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K Crunch September 2011

October 1, 2011


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Welcome to the third edition of our monthly K Crunch segment, where we talk about some of the kpop videos that we didn’t get a chance to review for our Kpop Music Mondays, as well as some of the dramas we’ve been watching (and by “we’ve been watching” we mean “Martina’s been watching”).

For our Kpop Music Mondays this month we reviewed U-Kiss’ “Neverland,” JYJ’s “In Heaven,” and B1A4’s “Beautiful Target”, but we didn’t get to talk about some of the lesser known videos, the ones that aren’t really popular or get a lot of votes for our Music Mondays.

Jay Park’s “Demon” didn’t get as much attention as Abandoned, which is unfortunate because Demon is a really good song. Jay Park hasn’t really disappointed us with any of his music for his solo efforts thus far. We were disappointed, though, with this video. It looks sooooooo low budget, and doesn’t do the song the justice it deserves.

What happened here?! Abandoned and Tonight were really cool videos. This though is…awkward. The demon’s backup dancers are supposed to be ghosts or something, but wearing an all white tracksuit and a white mask kinda doesn’t cut it for a ghost costume anymore, unless you’re a kid in the ghetto going out for halloween. (FYI, Simon here, and my parents put an old bed sheet over my head with two holes cut out for the eyes when I went out as a ghost for Halloween. G-H-E-T-T-O E-L-E-C-T-R-O!)

And then the spinning camera of the girl descending on Jay Park, sleeping shirtless in bed, was just…as cheesy as possible. Seriously: maybe that was the aesthetic they were going for – a late 80s production value – but it’s not what we’re used to from Jay Park, and, from reading the comments on YouTube, people aren’t happy with it, either. Too bad. Great song, bad video. The dancing, however, was ammmmazing! We’re sure that girls will love it though, as they’ll surely imagine themselves descending upon a shirtless sleeping Jay Park, creepy stalker style!

Next on our list is Jewelry S’ “Forget It.” We totally forgot about Jewelry’s existence after their “One More Time” dance (which was one of the dances from our old How to Dance Kpop 2008 video). To be honest, we didn’t really like Jewelry. We watched a bit of “We Got Married” and one of the members of Jewelry (Seo In Young) was married to Crown J, and – holy crap – that girl was such a freaking diva, and a shining example of everything that’s wrong with dating. Seriously: if any of you girls act like that, we have no sympathy for you if your boyfriends leave. Crown J should have gone running, if he wasn’t contractually obliged to stay on the show. AAHHH!

What were we saying again? Oh yeah! We didn’t like Jewelry because of that girl’s evilness, but Jewelry S doesn’t have that girl in the band, so we don’t mind them. Yay! The song, though, is kind of alright. Sounds great for a K Drama, to be sure, but for your everyday kpop fix, meh. We won’t be singing this walking down the streets. The video had a much better production value than Jay Park’s Demon, though, but it still kinda weirded us out. We understand the whole getting over your boyfriend thing, so you want to get rid of your teddy bears, but that’s what garbage bags are for, not dynamite. Who would blow up a teddy bear?! What sick profanity is this?! And the way they smile as they make it rain teddy bear guts is creepy, and more befitting a child’s nightmare than a Kpop video. Plus, Martina is extremely attached to her stuffed toys, so she found this MV deeply disturbing. *eyes narrow at the MV screen*

Third on the list is Kim Kyu Jong’s “Yesterday”, which is Martina’s favourite song on the list (in second in Jay Park). We both agree that it’s the best video we’ve reviewed in this month’s K Crunch.

Even though the dance isn’t especially difficult, or as skilled as Jay Park’s in Demon, it’s definitely the most memorable. A suspenders dance, and a Clearly Obvious Crotch Karess make this a dance you can’t forget. Plus the song has a really European dance song feel. It has a I don’t know why I keep expecting Enrique Englesias to bust in with a “ALL I NEEEEEEEDD IS THE AIR THAT I BREATHEEEEE!!!”

Moving on to K Dramas, we talk a bit about Poseidon and Myung Wol the Spy, and we mention our points in the video. One thing we didn’t mention was something we noticed about K Dramas altogether: is it just us, or is there a much higher percentage of Kpop stars in Kdramas than there are another country’s pop stars in that country’s dramas? Last month we mentioned Jaejoong being in Protect the Boss, and now we have Siwon, Eric, and Yunho in these dramas. How often are Katy Perry or Lady Gaga or [other American pop idol] do dramas? And are they any good at acting? Are Kpop idols just better trained for acting? Who knows. We’re just surprised at the high percentage of dramas with kpop idols in them. Of course, it makes sense, because you’ll attract loyal fans to watching the show, but is that really the only reason for casting them?

Anyways, Poseidon got off to a rocky start rating wise (probably because of the music) but it’s only 4 episodes into what I imagine to be a 18 part of more series. Myung Wol the Spy was actually pretty underrated as many people that I know in Korea were not watching it. I don’t know why, it’s not terrible, but it’s not great. It’s a good laugh with a pretty good plot line (so far, I’m only a few episodes in) but I do find myself annoyed at the “spy” since she sucks at her job. I just want to see a really smooth and suave female spy character (like the TV show Alias) that kicks butt but is also soft enough to LOVE!!!!!!!! *enter cheesy music* ANyways, I’m only several episodes in, so I guess I should wait, but I’m not adding it to my favourite drama list.

Yeah! So that’s it for this month’s K Crunch.

Also, we’ve got two drama soundtracks from: “Myung Wol the Spy” and “Miss Ripley” from Yesasia.com that we’d like to give away! If you’re interested in winning them, either Like this Post on Facebook or Tweet it. We’ll pick one winner randomly next week and mail out your CDs. Hey, doesn’t Miss Ripley have Mickey from JYJ in it? MORE K-POP STARS IN DRAMAS!!! *duh du duh*

Otherwise, here are the bloopers for this month’s K Crunch. Enrique Englesias has a really difficult name to pronounce, and we had to cut out one of our scenes. Check em out here:

And lastly, because for some reason some of you have been asking for it, here’s our inappropriate poop music song. Stay classy guise!

Poop song by simonandmartina



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