ve been watching them religiously.

  61. Cool!! But you should put english lyrics, its easier for international fans to understand you :x You talk quick sometimes….

    • i agree, sometimes they’re a little fast or a little quiet….BUT if you click the CC on the video, simon and martina have already written the english captioning. sometimes they write funny things in them, especially when describing the music!!

  62. I don’t know. It’s like a condensed version of Music Mondays. Only Music Monthlies. 

  63. this is great! i’m so glad you’re doing this segment because i love music mondays and it always saddens me that a lot of really great songs/MVs don’t get covered due to it’s weekly nature and the fact that voters have scary power (where’s my jibe kajimaaa? jk i’m ok now.). I love that you’re thinking about including dramas and films and other Hallyu related things, because there’s just sooo much! I think for future segments you could shorten what you say about each music video (right now they’re like mini music mondays) especially since you already had music mondays for a few of them. That way you could have more time to talk about dramas and things. I think you should have a special video going through your guys’s favorite dramas/martina’s if that’s not your thing simon, so you can talk about some of the good older ones, so then you can focus on the current ones in this segment. Variety shows are also really funny, maybe you could introduce a few of those?

    ps. for really awesome/funny new drama, I recommend spy myung wol… eric is flippin hilarious (yes, eric the pedobear man from the teen top MV. and yes, there’s a gratuitous shower scene in SMW and I did burst out laughing, thinking about Supa Luv.)

  64. I’m not very enthusiastic about this segment.
    I think its useless since you guys already have music mondays.

    • That was my first thought too, but after it I reconsidered it and I think It´s a good resume of last month. You don´t need watching regularly Music Mondays (I do, but maybe others do not) and there are more songs listed.

  65. I like this segment.  It gives you the opportunity to talk about a lot of stuff going on in the Hallyu Wave.  There are some great K-dramas out there, as well as other interesting news.

    Super Junior’s comeback is at the beginning of August, so I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about them and their “ubersexual” concept.

  66. Wow I love this idea!!! I really love kdramas too and you havent discussed them yet so that would be cool. Great work!! ^__^
    p.s please please include Boyfriend’s Boyfriend one day. i try and vote for them but they never got their chance to shine :( it’s been a long time since that song came out so they might be forgotten soon

  67. Good new idea…looking forwart to the next one =))

  68. I can’t wait for the kdramas :)

  69. Its a HIT SMASHER!!!!  Really.  I’m sure that’s what the translation was intended.

  70. I really like this new segment. It’s nice to have a bigger view on what happens in the hallyu wave besides de music mondays! I understand that the songs that were discussed were based on the popularity votes on your website and other media. However, isn’t it a shame to talk about a song twice like Mona Lisa or I’m the best when there are a lot of other great songs that haven’t been discussed even once. (And yes I’m talking about Don’t go home by GD&TOP, did TOP do something wrong to Marina? Is that why he’s been given de silence treatment?) n_n No but seriously I love the idea of the K Crunch (and thought about cereal when I read the title, lol)! I don’t want to be a whiny §”è’ç’é … but just trying to give my honest opinion in the hope that it helps you guise become even more awesome! >_< xoxo

    • totally agree with you. Or maybe you guys can also comment on some music videos or songs that you guys like (although not voted by everyone) once in awhile. 

      Some songs like Itaewon Freedom or maybe Gain’s Irreversible? I am sure everyone would be interested on what song you guys prefer. Just my opinion =)

      • I agree with the people on top. You can finally talk about Itewan freedom! Plus I was hoping u were going to comment on Super Junior’s comeback and their interesting photos……

        It would be cool to add fav drama in it, fav food, fav actors maybe? Or talk abt the Japenese actor who got fired bc he bad mounted the hallyu wave. Your opinions on that and other stuff. I totally like this segment, and I think its good to talk abt diverse topics. Cant wait for the next video ^_^

  71. Looks great! lol I love the bikini milk
    but it just seems like a long version of Kpop Music Mondays with more videos.
    Other type of Hallyu news?

  72. I think this segment is really good. Cause you can express your opinion on more songs rather than just reviewing one song in Kpop Music Monday. 

    However I have a question and opinion (if you guys didn’t think of that). Are you guys gonna talk about ballad song as well? Some groups like 2AM, HOMME and 8eight? Because personally I prefer ballad group and LOVE ballad songs though I like fast kpop song too.

    So unfair they haven’t won any cups == Oh well, it is the KPop Showbiz :))

  74. lol i love you guys !! (and martina’s hair)
    this new segment is great! looking forward to more ^^

  75. You guys should totally start doing a K-Drama/Movie segment… I tried to do that with my friend on our website, but it takes a long time to watch dramas! So I’d suggest doing it once a month? Anyway, very excited to hear about this segment!! HWAITING!

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